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Warepire: 2014-07-15 07:02:48 am
Warepire: 2014-07-15 05:49:49 am
Heavy Metal Powered
Who's the 2nd speedrunner for this game? I would like to follow him/her as well.
Great to see that you are getting a better hang of that skip, I was starting to feel bad for finding such an evil trick.

I had an idea that I just tested, which I couldn't get to work (somehow entering World 3 before World 2, getting access to the "long jump" boots). I tried using the sundial and the World 2 foxhole as stepping stones to get up on the fence but neither worked out, the sundial seems to be too far away, and the foxhole either forces you into it or off it the second you land. Something to play around with if you feel like it.

However, while getting there, I noticed something about the Gallagher fight. The slopes are extremely good shields against his bullets, I managed to minimize his jumping distance and shorten the bullet travel time while only getting hit once and squashed once. (Note that I suck at this boss fight). Just running up and down the slope where he stands is pretty much enough to automatically dodge his shots. Should shorten that fight pretty nicely if the RNG plays nice. I was getting quite many 3-shots but that might have been RNG.
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The 2nd speedrunner I was referring too was you lol. There is literally no one else running this game or looking into tricks/glitches for it. There's nothing really evil about that skip, I was just bad at it. It should be easy now that I've actually learned my own timing.

I might mess around with that tonight. Actually I had idea about going straight to the final boss by clipping through or going over the fence on the overworld, but I couldn't get that to work either.

As for the Gallagher fight, I usually just sidestep his bullets, and then keep sidestepping while slowly turning around when he goes to jump. Doing that basically guarantees that his buttslam will whiff. Minimizing his jump distance and praying for good bullet RNG is probably the only way to speed up that boss fight. I would be so excited if I could find a quick kill on any boss in this game.
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Warepire: 2014-07-15 08:40:17 am
Heavy Metal Powered
I am not running the game though, just looking into possible glitches.

The idea of getting into and completing World 3 first was spawned by so many "near jumps" in Dungeon 2 that just can't make it. Having the "long jump" boots might help getting over those gaps, reducing the dungeon. I am specially thinking of the "banana key on a cloud" room and getting over the lava moat.

Sidestepping during the Gallagher fight is even better, I just keep forgetting that you can do that. Tongue Either way, try doing this while standing in the area of the slope that is near him, it will cause him to shoot slightly faster (I think) as the bullets gets destroyed against the ground, and he will jump minimum distance to try to squash you, which shall shorten the fight a little bit.
animal people aaaaa
So I found something funny, but completely useless for speedrunning the other night when I was practicing dungeon 2.

It turns out you don't have any invincibility when opening up chests, and if you die while opening up a chest with a heart in it, the game will still add the hearts to your lifebar. Again, completely useless but I thought it was hilarious.

As for dungeon 2, health and lives management is super important. Accidental deaths can screw up the death warp or softlock the game (which I tested again and there's no way to respawn that key or leave the dungeon that I can find). I think this might be the most difficult dungeon in the game, and the one what will end runs the most.

I'll be practicing dungeons 3 and 4 tonight if I can stream. I'll probably mess around with the possibility of getting to world 3 early as well.
Heavy Metal Powered
That health glitch was absolutely hilarious, typical Kingsley.

If you find yourself running short on lives in Dungeon 2 I think there is one in the chest to the right of the pineapple door (in the room you death-warp). And there's a life in the locked chest in the room before the boss room if you collect the key over the lava-pit.
At the entrance of Dungeon 2, if you're short on lives, just kill yourself into a game-over continue in the first room. At least in the beginning, this is an easy way to get more lives while you're doing runs.
Same with the ice-physics room, in the beginning, consider it fine to get it on the 2nd or 3rd try.
Just to get more practice time down, it's no big deal if your splits aren't great while learning.

The labyrinth only has 2 exits, one in each end, so as long as you don't get turned around, you'll always reach the right exit.

You can side-step Snuff's fireballs if you see them in time, otherwise you're using the best strategy for that fight. I wish I knew how to manipulate his jumping so that there was less running around, but currently it feels like it's RNG.

