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animal people aaaaa
So I've been slowly working on routing and completing a speedrun of this old PS1 game. So far, I've only done a little up to the beginning of the second dungeon, and only timed myself up until the first boss (Pirate Gallagher). For the opening of the game, until you leave on the ship after the first boss, you should be able to get sub 10 or 11 minutes with solid play. I think I managed to get an 11:11 lol.

I've also found some (2) skips so far:

1. When you're entering the lighthouse to get to the first dungeon, you can go around the right side of the staircase railing instead of the left side, and then walk into the loading zone. Saves a second or two.

2. When you first enter the second dungeon, the game wants you to flip two switches to turn off some insta-death fire to progress. Turns out you only need to turn off one of the switches. I actually have a video for this.

This game also has a zip glitch (that I did not find), which you can do in the Root Beer Monk Abbey in the 3rd town (Rosary Village). Here's a link to my Twitch archive of when I showed it off. You can also do it on the outside of that building, but I haven't found a use for it yet. (Note to self: test out of bounds potential in Abbey) I have also yet to find any other spots where I could zip onto a wall.

I think this game has the potential to be broken. And I think I can get a run under 1:20:00 even if it isn't broken.
Is there anyone else interested in this game? Does anyone even remember it?
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Heavy Metal Powered
Good luck on this game. That ice physics puzzle in dungeon 2, together with the camera made me throw the game out the window.

If you save your practices and tests as Past Broadcasts or Highlights on Twitch, then I can follow them  and maybe provide some feedback or ideas (my internet is too crappy to watch a stream live).
animal people aaaaa
Yeah that room is a pain. You can go fast, but you have to be really careful.
I've been trying to find a way to go out-of-bounds in that room so I can just hit the warp on the other side immediately.

All of my streams get archived on Twitch so you could do that. If I do a run attempt it'll be highlighted or uploaded to youtube.
Heavy Metal Powered
Quote from Fenns:
All of my streams get archived on Twitch so you could do that. If I do a run attempt it'll be highlighted or uploaded to youtube.

Some of your older Kingsley testing was removed before I could finish watching it. That's why.
animal people aaaaa
Quote from Warepire:
Quote from Fenns:
All of my streams get archived on Twitch so you could do that. If I do a run attempt it'll be highlighted or uploaded to youtube.

Some of your older Kingsley testing was removed before I could finish watching it. That's why.

Was it? I don't think there was much of anything important to improving the run in any of the videos that got removed.  I did remove a demonstration of the switch skip, but that got reuploaded to youtube in better quality.

As for the run progress, the first dungeon is getting a lot more optimized. I'm getting a lot better at hitting the finicky switches in the first rolling barrel room. The second rolling barrel room is most likely as optimized as it can get, since you can one cycle it. There doesn't seem to be any other way to kill Gallagher quicker besides hoping he doesn't troll you and keeps his shots between 1 and 2 before jumping back in the ring.

I'll probably start routing the second dungeon this week. The ice physics room is going to be a pain to practice since you can't just go from beginning to end if you fall off. The room gives you little "checkpoints" for each section and once you reach that checkpoint, you gain a new way to get back on the ice path, and lose your previous way.
Heavy Metal Powered
Sounds great. From seeing parts of your dungeon 2 testing earlier, it does feel like it  should be possible to boost Kingsley in some creative way, so you can make the jump from the first checkpoint (I don't count the entrance as a checkpoint) to the last one, or find a way to get around the wall to the right to activate that cloud.

Now I kinda wish I still had the game actually.
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Heavy Metal Powered
So, I got my hands on the game and played around for about an hour, got some results:

Faster "ropes skip" to enter first dungeon: At a certain angle a few of the rope sections can be jumped over. Should save a few seconds.
The best one is marked with an X in the blow "map", when jumped optimally you'll land directly in the loading zone:
|  S
|  T
|  A
|  I
|  R
x_ _ _

Even faster "Switch Shortcut" in second dungeon: Time a jump over the flames while they are retracting: Ta-daa!

Skip part of the ice physics puzzle:
Jump down on the floor, go to the highest point next of the slope of the area that is on the right side of you (pretty much where the cloud spawns), jump against the edge while heading right as you face the area, if you succeed the cloud will spawn.

General ice-physics tip: Tapping 'back' as you land  after a jump will almost instantly kill all your momentum, could be useful for sharp turns.

