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Weldar: 2014-01-25 03:07:10 am
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Not a Vacuum
Hey, I'm that friend of RocketPineapple's from the first post, finally not being lazy and getting around to actually making an account here rather than just lurking.

But yeah, obviously I'd be down for the whole community marathon/meetup thing. Could offer a couple of things for it and would be willing to learn whatever sort of behind the scenes stuff we need.

For locations I imagine around Melbourne and Sydney are probably most likely to be the easiest location, Sydney's slightly easier for me personally but either works.
If this actually happened, i'd be there no matter where it's held! I'm way to keen it's a problem.
Sydney here. I'd be down for a meet up. I travel occasionally for fighting game meet ups. My qualifications are speed running and taking good quality photos.

Yeah that's about it. :'|
So anyone in syd/melb capable of hosting? Seems like there is decent interest in this.
I guess there are enough of us for a meetup or something. Either Sydney or Melbourne would be the go for a marathon event though...
my hat is my friend
Yeah, I'm totally up for either.

Meetup% would be hype, Eddalius suggested winter uni holidays for a marathon though if we can possibly get that off the ground, sinc December will be full of AGDQ preparation streams.

I kinda was hoping to go to SGDQ but we'll see

He also suggested that a university would be a good place for marathon hosting. Now, I live in Brisbane and am not currently studying, and I have one very, very tenuous potential link to a uni. So, if anyone has any connections to places to set anything up, that would be much appreciated. I'm willing to iron out all the details, but a hook up would be very helpful.

As for meetups, I guess again, Sydney or Melbourne would be the best if we wanted a large-scale one. :U
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youtl: 2014-02-01 06:13:02 am
He also suggested that a university would be a good place for marathon hosting.

you might want to try contacting this guy
he's doing a starcraft race at the moment but from his twitch page
Organisations I work for:
Team Liquid (Senior Staff)
UNSW Starcraft Society (Vice-President)
UNSW Fighting Games Club (Vice-President)
AnimeUNSW (Gaming Director)

What you will see here: Stuff, maybe society related events if streaming is available as a platform.
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Eddalius: 2014-02-02 10:02:28 am
I sent a message to him, he is looking forward to it and has passed it on to other people, so it looks like it might be a potential thing.

HOWEVER. For people who aren't students at UNSW, it'll cost money. So yeah, we all might need to pay to hire the room. Also, it might not be able to be an overnight thing (as a work around we might have to do something one day, then something the next (or get someone from campus to do overnight shift of runs?).


Okay. After looking into major events, I suggest we do this in July and that way we don't need to deal with major marathons as we would be right between SGDQ and ESA, which would mean anyone interested in attending either could still make them and show up to this marathon. Also, there would be no interference from uni going back, and as a chunk of us are uni students, that would also help.

Basically, I'm pretty sure if we could do any time in July, that'd be damn near perfect and preferably sooner rather than later (so we are not close to ESA).
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Awesome stuff Eddalius! (I was asleep when you skyped me, sorry, haha.) A fee won't be a problem for me, as long as it's not a huge amount; although it'd be cool to see what could be done to avoid gaps in the marathon; that's details at the moment though.

July was a bit earlier than I expected, so I'll have to be a bit crafty with my leave, but that shouldn't be a problem. \o/
my hat is my friend
Thank you, based Eddalius! I just checked the semester times and yeah, July is the mid-year break so we probably want to go with then. The UNSW holidays are July 2 to July 28. (28th is also the day classes start up at UQ so I feel like that's probably a fairly standard thing).

If the fee's not too much that shouldn't be too much of a problem - see how much that is and then we can narrow down some dates hopefully!
my hat is my friend
Edited first post. Maybe we can make this happen, guys! :O
SEGA Junkie
I can definitely get back to Sydney during uni holidays. Count me in.
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Eddalius: 2014-02-02 07:48:24 pm
I feel a fee will be unavoidable, unless we are at someone's house. We still have to rent a location for a period of time to actually do the event.

