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MASTER-88: 2015-05-27 03:46:57 pm
MASTER-88: 2015-05-27 03:45:27 pm
8:48:17 using stopwatch timer. 1.5 seconds improvement. Fuck take me 3 hours 17 minutes trashed attempts but beat my run only record 1.5 seconds. With this time i did awesome fortress but Huge tank totally troll me like hell. But i got several 8:52-8:55 runs. So i am very consistent sub 9 minutes skills rightnow. Grenade category

I think i might try beat Jim Hanson WR back with  my name. I´ll need those 14 seconds off yet. I think only last bosses and good game is enought one.

WR 8:35 so i´ll need 13-14 seconds off yet. Its seems very minor but its still a lot time.

Current any-% WR is totally crazy but this low-% might be totally beatable, but i´ll need much more polish.
6 hour attempts beat my time Thanks Tank. You are ass hole


My sum of the best are 8:29 low-% but its nver went well i want. Awesome fortress here.

But i´ll keep that my progress, probbaly i´ll wil try any-% run. 8:45 is my record.
I have to say Jim Hanson is so fucking great player.
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MASTER-88: 2015-05-30 09:08:00 pm
Jim and me Side to Side

Its look i gain my time level 3. But lost time first boss because bad encounter, othere time i lost Huge tank like always.
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MASTER-88: 2015-06-02 12:46:11 pm
Another low-% record


Its again one seconds faster than previous one. This will be work like seconds to seconds right now. I am make at least 20 runs under 9 minutes and couple runs 8:50 range or under. It really frustrating make huge tank and fortrsss perfcetly.

I think my last goal is 8:43. Then i might go try new PB any-% category. Its might be sub 8:40. Fortress is so much less laggy here when you use rockets.
8:45 (no upgrades category)

This tied my any-% run. Its 10-11 seconds slower than Jim Hanson WR. Its went pretty well. Some bad luck with fortress and huge tank could be always faster. I think i´ll might go practice rocket category again. There is more potential beat my PB right now. Though rocket category have much harder level 3 & 6. Death is definitely not allowed before tank.

This is 8-9 seconds faster than my obsoleted SDA run. Its very much time.
WTF? This never are taking long like this

I work any-% category rightnow. This run ended somewhere 8:50 range. Lost just 10 seconds with this.
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MASTER-88: 2015-06-04 03:16:01 pm
I did EXTREMELY GOOD demostration run any-%. Unlucklly bad last level and fortress and somewhat not optimize huge tanko encunoter. But i got my sum off the best all other levels. My route changes little bit Jim Hanson route. I think those lags level 3 is not are necessary. Its make me personally 8 seconds time lost so you can see

8:44 demostration run. Take me 6 hours recorder and 3 runs end 8:45. This was easily my best gameplay all around. I´ll definitely go faster time when my hands got break little bit. But probably can,t make gameplay like this.
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MASTER-88: 2015-06-05 10:28:40 am
MASTER-88: 2015-06-05 10:27:29 am
Jackal any-%

1.5 seconds improvement over demostration run. This run got fantastic first 5 levels, but i got die level 6 and lost my rocket before fortress. I have pretty bad RNG fortress too. Huge tank went pretty well. Thats reason i got PB. What ever this run was more or less horrible.

Most difficult things are last missle launcher and last stairs. I´ll always di here over and over i nearly never survive through with this place. This is piece of cake low-% category. But using rockets bullets rain are so quick. What ever 4 hours recorded with this.

This category is fucking more frustrating than low-%. Thanks level 6.

I´ll put more effort later. I´ll really go sub 8:40 and i think my run is still pretty bad one.
Okay thats main reason why i hate rocket category so much. This place is damn tight. Using grenades i got pass this very easily.
8:41:13 any-%

I totally suck. 6 hours and 12 GB later i got beat my PB. I was 6 seconds behind my best run when i enter level 6. I pass level 6 rocket/staircase combo only three times without taking deaths. This make any-% category totally hell.

But what ever i have PB 8:41 and this suck ass. I´ll need little break and i´ll definitely go for sub 8:40. I think sub 8:40 might still suck ass run any-% category.
Wow, you have been putting in some serious work on this!  I love Jackal runs; I've been disappointed that nobody else has shown interest in running this game in so long.  Thanks for the improvements!  Looking forward to seeing the sub-8:40!
Quote from PJ:
Wow, you have been putting in some serious work on this!  I love Jackal runs; I've been disappointed that nobody else has shown interest in running this game in so long.  Thanks for the improvements!  Looking forward to seeing the sub-8:40!

