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Ah, maybe I've got the addresses wrong then. The timer was set as "game time" right ? It's supposed to reset after you choose a character and start as soon as movements are allowed. I'll have to try on a different computer (maybe tomorrow), sorry. If someone happens to know the addresses, the script is clear text and very easy to edit btw.
Yes. Set to game time. I can definitely see if I can check what memory value my game is using though.
Wow, thanks a ton drMalcom!
I have finally discovered how to skip entire sequences of dialog. If you use your actionskill, you will say something (claptrap's is random when he says something, sadly). If you use your echo during while talking and then trigger a dialog when all 3 are playing, the whole dialog will be skipped.

For example, claptrap uses his action skill, gets a skill (lets say commando) then he might say "MINITRAP ON THE FIELD!". Right when claptrap starts saying mini, you use the echo and walk into a dialog trigger. Works on most dialog that I've tested.

You can just call this skip the Pi skip for short. :3
OH, so thats what happened to me with the first claptrap you meet in Concordia (the one that gives the tickets). Claptrap soflocked when it skipped the entire dialogue sequence...use it with caution :p
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TheFuncannon: 2015-01-13 07:58:17 am
TheFuncannon: 2015-01-13 07:53:39 am
Auto splitter is working today. I'll add the file to the leaderboards for a good reference point. (Edit: not letting me upload for some reason. I'll try again later)

This also means timing conventions will be slightly changing since the timer starts on control instead of character creation. Unless that would be easily fixable or anyone has any objections. (It's what bl2 does so I have no issue)
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drMalcom: 2015-01-13 10:29:21 am
drMalcom: 2015-01-13 10:18:30 am
drMalcom: 2015-01-13 10:11:06 am
The full script is working now ? Uh weird. I'll try it on another computer just to confirm that it works every time. I can make the timer start as soon as the character is created, not a problem (but on Saturday).

Here are two variations of the script that seem to work, thanks to TheFuncannon for the help:
Auto-reset / start / noload. Timer start as soon as you can walk.
Auto-noload only. You will have to start/reset the timer manually.

Edit: this is for v1.0.3 only.

Edit history:
TheFuncannon: 2015-01-13 11:45:13 pm
As long as everyone's fine with control I have no issues with how it is. I'll ask around.

Edit: everyone was on board. The timer is fine as is!
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drMalcom: 2015-01-16 11:26:37 am
drMalcom: 2015-01-15 12:55:14 pm
Oops, the timer freezes for 3s during the moonshot cut scene (and possibly during the Eleseer one as well). I'll work on that.

Edit: ok fixed for the moonshot cut scene. Same link as before. Can't think of a fix for the Eleseer cut scene.
The game is just using the cutscenes as a loading tool, and the eleseer is timing the whole cutscene. If we can't deal with getting it to fully reinstate that cutscene then I really don't see it as a problem.
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PiGuy: 2015-01-18 04:30:26 pm
May I present to you a new category, Buzzaxe%
No one wants to run the other characters, so I made this category.

Each one of these save files has 4 buzzaxes in their inventory, thus giving everyone infinite ammo and weapon merges.
They also all have the same Bullpup, for consistency.

Rules for this category are the same as normal, with the following changes:
1) Start the game by picking the save file and using continue
2) Time starts once you hit continue
3) No starting the game with additional loyalty rewards
4) No changing the save file before the game starts

I will love to run this category, even if no one else wants to. This just sounds like so much fun.
Save files are here
EDIT: Changed the location of the buzzaxes from the bank to the inventory.
Would be interesting fun runs for sure. Definitely not something that will be a "true" category but it will be interesting to see how everyone would stack up.
It's a good idea but it can't be official and put along the other categories as it's a modded run
I was going to have the buzzaxes in the stash, but they disappear if they are put there. So sadly we have to go for modded.
so i thought i would throw this idea out there. would everyone feel more comfortable with buzzaxe in uvhm mode? this way the buzzaxes could be put in the bank legitimately and than uvhm can be started for a none modded new game+. this will allow most characters to be run in uvhm and nesha with merging will play like giage.
Hmm, UVHM is new game+ anyway if you start with a weapon from another playthrough, it's an awesome idea. It could be UVHM w/ buzzaxe category maybe
Edit history:
Nyasupan: 2015-01-18 06:35:16 am
edit: problem fixed
Buzzaxe% was broken, I think when the game puts the SMG into the bank, it wipes everything else that was in it. I updated the link with files that will have buzzaxes at the start of the game.
I also forgot to mention, File A000 is Athena, B000 is Wilhelm, C000 is Nisha, and E000 is Jack.
Just a quick question, is there an IRC subchannel for this game/series community?
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randomAZN123: 2015-01-21 09:06:21 am
My game seems to be deleting the buzzaxes from my bag as soon as i enter the game

Edit: seems to only be deleting the buzzaxe when loading the second and later characters after starting the game
Nyasupan, there's a skype group only. I can add you if you wish, just pm me Smiley
So by the sound of thing gearbox hinted a content patch for the 26th that is mostly fixing things. so i just wanted to let people know and ask if anyone has/can make a patcher. or we may end up with loosing all of claptraps abilities
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Cbenni made the one for BL2 you might be able to ask him however he would probably need both sets of files (pre and post-patch) and he might be busy doing twitch ...everythings

If you have the space to do so you can do a manual backup by copying your "#:\Steam\steamapps\common\BorderlandsPreSequel" folder and pasting it back over after the update.
Quote from Judgy:
If you have the space to do so you can do a manual backup by copying your "#:\Steam\steamapps\common\BorderlandsPreSequel" folder and pasting it back over after the update.

oh cool thanks for the tip. ill go ahead and do that
Just so you know, if you didn't already, opha glitch is very consistent and you can stack it multiple times.

1. Remove Opha's shield
4. Wait until the Putty recharges Opha's shield COMPLETELY
5. You have the glitch set

You can stack it by repeating this process

Sorry in advance for my enthusiasm