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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hey Lot, there's one thing I still don't quite understand about the current SDA run. Level 8 tickle, how did he mix lightning in with melee attacks to be faster? Any time I try to mix lightning in, I become quite a bit slower...
Can you test it?
Sorry, the only reason I was able to do those quick tests earlier was because they were doable in the first map. I'm studying a different game and trying to find time to keep up with that work. That's why my involvement here will generally be limited to watching videos and asking questions about them.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
About 85% done, only a few levels left to beat. My goal was to either tie or beat zoonel on each and every level and I've met that (to avoid an 'ugly' submission in a kinda strange 20 IL levels by one person category). So i'm pretty happy with the result.

Is that real name along with your submission rule still present? Never been a fan of that. Also, this may sound silly, but how do you even submit? It's not in the knowledge base unless I missed it, lol.
The link to the submission page ( is found at the frontpage. But it makes sense to also refer to it from the rules page, so I've added a link to it there as well.

The requirement for providing the real name in a submission was removed many years ago. When filling out the submission form, you can select how you want your name to be displayed (nick or real name).
Dragon Power Supreme
By the way if you want to match his previous time on unbeatable levels (e.g. can tie only) just for the sake of higher quality videos, that's fine as part of the submission.
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from IsraeliRD:
By the way if you want to match his previous time on unbeatable levels (e.g. can tie only) just for the sake of higher quality videos, that's fine as part of the submission.

Yeah that's what I meant, Level 11 and 17 are naturally always gonna be close/tied. Apart from that, my level 5 is also a 1:43 (a legit one, I confirmed it myself unofficially by looking at the in-game timer), so that one is also a tie. Everything else is pretty much faster.

As we've discussed before, I highly recommend timing it from 'when you take control' (the half-white frame after fully white frames), as it's impossible to be consistent/fair otherwise. I will tell you right now the times I pressed f9 to start recording the intro cut-scene is not going to be the same across 20 levels. But even if you recount all of zoonel's times in accordance with the new objective timing method, I will still have either tied or improved all of his levels (that is if we only count whole seconds, which we are). So like I said, pretty happy with the result Smiley

Oh and p.s I did re-run level 1, I'm pretty sure it's a 3:03 now.
Dragon Power Supreme
Thanks for letting me know on time control start, makes it much easier to time the run!
Oh wow! You DID manage the 3:03 in level 1 then. Can't wait to see this in verification and feel free to put any and all useful game mechanics info in your run comments which I'm sure you were going to submit as well. Some viewers won't know a thing about the game (though I'll make sure they'll be well-informed on the basics after reading my bit on the front page).
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
The fact that he seems to have recorded in 25 fps with fraps and I with 60 fps doesn't matter at all, right? I'm just re-checking the times with a vid editing program frame by frame here. Very new to this. According to this my level 1 is a 3:02.10 -> 3:02 and his is 3:04.01 -> 3:04 - both timed based off of when you take control and at their respective fps.

Edit: damn I'm confused. I re-timed it again at 20 fps for both. Now his is a 3:03.20 -> 3:03 (edited above from 3:04 @ 25 fps), and mine is a 3:02.04 -> 3:02. If I keep the fps original my total frames are like 11k, and his are like 4.7k. How are we supposed to calculate it?
Edit2: You know what nvm, I don't think vegas is reliable, just gonna use Vdub.
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Alternatively, I can just submit the run and you guys time it your own way (I'd prefer this). I just won't write down what times I got cause I'm not exactly sure how you'll time it. All I know is that all of my times are faster or at the very least tied. 100% done and waiting for your reply Smiley
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LotBlind: 2022-04-22 04:36:52 am
Yeah so, I think in this case there won't be a problem in terms of accepting the run re. the times you got. And yeah Israeli always makes the call ultimately cause he knows how to be consistent between runs. It's a tough job, that much I've gathered!

So yeah, you don't particularly have to wait for confirmation on the timing method I don't think. You can and should still include some kind of timing estimate in the verification comments field. This is just so we're broadly on the same page and we can zoom in on any weird discrepancies between what you estimated and what Israeli got. You can later re-encode the runs to include the exact SDA times if you like though those aren't always right on the StatIDs even in published runs actually.
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12114: 2022-04-22 09:10:11 pm
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Alright, I think I'll just use Vdub to calculate the times, as it's more reliable. Thanks.
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12114: 2022-04-23 01:02:54 am
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Ummm, ran into a new issue. Yua deletes black frames at the end, might be an issue with determining when I press space and end the run.... Perhaps raw files is the way to go?

