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I'm glad I found other people who are interested in running this game. Recently got my new PB down to 1:36:16.49.

There were some mistakes but of course there is always room for improvement. Hope you guys keep running this game Smiley
Sorry, completely screwed up that last post T_T

I'm glad I found other people who are interested in running this game. Recently got my new PB down to 1:36:16.49.

There were some mistakes but of course there is always room for improvement. Hope you guys keep running this game Smiley
Hey everyone! I picked this game up in this years steam summer sale and loved it but had no idea it could be a speed game. As soon as I found this thread I decided to run it as my first speed game. Right now my PB is 1:33:08 but should improve greatly when I'm not distracted by watching other people's streams. Hopefully I'll start streaming it too. Never streamed before so this should be an interesting experience for me
So I was practicing the Chapter 2 skip a bunch and I ended up finding a quicker, more direct path to the end of the chapter. This way lets you skip helping the troll escape and the 'boss fight'.

It took longer than normal to get the older brother into the air this time for some reason. He just kept wanting to slide up the stairs.
And then uh, at the end there the pipe doesn't normally clip through both brothers preventing them from going anywhere. But what I've noticed from doing this several times is that the big brother hits the trigger which starts them autowalking out of the mine. I've had the older brother hit the trigger and then get stuck on the pipe but as long as the little brother makes it far enough it'll transition to outside with the brothers talking to the trolls.
I figured I'd upload this one because of how it ended. I couldn't stop laughing! But I promise this does work most of the time! You just need to make sure they aren't in that completely vertical position when they drop.

That's awesome! I'm glad you found a faster way because it took me a lot of practice to do the skip without getting way above the level and not knowing where to drop. Thank you so much for finding this.
Glitching :3
Hey guys ! So happy to come back on the forum and see that you're still running this. Amazed by the way you managed to improve the glitch I found so long ago Donut ! Tried going this way but never managed to do this. Well done ! And hilarious lock at the end !!

Did you guys tried to find / improve other glitches ? I'm thinking of the goat stuffs or the pausing glitches.
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Glitching :3
Second post intended !

Quote from Baikonur:
I haven't found any uses for it yet, but pressing the Pause/Break key on a Windows keyboard has an interesting effect on the game (both normally and when the game is paused), that might maybe proof useful for glitches.

Would this be allowed in a speedrun ? Doesn't a dev command left by mistake counts as "cheats" ?

Anyway I started the game from fresh yesterday and tried to experiment as much as I could with this. Here are the major things I found :

1- Pausing using "Pause" key aka Key-Pausing during normal gameplay or scripted actions (when you can't control the brothers - cinematics / slipping on a rooftop for example) stops everything going on screen, but allows brothers to spin on themselves during gameplay. I found no use for this, but maybe it could be useful with carriable items ? I allows to do 1 frame turn arounds and stuff.

2- Pausing using "Pause" key aka Key-Pausing during particular gameplay actions when you have control of your characters (swimming / climbing on wall vines or ropes / walking with balance on tiny planks / moving while the brothers hold themselves with arms) allows to move freely with the whole world being frozen. The speed is exactly the same in my opinion, so it isn't faster in real time by itself. But it has some uses :

I think you can pretty much understand what's going on : everytime the world stops, i'm hitting the Pause key. It goes again when I'm pressing it a second time. (it's not faster)

The world stops, so does the "mean guy" keeping you from getting through the door. As you can see, it's pretty useless cause the door closes, but it still shows off some of the ways you can use this glitch - in this case by moving while the game is frozen.

3- Pausing with the "Pause" key (Key Pausing) and then Pausing for real using the Start Button (Real-Pausing) stops the game as it should. But then, pressing the "Pause" Key will unpause the game, allowing full movement and gameplay while still being paused. It goes this way, input-wise :  Key-Pausing -> Real Pausing -> Key-Unpausing (the game should move with the pause menu on screen) -> *OPTIONAL* Real Unpausing
It should create some interesting glitches like this one :

As you can see, the "Two Pauses" glitch as I'd call it makes it so the older brothers stays in place (not following the movement) while activating the lever. It's useless at this moment but it may found a use later in the game. (keep in mind that he'll stay in place only if you stop pressing the RT button while unpausing for real with start - he will keep stuck until you manage to press RT around the lever again - that's why I make him turn in circles to reach it) If you keep RT pressed, he will teleport back to the lever.