To me it looks like a good strategy for the switch room should be go get switches 1-2-3 (1-2 near the exit, 3 along the wall), jump back to the conveyor belt, get up on a box and get switch 5 (the higher one), then get switch 4 (near the heart), then run on the conveyor belt to the exit. It won't be easy though.

For the Rex fight, I wonder if you can jump-slash him on the pedestals once you get the True Knight boots. Might be something to try.
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Watched the Dungeon 3 and 4 practice broadcast.

That ticking sound you heard while unlocking the entrance to the 3rd Dungeon was for the coins you didn't collect. Them having the same ticking sound as the door timers is poor design.

The bat-fight, I think your distance to him affects the sonic rings / swoop attack ratio a bit. Felt like that during testing. Closer = more swoops.

The walls in Dungeon 4 are like glue, they will eat your momentum, I fought the same problem during testing, many times.
If you can, find routes that doesn't force you to run near walls.

Also, sorry if my previous post was mainly useless.
animal people aaaaa
Nah you posted some good stuff. By the way, Rex is invulnerable when he's up on the pillars. Or at least that's what I read. I haven't tested it myself. Also I can't notice any difference in jump height/distance after getting the True Knight Boots.

I had completely forgotten about the lag in Dungeon 4 as well, so that through me off a ton. I'll try to practice it more this weekend, but I don't think it'll be on stream. Geez you'd think after 3 pages of posts I'd have finished a run by now.
Heavy Metal Powered
Quote from Fenns:
Also I can't notice any difference in jump height/distance after getting the True Knight Boots.

I could swear that he jumps slightly longer with them, might be my eyes playing tricks on me.
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Fenns: 2014-08-02 11:05:41 pm
Fenns: 2014-08-02 10:57:23 pm
animal people aaaaa
Okay I've figured out what seems to be a reliable way to get around sword enemies in this game. Before I would just try to run around their swordless hand and hope they can't catch me with their swing, but if you run up to them and strafe right then strafe left around them, you'll be too fast for them to turn around and hit you. Hopefully this will also work against the hammer/mace enemies.

EDIT: Just a side note, it's good to know that if you get hit in the air and fall into water, your initial invul frames no longer matter and you still take water damage...

DOUBLE EDIT WITH ACTUAL IMPORTANT THINGS: So Warepire I don't think your game actually glitched in Dungeon 4. My leftmost switch did the same thing and the gate at the beginning of the room still opened. These switches have no "you activated us" animations... because Kingsley's Adventure.
Heavy Metal Powered
Quote from Fenns:
DOUBLE EDIT WITH ACTUAL IMPORTANT THINGS: So Warepire I don't think your game actually glitched in Dungeon 4. My leftmost switch did the same thing and the gate at the beginning of the room still opened. These switches have no "you activated us" animations... because Kingsley's Adventure.

I'm pretty sure I checked that no gate was open, but I'll check again in case I did something wrong, it would be awesome if I didn't have to get a new copy.
animal people aaaaa
Well I hope you were wrong and maybe took too long to get there.

Right now I'm writing up a guide for Dungeon 4 because screw this dungeon. I'll post it here once it's finished.
I'll be putting together a route for this game afterword.
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Quote from Fenns:
Well I hope you were wrong and maybe took too long to get there.

Just to verify: Do you hear a clock after pushing one of those wall-buttons?
animal people aaaaa
Quote from Warepire:
Quote from Fenns:
Well I hope you were wrong and maybe took too long to get there.

Just to verify: Do you hear a clock after pushing one of those wall-buttons?

No I don't get any kind of audio cue for how long I have to get to the gate.
Heavy Metal Powered
Quote from Fenns:
Quote from Warepire:
Quote from Fenns:
Well I hope you were wrong and maybe took too long to get there.

Just to verify: Do you hear a clock after pushing one of those wall-buttons?

No I don't get any kind of audio cue for how long I have to get to the gate.

Then I shall check again as soon as I have time. Thanks.
animal people aaaaa
Here's notes and routing for Dungeon 4:
Currently incomplete because one room near the end is a pain in the butt.

