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Decided to mess around with Toal's EX version a bit today, and found out some interesting things.  First, his Wind skill can actually damage the enemies in the Flooded Prison that only the Thunder skill is supposed to be capable of.  It did seem random whether or not it'd actually do damage, but I was able to eventually kill them (grabbing the oxygen fruits as needed).  This skip may seem worthless at first, but as it turns out, his Wind skill can also break down the cracked walls.  So, it's just a matter of how long it takes (it took me a while, but then again, I didn't bother getting the Cleria Ores at that point).  Stranger still, his Wind skill is able to light torches (jump and use it), in addition to the Thunder skill (making him the only character to have all 3 skills able to do this XD).  So, all he really needs is the Wind skill to get through the game (as mentioned earlier, his Wind/Fire skills can penetrate Dalles' barriers, and the Fire skill can also be skipped).  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he can use the Wind skill to bypass the barrier leading to the Dash ability, much like Yunica can WW through, but it does seem kinda precise (plus I'm sure his normal version would be able to do this as well).

Anyway, I tried this stuff in the Steam version, and only for Toal EX; I haven't tried normal Toal yet, and I haven't tried this in yet (and I doubt I will for a while).  I did briefly test whether Yunica EX's WW could light torches, but it doesn't seem possible; I doubt it's able to do any of the other glitched stuff Toal's can, but who knows (I guess we should check Hugo EX as well)?

EDIT: Nope, Hugo EX (and probably normal Hugo by extension) seems to be perfectly normal... figures.  For anyone who doesn't know, it would seem that the first switch skip I showed is not possible without Dash, or if it is possible, it's TAS only - meaning he has very little of note glitch/skip-wise.  About the only things I can think of are using the glitched diagonal wall jumps to bypass activating the tractor beams in the Demonic Core, and skipping one of the switches in the final area (unfortunately, he cannot use it to bypass the first Silent Sands key door, as he cannot maintain enough height to reach that entrance without Double Jump like Yunica and Toal can).
Hugo, why are you such a little bitch? :C
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Korzic: 2012-11-28 01:45:07 pm
Korzic: 2012-11-28 01:43:28 pm
Something odd I discovered yesterday (though it feels like I already have once before, strangely enough >_>):

Immediately after defeating Epona in the Flooded Prison, if you press the menu button quick enough, the game will actually load it up, something that it won't normally let you do during a boss fight, even after its HP is depleted.  As shown here, you can actually warp away from the fight, and re-do it for extra EXP (the human bosses seem to give their EXP right away, but most "demon" bosses don't (Hugo's Vagullion does, though)), or you can choose to equip the Mask of Eyes, something that is normally unequipped for story scenes.

This is the only fight I've been able to reproduce this bug in so far, but perhaps it may be possible in another as well (tested with Yunica and Hugo up to the first Flooded Prison bosses).  Even if it is, it's unlikely to be of use, seeing as how the story scene is replayed afterwards (along with the boss fight).  Maybe it could be useful as an easy source of EXP, but again, you have to sit through the story scenes, plus levels would likely come faster from normal enemies anyway.  Anyone know if this can happen anywhere else (I'm unlikely to fully test this anytime soon)?
Hello, I recently decided to try speedrunning this game on the steam version ( and I figured best would be to ask here about various glitches and tricks available in the game.

I plan on doing any% runs on Toal to start with, later expand to Yunica. I watched ChaosEnigma's Ex Toal run on youtube to learn the route he used and completed that on normal Toal, but was just wondering if there was something new or things he did not use on his run that I should know about before attempting to do an actual timed run. I'm not expecting amazing results to start with, but I do want to learn as many tricks and glitches early so I don't have to drastically change the route later.

Thanks in advance.
I'm also interested in speedrunning this game. Mainly just been screwing around with EX Toal on the steam version (dunno what version or categories people prefer to run). I'm using some tricks like using skills to skip through doors, light torches, bypass Dalles's barriers, but I really don't know anything else (I'm playing the steam version, and I think a lot of that super jumping business I've seen in videos was patched out apparently). Haven't really done anything too serious outside boss time attacks. A lot of these posts are fairly recent, so I assume at least a couple people are playing this game?
Just beat my first playthrough of this game, and like you guys, it would seem really fun to speed run. Is there a knowledge base for this game to catch up on tricks or glitches?
Aside from this topic, gaiachaos is one of the better known Time Attack players, and his videos usually outline his strategy.  There's also this site, if you can read Japanese (I try to glean what I can via webpage translations, but that doesn't always work well =p).  While I can't vouch for a lot of the Ys Origin stuff it lists, it's proved quite accurate for Ys I & II Complete (even if I already knew most of it), as well as what I've checked for various other Ys games.
Ys, Rockman Dash and .hack// mostly
Aside from boss strategy, I'm getting into the nitty gritty of monster/leveling optimization.  I'm going to be doing a lot of it tomorrow, though there's a lot of what I have already that is unlikely to change. The idea is to wait till as long as possible to level, but there are several portions of the game where leveling doesn't really take up time and several portions where if you're looking to always move forward, you need to kill everything in your path for exp. For that second reason, it's probably preferred to play on a difficulty of normal or lesser, Easy seems to be popular with SRL. Normal adds a couple elements to the dungeon which are completely ignorable.  The higher the difficulty, the more dodging prowess or armor you'll need to collect;  it also slows down leveling by requiring more hits to kill each enemy.  Also the lower the difficulty, the more gear you can safely skip out on, which means

As far as tricks and glitches go (some of these are obvious, some already stated, some missing?, none organized):
Steam Version is
Running with your right side to the wall increases your movement speed (with the right angle) and is easier with mouse movement
With mouse movement you can attack animation cancel by moving and attacking at the same time, locking yourself into an attack
In said attack animation canceling allows you to fly over a serious amount of triggers and boss fights
For Yunica, Gems after the first one collected only increase the rate of your mana regeneration, they're pretty skippable
For Yunica, Boost halves mana costs and halves damage taken, good boost makes Gems completely skippable
For other characters, I haven't tested out the gems. Sorry.
For Yunica, there are several sequence breaks in the game using whirlwind, including skipping the first midboss: Vagullion
For Toal, many doors and gates are skipable because of the way his wind skill works.
Extra Versions of characters'  Earth Spells' added effects deal fire damage for some inexplicable reason.
While this means that you can skip the fire spell, you still need the harmonica as Yunica to get through devil's corridor.
EX Toal can bypass Dalles's barriers with his Wind skill and Fire skill
For Hugo, play someone more interesting.
According to SDA categories, Extra Characters and Bonus SP boost (10k SP per game clear) are both New Game +
For Yunica NG+, for 500,000 sp you can buy a Movement Speed Upgrade blessing
You can hold Cancel (jump/right click) to skip text
During cutscenes, while holding cancel (jump/right click) you can open the steam interface with Shift + Tab and it will remember that you're holding cancel (great for bathroom breaks :D)
Caelondian Mason
question about timing runs: Does timing start after New Game is pressed or after character control is gained?
I assume the in-game time would be used (listed when you save), so probably after New Game is pressed, as I believe the intro time is accounted for on the save/load screens (unless the in-game timer is found to be inaccurate, or something).  In the event the Steam version isn't used, then timing probably stops as soon as the last hit to the final boss is dealt (though I think the Steam leaderboards still time right up to the credits cutscenes).
Caelondian Mason
thanks Smiley
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xtremeBored: 2013-01-28 08:56:46 pm
Most people I've seen that run this game use real time, starting after difficulty/bonus sp selection is entered (i.e., last input before the intro starts) and ending with the final hit on Dalles (Yunica/Hugo(lol)) or Darm (Toal). Only thing about in-game time is that it doesn't keep counting if you die; it just resets to the time it originally had wherever you restart or something around that.

I know in-game time counts the intro cutscenes from looking at the time on some of my saves (matches up with my real time counter), but I have no idea how it counts the ending. For Toal mode, my in-game time is 2m 22s longer than my RTA time (I know that this RTA time corresponds with this in-game time on the leaderboard), which is just about how long it takes for the final FMV in the ending to start from the time I stopped the timer. So maybe it cuts off at a certain point during the ending? Or maybe that's just a coincidence and the game's doing something like not running the in-game timer during the loading time between rooms or something else. No idea.
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Shiden: 2013-08-18 09:02:37 am
I created an #ys channel on SDA's IRC server so, if any of you want to partake in some realtime Ys discussion please join! Server is also join #sda if you want. Cheesy Btw, grats to you xtremeBored for your awesome times!
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sabata2: 2013-08-17 09:00:18 pm
I skipped to the end of this thread so I don't know if it was mentioned before.

But as Hugo Fact, after you've attained BURST, you can have Infinite Burst for the room you are in, so long as you have access to a MAX BOOST consumable.

Activate BURST, and before your BURST ends, collect the MAX BOOST item and activate Burst once more.

You will have a neverending (or atleast seemingly) BURST shield for the room. You gain the reduced damage of BOOST, and the constantly damaging aura of BURST.

Your Staff is still stronger but this can take the thought out of some later grinding if need be.

I don't know if this works with Yunica or Toal. I haven't gotten their BURSTs yet.
That is certainly interesting. I would of never thought to do that. Yunica and Toal can't move during Burst so that rules them out. So if you leave the current area via zoning out or teleport the effect is lost then?
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sabata2: 2013-08-19 10:35:13 pm
sabata2: 2013-08-19 10:34:11 pm
I haven't tried Teleporting but going up stairs or through a door will remove it. So I wouldn't be surprised.

Still haven't gotten to Yunica's or Toal's BURSTs (regretting Yunica Nightmare atm), but I'd try activating the burst on a jump/drop delay for them.