Using the second glitch, you can fall out of the ground while moving on a rope - combined with the Simple Two Pauses glitch (not "real-unpausing" at the end), I managed to die in the prologue while the game being paused : it resulted in the game crashing. Not sure if it's consistent though

I also found a glitch with the latest one : doing the Full Two Pauses Glitch (real-unpausing at the end) allows the boys to "double-jump" while being launched by the troll. Here's the vid of it :

Inputs are, to be clear : Key-Pausing -> Real Pausing -> Key-Unpausing (the game moves) ->  Real Unpausing. It can be done multiple times, allowing for triple or quad jumps. Useless right now, but it may find a use later !!

I stopped messing around with the game at this point, this was a long night. Hope it's not too complicated, tried to explain all of this as simply as I could with my broken english.

Keep running this !!

And we need info about this key-pausing : is it "legal" ?
I'm really interested in starting to run this game. I'll probably post my first couple of times tomorrow, just to have a standard for myself and then i'll start experimenting! Super excited for this guys Smiley
with the pause break key, in the instances it lets you continue moving (like swimming, rope walk, etc.) it saves the speed you move at on the frame of the pause and you continue moving at that speed. most of the time break pausing doesn't help but I'm sure there are times where this saved speed will help. Maybe when swimming into stronger current etc. Like i said in my previous post, tomorrow evening I'll be running the game to get a PB ( and then I'll post again. Let's keep it up guys, this is exciting!
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gRnRngR: 2014-08-06 04:10:48 am
Glitching :3
Quote from Maester Ron:
Maybe when swimming into stronger current etc.

Thought of that too ! But I still don't know if we can use this in a legit run Sad As I said earlier I also managed to clip through ground with a rope, so that means we'll surely find ways to (pause) break (haha) this game even more.
Don't hesitate to do some glitching with it around your runs ! Cheesy

I'll try to get back to it asap and find some tricks with it, tomorrow or friday.
Well, just did a run of the game only to have a bug stop my progress right at the end. right after you kill the spider girl and slide down that final ice slide to find the tree, my game went black and even though I could hear audio in the background, I wasn't able to finish :(. At that point i was at 1:25 so I think my run would have finished somewhere around 1:35. I died maybe 5-6 times during the run and of course I could have optimized my running paths etc. I think with what we know now, 1:25 is possible. During the run I also pulled off the act 2 glitch perfectly and got both brothers in the air in about 20 secs.

During the run I did try pause/breaking a couple times to varied success. After falling off the waterfall when you're chased by wolves and big brother carries the branch the little brother is hanging from it is possible to pause/break at the right time and quickly move through the area without danger (though I'll have to experiment a little bit more with this to be sure). Also when you are actually swimming towards the waterfall pause breaking removed the effect of the current and made it very easy to navigate quickly. There was however one instance early in the game where when attempting to pause/break swim with little brother on big brothers back, upon resuming little brother didn't jump back to his back and instead drowned.

I'm going to make a video of the waterfall section of the game to demonstrate exactly what I was talking about before, should be up by tomorrow!

One last thing I wanted to mention is just how exactly we are all going to time this run. I think our best bet is to start timing as soon as you click to start the game and timing should end when you hit the final cutscene (so as soon as you make your last input)

I'll be running the game again tomorrow (because I really want an actual time!!) and I'll also try to see if I can find any more useful uses for the pause/break or even way to break the game using it.

A last thing I just wanted to mention is that I think we should try to see If we can find anymore glitches like the one from chapter 2. I think that anytime the brothers are carrying an object together, we may be able to use this to our advantage (this may even include the cart with their father in it at the very beginning!)
Glitching :3
I already managed to levitate with the cart at the start of the game but was stuck then.
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Tcraig: 2014-08-07 09:15:03 pm
I was playing around with the double jump thing that gRnRngR discovered and I found something that might make the run go just a little faster.

I screwed up on the older brother but you get what I was going for. Im not sure if this is actually is any faster because you have to wait for the troll guy to get to the other side anyway.