I'll add this to the first post after it's completed.
animal people aaaaa
Double posting to say that I'm taking a short break from this game since it's only been frustrating me lately (fuck Dungeon 2/4).
I do still plan on finishing this run, I just want to play games that I enjoy more for a little bit.
Heavy Metal Powered
Yeah, this game can really be annoying sometimes, better to take a break now and then than burning out. I haven't had the time yet anyway to test Dungeon 4 again.
Heavy Metal Powered
Gonna dump this here:

You were right, it's nothing wrong with my disc, I can swear this didn't work before though ... ah well, good news is good news, let's not complain.

Dungeon 2:

Collect the extra lives I mentioned in an earlier post, you'll need them, at least at first.

post Dungeon 2:

The chest in the room you end up in after finishing Dungeon 2 has an extra life in it, take the time to collect it, you will need that too for dungeon 4.
(It will save you time, and maybe let you finish more attempts)

Some notes for Dungeon 4:

Timed switch-puzzle of 7 switches, as islands in acid part: (Timer: 10 seconds)
While being in the invulrnable flashing state, you can walk across the gaps of the first 3 and not get teleported back to the previous button.
It IS possible to do this without taking damage, but that is REALLY precice.
The remaining 4 switches are easier to jump to.
Makes it easier to meet the timing window, make sure to have 4 hearts or extra lives by this point, if you don't have enough you might need to suicide.

Red apple(?) key puzzle:
If you have the lives to spare, take enough damage to have 1 heart by this room, get the key and death-warp.

(No elevators of the first puzzle can be skipped, even if the necessary targets can be hit the elevators don't pass eachother close enough to make any sequence breaking jumps)

Room after the first elevator puzzle:
Possible to skip the block-push part to activate the stepping block, align yourself with the edge where the stepping-block would be at and make a running jump, it needs to be as long as possible, or you'll miss by a pixel or so.
Comes with the nice side-effect that the checkpoint is easier to get to if you need it.
Second push-block can be skipped in the same way, align yourself somewhat with the block, just don't hug it, and do a running jump aiming for the platform.
(Easier than first block as you do not need to make the jump as long as possible like during the first block to counter the expected height difference)
3rd block: Cannot figure out if pushing it all the way and jumping past it on the outside is faster than pushing it a little bit and then going around. The difference is probably so negligable that it's not noticable by just playing. Play it the safe way, because this dungeon... If you get actual competition, then it might be worth looking into more.

That roller-room ... bloody hell! The best strategy is to get all the keys first, observe the rollers ontop, it's a fairly easy pattern but before you know it by heart it's a real nightmare, this took me a good amount of tries to figure out how to handle. Besides the gaps, those that the rollers bump into to bounce back, the slopes that end in acid pits are good places to wait for rollers.
You will probably not have enough health or lives by this point to take a lot of damage here.

Boss fight: Easiest fight in the game, as soon as you enter the room, move towards the left chest THEN let him talk to you, and then move towards the pillar, camp behind it.
He will simply walk up to you for you to hit him. And there's a respawning heart nearby incase you get hurt.
After such a cruel dungeon, I am really happy (and weirdly insulted that) they made an easy boss.

It royally sucks that the only real skip/sequence break in the game is in Dungeon 2. It definitely feels like there should be more but I tested everything I currently can come up with.
Heavy Metal Powered
How's the motivation coming along?
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Not Worthy: 2015-01-17 10:35:27 am
Hello, Fenns. I am Not Worthy, and I've been playing Kingsley's Adventure for the past week. I have been developing strategies for speedrunning purposes, and since you have strategies up here already, I'd like to throw in my own contributions to help you out. I apologize if any of this information is duplicated from previous posts—I did my best to read through every one—but hopefully at least some of it helps.

Anywho, I spent quite a bit of time playing the Training Rooms this morning. Here's what I was able to weed out of it so far:

1. Getting the shield from Aunt Adelaide

It is possible to jump around her to get closer to the stairs once the dialogue between Kingsley and Adelaide is activated, but whether it's the game itself, the disc or the console I was using, the dialogue was significantly slower. I would suggest just activating it normally.

