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Shiden: 2012-02-10 01:02:51 pm
New Game + runs aren't allowed unless theres a regular run of a game on the site first though right? That's what I was thinking... I'm on my Twitch page if ya wanna realtime chat. What are these "Extra" characters you speak of and how do I unlock them? New abilities, outfits or animations? What's the dealio!
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Korzic: 2012-02-10 09:34:51 pm
Korzic: 2012-02-10 09:34:17 pm
Korzic: 2012-02-10 09:32:03 pm
Korzic: 2012-02-10 09:31:35 pm
Here's what I was told about the extras (no costume change, except a very special one for Yunica that requires the game be beat on all difficulties, with all 3 characters):

Its been awhile since I played with the Extra versions to cite specifics, but the differences were in the effect of the powers, not just the look. For example, Toal's lightning claw extended sparks outwards giving the effect a longer reach, Yunica's tornado spin generated a couple of extra swirlies on the outside, and Hugo's depth charges didn't blow up immediately (I think you had to plant both of them then hit the skill button again to blow up), plus they could continue to shoot until detonated. Additionally, the Eyes followed behind Hugo rather than next to him, which shortened his firing arc but provided for more focus fire.

EDIT: More Yunica jump tricks.  The first one is significant because you don't have dash just yet (allows for slightly farther jumps), so it's expected to be cleared via WW.  Dunno if this way would be faster or not.  The second one, the WW technique is probably faster for the first half, but the jumps in the second half may be better than taking the lifts.  The third one is probably easier to do with Boost mode, but as you can see, it's not strictly required to make this jump.  The fourth one is just an example of a failed warp; I was really hoping the transition of Yunica walking back to the chest would be skipped this way, useless though it likely would've been (the transition's not very long, and places you right where you need to be).

Anyway, I'm not sure how useful the first two demonstrations are (you'd have to test), but the one in the Silent Sands area I believe means you can skip lowering the enemy barrier in the room off to the right, which should be a nice time-saver.
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Shiden: 2012-02-11 08:45:45 am
The only one of those I may use would be the sand area barrier skip, which I actually figured out on my own before you posted your video, lol. Sorry I didn't mention before. The first part, WW from the ground bouncepad to that third one would save a second but it would be faster to return with the pad rather than swing my way up the platforms probably. As for the last thing where you teleport, don't think that does anything at automatically teleport to the chest anyways so...doing a charged up phoenix from the entrance to that little area would be faster I bet.

I have this odd feeling that after all is said, done and submitted that this is going to sit in the queue for being verified for a very long time. There is still a run needing to be verified from MAY 2010!! Sad IF there are more people who have played this game then I don't know about them since you Korzic are the only so far that seems like you would qualify for verifying this run. Sad Sad Sad Hmmmm...
Found a pretty epic jump...rather, it looks like I'm flying faster than Superman, HA! I'm going to have to practice this one a ton. It's like Ys Beer Pong!

(Converting all my attached videos to YouTube for easier viewing..)(Arrrg nevermind, it makes all the videos appear twice in the single indeed.) If anyone is too lazy to watch what I have attached, shame on you. :/
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Korzic: 2012-02-13 03:48:33 pm
Korzic: 2012-02-12 10:02:39 am
Korzic: 2012-02-12 09:48:48 am
Nice!  Here's a couple more I came across in that same area.  That first one requires Boost mode, but I think the jump to the Cleria Ore can be done without it, if Boost wears off by then.  If you're really skilled, you can also make it back to the end of the ramp from the Cleria Ore chest (requires Boost, which has probably run out by that time).  But then again, you need that chest in the upper right corner, being a 100% run, so it's kind of a moot point.

The first jump isn't too bad, just takes a little getting used to in order to stick the landing.  Going up that ramp without the Earth Dragon's Claws, however, is significantly harder (I find being near the upper edge helps before attempting to climb).  In any case, this should skip the normal route up there, which'd be a nice time-saver.  After collecting the second chest, you could do your trick at the end.

Oh, I don't know if you know this, but getting the Evil Ring without using the Mask of Eyes (and before double jump) is doable as well.  Just do WW Boost jumps from the SP chest, or you can use the doorway platform mid-screen as additional assistance.

EDIT: Hmm, regarding the Evil Ring, it seems as though double jump is needed to make the WW jump from the chest area.  So, I guess only the door platform would work, if it's even faster to get it this way.

