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Title: You Are Empty
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Release date: Out Now
Developer: Digital Spray Studios/ Mandel Art Plains
Game Site:

You Are Empty offers players an alternative approach to the history of the late fifties of the XX century. Scene of action is the Soviet Union. Leading Soviet scientists start a big experiment that alter human physiology and mentality in order to create super humans capable of building bright future and communism all over the world. But something goes wrong. As a result the whole city, where that experiment took place, goes on a rampage. The majority of citizens died, and those who survived turned into hideous mutants - the only inhabitants of deserted streets. You Are Empty immerses you in an exaggerated dark and obscure atmosphere of Soviet totalitarianism. Fighting against mutants, that obtained super power after the experiment was carried out, the main hero tries to gain an understanding of what's happening around and save the day.


This is a test run on easy difficulty.

The game has not a run button and it do not work strafe jump or bunnyhop. 'You Are Empty' is a low budget game from the ukraine and it is not a powerful game like it know from ID software. But I like low game titles and this soviet fiction thrill story is great. Why not give this game a chance ?

This run include all in-game videos. (I know this is unpopular)

- Chapter 01 -
01 Hospital = 2mins 40sec
02 Hospital 2 = 2mins 11sec
03 Kolhoz = 0mins 46sec
04 Kolhoz 2 = 3mins 52sec
gameplay time = 9mins 30sec
Video time = 13mins 57sec

upload on Youtube ->


The other chapter parts in progress.
(Mission 10 City Council is to split from chapter two to three in a half)
Thread title:  
Wow nice! Played it. Cool game. Can't wait to see full run.
I need to reinstall this game and try to get it running properly. Last time I tried it had some weird issues such as cutscenes not playing. As a fan of more or less awful games (see Tunnel Rats) I wanted to run YAE the moment I first tried it and am still somewhat interested in a run, even though I only ever beat the first 2-3 levels.

Also, some of the greatest enemy voices ever.
Quote from Kotti:
Last time I tried it had some weird issues such as cutscenes not playing.

This is true. Or the game has random crash in any time (black freeze).

- Chapter 02 -
05 Plant = 2mins 13sec
06 Craia 2 = 2mins 40sec
07 Old town = 1mins 48sec
08 Totalitarianism = 0min 46sec
09 Totalitarianism 2 = 1mins 12sec
10 City Council (part1) = 0min 42sec
gameplay time = 9mins 28sec
Video time = 13mins 09sec

- Chapter 03 -
10 City Council (part2) = 1mins 39sec (video on chapter 2)
11 Tram = xmins xxsec

- Chapter 03 -
10 City Council (part2) = 1mins 39sec (video on chapter 2)
11 Tram = 1mins 55sec
12 Yards = 2mins 02sec
13 Cinema = 3mins 54sec
14 Cinema 2 = 1mins 01sec
15 Metro = 3mins 41sec
gameplay time = 12mins 37sec
Video time = 14mins 37sec

- Chapter 04 -
16 Metro 2 = 2mins 53sec
17 Opera = 4mins 18sec
18 Roofs = 3mins 51sec
19 Depot = 1mins 21sec
20 Depot 2 = 0min 59sec
21 Depot 3 = 2mins 54sec
gameplay time = 16mins 24sec
Video time = 19mins 10sec

remaining chapter five and six
- Chapter 05 -
22 Utopia = 2mins 28sec
23 Reactor = 3mins 52sec
gameplay time = 6mins 20sec
Video time = 9mins 17sec


- Chapter 06 -
24 Final (gameplay time) = 2mins 3sec (video on chapter 5)
Video time = 5mins 58sec

complete gameplay time V01 = 56mins 22sec

thanks for watch
This run must be on main page! Very good! Many thanks for you run.
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Does anybody have these vids somewhere? Because there is nothing left from old run, but time.
Want to try out this game, however don't have any idea of its speedrun, so I'll just popup this topic. Will write my ideas and suggestions about the run. Also, gonna do a SS%.
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Did 4 hour session of game today.
I thought, that you can easily go OOB in this game, since it's really poorly made. However, I wasn't quite right.
Some thing about OOB in this game, which I discovered today:
1. There are invisible walls ( not even walls - big blocks) all over the place in every level. They are really annoying, and block some jumps and skips.
2. Levels are too short, and even going OOB doesn't speed them up much.
3. If you fall of level, game just locks you.
4. Some of levels are splited in 2 ( depot- even 3) parts(hospital1-2, kolhoz 1-2...), and all the enviroment for the level is loaded in the beginning of first one. So, what it means. If you go OOB, you probable can reach the ending of 2nd stage of level (at least that's how it is in Hospital and Kolhoz). However, that doen't seem to be a way to finish these levels, because there is no trigger, that ends second part of level if you didn't hit the first.
5. IF you hit the first trigger - it changes level enviroment somehow (adds invisible blocks, I think), and some of shortcuts (which you could perform, after going OOB in 1st part of level) are not possible anymore.
So most of cool skips are not working, but there still may be a way to pull them off.
And some highlights of things, I was talking about:
Hospital 1 OOB - finish:
Hospital 2 - same place - doesn't work anymore:
Kolhoz 1 - OOB, skips bunch of enemy spawns :
Kolhoz 1 OOB - way up to the end of Kolhoz 2, without leaving 1st:
Old city OOB, saves time:
Totalitarism 1 - fancy skip :
After beating this game today and making splits I realised something.
Previous runner did some amasing job, because his time is just... wow.
The only worthy place in my run were roofs, which i made in 2 minutes.
I really wish someone had these videos...
I'll still try to find out something more worthy, probably won't be doing runs on Normal.
If someone knows something about this run, PM me or write here.
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Wanted to record at least something that is not a complete trainwreck.
So I got the run where I at least tried to do all the skips in the game, however some are hard.
The time for SS easy is 1:14:40 now, and it includes loadings, unskippale cutscenes, deaths and even more loadings.
I pretty much understand how to get time, which is close to a Segmented run in each level, however Metro 1 and 2, Opera, Yards and Depot 3 are ones where i don't know optimal route.
I run Russian version of game, soooooooo deal with it Kappa
The run itself:

