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For the sake of keeping things rolling steadily, we're looking for another front page writer. We'd like you to commit to writing, over the course of time, 7 updates so it's worth the effort of training you. It's even helpful if you think you can write four updates a year.

The job requires:

1) A genuine interest in speedruns not just of games and on platforms that you grew up with, but whatever it is people have sent in. That or being a good faker I guess Tongue

2) A relatively solid command over the English language.

3) Some affinity with creative writing.

4) An understanding of what SDA does, having been around a bit, perhaps having gotten a run of your own accepted...

The first point is really critical: you'll probably want to look up some information about each game/run/runner, so both you and the Front Page itself will really benefit from you having your heart in it. We want the updates to have both information and entertainment so you get to be you! YOU GET TO BE YOU! (<-- I literally have no recollection of writing that but it's true nonetheless)

The second point is also inevitable, although I'll be able to help you with your grammar and such, if you're actually interested in improving over the course of time.

It's a job that synergizes well with verifications or Pre-Release Checks because having seen the run helps you in writing about it anyway. Please leave your applications (why would you make a good updater) to me as a PM, and any general questions below this post.
Thread title:  
Is this still sought after?
Yes, we can always use a spare one. Just send in the PM with something about yourself!
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Been meaning to send a PM about this for a while now.  Would be a nice way to get back into SDA after all this time.  ^_^
I sent you a DM in regards to this, cheers!
I volunteer. Until the pandemic I worked as a freelance academic editor, so I have pertinent skills.

However, I will require an apology. When my speedrun was posted on this site, the announcement hurt my feelings. It made my accomplishment feel trivial.
Hi Lhexa, I believe I was the one that posted your run on our site. I apologise if my phrasing came off as offensive or dismissive, I was not familiar at all with the Dragon Warrior games and only intended to post some things I found interesting about the game. Your run was an impressive achievement and I should have been more thoughtful with my words.
Thank you very much for saying so. It means a lot to me.

Sadly, I volunteered in a state of mental illness and must immediately retract it. I hope to someday find a way to return to the speedrunning community.
I'm between extrema, and I still want to write for the front page. Would it be possible to do one-run blog posts?
We're flexible, but of course one completed text about one run is the minimum that's worth anything, so anyone looking this way, think whether you'd be guaranteed to finish that much within a reasonably short time (2 months). Meanwhile, I'm PM'ing you.
Are these the only jobs? and what does one get for these?
It's volunteering and if you have special areas of interest or expertise, feel free to ask about those separately. You've reminded me of another wanted ad I should have posted earlier...
I'll see what I can do
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