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Metal + Speed = Life
Sounds good man, thank as always for the advice..

Going to submit this one in a few minutes  =)

Airfield (Agent) 3m35s

Metal + Speed = Life
Unexpected day off of work (real job), so I will definately get to work (speedrunning), haha

Nightclub on Agent in 6m41s

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JamesBong: 2018-04-12 11:32:30 am
Metal + Speed = Life
It's so hard to survive in this level even though its only on Agent, everything before the stair hover is complete luck if you don't stop to kill guards. Only 2-3 out of 10 runs made it past the intro to the level up the stairs.. I tried out going down the stairs after the first checkpoint ( it has potential to be a few seconds faster ) however just can't run through that room without dying, and my success rate was resting on chance basically. So I opted to keep the upstairs route, I get a gun earlier and don't actually have to slow down anywhere, it probably evens out compared to going downstairs and killing 4-5 guards to stay alive.
Used the checkpoint load to line up the stair hover better ( such a neat setup, the angle it gives you is perfect ). Lost a bit of time to RNG on the second helicopter rockets, so I had to wait for a second or two there.. But a pretty solid time.. This is the first run I get past the hover on a good pace so I'm happy I clutched it.

Carrier (Agent) 6m28s

Nice job. I remember Carrier being a super hard level on 007 Classic. I wonder what kind of time you could get on 007.
Metal + Speed = Life
007 is the real hard catergory in this game.. I remember doing a few of the time trials (dam and facility) .. loading checkpoints helps a ton unless you plan on killing everyone or keeping stealth when you can
Yeah 007 is tough. Also, I just watched your outpost run on YouTube. Good stuff. You do a lot of stuff I didn’t know was possible. After the RPG goes off, you go to the left around a concrete barrier near the weapon crate. I’m sure there are plenty of little optimizations like that which I’m not aware of.
Metal + Speed = Life
I got a 5:17 on the Outpost Time Trial which was pretty ok.. I was trying for 5:12ish or so and then I got this run out of nowhere.. I really wasn't expecting such a low time on this Time Trial

Outpost (Time Trial - Agent) 5:08

I knew you could save time from that 5:17. That’s quite a bit of time though. Great job!
Metal + Speed = Life
My old Bunker Time Trial pb was 9m29s (no recording), however this was before the scientist hover.. I'm not certain how much time the skip saves but I changed the way I run the level a little bit as well.. I got a bad melee animation and lost a second here and there, however I cannot stress how hard running the level this way is.. The camera pictures is where you can lose the most time technically, so I focused on those the most, figuring out how to not slow down too much before the pictures, and being able to run off while processing it. That combined with the bad RNG this level can give you, shotgun guards can kill you very unexpectedly, checkpoints can mess up because of going too fast, the snipers occasionally would nail me and end my runs near the ending.
Im extremely pleased with this one, 9:15 should be doable with just a bit cleaner movement, but I believe I've already put about 15-20 hours into this Time Trial so that will do for now.

Bunker Time Trial - Agent in 9m18s

Metal + Speed = Life
I worked briefly on Archives time trial.. so unforgiving.. I'm going to skip over it for now.. I feel im getting through the Agent levels quicker than I expected and Archives will definately slow me down lol.. I also realized I don't have an Operative time submitted for Tank, so hopefully this weekend I'll try to get as close as i can to Aleckermit's Tank Operative 4:08 (i remember his run being really really clean so I don't think I will beat it), Tank on Agent and Station's Time Trial afterwards
Metal + Speed = Life
Man I hate the tank level.. I'm just really no good at I got this morning ( before getting fed up already ) was a 4:15.. lol
Metal + Speed = Life
I gave it one try on Agent, only one.. and I got this..

Tank (Agent) 4m11s

Funny how I spent an hour trying Operative and couldnt get sub 4:15.. So I'm just going to move on now, who needs an Operative Tank pb? lol
Metal + Speed = Life
Can't believe I messed up the locks at the end, might have been 4m32s otherwise, the train section was so clean.. and getting a run this smooth through the train really doesn't happen often so I'll leave it at this

Station ( Time Trial - Agent ) in 4m34s

Nice. Tank on 007 and 007 Classic is gonna be a pain. As far as I'm aware, it should be the same on both difficulties, but getting a good time on both in gonna be a chore. Good luck on the rest of the Agent runs!
Metal + Speed = Life
Few obvious mistakes but a very nice route through the level. I might try to improve it ( sub 7m40s would be nice and shouldn't be that bad ).. Only worked on this for about an hour today.

Memorial (Agent) 7m44s

There's room for improvement, but it's a good run overall. I didn't know about the checkpoint reload after getting the nightvision goggles. Does that despawn any enemies or is it just used to get more sprint?
Metal + Speed = Life
The only reason I load this one is to make sure my health is full (since you don't recover any health while sprinting), if health is low when picking up the night vision goggles you have to slow down in the hallway before guards start spawning. The full sprint is nice of course, but very often I simply load them to top off my health.
Sorry for long response, been pretty busy lately
Metal + Speed = Life
Very solid run, few minor mistakes however I pulled off both hovers without losing much time, and very cleanly executed the route I worked out for Agent difficulty. The shotgun guards are nasty in this level, keeping stealth and killing a high number of guards may seem like wasting time but its necessary to stay alive.
Checkpoints are loaded for multiple reasons, I can regain stealth at the beginning of an area after being discovered upon loading a checkpoint, it also resets the position of guards and patrols, thus making the first hover possible without being discovered when dropping down the rocks at the beginning of the section.
15+ hours spent on routing and attempts for this one.

Jungle (Agent) 7m31s  WR

Nicely done! I really like your route in this level. There were some guards you ran past without getting seen that I didn't know was possible. By any chance, are the guards more aware of their surroundings on harder difficulties? Is that a challenge for routing these levels so far?
Metal + Speed = Life
I havent noticed a difference with how close you can run to them.. however i believe as difficulty increases, if you are spotted you have less time to kill that guard before he alerts others. I havent tested anything with it but thats how it feels for me
Metal + Speed = Life
I worked on solar mostly all day yesterday. Got a nice 6:31 for agent. I wanted to improve it ( i feel a low 6:2x is possible ) but executing the ending quickly is really brutal. I had a few practice runs that did the last checkpoint at least 5 seconds faster than in the 6:31.. but i rarely get as fast of a pace up to that point.. so i think i'll just upload the 6:31
Metal + Speed = Life
Solar (Agent) 6m31s

Metal + Speed = Life
I practiced the manipulation for the guards on Cradle today, as well as the positioning for the Trev fight...
And then I got this on my very first recorded attempt.. lol
Only that 1 guard from the second wave got away, and this is actually only 1 second slower than my Operative time on Cradle

Cradle (Agent) 11m47s

Nice runs. I think Solar is one of the tougher levels because of the ending part alone. I remember losing a lot of time there in my 007 Classic full-game attempts. On that difficulty, you almost have to kill every enemy there before progressing. It's brutal.
Speaking of, now that you're basically done with the Agent levels, are you going to move on to 007 difficulty or are you going to do Archives on Agent first? I'm also looking forward to seeing you do more 007 Classic. I still have 3 records for 007 Classic and I think you can beat them.
Metal + Speed = Life
I love archives casually.. probably one of my favorites.. but at the same time one of my least favorite to speedrun lol. I guess its because ive lost so many full game runs to it. I think im going to do Cradle on 007 and 007 Classic next since it took barely an hour to complete a good run on Agent.. i figure it shouldnt be too long to finish up the difficulties on Cradle.
I guess after ill move onto 007 Classic because i feel for most of the levels Classic is easier than 007, at least for speedruns anyways..