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Time to go fix up my rhythm gaming prowess instead of actually practising my run. Oops

(it'll be useful, promise)
yay i can bring my camera for creepy photos and shit ;3
We must make all the pedo faces! Grin
my hat is my friend
When we have a better idea on numbers and length, I'm gonna do a bit of research on places to stay in the area - I'll look for something inexpensive (but not awful I mean we're classy people Tongue ) and see what sort of prices we can get for groups - if people are willing to share rooms.

Aw yeah, I can't wait to be unphotogenic. Tongue
Sorry to be posting so often in the thread but i thought i should point out the way rooms in the hotel for SGDQ worked and it works really well is by getting people in rooms of 4 or 5 if 1 wants to sleep on the floor. Then splitting the bill between everyone to save money. People may have already thought of this but i thought i should say something so other people know. After we find a hotel that's close to the venue we can either make a new thread for room arrangements or another google doc if someone know's how to set something like that up. (Google nub here)
my hat is my friend
Yeah, that's what I was planning on doing. Once I have more of a handle on numbers/know what the deal is with the streaming place, I was going to do a bit of a google search and have a look at nearby places to stay and put it up to discussion as to where people wanted to stay. I'll talk to them and see what they can do on group bookings (also I don't think they'll be okay with people sleeping on the floor, health and safety and all).

I know I'll be looking to stay in a nearby hotel or something and I'll be willing to room with anyone but I guess we'll see.

Also when we have more of an idea on games I feel we should all discuss them as a group or something, I feel like we might end up having 3 days of a marathon (that sounds like a good number to me if we can't be staying in the stream room overnight) and I would like to give everyone who offers at least one game, since you're all going out of your way for this. <3

also I'm just hyped to meet all you guys and sit around eating pizza and talking about whatever ahaha.
my hat is my friend
So the best name I've come up with for this is "we're in a future timezone so we must go fast - the marathon" so if anyone has better ideas I'd love to hear them. Tongue

Also New Zealanders are welcome if you exist and willing to pay to come over to Australia, probably should've specified that. (that sounds lame I'm sorry I'm half asleep) Keep putting your submissions in! I'm so god damn hyped for this you guys have no idea, ahhaha.
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
I'll title the thread a couple more times, so we might get a few more submissions yet. Just leaving breaks in between the plugs. As for names, it's not really that important, it'd be good to avoid something totally generic like 'aussiethon' though. I'd like to weave an aussieism into the title somewhere; like Bonzathon, but something better, haha.
my hat is my friend
Hahaha, that's fine! I'll plug it next few times I stream. Yeah, I know the name's not that important, I was just bored at trivia (and knew fuck all about world flags).

Any word on the venue (times we can use it/how much it would cost)?
Do you want me to pass on some of the information to some of the more known speed runners to let then plug it as well. Cause I'm sure i could make a tweet about it and possibly get Trihex to retweet it for us if we want more people to know about it. Maybe even cfox. I'd need more information like date's, what channel we are going to stream on, name of our marathon. You know just something to consider.

Also just wanted to post about my runs that I posted, Yoshi's island is easier for me to run but i'll need to get my hands on a super famicom pretty soon to get the practice in but I'm not sure if my bioshock infinite run will be polished enough to run it. Facking uni is a bitch since i have classes at the start of the day at 9am but then a class at night that runs from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and i can't go home in-between.
Gray "I-went-to-SGDQ" Fullbuster with the name dropping Wink

And why can't you practise on emu until you can get your hands on an SFC?
I didnt drop my name or anything i was just saying that i went that's all. I have been practicing on emu but if i was to run it at AusGDQ then i would want to do it on console.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Gaming Barbeque Marathon? Sorry, my suggestions are never any good, but I wanted to get the stereotypes out there Wink
why not? we should all rock up in thongs, boardshorts and singlets eating vegimite Tongue
my hat is my friend
And backyard cricket on the bonus stream, aw yeah.

That, or it's the koala-ty speedgame marathon. Tongue

Yeah, Gray, just need to know what the deal is with UNSW and then we can narrow down dates and times and things, I think. Also if we knew approximately how many people are willing to be in on it. Gonna post this around a few places on Facebook and see if I can get some more interest, but yeah if anyone knows people who might be interested (or might know people who are interested), share it around.

If you can't run Infinite, that's alright. Real life stuff is important after all. I don't have a console but hopefully someone has one you can use.

I also have a PS1 I can bring, I think I forgot to note that down. Also, I've got a few fighting games if we want to do some silly night tournament or something to have the finale of (by which I mean: Divekick, Persona 4 Arena, UMvC3, Brawl and SSFIV) Tongue
I vote to rename the marathon FastBogansLive.
We won't know anything about dates for a few weeks. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Spud had a pretty funny name, but I forget what it was, it wasn't serious though.
my hat is my friend
I liked koalaty-speedgaming. Tongue
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mike89: 2014-02-13 03:18:27 pm
SEGA Junkie
The Totally Wild Marathon. Where every run's a killer!

(ps. I will obviously help promote once we know dates and such)
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Crazytrain276: 2014-02-16 05:24:33 am
Added Sonic CD to my list of games since I'm starting to get decent at it. Smiley
i like turtles
I'm just waiting for the semester to start so I can start preliminary talks with the student organization in regards to venue hire over the holiday period.
Expect some more information around early March.
Sorry for those expecting stuff immediately but I can't really get around this.
Take your time. I'm getting smashed as it is with my course. First day was like HERE ARE 5 ASSIGNMENTS DUE 2 WEEKS LOLOL. Not that I'm procrastinating here or anything.
I am really, really, really hyped for an event like this to happen in Australia. I got really, really bummed out when I realized that SGDQ started on the exact same day as my exams. Anyway, I've made a submission for "Super Mario 3D World" and am looking forward to this event massively if it ends up happening!
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Quote from Eddalius:
We won't know anything about dates for a few weeks. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Spud had a pretty funny name, but I forget what it was, it wasn't serious though.

"Brilliant Ozzies, Gaming All Night!" was mine; BOGAN for short, but yeah, I wasn't serious, haha.

And yeah, no worries notYuna, no major rush just yet. Thanks for keeping us up to date at any rate. \o/

(ps. I will obviously help promote once we know dates and such)

You're a legend Mike. I'm dropping a link in my title every couple of weeks, just to raise general awareness that this is a thing, but yeah, I'll be promoting the hell out of the event as best as I can too once I get back from C4L.
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Potato Handle: 2014-02-23 11:02:50 pm
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
I was just re-looking through SRL rules and came across something which may be worth discussing; will we make a new channel for the event?

Main reason for asking, is this:
Long story short; It's a bit ambiguous, but we might not get whitelisted on SRL if we make a new account for the marathon.

Anyone got any buddies higher up in SRL they could ask if we're likely to get whitelisted for a community event? The alternative is for someone who's already on SRL to host the event on their own channel, which I'm sure we won't have trouble finding volunteers for, haha.