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ShiningFace: 2014-10-15 08:04:20 am
Put on the shelves since 2012
Since the game was just released, I thought that I'd start a new thread separate from BL2.

As you all probably know at this point, they've removed crit stacking and infinite ammo (much to my surprise), which is unfortunate to say the least.

So far I've found a few glitches, none that are useful though, but one of which I think may have to do with how they fixed weapon swapping.

When you drop reload now, let's say with 10/8 ammo, every second drop reload will swap the two numbers, having 8/10 ammo on the next reload.

I'm not too sure what this entails, but it's pretty strange.
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I am really excited for this as a speedgame, I'm not done with it, but goddamn low gravity grenade jumps, then keeping your momentum by double jumping is Kreygasm
I was late to the game on speedrunning BL2 (Seemed like most people had stopped running it).  I hope I can be of help finding glitches and stuff.
Same here. Can't wait to start running Smiley
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ekimekim: 2014-10-17 09:17:28 am
Ok, here's a quick dump of what glitches/tricks I know of so far. Not claiming I discovered them all (or, indeed, any of them), just a handy reference:

* You can give an existing character the loyalty bonuses (up to 30 moonstone, a blue shotgun and pistol at your level) by selecting "New Game" on the main menu, exiting at the character select screen, then starting the game with your target character.
* If you kill Belly (but not Red) during the Red Belly fight, then save and quit, it is a fast and effective farm. The source I saw suggests it's good for up to lvl 14.
* In the quest where you need to let the turrets kills Scavs to calibrate them, a high-damage slam attack can be used to farm the scav en masse. As long as the turrets don't get kills, scavs will continue to spawn (with lil badasses after the turrets get 4 kills). If the turrets get too many kills, save and quit to reset the counter. I can confirm this one personally as good to level 17 and probably beyond - provided you have a good enough slam attack to steal the kills.
* As Nisha, with the "get a copy of your pistol" skill, you can trick it into copying a non-pistol by filling your inventory, throwing a grenade, then picking up and equipping (by holding the pick up key) a gun from the ground. The effect lasts until you next open your inventory.

I'm in the middle of a (technically segmented because screw doing it in one sitting) run, just to try out routes and stuff. I didn't farm Red Belly, and it made the Bosun quest and the area up to the turret farm very difficult and slow.
I stopped farming turrets at lvl 16, I've now just entered Jack's Office for the first time and my level is still good enough. Will keep playing around.

Anyone got any ideas on what character will be the fastest? I'm currently playing with Athena but that was more or less just a random choice. Nisha's the only one with a glitch so far, but it's high level only.
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molluskmoth: 2014-10-17 10:01:48 am
molluskmoth: 2014-10-17 10:01:16 am
I feel like Nisha has a faster clearing speed while also being strongest while underleveled, though this doesnt apply to big bullet sponges like the RKM5 as far as I can tell. Her special is decent enough when fighting waves of enemies. Her Rifle skill branch is pretty much a tweaked Mechromancer and the Law&Order Skilltree has some interesting skills that increase survivability, especially for skipping through areas.

For Nisha, I'd level up:

- Saddle Up (+20% Movement Speed on Kill)
- Law & Order
- 4x 3rd Degree + Rough Rider
- (5x Bona Fide Grit); optional, depends on gun used I'd say
- Discipline
- 5x Jurisdiction
- Blood of the Guilty

That's for a max. Level 30, mind you. Not sure if we'd even get past Discipline. Saddle Up sounds pretty important by stats but might turn out to not make a huge change. Not sure how it affects nade boosts for example (maybe more speed = increased distance?)

Athena looks promising as well due to her various movement benefits but I'm not sure if her slower damage output will be an issue while heavily underleveled.

- Max. Ephodos, Gun Kata, Mercurial, (Hold the Line?) // Level 23/18
- When going for Max. Level 30, I'd leave out HtL and instead go Blood Rush. I've never tested Blood Rush though and I have no idea how useful the Jump + Bleeding on Bosses is.
Just as an update, my Athena was fine through the Zarpadon fight (at lvl 19), but just hit a wall at the RKM5. I've shelved it for tonight, need to sleep. Will need to double back and farm tomorrow. I'm at 5h45m at this point, though that can probably be knocked down a whole hour just by farming Red Belly alone (from meeting pickle to reaching the Bosun took an hour, and reaching Felicity Rampant took two).
Welp, turns out that I really REALLY suck at trying to find places to farm. I banged my head against the wall for an hour and barely gained two levels.
We need to find some effective way to progress from lvl 19 to lvl 23 or so. Preferably something with plenty of loot too.
Not a Borderlands runner normally but decided to try it out. Got 8:21:27 on Nisha (not official as I didn't turn off the badass ranks for about the first 8 minutes by mistake). More of a fast play through and only my second time all the way through the game.

Zarpadon at 5:50 and then hit the RKM5 wall even after leveling up to 21 via quests at the lunar launching station.

Also played around with the Zarpadon loot room for way too long. You can save and quit in there for a fresh room full of level 22 goodies endlessly. Just wish I had been close to level 22 at that point.

Entered the final area at 23, beat Sentinel at 24.

Skill set up was all over the place just trying stuff out.
I have been unable to replicate it yet but I figured I would post it. While playing as Wilhelm, I encountered a glitch that I can only really describe as being similar to the buck up glitch on Gaige in borderlands 2. I only really noticed when my shield was at the point that it seemed to have no delay at all, and would more or less instantly refill.

I was level 23 when I noticed it, had on a prismatic bulwark from the Zarpedon fight, and had spec'd up his Dreadnought tree. I had been playing for quite a while that session so its possible I accidentally performed the glitch several times thereby stacking it up (similar to buck up) though I feel like this isn't the case. The only thing that I could see that was affecting my shield in any way were the points I had in Energize. I believe I had a class mod as well that was giving me +2 to Energize though I cannot be sure.
I'll go ahead and add what I've found with the game.

- I've encountered the same glitch Maxter Max claimed, but it was Athena and I also have no idea how it happened. I tested my 3DD1.E Oz kit to see if that was the culprit and it didn't lead to anything.
- For save-quitting, you have to delay hitting continue a slight amount or you will end up warping to the Helios station where you started the game. There's nothing to do here that I can tell, but you can see Jack where he started still. To leave you have to have a delayed save quit.
- I have clipped into multiple areas with the Stingray. Especially any areas with low ceilings. If you boost into a ceiling the right way, you will kinda glitch slightly into the ceiling and if you get out, you most likely will end up on top of the ceiling. I have found nothing of use in the speedrun yet though.
- Also with the Stingray, if you boost, slam, then boost at the right time you can gain a little extra height for a super jump.
- Something else that is currently just useless information but might end up useful: the Helios Hub of Heroism has a BUNCH of places to get out of bounds.

More testing is under way and hopefully I can figure some of this out.
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Maxter Max: 2014-10-18 12:06:24 pm
I did not have a 3DD1.E Oz kit when I encountered the shield recharge glitch. I think the only legendaries I had at the time were a level 19 bonus package, and my prismatic bulwark.

Whereabouts were you in the game when you noticed your shield  was glitched FunCannon? I was in the final area before the end game boss fight when I noticed it.
Near end game. It was in the last couple areas, and I had been save warping multiple times prior to noticing
I don't believe I had saved and quit for at least a couple hours of play time prior to noticing. When I did save and reload after noticing it and playing with it for a while (it carried on through area transfers and deaths), it went away.

Sounding to me like something near the end of the game might be the cause.
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drMalcom: 2014-10-18 01:22:59 pm
Had the same shield glitch as everyone else as Nicha. For me it happened after fighting the big opha (edit: actual name is opha superior IIRC) near the end (lvl 25), although I didn't notice immediately so I may be wrong. I was wearing a lower level moxxi slammer shield when it happened, I switched shield and the glitch was still there.
Interesting that so many are finding this. Definitely going to get to late game and play around again.
I noticed it while fighting the big opha (had forgotten the name) but before I had killed it.
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drMalcom: 2014-10-18 03:36:49 pm
Got it ! The way I can reproduce it is by removing the shield of any opha, wait for the putti to spawn, go in FFYL and get a kill. I'll upload the video in a few minutes...

Edit: here is the video
Sounds great, onto finding something else I guess thumbsup
Oy fellows Borderlands players. 

I was just doing my first play-through when I accidentally found something. 

At one point, going to the Dahl ship to go to the Titan factory. 
there was that room where I had to fight some dudes before having the script giving an option to continue. 
I was in the air when something blew under me (probably a barrel or a grenade) 
It propelled me way up, over the roof, but because of my angle, it pushed me outside, and further than the "locked door"

I guess it could work with a grenade jump. 

I don't know if the fight is absolutely necessary though

I was shocked so I didn't think about recording the area, I took a few pics though. 

if someone recognize the area

I don't know if it could be used or not, didn't try to go further, I don't know if it would soft lock or not. 

But I hope it can help to find something 

(Also I noticed a lot of fake "wall" like this, because I love doing random stuff)
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TheFuncannon: 2014-10-18 06:17:30 pm
Good find. You can grenade jump up to where the picture is. It can skip that fight potentially if I can find a way back in bounds.

Edit: I'll make a post soon with more information, but there's a way in bounds now. The fight is skippable for sure.

Alright. Here is a VOD of me doing the skip that malfurion's picture led to. In theory it saves time, but I haven't timed how much it does save though.
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Oginam: 2014-10-19 02:22:49 pm
7:25:31 on my second Nisha run.

Still need a good farming point before RK5 but the other ones I added in kept most stuff up until that in check.

EDIT: I was 19 or 20 at Zarpdos and 22 at RK5, need to be 23 or 24 though probably. I do all the quests on the station. Courier quest is super fast, loader quest sends waves of enemies and gives good exp, and the conveyor belt quests are quick enough. Usually gets me close to 2 levels. I'm considering adding another quest or two into my Hub of Heroism rounds since the side quests unlock while I'm still there on the main quest line.

RK5 can be cheesed to some extent but you need a good corrosive weapon and patience.
What level are you when you beat zerpaderp? Where are you farming to get levels before RK5? What level are you beating RK5 at? 22? 23?'
I really, REALLY suck at finding places to farm, but the best I've found so far is just doing a loop around the Hub of Heroism, the enemies there are L19-20 and quite plentiful. Still pretty slow though - and little loot. Could work if you farm for L22 loot from the Hyperion Armory first.
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