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Quote from damon07:
Watched a bunch of random segments, this has got to be one of the most entertaining speedruns to watch. Do you think there's any possibility of single segment runs? I imagine it would be very difficult, but I'd watch that all day.

I do plan on doing RTA runs after AGDQ, and figuring out some safer strats/routes Tongue of course, after this segmented run is done too (hopefully by end of year)
Awesome, really looking forward to it! Good luck with the rest of the run man!
Quote from kirbymastah:
Which level are you referring to? But yeah prism prison #1 was stupidly hard to do...

i'm still catching up, almost finished watching world 2. i just meant in general i wouldn't want to do 100%. getting some of those coins looks like a huge pain!
Freezing Fields 100% in one trip:

Bad Manor Trip 1:

Area 5 is done!!!

Bad Manor Trip 2:

Boogie Mansion Trip 1:

Boogie Mansion Trip 2:

Large Fry:

oh yeah, final boss

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kirbymastah: 2015-12-13 09:57:45 am
Annnnd we're done! Here are all 6 refights.

The total time adds up to 3:59:33, which is sub 4 hours! I already made a SDA submission, so hopefully that'll get enough verifiers quickly. Meanwhile I'm doing a frame count of every segment so I can get a more accurate timing, then going to work on post-commentary for every segment. Cheesy I'll keep this thread updated
After doing frame counts and fixing a few timings, adding up all the frames sums to 3:59:40!

I timed these starting from gaining control on the hub menu to the first frame the save dialogue shows up for each segment. There are two exceptions:

Segment 1: I started timing the frame I can advance the Merfle's first dialogue box, and ended timing on the first frame the save dialogue box appears

Segment 65: I started timing from gaining control on the hub menu to the frame of the last hit on Shake King

My question is, for SDA timing, do I need to end timing on the last hit in the last segment? Or do I end timing upon the final save? There technically is a few dialogue boxes I need to mash through after beating the Shake King again.
The segmented run is up for verification -

I'm in the process of encoding all of the segments right now, which will take forever Sad
It can't possibly take longer than Neon City. Forever is about 75% of a Neon City, at maximum.

Congrats on completing the run, and good luck with verification!
I was a bit bored so I was messing around with the optimal area order for a 100% RTA. The fastest order is:

1 then 5 then 2-3-4

You barely get enough coins in area 1 to buy the area 5 map (make sure to get the 7 hidden gold coins during Whoopsy Desert's runback trip 2!). Area 5 easily has enough coins to buy all the remaining maps in one go. So the number of shopping trips remains the same.

This is fastest because the cutscene to watch a single area unlock is faster than resetting, while resetting is faster than watching at least two areas unlock. With this route, you watch the cutscene for a single area once, and you reset once. Doing 1 then 2-3 then 4-5 (or some other double paired areas) means you reset twice, which is a bit slower.

This is nice because if I really wanted to be suicidal, I can get creep blue sea 1 trip out of the way sorta early Tongue But I'm not sure if I really want to go that far...
finally had some time to finish, excellent run! i especially enjoyed watching strats i hadn't seen before in disturbing tomb, wreck train 2, its-all mine, chortlebot, and all the sub levels.

man i hate d. tomb and its-all mine, and holy shit neon city 2 and d. express 2 look like pains in the ass. nice work on all of those. and dude, i share your love for launchpad labyrinth. probably my favorite level in the game (and you used some really cool 100% strats i've never seen).

also, i love how the vine patches work in this game. so much fun to "climb" lol