But then again, Israeli did test my quality test submission which was made the same way as far as I know and he didn't complain, so I'm not sure.
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IsraeliRD: 2022-04-23 08:57:17 am
Dragon Power Supreme
Heya! You can always submit raw files if you'd like (many do), as nate encodes the runs for SDA if the runners don't do that. We provide nate with the StatID information (which includes the final time) which saves you a lot of time if your time and ours is wrong and you wanted to re-encode.

I'll grab the current run from the site so I can compare and do the timing stage during verification Smiley Just make sure to let me know the start/end of control so no discrepancies will occur (though I am consistent if given my own choice of start/end points haha).

edit: regarding FPS differences you shouldn't worry, I have an excel spreadsheet doing everything needed. I'll have your runs timed to 2 decimal places as 3 is very very edge-specific games that require that and normally the games already have the 3rd decimal listed in-game.
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Alright, submitted my run finally. Thanks for your patience bois. LotBlind I expect a lot of harsh criticism/enthusiastic commentary of my run and maybe some occasional praise in the upcoming weeks :).
Quote from 12114:
LotBlind I expect a lot of harsh criticism/enthusiastic commentary

What... what have I become? D: Feel free to ask around for other runners or such to come verify BTW. I will of course do my part but the more the merrier?
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from LotBlind:
Quote from 12114:
LotBlind I expect a lot of harsh criticism/enthusiastic commentary

What... what have I become? D: Feel free to ask around for other runners or such to come verify BTW. I will of course do my part but the more the merrier?

There's a dude named Loobinex (who posted here on page 11) who's currently the lead developer of KeeperFX (which is basically Dungeon keeper 1 with bugs fixed, and also sometimes unintentionally introduced :P), he took over from the original author (Mefistotelis) some time ago. I'd argue he's one of the most knowledgeable guys of the game currently active. Although I don't think he'd be interested in being a verifier (he already has a lot on his plate with fixing KeeperFX bugs all the time, he also isn't very passionate about speed running in general), I could probably ask him to come here and ask any questions you guys have (such as, is this possible? etc). He even knows stuff like imp sacrifice formulas off the top of his head (exactly how they become cheaper etc).

There's also a dude named BNDR (also posted on page 11, he's also a speedrunner himself) who verifies KeeperFX runs on the other speed run website, maybe I could ask him to verify my run here as well if you're interested.

p.s do you know what's the easiest way to edit my comments after having already submitted them? I missed a couple of explanations for some things I did I believe...
I don't know who specifically you should ask. Can be other runners too (of course those still subscribed to this thread might have already seen it). I just like to remind people that's a thing and whatever they're able to bring to the table is always a plus, though currently the verifiers who have a very good idea what kinda quality we expect (and are willing to put in some work to figure out if there's evidence of that) tend to mostly be us admins.

To be clear, if you invite someone, invite them directly to the verification thread when it appears.

I always wondered how many imps you gotta sac to make it profitable. Obviously depends how many you wanna end up with overall.

Comment edits: I think there's no way to directly edit them. Instead you submit a new version that we make sure will replace the old one. Please use .txt or .html if you weren't already.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
If the run gets accepted I'd be honored if my title was even half as good as the legendary "Sniff 'em out, Snuff 'em out, Stuff 'em Stiff (and hang them on your wall)".
Haha, glad you liked it. Cheesy I put in some effort to make the headlines classy too, though unlike that one which really mainly alluded to the vibes of the Mechwarrior run, I usually try to combine most or all of the games together somehow. I'll finish my verification tomorrow probably.
Well, I did my best... It's all Dungeon Keeper as well this time.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Wonderfully confusing newspost sir. A few questions, among which, what is the difference between a "suspending realization" vs a normal "realization"?

Also, mixing up my name with the time was intentional, right? Just wondering.
Thank you! I went with "suspending" in the rare (I guess) sense "something that stops you in your tracks". And the name/time swap you incurred on yourself by choosing a name that's all numbers. Had to didn't I?
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Dragon Power Supreme
Got around to see the run, it was a great watch and the comments cleared up a few things. The 255 creature exploit was genius and explaining some of the other tricks used was helpful, as well as the odd "huh the runner is afk" moment. I hope your wrist is doing better and you got more 10% alcohol beer. GG 12114 Wink
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Still can't believe that Worn Traveler guy watched the record without actually having game experience in it. It's not something I'd do (maybe in the rarest of exceptions) and not something I thought others did.