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Jack of all Trades
Here's a mildly amusing Left 4 Dead video I made awhile back which I never posted here:

Tanks Do the Darndest Things
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Psychochild: 2009-03-01 11:25:51 am
Got a lot of DMC-related media for ya.

Every so often, some of the members of the IGN/Phantom Babies/Devil's Lair crew throw together a gameplay footage competition called the True Style Tournament.  People submit gameplay footage of their best stuff and the community votes to see who wins.  There's nothing on the line, it's just for fun.  But some really impressive stuff comes out of it every year.

If you like what you see here, you can scroll down past the TST4 entries and check out the other years in each one's section from Year 1, 2 and 3. 


DMC4: Brea's Berial fight, Tikok's Royal Guard play, Dango's Bloody Palace Dante Vs. Dante, Chu Chuiann's footage, Uten's Agnus fight, Rugal B's Mephistos/Fausts.

DMC1: Joch's Marionette Battle, Monban's footage, Ramada's Mundus fight, if not just because no one's ever tried enemy rebounding off Mundus as a viable offensive method... >.>)

DMC2: Alexx's Trish and Monban's Dante Giant Gorilla boss fights.

DMC3:  I haven't even gone that far into them.  Too many damn entries. 

There's still two rounds left (Nero ion March 8th, Free Style on March 28th), so you might want to check back on that page around then for the updates.
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Awesome, thanks, I love TST but don't follow Phantom Babies sadly. So this is a perfect post. Smiley
Jack of all Trades
Awhile back I did some L4D playthroughs on Expert for my friends. I try to make each one as stylistically cool as possible. Sometimes I keep a level run when many bad things happen and I barely live. Could be interesting to people who've never played the game -- or hardcore L4D heads.

No Mercy
Death Toll
Dead Air
Blood Harvest

No Mercy as a whole is the weakest. I'm partial to dead air 4 and death toll 4 personally. Blood Harvest 2 and 3 are amazing. 3 I just...ran. And ran. And a tank is chasing me the entire way. I didn't expect to live but I somehow did (barely). Lots of on the fly thinking. 2 is just plain funny to me.
Some people think they can outsmart me.
I'm loading up my place with videos as I get the chance -- both speedruns and longplays.

I'm not motivated enough to just "nice -18 wget -m http:/" and let that fucker download the 'tubes, but I'm putting up stuff as I massage it from storage. You might find a lot of "joined" versions available and various other videos that I have aquired while amongst the denizens of nebular spatial-anomalies. I think HFS can handle 20GB files, and I know NTFS can. Don't be surprised if you find a 20GB file one of these days.
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AquaTiger: 2009-03-08 08:39:57 pm
Never give up!
Recently I recorded a few vids of my time with Valkyrie Profile.

I admit, Barbarossa and Genevieve had boring party choices, so not much there.  The Mage Trio fight was an exercise in adlibbing, as I underestimated how magic-resistant the front two were (doesn't explain why their third character's so flimsy against magic though).

Now for the interesting ones.

I tried to fight Bloodbane with just archers, but I never could deal enough damage to finish him off.  So I had to take my worst archer (surprise, surprise, my worst was Janus) and put in a weak fighter (Kashell, in this case - I also considered Grey) and that turned out to be enough.

Surt was fightable with just archers, however, because he doesn't heal.  You also get to see just how wild the Berserker Bow artifact is - watch Valkyrie's damage.  I'll have to look up the details of that weapon again.

If you want more gaming (I don't foresee more Valkyrie Profile videos for a while), my channel has quite a bit of other stuff from varied gaming eras, and as I've hinted, I'm going to be doing more soon.  I promise I'll eventually start getting higher-quality encodes, but at least what I've got now is legible, right?
This seems like the appropriate place to dump shameless plugs, so I'd like to point out what is probably one of the most pointless runs ever. The topic of really short runs came up in the IRC channel this morning, and I mentioned Clue. About 30 minutes of attempts produced a blind guess win on the first move, so the whole video is only 35 seconds long.

Because I fail at math, I asked Nitrodon for the odds of getting that combination: 1/324. I guess I was just outrageously lucky this morning.
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Psychochild: 2009-03-10 07:38:47 pm
Well, round 6 with Nero has come and gone.  Voting's still going on at the Phantom Babies forums, but right now it looks like Dango's going to be going home the victor this time around.

The Nero round ended up being a bit disappointing because, well, all of the entries ended up being a little too similar.  We had... what, a shit load of Agnus 1 fights (The one trying to shatter the window), a shit load of Credo fights (Brea's and Blaze's stand out), and the rest was rather hit or miss.

That said, Dango, Blaze, Brea's first two clips, Pokey's first clip (ANYONE WHO HAS HAD TO PUT UP WITH THAT FIGHT WILL CHEER, I GUARANTEE IT) and... I'd say Alexx's first clip are all definitely worth viewing. 

