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Ah, you can watch any of the recent ones within the passed few days, but they're all trash at this point.

I was using the fast disc load option for the PS2's PS1 drive. I think the effect of it is astounding, but as I just found out today that with the option turned on, the load screen between chasing Capricola up the spiral staircase and Tower of Death well...doesn't load. The game ends up hanging, so the option is unusable. I'll have to keep the disc speed set to standard, which means barely scraping by on splits. x.x
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-02-14 01:30:31 pm
Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-02-14 01:29:53 pm
NEW WR!!!!

2:59 In-Game, 3:22:37 Real Time. That's a solid 13 minutes faster than my previous WR.

1:06 faster than Deadsticks run.
Pretty bad run, really.  Also, what happens if two runs tie in game time?  Go with faster realtime?
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Phoenix3568: 2013-02-14 02:49:32 pm
Procrastination Nation!
it depends on the runner. One person submitted a faster Rt run but was unhappy in the end because the execution was worse.  I would go with the one you're most proud with which might not be the one with the shortest load times.

A few things: On steam knight is it faster for charged lumina vs normal lumina attacks? I would think the charge time would be a tad slower (not by much though) as it would take 4 lumina attacks

I remember you saying about the fire shield decreasing quickly. The little fire things around Musashi do fire damage, but the charge of the fire shield gets much shorter.

Also, something I haven't experimented is with using abilities against boss battles such as the ant queen.  Would the acid bomb from the GiAnts do more damage to her than your standard attacks? It would be something to test.
vhgs already came up with some handy strats, which is basically using the Spin attack on bosses. Most notable Kojiro, Ant Queen and Ed. I'm not even sure how much damage the Acid Bomb does...hell, I've never even attempted to assimilate the ants after all these years. lol

Steamknight, I've already tested that idea actually. It's slightly faster to charge the spin attack. Spin attack deals roughly 1.5x the normal damage of a single smack from lumina. Even jump attacking with lumina and then attacking as you land isn't faster. Just smacking with Lumina is actually about 5 to 6 hits, as opposed to two spin attacks.
Acid hit Queen Ant for 64 damage, less than a normal Lumina slash. I'm honestly kinda surprised.

Also, I tried bat jumping over the steam vent blocking the Wind Scroll area at the start of chapter 5. It's obnoxiously close, but I wasn't able to get it to work.
Procrastination Nation!
I don't remember any other special abilities off the top of my head that would do more damage until Thirstquencher Empire. Would the shrink beam from the magicians do anything fun?
lol Probably not. I doubt that ability would effect any major fights, though it would be hilarious to see tiny tiny Skullpion. Grenade is the only really useful ability (outside of the ones needed to progress), and it sucks you only get it during Soda Fountain.

Drop Kick, the ability from the Kung-Fu Wolves in Frozen Palace are a nice speed boost. Definitely faster than walking, but over-use drains BP fairly well. I may actually try to grab it before fighting Frost Dragon. If anything, it can save a few seconds to and during Steamwood Part 2. Hell, even up to the Wind Scroll...but underground going to Ant Queen, the ability would be lost for the necessity of Hop.

I'll still practice BFM, keep fresh for when I get 100% ready to make a SDA recording. But for now, I've started routing Samurai Legend. x_x

At least on the up-side, Samurai Legend may have some exploits to take advantage of. Doesn't seem to be as well built as BFM. But I'm flying completely blind on this one. Dat feel...
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-02-17 05:55:52 pm
For any one that could not watch the live stream, or otherwise has issues with watching anything from Twitch, I've taken the liberty of uploading my current run on to Youtube.

I was not able to upload the video as one, as it was over 3 Twitch/Youtube spliced it up into 14 parts. Please, don't hate me for Chapter 2...I am fully aware at how bad I fucked it up. lol

Still better than Deadsticks. :3

Edit: I guess my stream dropped briefly at certain points, just now catching that...but the timer is definitely true and blue...or green, rather.
Hey guys!
I've made a 100% Playthrough for Musashi, with some tool-assistance because I didn't made everything in one day.
I aimed for:

-No cutscenes or voiced dialogues skipped
-No damage taken
-All Minkus captured
-All Bincho Fields (villagers) rescued
-All techniques
-All Legendary Armor pieces
-HP/BP Maxed

Hope everyone likes it and maybe can be a visual guide for important things in the game and maybe some of my battle techniques. Smiley
Thanks for Deadstick's run, I used it for a route planning in my run. thumbsup

wow, a TAS run for Musashi *-*

See you in the next 4.33 hrs ^^
Procrastination Nation!
Sh0rtCircuit have there been any developments?
Not really Phoenix. I've not forgotten about BFM, but I'm still sort of lacking in technological capabilities for a legit SDA run. Though watching some of the TAS above has shown me a couple of things I had not noticed before, so I'm eager to get back into practicing.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-04-26 01:29:22 pm
Oh, Dark Fulgore. I forgot to mention one small detail about your TAS. 100% completion would include all toys acquired (bought) as well. I only say this because BFM actually tracks the 100% completion of the game, which is noted with a hand drawn picture of a bunch of the characters with the mesage "Thank you for Playing," or something similar.

Just on a technical note, your run would be considered Any% still.
Thats how you comin' bruh?
What Sh0rtCircuit said. You need to beat the game 3x in order to unlock the final toys (stupid ik).
Based on what I've seen, I don't buy that this game can be beaten in 2:48 on in-game time SS.  Or at least it couldn't have been done that long ago.  It's possible that the Japanese version includes some faster text that lowers the in-game time a bit or was segmented.