Also, during the part where the younger brother is thrown underwater by the evil tree things I found that key pausing can come in handy there as well. It seems to make you go faster underwater and if you resume the game when they actually get close to shore it will trigger the cinematic like normal. I decided to wait to resume and this was what happened:

Im not sure if that can actually be used for anything but I just thought it would be an interesting thing to take note of just in case anyone wanted to try to do anything with it.
Glitching :3
Found that exact same things yesterday Tcraig haha !
For the first clip, I got in trouble because if you go too fast, the troll gets frozen. Good news anyway, that's one clip I won't have to upload haha ! Nice find.

For the second one, only found out that it was faster to use the pause glitch, but didn't see you could explore. This is a nice discovery : if we manage to move in pause mode, we can get through triggers or at least cinematics one.

I messed a lot with Chapter 3 yesterday as I said and here are some finds :

- You can go OOB right at the start, but you'll get stuck kind of fast. If someone bothers to take some time messing with it even more, that'd be delightful.

- You can cross the whole "living trees" section super fast by Key Pausing when the Older Brother moves faster in his "crabwalk" this way, you'll get 2 advantages : Keeping a constant speed that's higher than usual + Trees dont move so you don't have to move the little bro. Easy and useful !!
(I lost the vid for this... Sad Maybe someone will do it, hope it was self-explanatory anyway)
Thanks, gRnRngR! I took a break from players brothers but now that I'm seeing this thread active again I'll probably start messing around with it more.
I want to try levitating with the saw and see if you can skip the rest of the chapter like you can in chapter 2.
Glitching :3
I'm trying to get the cart to levitate again. I'm not sure of how I did it before, I can't seem to be able to reproduce it now Sad
I already tried with the saw but it was a long time ago Smiley Go on and glitch this dude !! Cheesy
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I was screwing around in chapter 6 and found this happens when you key pause, real pause, then key un pause while one of the brothers is moving down the hill with the saw:

Unfortunately, it only works with one brother.

Also in chapter 6 I found that key pausing makes the boat kind of just glide through the water at a constant speed:

And this is just a video of what gRnRngR was talking about with the living trees:

I found that the more spread out the brothers legs are the faster he will move.
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Hey Guys!

My name is Yodenko and i started speedrunning about 3 years ago. I first went with Ocarina of Time and SM64. At the moment games with frameperfect tricks are a bit too time intensive and exhausting for me so i recently bought "Brothers" on steam while on sale. Even on my first playthrough i thought that it is a great game to speedrun. It has also very beautiful graphics and it's such a chilled game.

So i went to Google to search if someone is actually running this game. So i found this thread and i'm rly glad i did. First of all i wna thank gRnRngR finding this awesome chapter 2 skip and UberDonut improving it a lot. I went over the softlock problem at the end quite a lot so i decided to test out how to let go so that it works. I figured out when you just release the older brother but not the younger it works best. I also found a consistant way to get the older brother in the air. I did a little tutorial on my channel. My mic is a bit quite, sry for that.

Yesterday i completed my first two runs. First went 1:33:00 second was 1:30:43 which should be WR according to this thread here :). I think sub 1:30 should be possible or even a low 1:29 with perfect whale luck and a perfect spider fight.


@Hilariousgamer: Dogrun section seems to be quite ideal the way you did. I will try to do this as well in my next runs, thanks!
@gRnRngR: The way you did the windmill section didn't work for me. I don't know if it's patched but when i jump directly the younger brother dies of fall damage and i have to do it again.
Sheep section: As soon as you are on the bridge with the sheep, you can stop running with the younger brother. The bridge will raise and older brother and sheep are falling towards. This should save some seconds.
Windmill section: Raise the bridge with the older brother and hold interact. Start to rotate with younger brother. After like 2 seconds you can let go with the older and start to cross the bridge.
Whale section: Use the right path on the first part and first the left path on the second. If the whale jumps up in front of you just hold both joysticks down to stop the boat. It is still faster than to die and do it again.
Spider Fight: When the fight starts sometimes you are swinging into a direction already. Follow this direction to save a swing before you drop. After ripping out the first 2 legs she will jump up and try to crush the older brother. You have to move just a bit so the normal attack animation starts. Be sure to be prepared with the younger brother to attack her immidiately. After the 3rd leg she won't jump up anymore. So be sure to be prepared with the younger brother to hit her right after she turned.


Since we are the first ones running this game it should be ok if we decide the rules...