Also, regarding the WW jump to the first Silent Sands key door, perhaps it's better to do it from the left side, seeing as how you need to get the Roda Fruit near there.
I just did a test record of Segment 1, it might as well be the actual segment I'm submitting since it is just the intro and me fighting 10 monsters then saving, lol. I have to say, using FRAPS for the purpose of recording a speed run seems unacceptable...the file size is just too damn big, plus it splits into 4GB parts, so damn annoying. Plus encoding every part and segment with anri-chan, it's going to take me a very long time to get to the point where all segments are finished, recorded, encoded and submitted...and let's not even get to the part where my run sits in the verifying queue for a year....

I've never been a patient one, so this might as well be my hell! I really need a FREE / open source alternative to FRAPS that can give me 1280x720 full res, 60 fps with smaller file size and 1 file per segment instead of multiple files...I don't have an Intel cpu either, so encoding the raw files into submittable ones is going to take longer than it really should. Sorry all I seem to feel like doing today is complaining, lol. I could record my run with XSplit since having a license now allows me to record to .mp4, but then running those files through anri-chan would be file murder.. >_> <_< ARg11!

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Korzic: 2012-02-14 02:52:21 pm
You don't need to encode the stuff yourself, you know.  If you want, you can just send the raw recording files to Nate, and he'll take care of that for you when you submit.  Anyway, dunno if it's acceptable for the site, but have you tried Camtasia Studio?  I don't remember what the filesizes were, but I remember it seemed to do decent recordings (outside of that damn inverted colors bug, but I don't think Ys Origin suffers from that).

Also, about the verification, while it is true the Ys games aren't the most popular in the US, it's known enough that there's probably a fair number of others here that've played them, so it shouldn't take too long to find more verifiers.  My run took a couple months before it had enough, but then again, this game is still pretty new to English-speaking audiences, so maybe it will take a little longer.
Camtasia costs $299 so that isn't happening, and I think encoding myself would be faster than uploading raw files..segment 1 was 5 files totaling 12GB. All segments combined raw won't fit on my drive, heh.
Do you have a flash drive, perhaps?
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Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:38:37 pm
Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:31:31 pm
Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:18:58 pm
Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:10:11 pm
Shiden: 2012-02-14 03:44:35 pm
Yeah, a 4GB and 8GB flash drive. I found my 300GB external so I'll be storing what I can on that, it was buried under a bunch of mess. O_o Finished encoding, and I have to say IQ is like actually playing the game, super crisp and clear. Although there was a couple jitters, not a big deal though. I'll upload it somewhere so you can check it out, when it comes to quality I really do prefer all the time to watch HQ or IQ files on here..I don't even know why they still require LQ and MQ...makes my eyes bleed just watching them! Sad

I would consider playing/recording at a lower resolution...but it is just so much better to see this game in HD. If my monitor was capable of 1920x1080 that would be what I use, ha. I hate how the world only considers 16:9 to be HD, when I personally find that 8:5 to be better because you get to see a bit more on the bottom and top. ARggg @ 1680x1050.. :<

I guess I'll just put up with FRAPS, only because anri-chan is da bomb. It took my 5 raw recordings and combined them into the single file you see there. After getting the segment I'm working on as perfect as can be, after encoding it I'll delete the raw files. That seems to be the solution anyways heh. Because I'm doing a segmented run, after the run is on the site I can work on improving each segment if I have to.
Hmm, nope, guess I need to register to download from there.
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Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:30:19 pm
Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:24:00 pm
Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:23:13 pm
Shiden: 2012-02-14 04:22:59 pm
If you're going to register on the website, do it with a referral from me, so we both get more space.

This should do it, if you're gonna register I mean.. oops wrong link, use this one:

You can register if you want to use it, or not, it's up to you. I just found out I messed up, I'm supposed to use the public folder for sharing stuff, so you don't have to register to download files, haha I'll fix the link here in a second.
There we go, the link's working now.  I don't really have a need for that program, plus I can't understand the installer at all, due to running in Japanese mode for playing Ys I & II (I don't know a lick of Japanese =p).

Anyway, pretty good, though I can't help wondering if, in the first enemy group, you could approach it at a E/NE angle so that they could all be attacked at once.  Second enemy group went pretty well, though.  Only other thing I wondered about, can you cut between Syon and Eolia, instead of going around to the save statue?  Either way, neither one seems like anything big (not that there's much to screw up here =p), though it'd help to have a second opinion.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting, let me link you to this Youtube channel.  He's pretty good with Time Attack (well, at least for YsF, haven't watched much of anything for YsO yet), so maybe you can pick up some useful strats from him, even though this is Very Easy difficulty.
Talked to you about this stuff in the chat, but here it is again, just for the record.  First is this bug from YsF.  No clue if it could be replicated here or not.  It seems like it might require Genocide Mode in the first place, so it's usefulness would depend on that, assuming it'd work the same way in YsO.