Of course, SC is awful, so maybe it can be beaten that quickly.

And if anyone else has any desire to work on/run this game, there's finally been an emulator found that properly loads the ToD sequence.  PSXJIN and No$ will both work.  This has been a primary reason why I haven't really been playing much.
Challenge accepted. lol

Japanese is possibly faster, but I remember one box not being skippable. Haven't really ran it that much, maybe I should.
Just some minor update stuff.

Japanese version of the game has non-skippable BP boxes. As in, the yellow text box that appears after having saved someone, is not skippable. The text and box will appear at a set pace. I've been running Chapter 1, trying to find things to exploit. Haven't found anything. I've tested knocking down the bridge crossing the river by shooting the logs off-screen (the logs have to have been loaded in-game before they gain a collision box).

Alternate ways to activate Spiral Tower. The switches can be stepped on, though I was trying to see if you can step on them without destroying the statues.

Alternate ways to grab Lumina. The most popular way (as of now) is to toss an enemy towards Lumina, then let him walk back over the footswitch. JMC has claimed to have lured an enemy to the bridge, and grab Lumina while he walked off. I believe this is possible, but not so easy to set up. With the previous method, you can charge Fusion while waiting for the enemy to walk back across the bridge and throw it. This results in Musashi holding Fusion during the "Get Lumina" animations, when he is meant to sheath it instead. It's flare, if even that.

Regarding Chapter 2, I've experimented with the supposed L-Brace skip, in which you skip traversing Twinpeak altogether and go straight to the L-Brace chest. This has never been proven, but still may have a possibility of happening. My current theory is using the Magicians "tumble" animation from a vertical toss (as in, grabbing and then pressing Triangle to throw the enemy upwards) and giving Musashi an extra "horizontal" boost. I'm not sure why, but the Magicians hitbox around it's head is weird. If possible, this skip would require a great deal of precision and timing.

Tried skipping the Rootrick race to grab the Earth Scroll early. I mostly tried climbing on the very outside of the climbing path for the race. The platform blocking the way (before the race) seems pretty solid, but may be passable under certain circumstances. I have not seen these circumstances. lol

Skullpion...well, there's no way to exploit this fight. I tried everything I had at my disposal.

Chapter 3, although I didn't get very far, I did find something interesting. The room you grab Misteria from. Most of you that have played this know of the center area (the main chunk of the room). Along the path, there's a spot where you can clip through and skip about 45% of the path. But there was no way back, until now. After grabbing Misteria, simply stand on the first step while charging Fusion and walk off. Which hardly matters, since you'll end up waiting for the platform to circle back around...but it's something!
More minor stuff.

Messed around with the Ben and Ed fights in Soda Fountain. Ben has no real change, though the Sky scroll may actually be useful in chasing him while he's airborne. Ed, so far, I've only been using the Spin attack to damage him. Though from the little bit of off-stream practice I did last night, I found that it's possible to hit him 3 times with Fusion, and then hit with the Spin attack. The savestate I was using had Lumina at Level 15 and Fusion at 5. So I'm going to look into power-leveling Fusion somehow. During the Ant Queen fight may be the best time/area for that. I would lose out on 1 or 2 levels for Lumina, but the extra damage on Ed will help shave off some time. I've also considered upgrading Fusion via the Blacksmith, but I'm not sure the time it would take to do that would pay off later on.

So, more and more testing to go through.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-06-26 12:00:56 am
Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-06-26 12:00:07 am
Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-06-25 09:47:28 pm
Ok. Couple of things here. I got bored tonight and did some testing in the underground area going to the Ant Queen. Specifically, the area in which you restore power to everything.

If you jump, smack the switch and manage to land on the blade of the turbine. Hold R1 to charge Fusion and any direction. This keeps you on the turbine, while disjointing Musashi's collision box. JMC and I decided that his shadow (which is disjointed during your time on the turbine blade) is what determines Musashi's collision. Only reason I was even testing this area was to find a way back down passed the Turbine, as I think it's much faster to back-track than continue through the rest of the underground area. It's very possible to use this "glitch" as a way to have Musashi grab on to the climbable wall. I've managed to stick Lumina into said wall by alternative methods, but was never low enough to be able to climb back down.

After finding this glitch, JMC hassled me to test out stuff on the very first Turbine in the game (the one you pass through to get to Misteria). One interesting thing to note here is that you can charge the Earth Scroll (after getting the L-Vest, that is), stand on a blade from the Turbine and as it starts to spin, use the Earth Scrolls ability. Musashi will jump in the air, but the upward force from the Turbine will keep him suspended in the Earth Scrolls animation from the ground pound. Not really useful, but interesting.

The second thing I happened to come across was a Super Climb glitch. I'm not exactly sure what triggers it, and I'm not sure how to recreate it. Luckily for all of us, I was streaming all of this, and have since highlighted it (Here). vhgs, if you're reading're the only one I know of that was actively testing stuff for this game. So hopefully, this gives you something else to try out.

But seriously...that climb glitch...

So, after spending some more time with the climb glitch, I've come to find that it's not something Musashi can do on his own, or something you can initiate by some random sort of events. It's actually an extreme sweet spot on that particular wall. When hitting this sweet spot, you're actually hitting a very thin line between the grab-able wall, and the semi-clipped area just to the side. For some reason, when you hit that sweet spot between the two, