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RK5 Cheep strat spot

this is a spot i found while i was testing RK5 for OoB. this is a vary small crevice between two invisible walls so it takes some practice to get directly into it. you can from here "climb" the invisible wall and jump over but it doesn't help in any way

pros and cons:

this spot will save you from ground enemy damage so the fight is less hectic
RK5 can(randomly) loop vary close multiple times which leads to your aspis running out and you will have no defense
guardian flyers can get close but they seem to be blocked by the wall
no oxygen and ammo drops(you may have to leave the spot before he is killed)

hope this helps anyone starting out speed running this game its not the fastest strat but it may be safer than most

and like i said up there its a vary narrow gap so you may want to practice it a bit and learn where the invisible walls are
Hello, I am new to the speedrunning community, but I have a present for you guys. I have found infinite ammo!

(here is my proof

It can only be done with Claptrap and it only needs a Vladof rocket launcher. Right now I'm trying to get a video guide of how to do the exploit in full.

As a sidenote, I would like to speedrun this game as my first game to speedrun soon.
OK, here is the guide! Enjoy! Smiley

Quote from PiGuy:
OK, here is the guide! Enjoy! Smiley

Yes!! thank you

everyone is going to have so much fun speed running claptrap X3
So i thought i would ask this here. what is everyones stance on loyalty bonus from the start and also getting a current level bullpup any time during the run using the loyalty bonus glitch

personally i kind of like it as a backup strat if you are not getting good guns but i can see it being cheep aswell
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Blackwayv: 2014-12-13 11:45:46 am
Quote from ckixy:
personally i kind of like it as a backup strat if you are not getting good guns but i can see it being cheep aswell

If cheap is faster, we do it. The way the game checks for the Loyalty bonus stuff should be easily exploited if you copy someone's "C:\Users\TheirNameHere\Documents\My Games\Borderlands The Pre Sequel" folder. So, afaik pretty much anyone can get it.
Hello, I wonder to try speed running this game but i haven't Bd1 or 2 (Only on PS3), so i haven't the loyalty gun. Someone know where i could find some save? I also ask where is the file to delete/modify or action to do stop the tutorial!
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PiGuy: 2014-12-27 09:28:36 pm
For anyone new who want to speedrun this game, download this

You will need to replace it with the one you have in This PC/Documents/My Games/Borderlands The Pre-Sequel/WillowGame/SaveData/RandomNumbers

This Profile.bin will give you the loyalty guns, but also contains my settings and keybinds and Bad Ass Rank. You will need to fix the settings since I use a mouse with buttons on the side, so some of the keybinds won't make sense.

Have fun running this game Smiley
I got a PB today 3:35:00 CL4P-TP

I'm content for now, speedrunning is fun!

Sorry for the bad video quality, I forgot to reset OBS settings from when I was streaming. Even so, it took me almost 4 hours to upload this video with poor quality. I won't be streaming any time soon.
Um, forget my previous post, forget all of it!

2:57:05 for Claptrap!
Nice job PiGuy

Filly has worked on moving leaderboards to Submitting should be faster and simpler for all of us
Thanks Funcannon
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TheFuncannon: 2015-01-07 04:38:19 pm
Much, much, much, much better way to get Claptrap's infinite ammo. All you need to do is get Meat Bicycle, drop the buzzaxe and pick it up. Once the skill ends, prep the free shot on your vladof launcher, equip the buzzaxe and switch to it. Now switch directly to the free shot vladof and then to another one. Enjoy the free ammo now! Much less RNG than using Funzerker, thank god.


Here's a video for anyone wondering.
Does the buzzaxe stays like a weapon on your inventory?
As long as you have full item slots, it moves into your backpack and you can put it onto any slot.
Btw, do you know which are the files that are needed to back up a certain patch?

I would upload the whole folder, but it's 6GB
If it's the same as BL2 then it's the Binaries and WillowGame folders.
WOW, nvm, these 2 folders alone have almost 6GB.

I'll do the whole thing
I tried to use your idea of using a bullup. I first attempted to go for a corrosive one and got tired of not getting it.

So I tried RK5 with a shock bullpup. Guess what, it got melted anyway.

I have this save file for claptrap at RK5 on level 21. It's not ideal, but you can get a good estimate and practice with the bullpup.
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TheFuncannon: 2015-01-07 04:38:45 pm
Yeah. Using a bullpup as long as you dont get anything else and have an extra buzzaxe at the time pretty much is now strats. Worked with a fire one as well when I tested.
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TheFuncannon: 2015-01-09 01:02:44 am

Oh and I guess I'll post my run from today for those of you that would like to watch all of it. 2:46:56 (timed the loads bringing it to a 2:38:22)
The great news is.... the new glitch functions exactly the same as weapon merging in BL2. This is going to make the end game of the run so, so much easier.

Here is a very basic merge setup that I had in a recent run. 1 jakobs sniper, 1 dahl sniper, and the moxxi laser for healing. This setup alone gave me an extra 260% crit and you can get that up to 540% if you have all tumtum jakobs.

Downsides are that you need at least 1 buzzaxe per weapon you want to merge. This definitely opens the possibility of a little more RNG as you need to make sure to have 4 axes by the RK5 fight. But you can always cut savequits out of the run if you're worried.
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drMalcom: 2015-01-10 01:31:03 pm
drMalcom: 2015-01-10 12:09:39 pm
I've made this LiveSplit plugin that stops the timer during loading screens for current patch (1.0.3). I can add an auto-start feature if people are interested. Please let me know if this works for you as well.

How to use:
- Download the attached script and save it anywhere.
- In LS, edit your layout.
- Add a Control -> Scriptable Auto Splitter.
- Add a timer and edit it by double-clicking it (or edit your current one).
- In the "Timer" tab, choose "Timing method: Game Time".
- In the "Scriptable auto splitter" tab, click Browse and select the "BorderlandsPreSequel.asl" file.

The timer will now pause during load screens.

Edit: It's stopping during cut scenes, but I'll fix that.
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drMalcom: 2015-01-11 05:36:17 am
Fixed script (can't attach it to my original message).

Ok I've added auto-start and auto-reset. I've uploaded the file to mega.!KRkTEJQB!IKlQDRtY_e8PUoIhXw3ugA4mbZu6m3cbgcnxZqB284Y
drMalcom you are a life saver. However, I added everything and it didn't seem to do anything unfortunately. I tried restarting both the game and LS and neither helped.

On a side note I did make a tutorial for any new runners looking for a starting place in order to start learning: