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Yeah, I'd volunteer my channel.

But you should be able to just make a new channel and get it whitelisted. This isn't exactly an event that's being dropped in at the last minute. Plenty of wind up time.
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Isn't the more pertinent question the one below it, about just-for-fun marathons?

But yeah we have more than enough time to put this together so that it shouldn't be a problem.
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Quote from mike89:
Isn't the more pertinent question the one below it, about just-for-fun marathons?

But yeah we have more than enough time to put this together so that it shouldn't be a problem.

Yeah, I linked to charity though because it a related question, and it was right next to it, haha. It won't be a problem, but it'll be a descision we'll have to make at some point.
I don't think there's enough charact
You guys have no idea how excited I am for this.
Even if it's a one day marathon.
I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. I've always wanted to go to the GDQ's, but never really had anyone to go with. Don't like going overseas alone and all that.
Hopefully I get to know every single one of you more after this, and hopefully we do good for whatever foundation the charity is going towards!

It's very early on, so I don't want to bring up stuff like living expenses, room arrangements and transportation.
I do want to know if it's going to be called "Australian Marathon", or if that is just the name to give an idea of what the marathon is.
guys i just finished super mario brothers it was great
No idea what we are calling it. I'll organise that with notyuna (suggest names or something, but nothing stupid) once he has a chance to talk about it and organise it proper. Games list looks decent so far. Cheesy
I don't think there's enough charact
Awesome Games Down Under.
Because it's in Australia.
That's as far as my imagination can go.
I need to lie down and count to 10.
I don't think there's enough charact
Are things happening behind the scenes?
Outside of this thread?
If so, please do tell.
I reeaally hope this idea goes forward. I feel like we have a lot of support already.
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Eddalius: 2014-02-27 02:57:29 am
We are waiting for Notyuna to discuss things with UNSW. I could start on a schedule, but until he gets back to me about times, I can't. Don't have much room to make a schedule until we know exactly when and for how long we have access to each room. Currently the games look good, some won't be able to be done (ofc), because of both time limitations and just because the run is otherwise lackluster or unimpressive (gonna aim to give everyone a run though, so make sure at least one is up to scratch and entertaining!).

EDIT: All the stuff so far is public and guys, it'll probably be a lot cheaper than what some of you are saying, so I'm just gonna delete that column and remove the question. People are willing to pay money and that is good. Smiley
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notYuna: 2014-03-01 04:41:16 pm
notYuna: 2014-03-01 04:39:59 pm
i like turtles
I would ideally like to know how many people are planning to attend by maybe next week? It's so that I can determine which sort of room I'll need to inquire about.
Because I assume the list of games people want to play don't correlate to those who are willing to attend just to spectate/chill.

Also if you want to start preparing a schedule, as a rough guide, rooms can be booked from Mon-Fri 9am-9pm - so I think ideally, we'd want to do something like 10am start until 8pm'ish for 2-3 days.
well, even if i don't actually run a game in the end (since i'm even more dubious on my snes now, it wiping my dkc3 files and all + freezing/crashing), i'll still roll in as a spectator.
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Okay, well we've got 15 people having responded on the sheet (it's 16 for me because Weldar's technically responded, he just doesn't have any games to offer). I'm going to give a rough estimate of 20 - 25? I know a couple of other people have expressed interest so I think that's a fairly safe bet. I guess we should look at a room that could fit up to about 30 people but I'll give 25 as an approximation at the moment. I don't know how many more people we'll have coming along, after all.

Edit: Heh, how things change. I think the main thing I'll end up playing is Touhou 10. Tongue
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ItsMarill_: 2014-03-02 11:09:45 am
I don't think there's enough charact
Get the lecture hall.
Play vidya on massive screen.
Also, what's the situation on where we will be staying when we're not needed?
Will living arrangements be a thing, or is that something we need to organize ourselves?

Also, is it a possibility that people may run multiple games?
I'm still up for this. I just haven't filled out the sheet yet because I'm still figuring out if I'm gonna run something or not.
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RocketPineapple: 2014-03-03 04:45:23 pm
RocketPineapple: 2014-03-02 11:37:39 pm
my hat is my friend
Once I have a definate on dates and a good approximation of numbers, I'm gonna make a few calls and research on hotels in the areas. It's not an authentic experience without everyone sharing rooms, right? Tongue I'll see what we can get for group bookings, ideally I'd like to make it as inexpensive as possible for everyone (while it's still somewhat comfortable of course, I don't want everyone to be sleeping in cardboard boxes or something hahaha). But yeah, living arrangements will be organized here for those of us who need to travel to the event, if people are happy to do that Smiley

Edit: Yeah, multiple games can probably be a thing if time allows it! Depends on game length and all but we'll see what's happening. At least, we'll try to give everyone one game. Smiley
Though I'm doing a bunch of the organising, I'm unlikely to attend. So keep that in mind.
my hat is my friend
I didn't count you in that number because you didn't have a game offered. Wink Besides, I told you, I'm going and I'm happy to organize as long as people are willing to assist me in just idk, double checking stuff I do to make sure I'm doing the right thing, haha! Smiley
i like turtles
Uh, just a word of warning people, I hope people aren't just fully relying on me.
There needs to be some sort of contingency plan if I can't get a room booking for whatever reason.
Just saying it now so people don't get too comfortable.
I don't think there's enough charact
Hmm.... Aaaanyone got a big house?
Go all CGDQ up in here.
my hat is my friend
I think we should be AWSM - Australian Winter Speedrunning Marathon.

I'll put in some calls for Melbourne just to have a backup in case Sydney falls through. I would've done that earlier, I was just kinda scared, haha. I should be better now, things are looking up for me and I'm determined to make this a thing. I have some vague connections down in Melbourne I think, so I should hopefully be able to see what I can do there.

But yeah, no problem there. Sorry I've been not great at organizing, I'm pretty anxious and shy. But I'm determined and I want this to be a thing, so I'm going to push through and make sure we can make something happen! <3
I'm definitely up for this. I'm Sydney based but happy to travel.
I don't think there's enough charact
Hmm, I'm probably not going to be able to make it anymore.
I've been recruited, and I might be away for 6-18 months soon.
If anything changes, I'll be sure to let you guys know.
my hat is my friend
Updated the first post with attendance form! Smiley

I know there's already a form up but this is to nail down the numbers for the event, so if you're planning to attend, please throw a response in there.

If you're wanting to change games or anything we'll sort that out when we've got the location and numbers sorted out. Smiley
filled out said attendance form yes

also i've changed track on the game i want to run: changing over to Pikmin 1 and should very definitely be a reliable run
I attend UNSW at the moment and would be up for running Tiny & Big. Unlikely to have time to hang out for more than a day or so.