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submitted my stuff. Its very likely that i will be able to attend.
So what Manix said also applies to me, so I'm looking at early July if possible. Anywhere up until the 13th is good for me.
Not a Vacuum
So by the sounds of things something around the 7th seems ideal. Everyone should be on break by then and I imagine this would only go for a few days, so starting earlier in the week gives everyone plenty of time to get back before uni starts up again. What do people think of that?

That form you set up is super super useful Eddalius, that should help a ton with gathering that information we need. But it probably pays to keep discussing some of that here too. The amount of people going obviously we'd just need to wait and see for that. As for the length of the event, obviously that would also depend on the results there but I'd put down a tentative estimate of 3 or 4 days based on the reception so far? Obviously that's going to depend exactly on what we're actually ending up running and all that, the other thing that would be helpful to know for figuring that out is how long per day we'd actually have access to the room.
With equipment I imagine consoles and capture equipment shouldn't be too hard to come by I'd imagine, we seem to have a decent amount of people and that's the kind of stuff that you can fit into luggage if you need to. Still nice to have that info in the open though so people can see what's needed and also for people who can't bring things what's there to be used if they want to offer runs. (I myself can bring a ps3, ps2, wii and I'd like to say a n64 but that one's been acting up so probably not an option, no capture equipment though).
The big things would be a pc to stream off (which we already have an offer for) and a decent sized tv, I imagine that would probably require someone either in Sydney or at least within reasonable driving distance. Also on that note, obviously this is a smaller sort of event but do people still think it would be worth having a smaller tv or two set up off the side for practice or general messing around? I do have a smaller tv I could possibly get into luggage somehow for something like that.
Sorry for sort of rambling on there, most of this is stuff we can't really make any sort of actual decision on till later anyway.
I would c/p what I put in the equipment section, but I can't seem to actually get into the edit page. Not terribly useful ;/

But anyway. I got a SNES and a Gamecube with Game Boy Player that I can easily bring, and I know they are functional enough to play games on. I'm not sure about the state of my N64 (because it seems to drop frames or something, but that might just be my TV for all I know), but i'll see if I can make it work. I'll be bringing my laptop with me as well.

Also 3-4 days is fine with me.
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Potato Handle: 2014-02-03 04:11:57 pm
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
If TVs/Monitors are needed, I'm considering driving. Which is a stupid idea, and I shouldn't do it, but I might if getting decent TVs for the event ends up being a problem, (It also depends on my holidays and when I get back from C4L, etc.) I have a 60inch and a 42inch. I've also got some decent audio mixers and the like, I'm not sure if they're needed though. But yeah, if you live close and have a decent TV, speak up and stop me from doing something stupid, haha.

When does SGDQ finish again? Will we be overlapping with the bonus stream?
my hat is my friend
I'll get my P plates and go visit my family then go back with you. Tongue

I have a pretty damn good computer but it's way too much to bring. I will, however, bring an okay laptop (that's not really for streaming but will be there for emergencies/practice I guess?), I can bring a Wii and I can bring a Xbox 360. I have a webcam if we need and I could get more stuff if we need (like a microphone etc).

SGDQ finishes at the end of June/1st of July I believe, so we'll be okay on time.
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Eddalius: 2014-02-03 08:26:52 pm
SGDQ finishes on the 28th, so yeah. We won't overlap with bonus stream unless it somehow lasts 2 weeks. O.o

Spreadsheet ahoy.
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Potato Handle: 2014-02-03 10:04:16 pm
Potato Handle: 2014-02-03 10:03:36 pm
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Edited my submission, because seeing how badly I ruined the sheet made me feel bad. >_>
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Eddalius: 2014-02-04 12:29:07 am
Changed up the column sizes and stuff. Made it a bit neater. God damn you guys suck at summaries.

EDIT: I'm suggesting the 11th and 12th for an actual marathon, by the looks of it we don't have that much content (at the moment), to warrant a marathon any longer than that and that fits in with being able to get more people to come, rather than less.
Im totally down for this, I live in Bundaberg which is bout 4 hours away from brissy, Everyone get hype for robocop and my 58min PB Super Metroid run Tongue
i like turtles
Anybody have any ideas for a charity to support?

From the top of my head, there is the Starlight Children's Foundation ( and also Variety.
my hat is my friend
I thought we weren't doing a charity?

But if we are, my suggestion is Youngcare - since they're aimed at young people in order to get people who need care appropriate care for their age (also since I donate to them monthly haha).
I suggest not doing a charity marathon for our first marathon, simply because we don't know how successful the marathon will be. Also, we are stationed right after SGDQ and before ESA, so a lot of potential donations will have already gone to the charities those marathons are supporting.

I just think it will be more feasible to focus on a successful community marathon, gauge our success, then if we go well, attempt a charity marathon in the future.
^Agreed. Charity stuff seems like a lot of extra complication for a first event, and the timing is probably not the best for raising money anyway.
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Ellonija: 2014-02-05 07:04:33 am

Would most likely come up from Melb for something like this ^^ Or just have it in Melbourne so I don't have to go anywhere :#
Yea. I think we save the charity stuff for another marathon. There is a lot of origination that needs to go into planning the marathon let alone trying to set up donation for a charity. Lets just keep this small and we can get bigger as time goes on. Who knows SDA might start an Australia version of SGDQ or AGDQ. So lets focus on making this the best marathon we can! Smiley
I'll put some games down in a bit, I'm definitely in though.
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Generally speaking, I agree with not going with a charity this time around; but that's only for simplicity's sake. If someone's willing to handle the negotiations, etc with a charity, then I wouldn't necessarily rule it out entirely; just remember that there's only a few months to get everything sorted. The dilution effect of community marathons recently means we prolly shouldn't expect a massive turnout though, so keep that in mind as well.

If we decide not to go with a charity this time, I still think we should have challenges and 'vote' wars (Like bid wars, but with free polls, etc) to maintain some good chat interaction.
If this is in Sydney I'm likely to come hang out, maybe brush up on my rhythm games so I have something to show off.
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Gray: 2014-02-06 04:25:59 am
I'm down to bring my xbox 360 for some rhythm game action. I have a bunch of guitar hero's (probably only bring GH3 and Warriors of Rock) and Rockband 3 (has the songs from rb1 and rb2 imported) with tons of dlc. Even if we don't want to have it on stream i'd be more than happy to bring if just for the practice room. I have 2 extra guitar controllers i can bring as well.

EDIT: I'll check how many song i have on RB3 and GH: WoR cause I've imported a lot of songs from other guitar hero's
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Potato Handle: 2014-02-06 02:40:38 am
Potato Handle: 2014-02-06 02:32:37 am
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
I'm totally down for some rhythm gaming as well; it wouldn't be streamable though, so it'd depend if there was extra room at the venue for stuff like that. A practice room is always a good idea too, but yeah, we'll see what the venue has to offer before we worry about stuff like that.

As a side note, 1,100+ songs and all exports on RB3, I'll be happy to host any rhythm game stuff. >_>
my hat is my friend
If rhythm games are happening, I'm challenging y'all to casual side-stream Just Dance. <_< (it totally counts right). We've gotta have side stream hype. Tongue
Hey all, just heard about this, I'd love to be there for at least 1 day! I can run mirror's edge.
If you wanna do Just Dance, I don't think it'd be a good idea to stream it, it kinda detracts from the nature of a speedrunning marathon. It is a good idea for stuff for fun that isn't featured on the stream (if we have space to do it, etc.) though.
my hat is my friend
That's why I said side-stream, not main stream. Tongue Just a thing to do for fun on the side if we have room, not streamed.