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Hey I am curseddolls and I am a daily twitch streamer.

Usually my day looks like this
First I practice on speedrunning Alice Madness Returns which usually is for a few hours,
depending on how great I feel on the practice. Someday its just sucking way to hard
for me to have the strength to play more then usual and sometimes it's just going

When I have done my practice for the day I go and play something else
more casual. This games can be really anything.. I like to try new games
or just play the same casual game I have done before if it is good enough.

A few of the games that have been on my stream since I started streaming
[ Monkey Island collection ] [ Dishonored ] [ Terraria ] [ Fallout 3 ]
[ Dungeon siege 2 ] [ Skyrim ] [ Deponia 1, 2 ] [ Dragon Age 2 ]
[ Amnesia ] [ Torchlight 2 ] [ Orcs must die 2 ]

So I really enjoy a lot of different kind of styles in gaming.

I never have a "set" time for when I am streaming but I'm on CEST time zone
and usually start streaming around the morning and stop in the evening/afternoon.
Everyday is different in how much I stream.

I usually say don't follow me for just that one game you liked when I played,
instead follow me if you like me in general since I most often swap games to play.

If you are interested to watch my progression on Alice or just want to chill out
in my calm chat together with me when I play don't be afraid to drop by and give me a "hello".
Talking with the people there or play with them in games that allow multiplayer
is the highlights of my day.

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For those that might have missed it the weekend will grow into be a stream with me and my bf playing together.
This will be "non related curseddolls" stuff instead something different.

This weekend we started of with a Resident Evil marathon which we will continue with every weekend until we have finished it.
We started this saturday with the first game in the series and continuing with it next weekend (friday or saturday).
After that we are having Resident evil 2, 3, 4 and code veronica x.

Other games that we have been on the fence on streaming is games like:
zelda series, silent hill series, ratchet and clank series and dead space series..
But for now you can expect Resident Evil the following weekends untill we have finnished it.

Quote from curseddolls:
For those that might have missed it the weekend will grow into be a stream with me and my bf playing together.
This will be "non related curseddolls" stuff instead something diff...

I'm an expert on dead space series, think i can help you with all of them
hehe it is still casual play though Smiley
and right now we will have to wait with the ps3 weekend thing since twitch is making it very pixly when we try stream with it. Cry
Ok now I have finally found a game worth streaming,
I pre ordered it today and next week the 28th I will be playing this epic game..

And since there is prequel to this game I will try to
get trough at least the first one before next week..

See you on my stream!
My latest game that I'm streaming at the moment is Fallout new vegas.
So far it has been a blast playing the game, it is a first play trough so if it's something you would enjoy watching
feel free to drop by when I'm on air. Smiley
Played around in my photoshop today to create a new fallout overlay..

Have to say I am really enjoying the result..
what happened to your channel?