This game has nice OOB tricks, 0damage falling tricks and just clipping through textures. Sooo it is worth trying to get better time than Segmented run has. Playing on Easy is not that easy, so that difficulty would be enough, Normal is much harder, I don't even speak about Hard. However nosprint makes this game really slow =\
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Tezur0: 2014-01-07 01:51:52 pm
Recorded run with commentary, also new SS best:

This run  explains all my thoughts on game, all the skips I know.
Finally recorded a run with new strats, also, was close to sub 1 hour, but made mistakes and unintentional deaths also happened. If sometime I know how to perfom 1st deathdrop without saving-loading strat that would save time. Loadings in this game are freaking long for some reason.
Game didn't crash even single time now, which is also good.
So the time now is 1:01:45, you can watch it here:
I'll upload this post with youtube video tomorrow.
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Tezur0: 2014-01-16 02:23:48 am

just found new nice skip and made a little sum up for a game:
Great! Like you runs. Try to fix your main run more! Under 1 hour is possible.
Something just happend.
Even though game crashed on me, and I failed Depot 3 hard, this run is really good.
58:43...god damn that was so good
So since my goal now is to beat segmented run's pure gameplay time with my real time I was searching a little bit for more skips today. And cut off 50 seconds of Kolhoz 2 level:

And also got this video explains pretty much how perfect deathdrom at plant 2 looks like (the spot to land I mean):
After few sessions and few really bad runs (even though they we PBs) I got some descent time : 54:01 (though I was aiming for sub 54 and was on pace for sub 53) I combined most of skips in this run. Up to very end it was really good.
You can check this out here:

I'm probably done with SS for a while, may be will grind it later, but I don't think that there are some more huge skips in this game.
Sum of my best segments going close to sub 49 right now.
BTW I'm in a middle of recording a segmented run, which I would try to send to SDA, it is gonna be sub 50.
SS is still an open category, join if you like. Thanks everybody for watching, and biggest thanks to guys, who were hanging in chat with me.
See ya in a segmented run ( I hope it would be accepted;D)
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Tezur0: 2014-02-16 05:31:49 am
Made small stream and recorded the game without any skips.
You can watch this if you are interested:
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Tezur0: 2014-04-06 11:05:19 am
My latest run is on public verification right now, you can watch it and make your decision (accept/reject).
Also, I've been experimenting with game files with help of some guy, and found out that you may turn on sprint(!!!). When I get my new Nvidia card (game is fucked up with AMD cards) I will route sprint% for the game.
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This may now make this game look better.
I set up sprint% and made a pastebin which describes how to set it up with your game.
Since I can't play game for a long time without my videocard crashing all of a sudden, here is a little example of skip performed with this version (and there is still more, and you move faster also, so time is gonna be saved).
Right now I think that perfect run might take something like 25 minutes, which is amazing.

I hope this category will make this game more interesting for speedrunning.

Also I should mentoin which levels ARE different in sprint%, since you can jump for a bigger distance: Hospital1(example video),
Hospital2(alternative wall-jump at start),
Kolhoz2 (slight changes at the end, not consistant with double sprint),
Plant2(you jump from elevator to the roof),
Old Town(you can overjump the fence after usual OOB),
Tram(if you have a lot of health you don't go for a fence run, you just jump off the rail few times),
Yards(you can overjump the gate with small box which is lying there),
Cinema1(you simply skip it with 2 jumps),
Cinema2(this should be any% strat as well, found it out just today, you go straight along the street to the exit),
Metro2(simply ignore all enemies),
Depot1(you get on the roof at the begining, and go across the map, takes around 20 seconds, 3 seconds faster than going for all strat after getting on the roof),
Depot2,Depot3(you probably can reach the exit trigger with a long jump).
This still might be not everything.
Just be aware that sprint would not be eligible for SDA submissions due to modification of game files.
I understand this, just a fun category.
Heavy Metal Powered
I'm not entirely sure about that torrent link even if the publisher is closed down.