2. Talking to Old Wrinkle

The faster you can talk to him, the faster the door behind him will fall. Therefore, I suggest just heading straight for him and activating the dialogue with him as quickly as possible. Once the door begins lowering, you can jump over it after there are two brick layers—potentially two-and-a-half—remaining to recede into the floor.

3. The jumping course

Kingsley will automatically move forward until he hits the first step of the stairs; then the first text box activates. It is possible to jump forward right before the box activates, giving you a head start (I'm pretty sure it does). The second text box activates right before you jump on the platform, but it is possible to jump onto the platform right before this box shows up, giving you a greater head start (I'm pretty sure). When you are about to talk to the weapon's supplier, it is possible, for some reason, to jump off of the ledge, and then jump towards him once the dialogue begins. I'm not sure whether this saves time; I actually doubt it, since it puts him in your way, but it might be possible.

4. The Drill Sergeant

I'll be honest: my combat in this game still needs work. As far as I know, double-hit, and then follow him to wherever he goes. Block, and then double-hit, et cetera, et cetera. I know there are some enemies which you can continuously hit in one spot (I did it to Bad Custard only once), but I'm not sure that the Drill Sergeant is one of them. I'm also not sure if there's any determinable pattern to his positioning, where you can guide him to the door once he needs 1-2 more hits (or perhaps even better, to make him walk back and forth between the two closest locations).

5. The arrows

I still need to practice. I don't have any time-saving tips for the first two, but there might be one for the second room with the 1st-person requirement. My strategy is this: move to the end of the room, and then take out the target. Once that's done, and before the door lowers, put your back to it. Once it lowers and the text box goes away, backflip into the key. This is a potential time-saver because it avoids having to turn in a tight space. But this isn't most definitely a time-saver, as far as I'm concerned.

6. The switches

There's only one strategy I developed here, and you may already know about it. Where you have to move the box, you may be tempted to pull it to the switch. If you squeeze in between the box and the wall, and then push it, it may be the same speed as pulling it, but you'll be closer to the door.

7. Getting to Old Wrinkle to get your dagger.

You may think that the strategy ended there, but I have one more that may aid you. In between you and Old Wrinkle is a couch. Instead of going around it, jump onto the couch and then over it. I'm pretty sure that's faster than going around it, unless jumping slows you down.

That's what I have for the training section. I'll let you know what I figure out for Sea Town when I really sit down with it.
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Not Worthy: 2015-01-18 08:25:08 pm
Not Worthy: 2015-01-17 01:34:33 pm
Not Worthy: 2015-01-17 01:34:12 pm
Alright, so I took a few more playthroughs of Sea Town, and I think I came up with some new strategies to get through it as quickly as possible. I'm not putting anything between getting the message from the King and Queen because there wasn't any time-saving tactics I came up with; as far as I know, you just have to have fast reflexes/ Here is what I have so far, upon entering Sea Town:

1. Inside the Salty Sea-Dog

This seems to simply be talking to Briny Jim and waiting for the stocked shelves to recede into the ground in order to take the tunnel to Cutlass Isle. There is a tactic that will save about a second or two, but it's very precise: talk to Briny Jim at the very corner of the bar. Meaning don't get off of the bar to talk to him, but rather get to the edge of the corner and let his dialogue activate. You can then turn and hop through the barely-opened tunnel, saving a second or two.

2. Getting to the lighthouse.

There is an alternate path, but so far it seems to be slower. I haven't yet explored the full possibility of it being faster, but I am probably going to discount it after testing it (you're welcome to try it out). After the first turn in the road, right where the six barrels are stacked in a pyramid, you can jump onto the ledge behind it and go around. From a perch, you can hop a few times (3-4 for me so far) onto the path behind the lighthouse, and then just go around it and enter. Like I said, this is probably slower, and the quicker route would be the set path.

After checking this path again, I would definitely suggest running along it normally.

3. Inside the lighthouse

You and Warepipe have already talked about this one, jumping over the rope to get into the path.

4. The first path (cannons)

Simple enough. Avoid the swordfish, run straight on, get to the end. I can't think of anything that saves time here.

5. The second path (anchor swings)

You can run straight through this one, taking one cannonball for damage (this is avoidable by jumping). Strafe the swordfish and advance.