If you're having troubles with any of these tricks, I'll try to make videos of them.
animal people aaaaa
Nice findings. Seriously. Good stuff. I'll mess with this all tonight.

Smart thinking on the ice room, to trigger the checkpoint for the cloud. That'll save some good seconds.

In a perfect world, we could go over the first ice path, and then glitch through wall to get right to the warp for that level ;3;
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Warepire: 2014-05-05 08:33:55 am
Heavy Metal Powered
Quote from Fenns:
In a perfect world, we could go over the first ice path, and then glitch through wall to get right to the warp for that level ;3;

This is what I tested first, but unfortunately I was unable to succeed.

EDIT: Please stream the testing so I can look at the twitch archive afterwards, I'd like to see how feasible the tricks can become for an actual run.
animal people aaaaa
I'll stream the testing either tomorrow night, or wednesday (I'll be out late tonight so I probably won't have time to stream).

They definitely sound feasible though.
animal people aaaaa
Got home early and did some off-stream testing of the two skips you found in Dungeon 2.

The room 1 switch skip is great. I've been setting it up by mashing on attack as the cutscene ended and then holding forward. Seems to set me up perfectly to jump through the fire gap.
The ice room skip is definitely the best. Even falling off the path twice, I still got through that level in record time thanks to that skip.

Good stuff Warepire.
Heavy Metal Powered
Quote from Fenns:
The room 1 switch skip is great. I've been setting it up by mashing on attack as the cutscene ended and then holding forward. Seems to set me up perfectly to jump through the fire gap.
The ice room skip is definitely the best. Even falling off the path twice, I still got through that level in record time thanks to that skip.

Fantastic to hear that Smiley Glad I could help out.
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Fenns: 2014-05-07 07:59:25 pm
animal people aaaaa
Going to stream some testing and practice right now (10pm EST). I'll edit this post with a link to the archive and or highlights afterword.

Twitch archive from tonight:
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Warepire: 2014-05-08 02:38:44 pm
Heavy Metal Powered
Just looked through your archived video, thanks for the PR. Tongue
Also, that clouds placement for the banana key (right after the ice physics puzzle) gives me ideas. Next time I have time to play this game I will see what I can do with that.
The rest of the dungeon seems quite well designed, except for the death abuse possibility you found I cannot think of anything, will see what I notice when I am there.

Good luck on testing in Dungeon 3.
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Fenns: 2014-05-08 03:40:01 pm
animal people aaaaa
No problem.

Definitely let me know if you find anything with that lol.

I actually need to test the death warp I accidentally found. I think it's faster, but maybe only by a second or two. I want to test and make sure. Never mind I just rewatched the footage. Death warping in that room is definitely the fastest way haha.

For Dungeon 3, I'm going to be doing my best to skip it lol, even though it's the shortest dungeon and probably not possible to skip.
You can do each room in that dungeon in any order, so aside from how long it takes to run from one door to the next, I don't think having a specific order will save any time.
animal people aaaaa
Try as I might, I can't find a way to speed up Dungeon 3 besides playing it optimally. Thank goodness it's a short dungeon.

I'm working on Dungeon 4 now. There's a room in that dungeon with a bunch of archer rats on the other side of a moat with targets behind them that you have to shoot with your crossbow. Hilariously, they're firing at you through arrow slits, so you can just stand in a specific spot that makes them all miss while you pic off the targets and get the key to proceed. It really speeds that room up.
Heavy Metal Powered
The cloud with the banana key appears solid from all directions Sad
There's a "step" in the floor on the other side of the lava river directly opposite of the wall with the piano-puzzle solution on it. When doing a perfect angle edge jump Kingsley is so close to making it over it's not even funny, it's only a few pixels away.

Didn't have time to test beyond this room today.
Heavy Metal Powered
Done with Dungeon 2, as suspected it is an otherwise pretty well-made dungeon, unfortunately. I couldn't find a single break in the remaining part.

All I have left to offer for that dungeon is these things below, which you probably already have taken notes of.

Strategy tip for the room with 2 double switches and the banana key on the pedestal:
The blue-ish paw-print buttons have a shorter active time, start on a yellow one. Makes the room almost trivial to get on the first attempt if you immediately turn towards the pedestal after hitting the last button.

The labyrinth is extremely trivial, and not hard at all to learn because it is so short. A few times through there and it shall be a piece of cake to run through it in the dark.
animal people aaaaa
I actually didn't realize the switches had different times on them haha. Though looking back that definitely makes sense.
Oh, after getting the magic gloves for defeating Snuff, you have the option to fight the first of the corrupted True Knights (who is in Sea Town). So I realized that you can fight them as they become available. Now the question is: Is it faster to kill them when they become available, or is it faster to wait until the 4 Dungeons are done?

Tonight I'll probably stream some Dungeon 4 testing/practice tonight if I'm not feeling too tired. I'll edit this post with an archive afterword (if I do it).
Heavy Metal Powered
When to take on the corrupted knights is probably decided by when you're going to be closest to them. The one in Sea Town should probably be taken right before or after a conversation between the king and/or queen. The rest of them probably doesn't matter so much as all their holes are pretty much on your path at all times.

I haven't started looking at Dungeon 3 yet, but I did notice a possible "why" to when you feel like the game ignores your input. When the game is running full speed it polls input every 2 frames, when it lags, it does not poll on lag-frames. So if you press a button during the no-poll window, the game will not see it.
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Fenns: 2014-05-13 08:14:21 am
animal people aaaaa
Not going to bother editing my post lol, I'll just post the archive here:
The stream was full of dropped frames that I didn't realize so it's hard to watch. Not too much was discovered besides general optimization.
I got discouraged at the end when I ran out of lives and got sent back to the beginning so the archive is really short. I'll try it again later.
Heavy Metal Powered
You were right in it being hard to watch, unfortunately I cannot get any ideas from that video. Sad

I have however been playing around some with the barrel clipping in the root beer monastery. Except for the clipable barrel you have, the standing 6-stacks are all clipable, but the accuracy needed to get the clip is much much higher. Unfortunately none of those stacks are close enough (actually further away because you cannot walk near the exit to the outdoors) to be worth it. But perhaps if you play around with this and get a better understanding for the clip than I can get, one of the barrels standing outside the gate for the 3rd Dungeon might become usable for clipping.

I also found another effect of the outdoors clip in the 3rd area, but it's even less useful as it stands now. If an upward clip doesn't happen one of 3 things can happen instead:
1) You get sent back to the ground
2) You land slightly higher up on the wooden section, but cannot move upwards
3) You land slightly higher up on the wooden section, and can move upwards.
When in the 3rd state, you can walk up until Kingsley's head touches the massive barrel that is part of the construction. I haven't found a trigger to enter the monastery this way, but I thought I'd mention it if you want to play with it.
animal people aaaaa
I was actually hoping that, for the 3rd dungeon, you could clip up the barrel then run along the wall and fall into the loading zone for the exit to that dungeon (which is behind the wall directly across from the entrance). Unfortunately, either the loading zone doesn't exist until you beat the dungeon, or it's a very precise jump that auto-kills you if you miss. But yeah my hope was that you'd hit that loading zone, enter the dungeon, turn around and leave, and then suddenly beat it lol.

I haven't made much progress so far, but I plan on doing some attempts by the end of this week, or the end of this month at the latest. Any successful attempts or interesting finds will be posted here/uploaded to youtube per usual.
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Warepire: 2014-05-21 08:36:38 am
Heavy Metal Powered
Dungeon 3 notes I took.

Wasn't able to get onto the platform that has the stairs to exit, this made me sad Sad Dungeon 2 had a couple of nice tricks, this dungeon seem to have none.
Some testing suggests that triggers are one-way, meaning you need to exit the dungeon properly for the trigger to work.

The code in the barrel room is static: Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow

I could not find a consistent pattern for the boss. The easiest way to fight him for me was: Just stay as close as possible, always look at him, and duck for the sonic waves.

The initial amount of arrows you get for your bow after Dungeon 3 is the amount of arrows you finished your training with. Might be important.

Forgot this note about the Dungeon 2 boss, although you probably already have it written down:
Your distance to him decides if he will fire a fireball or try to attack you with his knife and fork.

Next time: Initial investigation for Area 4, and Dungeon 4.
animal people aaaaa
The basic strategy for the Clarence, the Dungeon 3 boss, is to sidestep the sonicwaves, block his charge attack, and then hit him 3 times. I was hoping you could hit him out of his charge attack, but I wasn't able too when I tried.

Coincidentally, Clarence is the only dungeon boss you can hurt with the crossbow, even though you don't get the crossbow until after you kill him.