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Metal + Speed = Life
Its all good man, looking forward to seeing the nightfire TAS as well
The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Hey James, glad to see you active on here again. It's nearing summer so depending on how things go I intend to start running again over that time. I think it's pretty safe to say I'm not going to beat your WR time but I'd like to push my time lower. I'll definitely be striving for sub 1:45:xx in Reloaded and probably lower my times on the other PS360 Bond games too, but mainly Wii and Reloaded I think.

Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing the world record get pushed down even further!
Metal + Speed = Life
Awesome man.. thats good to hear.. im slowly realizing my full game run is much better than i give it credit for.. there are a few big time saves but theres just so many things that can go wrong and kill the run. However if you start running this again, whether its ILs or full game that will for sure motivate me to get more runs in..
Ive had a few make it to being 40-50 seconds ahead after archives yet lost them to something else
Metal + Speed = Life
Well I found some motivation to play more of this game.. And it's something I should have worked on a long time ago to be honest.
Taking a break from full game runs and Operative difficulty in general, I'll be working on each level one by one on the Agent difficulty. I don't plan to optimize them as much as I have the Operative ILs, but enough to make some solid times and fill up the leaderboard on at the same time. If my times are challenged I'll revisit them for more work.. I put 2 hours into Dam (Agent) this afternoon, ended up with this as a result, moving onto Facility next..

Dam (Agent) in 8m37s

Metal + Speed = Life
This is a pretty solid run as well.. Bathroom stall skip and some better movement in a few places could save 2-3 seconds at most I would say.

Facility (Agent) 8m19s

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FitterSpace: 2018-04-08 08:55:26 pm
Nice. I'm glad to see you're going for those Agent times. It'll be good to eventually have the board full of runs.

Also, do you deinterlace your capture card feed? I've noticed it for a while but never asked about it, but there is some ghosting when there's a lot of motion on screen. If you look at the YouTube videos, you can pause and press the . key on your keyboard to advance frame by frame, you'll see what I mean. I don't know what software you use to capture your game feed but there might some deinterlacing options there.
This is what it looks like, and i'm pretty sure it's because the videos are interlaced.
Metal + Speed = Life
I dont know much about these things. But i rewatched the dam run and noticed its very choppy.. (im really not good with technology). Is this something i need to do before i record? Or after once i'm converting the video file?
And my laptop that i use is very old ( its about to die on me again) i dont know if that has to so with it..
I record with amarec ( free version so probably outdated) and convert the files with windows movie maker.
It should be something you do while recording in amarec. But it might not be. We’ll be able to figure it out though. So you say you record the gameplay from amarec then convert it through windows movie maker? What kind of file is it when you record it with amarec? And also what kind of file is it after converting it with Movie Maker? I assume you convert it to a .wmv or something like that.

Anyway, if you can, try watching the video before conversion to see if there is any ghosting. If there is, then we know that Movie Maker has nothing to do with it.
If the problem lies with Amarec, then there should be some kind of deinferlscing option somewhere in the menus. You might want to google that since I’ve never used amarec before. But depending on what version you use, it should be somewhere in the filter options.

I would personally recommend OBS Studio, since it has some good deinferlacing options and automatically optimized your video for streaming or recording locally. It basically does this thing where it tests your computer to see what kind of stream settings you can handle, and adjusts the settings automatically so your recordings look as clear as possible. Depending on your capture card, you might still have to use amarec, but lots of capture cards will automatically be detected by OBS without using amarec. I’d recommend trying out OBS studio since it’s pretty user friendly nowadays.
Metal + Speed = Life
Ill check out the files when i get home from work.. but yes after conversion its in .wmv file.
I use an old dazzle to capture the video.. ill be able to give more specifics tonight.. but yeah ill look into OBS as well to see if it makes a difference.
Metal + Speed = Life
Dazzle DVC100 ***
Metal + Speed = Life
I just did a bit of reading on the interlacing and i know a bit more what your talking about.. i believe mine would be on "auto select" .. it says that if the video is jittery that I should try using either bottom field or Top Field first.. does this mean anything to you? I'll run some tests tonight with those other options and see if it makes a difference
You should be able to select bottom field or top field first. It might make a difference but I think either will work. You might want to try both for a few minutes and see which one looks better. I think one of those settings is meant for HD video and the other is meant for SD, but I don’t fully understand it. But just changing that setting should help out a lot.
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JamesBong: 2018-04-09 11:36:40 am
Metal + Speed = Life
Makes sense.. what I read pretty much tells me that amarec will automatically set it up, however it's common that the correct setting is not necessarily chosen. I had a copy on my Google Drive of a video before it was converted and it looks pretty identical to the final video so I don't think Windows Movie Maker is messing it up.. thanks a lot for the info and the help
No problem. I’m sure changing that setting manually will fix the issue.
Metal + Speed = Life
Its so much fun to be working on levels again with Agent difficulty.. nice to see improvements without doing 50+ attempts..
I know some of my operative times could still be improved but im unable to dedicate an entire day of running goldeneye anymore.. im actually excited with this new project of mine, and im already thinking about the challenges that 007 setting will bring me
Yeah I’m happy you’re getting back into it. I don’t have as much free time as I used to but I still enjoy following my favorite games to see what other people can accomplish.
Metal + Speed = Life
I changed around a few things.. i read more  on the internet too.. chose the settings that most sites recommended for action or fast moving games, and chose top field deinterlacing.. just did a quick airfield run as a test and i actually got a decent time for a 1st try.. about to upload it, let me know if it looks better once you get a chance.
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JamesBong: 2018-04-09 08:15:10 pm
JamesBong: 2018-04-09 08:06:40 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
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FitterSpace: 2018-04-09 08:22:08 pm
I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but there is still some ghosting. It could just be your capture card causing it but there should still be a way to fix it. I’d recommend trying out OBS Studio if you get the chance. You should be able to capture the game feed from there without using amarec, and it has multiple deinterlacing options built in. Otherwise, there is most likely someway to fix it with amarec. I can’t be of much help with that unfortunately.

This is what it looks like

Metal + Speed = Life
Hmmm.. ill try one more setup of options and then ill look into setting up OBS tomorrow night.
I advanced the video frame by frame in movie maker and i can see what you mean
Metal + Speed = Life
Tried OBS quick before work this morning.. unfortunately getting the same results.. only tried one setup of options so ill check a bit more tonight. Im starting to think the problem may be either my dazzle or my laptop  = (
That’s unfortunate. Did you deinterlace the capture card feed on OBS? If you right click on the source, there should be a tab for deonterlsce options. If you have yet, try the different ones to see if any of them fix the problem. If not, it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t look that bad.
Metal + Speed = Life
Yeah at least i can record my runs for proof.. its just not the best quality.. i followed a couple different tutorials.. what i find weird is regardless or the different options i select.. there isnt even really a difference lol..
One of these days i will update all my gear =)
That's fine! The video is all that's needed. Whenever you upgrade your capture card, I'd recommend the iON Video2PC. It's about $50 USB and captures raw composite/S-video input at 60fps. It's what I used in my streams and I think the video quality is pretty good. It also plays nicely with OBS and is really easy to set up.