6. The large barrels and the switches

I find it quicker to just run into the first and third descending barrels, instead of running down and avoiding them. It takes some health, but there is a heart in this room and the next two, so I don't worry about it. If you want a greater guarantee that you'll hit the second one without interference (I know hitting the switches is finicky), I would suggest blocking the attack of the second swordfish, and then going down and activating it. This seems to delay the action of the enemies for a second or two.

7. Running through the three barrels

You can run forward while the first is rolling away from you, and then turn into the second hallway and get to the checkpoint before the second barrel gets you. Here, I suggest witing for the third one to pass by you before taking on the third hallway, because I've tried jumping over the water before it crushed me, and it always put me back behind the water, delaying me. I'd wait for it to pass before moving on.

8. The cannonball room

You can make it through just be running straightforward, taking a cannonball or two. Strafe the orca (with the shoulder-buttuon tactic you guys taught me—thank you, by the way thumbsup) and get to the next level.

9. The first tower (This section has a faster method in a later comment.)

I was just playing around with it, to find the order which these dungeon rooms are in, and I unintentionally found a glitch that will take you to the next tower. Firstly, you can hop off of the top of the tower to the right of the treasure chest behind you, and lost 1/2-1 heart. Run along, and after the first jump, count the diagonals. You know how the mountain curves in straight lines; like if you were to look at the edge of the path, it would be straight instead of curvy? Well, after jumping the path, count up to three diagonal lines (including the one that makes the ledge you jump on after the gap) and at the beginning of it, jump off the edge of it, perpendicular to the mountain.

_ _ _ _ _ _
                  \    <-- the third edge
                      |  <-- the escond edge
                      /  <--the first edge
              _ _/
            /_ _  <--  The first gap where you jump
_ _ _ _ _ _/

10. The second tower

The same thing can happen here, and you will move on to Gallagher without having to run down the rest of the mountain. Once you begin running away from the barrels, right before jumping on the section that has the heart piece, turn left and jump straight off (perpendicular to the wall). If you don't see the transition that takes you to Gallagher's island, than most likely you've angled it wrong.

11. Gallagher

I haven't been able to do this consistently, but it is possible, and allows for two extra hits on him. Make sure you're in the water when he jumps at you; sometimes, he will jump for a new platform, but fall short and come back into the water. That will let you hit him two more times before he jumps for a new platform. I've done this a few times, and he always makes it the second time.

Also, you may notice a large dark splotch on the island itself vaguely resembling an M. The path to the ship after defeating Gallagher is at the top of the first point of said splotch.
|\    /|
| \  / |
|  \/  |

Just to get out of the level quicker.

That's all I have for Sea Town. If you continue with your practicing of this, I hope some of this helps. And I apologize if either of you, Fenns and Warepipe, have already suggested any of these. I just hope to be of some help to this run.
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Not Worthy: 2015-01-17 05:23:16 pm
So I went through Snuff's Lair thrice, and although I didn't find much, I think I found a few that could be helpful. I apologize if any of these are already here and annoy you, and I might have to refine these as I find more things. Here's what I found:

Poorluck Village—Snuff's Lair

1. Beginning Room (with the fire snakes and the switches)

You can get past this by running straight forward, very briefly letting go of the d-pad or analog stick, and then going forward. You should pass right through the fire no problem.

2. Switch Room 1 (Apple and Raspberry Keys)

I couldn't find anything to speed this section up. I'm undecided on whether or not the game is faster going for the raspberry key first, and then getting the pineapple key second, or the other way around.

3. 12-Pressure-Pods Room

I tried my best, but I couldn't find anything to speed this room up. The pattern you need to touch the pads on is the same, so that's at least a good thing. Jumping to get the key doesn't seem to work, so I discount that. Once one of the pedestals are retracted, you can misstep and very quickly get on the pedestal before it rises and resets; however, it won't rise once you're on it, so that doesn't help. I think this just needs to be done normally.

4. Unlocking the Raspberry Key door

You can do this to evade both guards: block the first one, and make sure the second one attacks before moving forward. Then unlock the door, take a hit or two, and be on your way.

5. The slime maze

I used Warepipe's tactic of activating the cloud, something I hadn't found on my own (I thank you, Warepipe). I also found that on the rung of the lava pit, you can jump from there to the next part without being on the slow-moving cloud to do so.

6a. The Key on the Cloud, and the Piano Puzzle

I couldn't find anything to speed this area up. Jumping to the step across the lava river was unsuccessful; so was jumping on the cloud. The piano pattern is the same, so that shouldn't give you any trouble

7. One Path, Three Blades

Running across the steps will take some practice, but it's easy after that (I think). Once you reach the blades, if you can dodge one, keep moving forward; the others shouldn't hit you. As for the guard, block his first hit, and then you'll be able to unlock the apple lock.

6b. The Key on the Cloud

It is straightforward from here, I think. There is a troll here, and you can block him, move forward, and flip the switch behind him. After that, I find that blocking him two more times will let the door recede low enough to jump over and get out of there.

8. The Pineapple Key in the Cage

This is the only time I have used an intentional death, and this is after I pull the switch to raise the cage. This avoids backtracking for me, and I think this puts me at the key faster than re-running the path again. Apart from that, I can't think of anything to speed this up. Block the guards, and then unlock the locks (or pull the switch).

9a. The four-switch room

I adjusted my plan to match Warepipe's strategy, and I thank you for it. Basically, it's much quicker to activate the switches in a clockwise pattern than a counterclockwise pattern; this will save one additional switch when doing it counterclockwise

10a. The wine cellar

I found nothing to speed it up other than blocking and switching.

11. Tantrazine's dungeon

Straightforward; found no speed-ups.

10b. The wine cellar again

The troll-esque thing is a problem to deal with, but he can be blocked (and, if lucky, passed completely) and the switch can be activated. Run through like normal

11b. The Four-Switch Room Again

Block and unlock, and move on to the last room before Snuff.

12. Double-Boulder Swings

This is another room, like the first room of Snuff's Lair, where you can hesitate, and run straight through. Apart from that, I didn't find any time-savers.

13. Snuff

From how I've played, it is potentially feasible to hit Snuff right before he attacks you. This could save a few milliseconds as you wait to block his attack. Apart from that, I was unsuccessful in finding any other times savers for the time being.

14. Tartrazine and Nando

No time savers. Just speak to both of them, and then proceed to the conveyor belt

15. The Conveyor Belt

The fastest way I can conceive completing this is thus: flip the first two switched, and then hop onto one of the boxes that are just emerging. Wait until you can hop onto the platform that had the third switch, flip it, and then hop off of there ane head towards the other set of stairs, where the two remaining switches are. From there, flip the fourth switch, and then hop onto a box and onto the pillar that holds the final switch. Once this is pulled, you should be able to either take the conveyor belt down to where you need to exit, or take the stairs on the right side to it. From my experience, so far, the conveyor belt is quicker.

16. The storeroom & finishing

It is possible to skip the dialogue with Lucy by hugging the wall and then jumping to the door, but this will require you to manually run to the blacksmith's shop; Tantrazine won't appear to guide you to it. I actually think that this method is slower, and it's faster to do it normally.

That's it so far. I've been able to run this, from the beginning of the game to Snuff's Lair, in just under 25 minutes, if that gives you a basis about timing (with a few unnecessary deaths). I'll try and get to looking at Eggnog Abbey in Rosary Village later on. I hope this helps!
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Not Worthy: 2015-01-17 08:56:41 pm
I've given Eggnog Abbey in Rosary Village a few playthroughs, and I've come up with only a few things that may be time-savers. I would like to apologize if any of these things are already said; I've done the best I can so far, and am hoping that these can help at least in some way. With that, I'll begin within the Abbey dungeon itself, because I couldn't find any time-savers for Rosary Village or the Abbey itself.

Once you enter the room where you'll eventually face Clarence, there are three rooms to choose from: left, right and center. I've tentatively discovered that left-center-right is the fastest time. Here's why:

1. Entering the left room from the leftmost door puts you directly at the blue coffin you need to move. There is also a rhinocerous coming your way once you begi to move it. From how I've played, you'll need to take out at least two of them; there are three, but from entering the room by the leftmost door, you will be able to avoid one of them.

