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Well, I have a really rough hex chart that needs deciphering for a glitch I found around a year ago. It's for Shining in the Darkness, and so far the community has been completely stumped on how to sync up the hex chart with the glitch. All I can tell you without going over literally everything that happened again, is we are accessing certain parts of the games memory to glitch in certain items in the game. What we need is someone who is super smart when it comes to the hex portion of the glitch to help us understand what is happening, and how we can manipulate the items that we want in the game.

So really the best way for me to show you exactly what I'm talking about is to give you the links to both the hex chart and to the forum that we started.

Forum https://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/shining_in_the_darkness_single_segment_new_update_to_the_run_seriously_cool_glitch_26.html

Hex Chart/Hacking Guide http://www.ign.com/faqs/2003/shining-in-the-darkness-game-hacking-guidefaq-426303

So really any step in the right direction would be really helpful, so thank you in advance for your responses.
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After reading this and the other thread, it's hard to determine what exactly you're asking for. Explanation of the hexadecimal system? Trial and error with the game's RAM? In-depth knowledge of the game's mechanics? That would require disassembling the game, which requires knowledge of assembly. Deciphering the bug behind it will require assembly, at minimum.
Basically I am looking for someone with a lot of tech knowledge (because I have little) to help speed up the process of debugging this glitch. Yes, I do imagine that it will take someone that has the ability to look at the games code itself. So yeah, basically I'm looking for someone that is up to the task of breaking this all down from a programmer's perspective. This should be somewhat similar to what the TAS community does. But now that I'm saying it, it may take just as long if not longer to look at the glitch from the inside.
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If you have some BizHawk savestates for the game before and after performing the bug, I can try to take a look. Genesis is somewhat annoying to debug, but if all it's doing is related to drawing from an incorrect index then it shouldn't take long to track down the behavior.
Oh thanks, I guess I'll download BizHawk when I have some time then. Should I post my findings in this forum, or should I just message you directly when I've finished?
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Either. I believe the forum should let you upload individual files, but if not then just send me links through PMs.
Well I figured out everything I could ever want to know about the glitch. So having anyone look into the code further would kind of be a waste of time right now from a speedrun perspective. I've found that if you don't enter in too many letters the game does not freeze, so you CAN play the game on a console and get really broken glitched items. Thank you for your support though. The only reason to figure out the rest of the table would be getting items for casual play. I wouldn't want an emulator only glitch up on the leaderboards.