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otdq: 2015-03-19 09:29:18 am
Chapter 6 skip confirmed, but it isn't refined at all. I'll do it again on stream soon - you'll see what I mean re: not being refined.
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IAmVeteranz: 2015-03-23 10:43:34 am
IAmVeteranz: 2015-03-23 10:43:04 am
Since otdq first did the glitch, I polished and perfected a consistent strat for the skip. Sadly after timing since walking with the saw is much slower than running it only saves about 40-45s at best, however anything helps.

Here is the video for it:

Any input on making it faster would be appreciated. Also I'd like to mention otdq found a way to get the bunnies across the bridge in chapter one, however it doesnt seem to go anywhere. I myself has also found another glitch but also doesnt go anywhere:

Any help with chapter one would also be appreciated it takes a lot of waiting with it so I want to skip that.
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Yodenko: 2015-03-23 04:02:50 pm
Yodenko: 2015-03-23 04:02:36 pm
Yodenko: 2015-03-23 04:02:29 pm
Yodenko: 2015-03-23 03:43:45 pm
Hey Veteranz!

Thx 4 your chapter 5 skip video. Your setup helped me a lot, getting over the spline and i finally managed to fall down into the cave and not on top of it. I'll need some more practice on it since it can be a runkiller if you fall in the wrong place but it was great to get it for the first time.
Nice video about chapter 6 skip as well, but i'm not sure if it's worth to go for. I think we can improve WR a lot without it. Still "only" 40-45s is a huge amount of time! I also agree that we need something to skip chapter 1. It takes out the pace of the run to wait that long all the time.

Edit: I just rewatched my PB. I had 5:28 from catching the saw to end cutscene playing it casually. You needed 5:36 in your glitch video and you did a lot of tries on several places. So i think it should save more than 1 minute if you get everything first or second try.

Edit2: I just tried to get the glitch. I managed to get the double grab but not to go on the ledge and get shot in the air. How can you move without to lower your hight?

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otdq: 2015-03-25 03:09:01 pm
I just officially got legitimately out of bounds in Chapter 1, but the setup required a glitch I've never seen before (ignore the sky bunnies), and left the other brother stranded.

So, that said, knowing what I've now learned, I've devised an otherwise legitimate way to get Naiee out of bounds before the Ogre...but not Naia, and I have no idea if it's going to lead to anything. I haven't performed it yet, and the setup is insanely difficult, but it's something.

More news as warrants.
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Yodenko: 2015-03-29 10:03:41 am
Yodenko: 2015-03-28 01:37:09 pm
Yodenko: 2015-03-28 01:29:01 pm
@Veteranz: I saw there is a "glitchless" category on So what do we count as glitches? Releasing early on Windmill isn't a glitch is it? Also what about fast branch in chapter 5? And going backwards in chapter 6 isn't a glitch either if you ask me. Glitches are all the stuff you get in the air and also the torch glitch in chapter 3. I hope you guys agree with me on that point because i will do a glitchless WR attempt this weekend. Edit: I did a glitchless run today and i got a new WR 1:38:17. I died in chapter 4 on the glider because i touched the wall... Still saved 30s over the last WR since i got all the timesavers allowed pretty quickly. Sub 1:37 glitchless is possible with a perfect run.

Also i timed the boat section. And you might wonder that you lost 40 seconds over my PB! I timed it from when both the brothers hopped into the boat until they drop the pedals in the boat at the end. My time was 2:55 yours was around 3:35. So i'm pretty sure the way i did it in my PB is the best and fastest way to do it.

Glitchless sounds not fun at all, but have a good time with it guys. Smiley
New WR: 1:13:14

Kind of a garbage run, but WR because this incorporates the skip using the two-man saw, but via a new method I recently discovered that allows you to skip going to to the cabin and running from the invisible monster. Smiley

After that run, I also found a new skip in Chapter 3 that saves about 20 seconds:

Improved again to 1:12:25. There's potentially about a minute (maybe two minutes max) remaining to be saved with the current strats, but honestly the glitches are so freakin' volatile that I'm thrilled I got through a run with all of them at all. Smiley

Hey otdq! Congratz to your new WR's!

I'm rly glad you came back after a long time and presented us improved chapter 6 skip and also discovered a neat new glitch with infinite torch in chapter 3!
I watched your lates WR. It wasn't perfect. You lost some time on rly stupid places like fast branch, boat section and the spider fight. About the last one i can tell you that you can't attack the spider again until she jumped up, neither you can attack her before she grabbed the older brother. Other than that, great run!

Hahaha I just heard the shout out of this game on SGDQ now I really have to get back into running it. Thanks for reminding me how fun it is to run this game man Smiley
I wasn't a huge fan of the game casually, but hearing you talk about it in the context of a speedrun was interesting. Might give it ago once I've finished optimizing Bionicles: Tales of the Tohunga.
Spooky D:

Aight so I officially got out of bounds in Chapter 3, using the rock you can climb up right in front of where you start. Shit isn't easy but it is in fact possible. Was done offline, so the above screenshot will have to serve as proof (especially since there's no known way to manually relocate YoungBro).

The PROBLEM with this is that there's really crazy walls everywhere, and even though you can be standing *on the walls of the graveyard*, you can't actually get to the road for the wolf cutscene, or to the river to skip that cutscene. We're essentially on the wrong side wall-wise, and there's no way (as far as I can tell) to get across to the other one.