Within the leftmost room where you have to move the coffins, once you move the blue coffin, take out the second rhino and move the green one towards a coffin across from where it goes, but don't move it onto the pad yet. Go to the red one and move it around to where it needs to go; a path will be opened, and the green one won't be in the way. Move both coffins to where they need to go—I suggest red first, and then green—get the herb and leave from the leftmost door, avoiding the rhino. From the boss room, you can swiftly go into the center room.

2. The center room has you jumping to pillars that rise from the water. From what I've seen, the path to the first pillar is equidistant between the leftmost and rightmost door.

In this room, from what I've seen, you can jump on the ascending pillar even before it breaks the surface. This can help you prepare for the next pillar (and kick the beetles off). Once you touch the touchpad, you don't have to completely retrace your steps. Jump onto the pillar in front of you, and then keep going forward and jump to the first one that rose. Jump onto the first pillar that was there, and then onto dry land.

Jumping across the barrels to the herb is easy work. One time-saver is just jumping directly from land to the barrel closest to the cage; you don't have to jump onto the one directly in front of you. You can jump from this barrel closest to the cage directly to land, where I suggest going through the leftmost door. From the bossroom, take the leftmost door to the right room, with the color-coded roman numerals.

3. There is a monkey with a cleaver that will come after you, but I've found that backing away from the stairs once he started chasing me, he would climb onto the upper ledge, and then jump down towards me, killing himself. It dispathes him easily. The order of activating the wall-colors is standard: pink, red, blue, yellow. Grab the herb, turn around, and go out the middle door to reach Clarence faster.

I've not discovered anything I can cnofirm to speed up the fight with him, but I tentatively put out that if I sidestep just a bit out of his sonic attack, he will more often than not charge me, and then I can attack.

After defeating him, it's worth nothing that the open doors will be at the wall where the bird skull and the two side-by-side graves are.

This is what I have on Eggnog Abbey and Rosary Village. I hope this helps out in some way. Now I'll be taking a look at Aphasia and compiling what I can.
I've played through Aphasia and Reggie's Lair a few times, and I think I've come up with a few strategies that will help. I've seen that you've already pointed some out, and I hope to add my own strategies here that will benefit your run.

1. The descending staircase

You've already pointed out that right before the second-to-last set of stairs (or after the second-to-last piece of wood at the end of the steps), you can get off early. Be careful when doing this, though, and make sure you have enough health.

2a. The saw-blade corridor

Just fall down while moving forward. Activate the switch at the end, equip your crossbow if it's not already equipped, and move on.

3. Rats & Arrows

I find that if I move to the far left, I won't be hit by any arrows. I can shoot down the left target, then strafe a bit to get the right target, then strafe back to the left until the center wall descends. Shooting that and then running to get the coin that appears in front of the central cage, and then everything goes as normal. I suppose it is quicker to shoot from the center of the room, but I find that I get shot far too quickly, skewing my aim and, eventually, killing me.

2b. The saw-blade corridor again

Retrace my steps, go up, and then proceed onward. Like the saw-blade swings in Snuff's Lair, If I can get past one, I can continue forwards without stopping and make it through all the rest (at least that's what I've found out).

4. Spiked-wall corridor

I didn't find anything that saves times, really, but when you're going to jump onto the pressure pad in the middle of the cage, I found that jumping from once my foot touched the edge of the brown texture on the ground helped me hit it.

5. Blades with targets on the back

I would suggest running all the way through, and then shooting the targets. This will (ideally) help you keep your momentum, and from my playthroughs, you can hit the unseeable targets even from the end (A technique I learned from you guys; thank you for that).

6. The apple-key room

You've already pointed this out. An intentional death will warp you to where you need to go, saving a significant amount of time.

7. The room with the troll-statue

I didn't find any time-saving things here that you've already pointed out. Sorry I couldn't help you here.

8. The bat with the arrow

This is an easy one. Quickly go into 1st-person and shoot the bat once he crossed your view, appearing in the middle of the room as well (in other words, don't move left or right when in viw mode).

