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Quote from Greenalink:
New Gameplay footage of New Super Mario Bros Wii

A pretty good official montage of skilled gameplay. I can't wait to see if 4 very skilled players do a single level without mistakes.

4P co-op speed run?
That would be amazing.
DS Dictator
Got a new Official Nintendo Magazine today which contains the review on New Super Mario Bros Wii:

+ Timeless Mario magic present
+ Looks and sounds incredible
+ Starts easy, ends hard as nails
+ Multiplayer is great fun.
- More Yoshi please.

Other information first found on the mag:
* The mag contains a screenshot of the world map. It's World 1 and it's based on New Super Mario Bros.
* There are 2 mushroom houses on the world map screen shot. One is red, the other is yellow.
* There are some large Goombas, the height is as high as Super Mario.
* Seems like the Penguin Suit works like the Blue Shell, without the invincible crouch.
* Pow block also has a secondary effect, all of the coins (and Star coins) in the sky will fall to the ground.
* The mushroom houses will have mini games similar to Super Mario Bros 3
* The magazine doesn't tell you the secret for collecting all of the star coins but it sounds like it's definitely not buying new backgrounds.

This spolier is on it's own for a notable gameplay element involving Yoshi.
* When you clear a level with Yoshi, the player (Mario/Luigi/Toad) will jump off the exit the course, in other words Yoshi is much more limited than he was in Super Mario World.
What do you get when you mix Super Mario bros and Ocarina of Time? Something like this:

Jack of all Trades
An epic tank fail in an L4D competitive match.
Jack of all Trades
Solo Expert (no bots) on the L4D2 demo.

HQ MP4 download:

Parish 1 and 2


Parish 1
Parish 2
Jack of all Trades
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Type: blooper

This is my newest major project.

Do you enjoy CS bloopers? Do you enjoy seeing others fail in spectacular ways? By means which just don't happen that often?

If so, this is the movie for you.

(note: this is emphatically not a traditional frag movie. Unless you count TKs, craters, suicide nades, or killing the enemy and yourself simultaneously as frags)

High Quality

Normal Quality

If you enjoyed that click here for more stomach turning glugliness.
Lag's gonna hate me for posting this, but oh well, a funny video about video game porn titles (Don't worry, it's safe for work! I think...)
Dum dee dum haah
Quote from djcj:
I found this Rayman speedrun on Youtube:

What I've seen so far looks pretty good (never played the game though). He should make a run for SDA or submit this one.

I don't know if it's the same run, but it's definitely the same runner of this topic.

He did an awesome job.

The gameplay quality is just ordinary play, definitely not a speedrun (it'll look terrible next to videos by SDA members), but I'm still posting this because I want to show off a very cool new Xbox 360 Indie game called Arkedo Series 03: Pixel.
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Sir VG: 2009-12-25 05:11:42 am
Fucking Weeaboo
I saw this the other day posted on Namco's Facebook page.  I thought it was kinda funny.

Pac-Man vs Mario:


Iramatak (try spelling that backwards) is doing an IL speedrun of 2D katamari clone Tasty Planet (just for YouTube).

(click on that video to choose a stage to watch)
I was like "I can make my own Machinima!"

Yeah it's very short. And i guess it's very crappie too.  Tongue
Xeno Fighters R may not be finished yet but the public beta is totally AWESOME and everyone should try it 8)

Jack of all Trades
An interesting tank punt in L4D.
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slowbro: 2010-03-07 01:14:52 am
I was informed today about an excellent new Beautiful Katamari video by a Japanese player:

The video is actually a high score run, but the part up through 1:22 serves as an IL speedrun.  The long pause is to give the game time to load the next area while the clock is not counting down.  Hopefully qpmynz2 will make more videos! Grin

edit: Oh, and here's a recent We Love Katamari video by ThumbsOfSteel:

It's a speedrun to 3600 meters.  That's not an actual goal in the game so it's not really a serious IL speedrun, but I think it's fun nonetheless.  Thumbs finishes like four minutes faster than I did in my 2006 video going for the same goal Grin

It is a Cosmic shame that ThumbsOfSteel and matthew69 seem to have no interest in making new videos for SDA.
Check this video! So funny!

lol, if you wanna make your own look, you can go don't forget upload your work here!!!Just for fun, Try it!!!

Haters gonna hate
I saw this topic and thought to myself "insta-delete," but it's gaming related, and it's a video.  We do have a thread for that, merging.
Jack of all Trades
Parallel Worlds is a ROM hack of A Link to the Past. Zomodok and Diabetus (of Retusprae fame) Let's Played it a couple years ago. I thought it was pretty awesome, but it was a bit long (20 hours). So I made compilations of all the best bits. And here they are.

Main FTP page

1st Quest
2nd Quest

Youtube playlist

If I had to choose a couple that are representative I would recommend Estrogen Orgy from the 2nd quest. Pure gold.

The quality of the first quest is dodgy because Zomodok is bad. The second quest quality is much better.
destroy them with lazers
for all you indy game nuts here's some cool titles that are on the way


Owl Boy:

Feist :
Thought I would post a link to a few of my video game walkthroughs. I think I have pretty good quality on my videos and I do post commentary. Some of my most recent are Super Mario games.

Super Mario 1

Super Mario 2

Super Mario Land
Fucking Weeaboo
I got done watching the Mega Man fan film.  For being a non-profit production, it was a lot of fun to watch.  Fans (both serious and casual) of the Mega Man series should give it a watch.  This is based off of the original game (though Blues is mentioned and appears, which he didn't until MM3).
Now a hit show on the CW
Roll was so cute Smiley For a fan film, it was pretty well done. If nothing else, it's a lot more faithful to the source material than most Hollywood game adaptations strive to be. My only major complaint was how they decided to only do half of the robot masters in CGI. While the CGI wasn't perfect, I feel like it would have been less jarring if they had done all of the robot masters that way (or all as actors).
DS Dictator
Now I know why both TMNT and Ducktales 2 were glitched during the Marathon :P.
Hey again,type rocky rose in to get to my youtube channel which is gyromilegod83 ive uploaded some online mk 2 stuff and planning to do sf 2 hf and my ikari warrior 2 speedrun next.Any advice on uploading vids over 6 minutes?any advice will be greatly appreciated