Timing: Timing starts when you start a new game and the intro starts. It ends after you run into the final cutscene with the younger brother (last joystick input).
Pausing: In my opinion everything besides real pausing is not legit. Because if you use key pausing you freeze like 90% of the game and this is clearly not intended.
Category: It would be possible to do a category where you collect all the achievements so where you trigger all the extras of the game. But i don't think it makes sense to do so.

So this is all i got for the moment. I hope my improvements help you to get faster times and keep you motivated to do so. This game is a lot about practice. You can save time everywhere if you have perfect movement.
I'm wondering how you guys manage the timing. I split on the cutscenes at the end of chapters and i have to ALT+TAB to split. How can i get both windows active so i dont have to do so?


Hope you guys didn't give up with this game already... I know it's not very popular and rarely gets any views. But i still love it because it's a rly nice run!

I got a new PB/WR today: 1:29:13

I was rly surprised how much time i saved on several splits. Also i managed to find out what i did wrong with the windmills. You have to let go just before you are 90° because otherwhise you will be too high and you die off fall dmg. Unfortunately i died to the dog in the first chapter because he didn't get triggered by the older brother. I also found some timesavers in chapter 4. On 2 places where you have to jump up and a cutscene starts you can trigger it with only 1 brother. So before you are on top where you go to the bird you can trigger the cutscene with just 1 brother. A bit earlier in this chapter you can do the same.

I rly hope i can motivate you guys to join the fun and run this game again ;).
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gRnRngR: 2014-09-06 06:11:44 pm
Glitching :3
Nice seeing someone interested in running !
But I guess right now we also need glitching support and runs won't improve that much if we don't manage to break the game even more Sad

Amazing runs ! And nice tutorial about the chapter 2 skip.
About the windmill stuff, I tried it a couple of times and died on my fall. I guess you have to press the right trigger a milisecond to "fakegrab" to reset fall damage
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Yodenko: 2014-09-06 06:29:34 pm
Hey gRnRngR! Thx for your compliments!

Basicly i'd agree with you that we have to find ways to break the game more, but i dont see any legit ways to do so tbh. This game is restricded in so many ways that it's pretty difficult to find rly major skips.
Windmills as i mentioned you grab the wing than you have to let go before you are in a horizontal position. There is a pretty small window where you make it without dieing to fall dmg. I release just before the wing is horizontal and it works. You should try that.
About the improvements... as i mentioned i was rly surprised how much time i save on several splits. I think a low 1:28 or even a sub 1:28 would be possible. I lost 25 seconds to the dog, easy 10 seconds on chapter 2 skip and another easy 10 seconds to the whale section.
XCOM Timesheet:
I'm trying to wrap my head around what would make pause/break not legit in runs. It's clearly not a "cheat" under any traditional definition of the word. It essentially allows you to continue playing the game while the world around you pauses. Really in what it does it doesn't sound too different from the glitch in the game I run, XCOM, which just causes enemies to skip their turns.  What makes it feel a bit more shady is that it is one button which is essentially press to glitch. The problem isn't that it's "not intended", the problem is that it feels too intended. It feels less like a glitch and more like a console command. I think we would actually feel more comfortable using this glitch if it required some elaborate series of inputs. I don't run this game so I won't tell you guys what to do, but my first reaction is that it is hardly far outside the realm of many other frequently used glitches and would most likely make the run more interesting rather than less interesting.
I partly agree with your opinion. If it makes the run more interesting and if it would save a lot of time, by a lot i mean like 2 minutes, i'd agree using it. But i'm playing on PC, and i'm not using a X360 Controller. And for me Key-Pausing isn't even working. Generally this game is fun to play/run but not a lot of fun to watch. This is due to the less amount of time that you rly control the character and to the less amount of glitches used in this game. I don't know how long i will continue to run this game or how many times but as long as i see improvement possibilities i'll try to push my time down as far as possible.
New PB / WR!


Pretty nice run. Sub 1:28 is possible and will be my final goal :).
Run #13 was TEH URN! Rly fast chapter 2 skip and an absolutely flawless chapter 4 made this time possible.

Brothers PB / WR 1:27:19

I'm done with this game now, unless some new big timesavers got found. Was a nice experience but i admit that this game has too many cutscenes.