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my hat is my friend
Latest posts have info as to what might be happening. Stay tuned!
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Well I'm here!

Yep...that's one. (Yes there are others)

In a nutshell, we're here, but there's nothing really to it. We happen to live in a different part of the world...totally isolated from the rest, and we speedrun just the same. That's about it.

I've never heard talk of any Aussie specific marathon - although I'd be interested to know where in Aus you are. Out of sheer curiosity Tongue .
my hat is my friend
Oh my gosh, one person! Tongue

I'm glad to know there are at least some Australians around. I'm in Brisbane, I know, it's super exciting up here. Tongue I was going to try and scope out the Mana Bar, see if people would be interested in playing games (even if not speedrunning) for charity (I was looking at YoungCare, since I got roped in to donating to them on the street and went 'well, why not').

Yeah, that's the thing that sucks about living here, so isolated from the rest of the world. I'd like to go over to the US for a holiday, hopefully drop in on AGDQ 2015, but it's so expensive and takes a lot of planning. D:
I don't speed run much these days but I still keep up with what's happening. I always wanted to go to the SDA meet up charity thing but could never get the time off from work for it. D'; Depending on the time difference to Sydney I could give an Aus marathon a shot. At 240p because anus internet lol.

Also, THE MANA BAR. If you see Yug or Matt could you ask them when's the next bloody podcast? And give them a hug for meeeeee
Bah, that lands me out, I'm in Adelaide. Tongue Far too much to get over.

But still, as I said, we exist, and if there's anything I can do to help over the interwebs - I'd be glad to - if anything goes ahead of course.
at friend's place: dang, that sucks. I mean, if anything happens, we could always get people together via the internet and just have it restreamed through one twitch, like what happened with the srg marathon? I'm sure if we find a few of us we can hopefully sort something out, even if it's just skype chatting and bitching about how Australia sucks. Wink

Haven't been to the Mana Bar in a long time, pretty sure Yug doesn't even live in Brisbane anymore, the only owner who ever lurks there is Yahtzee, and that's a pretty rare occurance!
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Potato Handle: 2014-01-09 03:04:03 am
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
I'd be interested in an aussie speedrun marathon for sure. Pondered on it a fair bit in the past, but I'm terrible at organizing stuff. I have a big open plan house which would be great for a small marathon, but I live in the middle of nowhere, so it might not be ideal in that regard. I live roughly halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide, but if we could get like a weekend marathon or something happening I'd be willing to jump on a flight for sure. (Especially in Brisvegas, I know a few people up there.)

I'll title this thread next time I stream, see if I can spread the word a bit. \o/
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my hat is my friend
I bet you live right near where my parents live. /creepy
(they're in Hamilton)

But that's awesome! Hopefully I can start streaming soon now that I have a computer actually capable of streaming (though I'm new here so nobody would watch) and bring some attention to it amongst people around here.

At the very least, I'm just glad to know there are other Australians around here. Feels good.

Edit: I stupidly mentioned this to a "friend" of mine who was like "we should marathon Mass Effect and Saints Row but not speedrun and not stream but record and upload later because internet" and I'm like "uh that's kind of the opposite of what I'm going for", also that means they play the whole time and I don't because I'm not good enough apparently. :U SO I'm not relying on IRL friends to join my crusade too much (wait what friends) Tongue
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
On the subject of lolstralian internet, If the event is hosted in a capital city, we should have access to either the NBN or an exchange with Annex M support, so we should be able to get a decent quality stream.
my hat is my friend
Yeah, I mean I have decent quality internet when I'm not allegedly capped. Tongue (not being able to watch AGDQ is killing me, in conjunction with my TV being broken so no PS1/Xbox 360/Wii games for me!) I'm just glad to know there are Australians who would be willing to get together and stream. Especially since the only games I could run are like, Touhou 10 and Barbie: Game Girl.
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Eddalius: 2014-01-13 01:33:00 am
I'm interested, but flying to Brisbane is really expensive for me (Tasmanian), so that is a bit of an issue, if it was in Melbourne or something, that'd be good, because it is pretty cheap for most of Australia to get there.

EDIT: Can we also time it for a uni break?
my hat is my friend
Sure, for any hypothetical marathon that actually happens. Tongue If we ever do get something off the ground I guess Melbourne is probably the place to go, I imagine.

Again, just scoping out the community more than anything and just hoping to get to know the other Australians for potentially hanging out sometime in the future/general chatter and speedgaming unity here on this isolated island of ours. Wink
SEGA Junkie
You know I'd be down for something like this. In Brisbane right now, actually about a five minute walk from the Mana Bar haha. I was so close to getting them to put AGDQ on but it didn't look like they had a good way of showing it.

If something comes up I'd be happy to travel - as long as it's like, not in the next couple of months Tongue
my hat is my friend
Aw, that's a damn shame! If that had been the case I would've basically camped out there with a couple of beers and the stream for the entire time. They used to have a pretty good setup but that seems to have deteriorated over the years. Ah well. I should go back to the Mana Bar sometime.

Yeah, nothing's going to come up that soon, don't worry. Maybe by the end of 2015 Tongue
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WERY: 2014-01-15 11:42:54 am
The Duce
I dont know if I remember things right, but does'nt Brisbane got an annual expo for vintage videogames and homecomputers? I believe I saw a thread about that on Lemon64. Maybe you got to look around for people on the internet,  who like games, but are'nt members in here yet. Request for interest, on the various gamecommunities in Australia, and recruit speedrunners that way. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, so there got to be a lot of interested gamers, when we are so many here in Sweden

I have future plans for moving to Australia. If someone arrange any speedrun marathon, I'd be happy to participate and run some games, once/if I got there
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Quote from WERY:
Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, so there got to be a lot of interested gamers, when we are so many here in Sweden

Australia is 52nd when it comes to population. And the 234th if you consider population density (Sweden is 194th by density, btway. France 95th, Germany 58th, UK 51st) Which means the possibly more gamers are much more widely scattered, unfortunately. It does help Australia, however, that two-thirds of the inhabitants live in the five largest cities.
my hat is my friend
Yeah, sadly we're a large country but the population is very spread out. I have never heard about this annual expo, which if it's a thing, I'm ashamed of myself for missing out on. A few of the friends I go to trivia with are keen to do things - they're not necessarily speed-runners but they'd be willing to play games relatively quickly, I think. Tongue

With more people showing up I'm starting to believe something could actually happen eventually, which is nice. Tongue
I'd definitely be up for any kind of Australian meetup/marathon/whatever, as would a mate of mine. I live in Melbourne, but travelling within Aus isn't really much of an issue. Would be cool to meet some other runners Smiley
my hat is my friend
Dactyly, now there's a name I recognize! Sup, man?

I feel like we should get some sort of community meetup organized this year at the very least, even if it'll probably suck since I can't organize anything. Also since lolstralia. But hey, it's something to aspire to. Tongue
The Duce
Perhaps you can recruit speedrunners from MMGN? There ought to be some speedrunners over there
I would potentially be interested in helping out, don't currently run anything but have thought about learning something. Though I seem to be the only person here from WA. :/
my hat is my friend
That's okay Sakura, I'm barely running anything as it is (all I can do is Touhou 10 and potentially Fire Emblem Awakening). I'm just here to cheerlead. Tongue I assume there are probably others from WA hiding somewhere.

And thanks for the advice, WERY, I'll check that out.
Cheese It
If this actually turned into anything, I'm pretty close to Melbourne so catching a flight to wherever wouldn't be too difficult. I'd be happy to help behind the scenes (only just started running).
my hat is my friend
I only just started running too, it's fine, it can be amateur hour.  Tongue

Potato Handle and I were talking about hopefully getting a casual community marathon event type thing organized hopefully sometime this year and I'd really like to make that happen! Of course I am not 100% sure where to start soooo if anyone has any suggestions for places where we could make something happen that would be rad.

(By this year I'm assuming, like, December or something Tongue )
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Potato Handle: 2014-01-23 10:13:13 pm
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Yeah, I unfortunately have to admit to having very little organizational skill; I've got resources, in the form of runs, and hardware to stream said runs, and a decent technical knowledge, as well as a small amount of advertising power to get the word out to the aussie speedrun constituent. And if it comes down to anything happening here; I've also got streaming space and/or accommodation.

But even if the first meet up just ends up being a "Everyone go here on this date and we'll stream some stuff." that'd be a good way to start, and a good way to see how much of a turn-out we'd have if we decided to do a charity marathon down the track. \o/