IE, find a MAX BOOST, activate BOOST, double jump over the MAX BOOST item and activate BURST while falling (if possible), hopefully land on the MAX BOOST item and activate the BURST once more.
We may have a neverending Kamehameha for both of them if we can get this to work.

So long as you can get the MAX BOOST before the effects of BURST wear off you can trigger this glitch with Hugo. There's probably some leighway, and I expect much the same glitch with those two.

Another idea is find one of the "Always drops MAX BOOST" pots, and activate your BURST such that you will break the pot and collect the MAX BOOST at the same time, thus (hopefully) allowing you to activate the glitch.

I know that your BOOST GAUGE will refill while the glitch is active, but I have not tried activating a second BOOST while the effects are active. That may kill it, or it may bork things even more.

Finally, I break code for a living, and I came from the M2k2 forums... I never count anything out Tongue

Just tested, and activating Boost while the glitch is active does not remove the glitch, activating a third BURST only reacts as the second one did (the first shield dissipates, but the new one stays).

But if you EVER find yourself still with the glitch on and your BOOST gauge maxed... you're not killing things fast enough.

That said, funny graphical glitch early in Claw's story.

Also, nearly ALL the glitch links earlier in this thread are now 404s. Someone will have to redocument these glitches as what we have is not good.
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xfullmetal17: 2014-05-21 12:49:33 pm
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xfullmetal17: 2014-05-20 10:36:52 pm
wibbly wobbly timey wimey
Looking to start speedrunning this myself, but I'm curious where I can find if I have the "correct" version that people have been using here (looks like it's

edit: not that it really matters for speedrunning, but my FMV sequences all looked unusually blurry.  I have been playing 1080p fullscreen, could it just be a case of poor upscaling?

next edit: Apparently taking out the last spike of the Arthropod while it's in its "wheel" form causes the game to crash. (before you attack the head to finish it)
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xtremeBored: 2014-05-21 04:53:40 pm
I'm not sure how to check the version number, but the steam release, which is the most up to date version, is the one most commonly run from what I've seen.

Not sure about the FMVs; I've had mine disabled forever.

I don't think I've ever killed all the boss segments while its in wheel form before, so I've never had that happen to me, but the game does like to occasionally crash at odd times.
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xfullmetal17: 2014-05-21 05:40:24 pm
wibbly wobbly timey wimey
First time I'd seen it crash, but who knows.  Then again, looking at the posts Claw's story does seem to be the most glitched out of them all.

I do have the Steam version, so I'll keep on with that one then.
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Shiden: 2014-05-22 04:31:53 am
The fastest version would be JP retail because you can skip all but a couple bosses. I've been meaning to test to see if the executable works with the Steam version but, I've been ultra procrastinator lazy mode. here is the patch if you want to give it a try. Install it to somewhere and then just copy the exe to the Steam version folder.

The exploit in question is what I call jump flying. You need to use mouse button movement. Jump then move+attack, move+attack. SOI SOI SOI. stuff.

Can be done with Yunica or Toal only.

EDIT: Looks like I had some video earlier in this post about some place but I deleted it. Don't remember what it was.
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xfullmetal17: 2014-05-22 04:09:01 pm
wibbly wobbly timey wimey
Did the patches just have a new executable or were there internal game files changed as well?

edit: I'd doubt it'll work, since quite a bit was changed on the Steam version, mainly the lack of a Japanese option.
Edit history:
Shiden: 2014-05-22 04:13:59 pm
Shiden: 2014-05-22 04:10:50 pm
Shiden: 2014-05-22 04:10:49 pm
It would seem so yeah. Because all I replace when I was into speed running it was the exe file. I updated my game to most recent version and when I wanted to play around with the glitch that's all I did. What I mean is the patches have other files too but the major game mechanics are only in the exe file. From what I've observed anyways.

EDIT: The language is purely in the exe file so if it works then your game will be in Japanese.
wibbly wobbly timey wimey
Whines about inserting the DVD, so looks like a no-go for me Sad

Plus the "Windows 8 compatible" version for sale on is more than likely patched.  Guess I could try doing 100% runs, but even there the SOI SOI SOI glitch would help a lot.
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Shiden: 2014-05-22 04:29:47 pm
Shiden: 2014-05-22 04:28:31 pm
Do you have daemon tools or alcohol 52? Some sort of drive emulator. Use this image with one: oops, guess SDA forum couldn't keep that together, try this one

It's a "mini-image" just for making the game think you have the disc in the drive. It's not the full disc image, obviously that wouldn't be allowed here.
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xfullmetal17: 2014-05-22 08:51:37 pm
wibbly wobbly timey wimey
Cheers, got it loaded up, although the Steam version decided to take an extra-long time to load some areas for some reason...

edit: just cleared Claw's story... and I'm shuddering at what Nightmare mode is going to be like if I try to run it.