I'm pretty amped that I got out of bounds here at all...but BibleFuckingThump. :/
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Yodenko: 2016-01-01 08:46:13 am
Hey Guys!

Seems like this game is pretty dead at the moment. Its a bit sad since so much work has been put into it.

I recently got a 1:17.02 any% and a 1:36.20 glitchless and the runs wered verified so i requested to be mod in this game. However i'm moderating the Brothers section So feel free to keep running ;).

It only SEEMS dead.

NEW STRATS (that save like 2 seconds, haha)
And some more new strats:

I've hated how inconsistent the underwater scene always seemed, but now we should be all good. Seems pretty damn consistent!
New PB/WR - 1:12:05

Died to a wolf. Reset once in Chapter 5. Rough first half of the boat. Not bad otherwise. Smiley
btw this happened: Cheesy
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SamuraiBlue: 2016-02-22 04:13:07 pm
Hey guys,
You did a great job on this so far, I hope this thread is still alive !
I just did the game as a casual a few days ago and I felt like it would be a cool game to run so I've started learning the glitches (watching otdq's wr run ^^ congrats btw) but I'm already experiencing difficulties with some of them:
- First, it seems I'm not able to do the early root drop. I try to do the exact same thing as otdq but the old bro just don't trigger the cs. Is there a specific timing or a specific lil bro's spot to reach the trigger ?
- Then, I'm stuck at goats fly. I manage to get the two bros and the two goats OoB but my height is way lower than in otdq's vod so I can't get inside the castle using the door. Is there something I should be aware of ? Or am I just too slow to get in the air ?
Sorry to bother, I only have you guys pbs vods to rely on but some tips or explanation would be warmly welcome Smiley

PS: Sadly, most of vods in guide section seem down...

EDIT: Just reached Fast branch strat... I feel powerless ^^
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Yodenko: 2016-03-11 05:58:50 pm
Hey Samurai Blue

Nice to hear this game still gets ppl into speedrunning it. Sry for replying that late but its not a lot going on with this game.

Root Section: There is indeed a specific point you need to hit with the older brother to trigger the cutscene. But you also need to be aware that you have to be fast enough so the younger brother didnt dropp too much already what makes him too far away of the older. Try to let him go a bit later, you can check out my runs to see what i mean.

Goat Section: If you get OoB through the rock where you perform the glitch, your hight should be enough. Just be sure to  stay with both brothers on the lower platform. As soon as you leave the rock the goats will start to drop an lose height.

Most guides are via twitch VoDs. You can find them here in this thread.

Gl and have fun with this game!

Hey Yodenko
Thank you for the reply, I understand that my message could have been unnoticed  Wink

Well, my supports to learn the glitches are otqd and MrGanondorf's runs. I think I do things the right way but maybe there are subtle inputs I ignore... Anyways my goats are far from being high enough to reach the door, and I just rush as far as I can for it.
As for the Early Root, I've managed to get the old bro to the same spot as in vods but the cs hasn't triggered. Is there any updates released for the game ?
I'll watch your run, the more I see the better, but I think I watched every watchable vids from this thread.
It's going to be hard to learn but hopefully it will lead to something ^^
Any chance to see again on this ?

Well, thank you again ! See you
Hmm i dont know about updates. I modified the launcher so that i can start Brothers without Steam. Afaik there is no update that fixed the glitches. I can help you to learn the glitches. You just have to stream or we can do a skype session in the future. Where you from btw? I'm EU so keep that in mind that our timezones may be different. Best way would be that you are streaming on twitch anyways. Its hard to see what you do wrong when i cant see what you are doing.

Oh, I would appreciate your help for sure, thanks for the offer  Smiley
I was practicing offline for fun so far (because it's boring for viewers) but I'd gladly stream it if you can teach me stuff ! Btw I'm from France, seems we have the same timezone, it makes things easier. I assume you already follow Brothers on twitch so just take an eye on it when you have a spare time, I'll try to stream some regularly if not very often.
Again it's really nice from you, see you soon Yodenko
Yo Samurai, cheers for the kind words, merci bro. Smiley

For the goats, there's a platformable surface where you fall down. If you stay on that surface while you get both brothers on to the goats, you should be able to reach the tower no problem. If you walk off the surface while on a goat, the goat will begin to "sink" and you won't be able to reach the tower (maybe).

There's actually a crazy method I discovered where you run past the inventor FIRST, climb up a mountain to gain some more height, and then run to the tower which lets you run "over" the tower walls rather than through the doors. If done *perfectly* it MIGHT save a few seconds. haha

Sorry for the late reply, but welcome to Brothers speedrunning. Smiley
Hey Guys!

Got a new PB: 1:15:24. Most of the timesave came from chapter 5 glitch with went incredibly fast. Was too afraid to go for chapter 6 glitch.
Speaking about chaper 6 glitch. While pracitcing i got like a Superkick! I wonder if its possible to get that consistant.
Anyways, your worldrecord will still be untouched for a while otdq. But i would love to see some more ppl to pick up this game...

Cool Yodenko! Grats. Smiley

Yeah, I've seen that super kick before. I'm not entirely sure why it happens, but I think it might have something to do with doing a wall ride, but with the saw quite vertical. It's challenging because if Naia falls off, you need to get back on top of the wall again.

Otherwise, I was messing with some stuff at SGDQ and may have found a way to get both brothers out of bounds in the woods. Or at least one. Might be able to skip the cemetery cutscene and dude walking. WILL REPORT BACK SOON.