Thanks.:) Yeah i wonder too. This is one really fun game speedrun casually. Making run like WR stananard are hell as hard thought. Jim has really good WR times, especially any-% run.

I´ll keep working my runs. I actually started run this game year 2007-2008 and got this game my console 2009 making SDA run which got later obsoleted. I have still top 2 ranking with this game.

Here is my both runs i am pretty happy low-% time 8:45. Only 10 seconds off WR

Any-% 8:41 20 seconds off wr.

Right now i´ll bee keep my focus any-% because its technically easier redo than low-%.  When i got good enought any-% i might go back low-% its more fun category imo. Next i really want go sub 8:40
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MASTER-88: 2015-06-09 07:08:08 am
MASTER-88: 2015-06-09 07:05:45 am
MASTER-88: 2015-06-09 07:04:25 am
MASTER-88: 2015-06-09 07:04:13 am
8:39 any-%
Pretty much suck, but finally reach this hard limit and i am sub 8:40 team right now. That was actually quite low 8:39. Its seems i can make over 10 seconds faster run, but i think its not going happen soon, because its very rare way pass level 6 through. Level 6 staricase is simply hell place any-% runs. I usually not going reset my game as long as i have rockets here

Bad things
-I miss helicopeter one round (this somereason is very common place i miss it, its not easy trick as it looks i am really inconsistent with this) Im not care reset it if i got three first level done well enought.
-Fortress tank luck was good, but i make a lot mistakes trying kill that fucking single tank
-3 deaths with huge tank and that last one was really noob
-6 seconds behdind my best time when i enter level 6 was quite slow one.
-Couple seconds dying with 2 & 3 boss fight, not that bad but stupid

Good things
-Level 3 lag controlls was great here. Probably one my best ever.
-Pass this fucking staircase level 6 without lost my rockets. Its kill me over and over. This place is luck like shit any-% category, bullets rains are quick. Its requires always much luck.

This run took me several gours again. Im not usually got finnish runs because level 6. I´ll defintiely go try redo this. I think sub 8:35 might be very potential compared how much mistakes i did here. Im not need even good run. But what ever this is my first sub 8:40 run. I remember how hard it was going game sub 9 minutes first time.

I got 8:37:0x run twice

Both run have bad final fight. First 8:37 went nearly perfect (10 seconds ahead my 8:39 run when i enter in huge tank but i totally mess here.

I have sub 8:30 pontential skills. But last bosses hate me today.  Luckily i got more consistent helicopter and stairs. I got finnish several runs ended 8.4x range.

I probably might be happy 8:32. I think most things need went well enought.
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MASTER-88: 2015-06-10 01:06:26 pm
MASTER-88: 2015-06-10 01:04:48 pm
8:34 any-% (probably very high 8:33 but i cannot be sure about this
-Spending 3 hours recording to day i got threee run under 8:40. I am pretty pleased my consistent right now. This run got pretty horrible looking level 1 & 2, this cost me total 2-3 seconds my avarage best. My run started went better later.

I was still 4-5 seconds behind my sum of the best when i enter level 6. I got simply awesome staircase lag controlls ever and nearly perfect fortress fight RNG. Huge tank finally avarage one, but not great. I´ll aim sub 8:30 next. I think im not never are happy enought my run. But this game is really take me a lot time keep my own progress.

Im not sure can i ever beat WR time, but i think good run will be pretty close about it.

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MASTER-88: 2015-06-11 01:00:45 pm
MASTER-88: 2015-06-11 12:59:39 pm
MASTER-88: 2015-06-11 12:45:04 pm
8:28 (i timed 8:27:99- 8:28:00 using stopwatch) But this is at least very low 8:28.

7 seconds slower than Jim Hanson (Vugmer) WR speedrun. I think sub 8:20 is definitely possible time to reach. I think i´ll keep trying faster, because there is still lot rooms possible improve drop my time.

I really rush my time and only 30 minutes attempts make this. This run got fantastic tank fight. But unlucky RNG fortress fight.

Good things
+Levels and most bosses went pretty much well i wanted
+Huge tank was my best ever. Even with 2 deaths, thats got really nice encounter i really rush his armor.

Bad things
-Level 3 elec field cost me 1-2 seconds.
-Level 6 staricase lag controll not was great like my previous run, but still good
-Fortess fight was unlucky

Right now i have to say i am really pleased with this run. Only couple peoples like watch my project. This ate my motivation little bit. WR run is still very great. Its will be really hard to beat. Low-% WR migth be little easier.
Jackal low-% new PB Year 2021. Beat nearly 4 seconds my old

8:42:05 (I was ahead SDA record beforee fortressa, but fuck it here.) At least good causal run.