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Hi guys, been a big lurker for a long time and wanted to share a project I'm involved in,

its a sci-fi singleplayer and co-op game with platforming and roleplaying elements. You gain skills and upgrades to solve alien mysteries and make game changing decisions that affect your ending. Your gameplay alternates as you progress throughout the game, we have platforming, classic rpg gameplay, top-down shooting, and multiple vehicle sections connected to a time-timetravelling adventure narrative.

We currently support all PC platforms, and aim to simultaneously release on Vita/PS4 and Xbox One.

Please like and share our project and post back here and we will add your name in our credits section of the game.

Thank you for your time.
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Qlex: 2014-06-22 03:11:56 am
Tetris/Melee player

Hi everyone! This is a Kickstarter project I knew nothing about up until recently, and I decided to make a video with English subtitles about it!

I hope it's okay to have a Kickstarter nag post in here, many thanks in advance for checking this out :

EDIT : The project actually got funded! Thanks to anyone who contributed, that was one hell of a ride, but they got it Smiley
How do I jump?

Me practicing a KMS run. As usual, Q&A give me trouble. No matter how many times I play this level, I cannot beat these dudes without God Hand. One of the few bosses in the game that I cannot figure out a good mode of attack against.

Bad video quality because I recorded this using my iPhone set in a Ramen box that I cut a phone-shaped slot into. lol
Hi guys I'm doing speedruns of clock tower ghost head , A B C D E F G K L M endings so if someone like clock tower here's my video !
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"I've Covered Cons Ya Know!"
here's my first recorded speed run (Megaman 2)
The worst PokéMon fight ever:

Sup Dudes!
Me messing around with swordless link glitch in OoT
My speedrun of Inverto Stage 2 in 42 seconds.

I'm posting it here since I don't plan to do the whole game.
It was done on the v0.41 public alpha demo, which can be donwloaded on ModDB:
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Hi guys.
I absolutely don't know where to post that so I hope it's the good place.

I randomly found a OOB glitch in Valiant Hearts. I'm not a speedrunner at all so it's not useful for me, but maybe it will help someone here. Smiley

Enjoy it !
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djcj: 2015-09-19 08:52:27 am
My best attempt at the game Psycho Strafe.
I wasn't able to beat it yet, it's just so difficult.


A weird glitch in Portal that never happened to me before:

AGDQ15 Top15:
The best place for this post is probably the GDQ board but I figure this is also a good place to put it:
Hey everyone.

Does anyone remember that YouTube channel called Gamecube Games in H.D., I think it was?

The channel was dedicated to showing Gamecube games running in H.D. via emulator. It was kind of
a let's play channel.  Well, it had two guys narrating at least.

I remember watching their Soul Calibur II footage and it was glorious.

But now, I can't find any trace of them anymore.
What happened to them?
Do you think they got shut down for some reason?
Killer Chobocos don't get any chocolate.
Nifty. one of my posts was featured in the speedrun progression video for Pokemon Snap