That said, hopefully it won't be too expensive, but we will find out once uni semester starts. Dates can be finalised when uni starts too.

EDIT: Feel not need :<
i like turtles
Hey guys, I'm the 'contact' that you guys were talking about/Ed sent a message to.

I'll try my best to figure all the options available at university, but I'm pretty sure it will be possible to book rooms for at least the whole day during the holidays.
But as I mentioned, booking rooms for a society event will require non-UNSW students to pay an attendance fee to help cover the cost of hire. I'm not too sure how much, but I'll try my best to push it to keep it below $10.
We might also have to brand the event as an AnimeUNSW-ran event, so our banners etc will have to be shown on stream. I hope people don't mind this.
As for equipment, I live on campus, so I can bring my webcams, monitors and my desktop (which we can use to stream the event itself, I guess). I don't have any capture equipment/TV's, so I expect people in the Sydney area to help out here.

If there are any questions/queries, feel free to shoot your question in here or on my Twitter (@TL_GTR) and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible.
RE:Equipment, depending on how my new laptop handles any form of heat issues, it should be pretty good at streaming, so there is that too. Only issue would be it having windows 8.
i like turtles
Alright, I've already started preliminary discussion with my friends/fellow executive team members.

We need to know as soon as possible;
- How long we'd want the marathon to run for.
- How many people are planning on attending.
- How much people are willing to pay for an entrance fee.
- Who can bring equipment.
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Eddalius: 2014-02-02 08:52:59 pm
Eddalius: 2014-02-02 08:43:30 pm
I decided setting up a form would be the easiest way to gather all of the information.

Just made it in a few minutes, if anything needs adding, I can do that pretty quickly.

EDIT: I added in the games part just to see what we'd have on offer, that can change a lot in the time between now and the prospective marathon though. Also, you can edit responses.
Bah, no chance of me getting to Sydney at all unfortunately.

Still should be an enjoyable romp though. Will be keen to follow this closely!
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Posted games and equipment. I can bring some pretty swag viewing equipment if I end up driving. Super-excited if this happens in July, never expected it to be so soon. Thanks for the hook-up, notYuna and Eddalius. \o/
my hat is my friend
Submitted mine. I'll be flying most likely but I can still bring some consoles and stuff (who needs clothes and shoes, right? Tongue ) And thanks you guys, so god damn much.
I am so down for this. I really wanted to go to an AGDQ cause the hype. I mean SGDQ was great but i didn't get to meet all the runners i follow and support. I went to SGDQ2013, I was the kid who solved rubik's cubes on the bonus stream and sat next to Cosmo on his OoT Any% run. But hey if we pull this off and people enjoy it I am all for raising money for a charity.

Well I submitted the stuff i can do and bring. Now lets go get some practice on and cut my time down even more!
I keep putting off this post. Oops. Happens when you haven't really shown your face around the forums at all.

Anyway, I'm definitely down for this. Could definitely give me the motivation I need to get motivated to practice a run properly.
In terms of the dates, I can't easily make (read: sister's birthday) July 5th (Saturday), but I might be able to manage the 6th, depending on flights. My uni has semester break from June 25th to July 13th, but with a little bit of tweaking I could maybe possibly slide in during the first week of semester. Obviously, it's preferable to not cut into that, but it might have to be a bit give and take.
(plus I really haven't gone travelling since I started uni 2 years ago. I need a good excuse *cough*) 

Eddalius will keep me in line, I'm sure. I already know him from elsewhere. Tassie represent! (don't go hatin')

(submitted the form as well. potentially likely to change what games i'll play, maybe due to overlap. also depending how well I can get practice in. to be fair though, I do have like, 3 weeks before uni starts again...)
SEGA Junkie
Oh yeah, I submitted the form too. Excited, whatever form this takes!
my hat is my friend
Also, if anyone's got a 3DS capture device, there's another run I could potentially submit. It's probably not really worth it, but I'm just curious. Tongue