And here's a video of the switch skips in the Corrupted Blood (not shown, but the ones over the spike pit in the next room should also be skippable).  As I told you, I don't know if these would be possible without Toal or not; I really don't know if it depends on his speed, or getting through a certain spot in the gates (looks to be the same spot each time in this video).  I did first get through it with his Fire skill after all, so perhaps speed isn't a factor.  Even so, I wonder just how useful these skips really are, seeing as how the switches are nearby, and it does require some precision.
Watching that was very entertaining, hahaha. Seems sort of random when it will let you pass through them..though.
Korzic brought to my attention a super crazy time saving bug. This bug is only available with the version, which my disc happens to have. I call it the Ludicrous Jump, because high or super just isn't good enough. Here is the video that Korzic shared with me:

I tried to do this with Vista version, and, no luck so I copied the executable right from my disc and renamed my data_1100 files so the game would be completely downgraded. Using this means an any% run would be much lower time than without using the bug. I made a highlight video of my Twitch recording to show that I can do it:

The trick is to use the Phoenix Greatsword and have the Gold Bracelet (Double Jump). Jump -> Attack x2 -> Attack + Jump, this allows the awesome to proceed. If I am to attempt the any% run category, I will be using this bug if allowed for sure, but my priority is to use the latest patch and do a 100% segmented run!
I hate to be such a pest about this, but here's a video of Gelaldy done at Level 23.  As you can see, it's very doable to get his hands off in one go with the Wind skill (don't know if it's noticeable, but I also try and use the axe while releasing as many WW's as possible).  The only trouble I had was getting all the actual damage done before he dropped his minions (seeing as I was only a couple hits away a couple times, it's probably easily doable with luck/constant WW's).

Also, I know it wasn't specifically mentioned here, but I did some testing about what order to light the torches before this, and it seems it's best to do the bottom one first (near your intended grind spot), then circle back and do the top three, left to right (doing the top ones right to left is about the same, but trickier, because you have to be consistent about that sword/axe jump to not lose time).  So, even if you still feel the need to grind to 24, it's best to go to your grind spot first, but also to take into account the enemies on the way to the other torches so you hit 24 right before Gelaldy (and as you can see, I was pretty close to hitting it myself).
Found this quite by accident, though I've often unwittingly attempted this in the past.  I think the premise is the same as how the Phoenix Sword jumps work - getting high enough to go over an event trigger.  The one problem with performing this skip is that, for me at least, it seems like movement tends to be killed temporarily after jumping in the pit (happens for many other screens, notably when you try to exit a screen immediately after it loads).  To overcome this, I press up a few times as soon as I think the pit screen loads, and then release the WW and hope I move forward.  It's far from a foolproof method, however, especially since it appears that in order for the skip to work, you have to use WW pretty much immediately to have enough height.

Hmm, I wonder if there's anywhere else this might be useful...?
Wow why the hell didn't I think of that, LOL. Guess I don't have to fight there again, ever. But...wouldn't all bosses count towards the 100% goal?
Hmm, I guess it does seem unfair to skip one boss in a 100% run (unless you were going to do that run on the version as well?).
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Shiden: 2012-03-12 08:09:54 pm
Shiden: 2012-03-11 01:13:44 am
I have recorded up to Segment 7, with no major time losing mistakes. I believe so far it's worthy of a stamp of approval. Still have many more segments to go! Discovered a few more time saving tricks along the way, everything is going great. I hope to submit within a week, if all goes well. My SS practice time is 3h 15m, I'm sure I'll beat that by a long shot after all segments are completed. Tongue

My time (ingame timer) as of the end of Segment 7 is 0:37:17:516. Funny that it tracks it that precisely, but the ingame timer doesn't update on the save after beating the final boss.
Going to stream some practice testing (different exp gathering and gamepad experiment) from some stuff Korzic told me. Check w00ty or the Live Streaming forum.
Origin coming to Steam, wooh! Means I don't have to, um, do illegal business with the Japanese version + translation patch :]
My controller is yours.
I dealt with the same thing, but I didn't need to use Steam.  All I needed was Microsoft AppLocale.

Quote from freezard:
Origin coming to Steam, wooh! Means I don't have to, um, do illegal business with the Japanese version + translation patch :]

As interesting as Ys Origin appears to be, yeah, I'll start watching some segments if I have to rest my fingers. Tongue
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Shiden: 2012-03-13 10:20:09 pm
Fock yeah, I'm going to be buying anything Ys on Steam, I can't effing wait!!!!! Thanks for the information Freezard, booyah.

With Ys Origin coming to Steam, this means I won't have to run the game in Japanese anymore. I'll be waiting to submit my run until after its Steam release is available. I couldn't be happier.