Edit:  Wouldn't be fair if I didn't give naitomea472 his props - His Agnus 1 fights are worth watching.  Problem is, they're -both- Agnus 1 fights.  Seriously folks, Agnus 2 is a GOOD BOSS, especially if you're going to use Hold and use the pets he summons against him to interrupt moves and deal a disgusting amount of damage.  I'm sure SOMEONE could've made it work out well.

For that matter, no idea why Berial and Echidna didn't get love - It's not like every damn boss was one or the other in the last round.

Oh.  Speaking of, Tikok won the last round with his RG/Swordmaster heavy Dante play.  Kudos to his entry.
I just saw this, Magic Carpet multiplayer. I don't know what's going on, but I do know that I want this game. Grin
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Magic Carpet is one of those games you can look back fondly on even though you know it actually sucks a lot. Ok, this is like almost every DOS game for me really. Lips Sealed
I got the game now, but it's going to take a while to get used to the inverted mouse. The birds are annoying as hell.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Quote from Enhasa:
Magic Carpet is one of those games you can look back fondly on even though you know it actually sucks a lot. Ok, this is like almost every DOS game for me really. Lips Sealed

What about Jazz the Jackrabbit? Cry
Quote from mikwuyma:
Quote from Enhasa:
Magic Carpet is one of those games you can look back fondly on even though you know it actually sucks a lot. Ok, this is like almost every DOS game for me really. Lips Sealed

What about Jazz the Jackrabbit? Cry

The music is ok but... meh.
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AquaTiger: 2009-05-23 07:47:38 pm
Never give up!
I figure most people know about these two already but for whatever reason I only found out about them recently....

If you're into hacks of Super Mario World, these channels have playthroughs of quite a few.  Both also have other games, of course - among other things, ProtonJon has playthroughs of the Ninja Gaiden games for the NES and Master System; AzureBlade has vids for some of the Sonic games... and both of these guys have Brawl videos.  (I haven't checked the Brawl vids in the actual channels yet, but based on what I've seen in at least one tribute video to these people - both tribute vids being done by user 'BlackPawCompany' - I believe these two guys have even faced each other in Brawl.)

Be warned, if you watch the first tribute video I cited, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN when you reach the Brawl portion (roughly 4:34).  ProtonJon uses an intentionally moronic scream-like voice (more precisely, I assume that voice is intentional, considering his normal voice) in that clip and it WILL bust your eardrums if you don't lower the volume FAST.  (Why does he even do that voice then?  Based on the reactions in that part I assume it's to torment AzureBlade into screwing up.  Correction: He's making fun of Sonic's voice actor in that game.)

(Update on this: ProtonJon's stopped doing Mario romhacks and is only finishing up the one he was in the middle of before he gets to stuff he intended to do ages ago.  AzureBlade... well, I'm not sure.  He's done a lot of Mega Man stuff recently though.)

(And yes, as far as I've been able to tell, the 'SA' in the first one does stand for 'Something Awful'.  He says himself in his channel description that the LPs usually spawn from threads over at Something Awful.)
we have lift off
A couple of Counter-strike: Source frag movies I made early to mid last year. riddance was the first one then I made vizualise a bit later, enjoy.

Fucking shame this guy didn't submit anything for True Style 4.  My god.  I mean, I've seen Lucifer -kinda- played around with, but man, this guy knows how to whore it something fierce. 

Not quite timing-detonations-on-pins-thrown-in-the-environment-to-juggle-enemies or pin-them-up-and-use-the-detonation-while-they're-floating-to-round-trip-them-in-the-air-and-charge-a-level-3-rising-dragon...

But still pretty frickin' awesome. 
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I'm so damn shameless I'm arbitrarily throwing up my all-things-MMX playlist for people who care.

I'm also less shameless and need to mention one of the funnier SMB hacks I've seen:
destroy them with lazers
dose amyone have a link to that video of the mario rom hack were as mario bounces off things it plays music ?
Never give up!
X, you're probably thinking of one of the "Automatic Mario" kinds of things.  Let me see if I can find it...

This, maybe?
destroy them with lazers
spot on mate. Wink
That is awesome. Some more videogame music: Duke Nukem theme on guitar. This one's better than the megadeth version imho.
Jack of all Trades
On my youtube page I've added:

- DKC3 run bloopers
- SMB3 bloopers
- GE bloopers
I am afraid no ones riding nothing!!!
Metallica's master of puppets in 8 bit style sounds a bit like the doom theme:AWESOME!!
spread the dirt to the populace
search for bellreisa on youtube

he's been doing commentary on matches from the latest big japanese tournament for iamp (fighting game w/ characters from all the touhou loli shmups or something)

even if you don't play the game it's fascinating, as the game itself is quite different from most fighters.  like there's bullet-grazing dashes, spell cards, and crazy flying all over the screen leading into up-close mixup.  the only truly great doujin fighter imo

oh btw, the doom soundtrack was originally supposed to be all covers of known rock songs.  they axed that idea pretty quickly but the first-level theme was kept in there.
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Agreed on IAMP, too bad Scarlet Weather Rhapsody sucks. I wish I understood IAMP better but I'm too dumb and everyone who plays is an amufag anyway.