9. Moving platforms, Round 1

I think this just needs speed in order to get it done. Shoot the first target, kill the first mouse, jump on necessary platform A, hit target again, traverse gap, get off, ignore second mouse, get on platform, shoot target, jump to other platform, and then get off. From there, hop across pole with checkpoint, then immediately shoot target. From here, you can jump to the first one, and then the second and third ones in one cycle. If possible (which it is), kill the last rat, disembark, cross the bridge, hop on the final platform, shoot the final target, and then exit. I'm sorry that this ran on, but it's the best I have.

10. So many blocks!

You don't actually need to push the blocks all that much. You don't need to push the first one (but you already knew that), and you can slip through small gaps in between the blocks and walls once you push them a little. This is very time-saving with the last two blocks that are guarding the exit.

11. Moving platforms, round 2

I find this one to be easy. You can jump from platform one to the platform with the extra life in one go, and then wait for the other two pretty quickly. You can take out the first rat on the platform with either a melee weapon or crossbow, depending on what you have out. From the penultimate platform, it is very important to shoot the two targets that lower the gate to the next room; killing the rat is secondary. Hop onto the final platform, wait for it to rise (I have trouble with this :P), hop onto the bridge and advance.

12. Roller Derby!

Using mathematics, I've deduced that the fastest path here would be to go up the left path and move in a counterclockwise pattern. This will get you, in order: Grape key, Apple key, Banana key, Pineapple key. Once you get the Pineapple key, keep going counterclockwise until you can go down the path. The apple lock should be on your immediate left. Unlock, in order: apple, banana, pineapple, grape. This will be in a counterclockwise motion. Once you do this, the stairs will appear. The path will be in between the grape and apple locks, and with the grape just unlock, you can move just slightly counterclockwise (or to the left, whichever you prefer) to it.

13. Rotating bridge

Concerning the first guard, you can block him (or potentially go around him completely). He won't follow you onto the bridge.

For the two targets to raise up even further, you don't have to traverse very far to aim at them. For target #2, just past the hanging chain. For target #3, at the top of the stairs, relatively distant from it.

As for the other two guards, I find that hopping back onto the bridge once they've given chase helps me get rid of them. They'll hop off the ledge and usually plummet to their deaths. Occasionally, they'll make it; hopping back onto where you need to go can help, as they may not make the gap. Sometimes they do, though, so be careful.

14. Prisoners

To avoid the conversation with Prisoner, just run on the outer tiles.

15. Reggie

I find him to be the easiest boss of the four main bosses. I still haven't gotten single-cycle combat down, but I can usually turn around and see where he's teleporting. That makes this fight go by very quickly for me.

Those are the time-savers I could find. I know you found some that I've named, and hopefully I added a few to the table.
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I still have yet to master combat, but I'm positive that both Rex and Bad Custard can be taken out in one cycle, without either of them teleporting (with Rex, half of my confidence is from a fight with him, and the other half is from watching the Kingsley's Adventure review by the Greasy Gamer, which shows him doing that). I'm fairly positive that the same can be done with Reggie and Gustav. I don't think it's possible with the Drill Sergeant, Gallagher, Snuff, Clarence or Judas, and Oscar uses arrows, so that's out of the window. There's something to do with the timing of the hits that keeps certain bosses where they stand, letting you continue hitting them.

I've yet to determine if there's a significant difference between the ax and the sword, apart from speed; I still need to experiment with that. And I definitely need to practice the room with the Pineapple key in the cage in Snuff's Lair; that room usually gets me multiple times.

Also, I'd like tpo say that from my own playing, and my own single-segment speedrunning (which I don't have any means of recording), and my own timing (using, I'm fairly positive that getting under 1:10 is completely possible; cutting out the unnecessary deaths I had, I'm fairly sure that sub-1:05 is possible as well. I know that saying that without evidence is dubious. and it's worth noting that I'm playing with a PS1 disk in a PS3, so there's that to factor in. But I would say shoot for sub 1:10. My best time so far is 1:07:22.581, from when I pressed Start Game to when I closed the last dialog box and watched the ending of Bad Custard; this time was achieved with five unnecessary deaths. Take from that what you will.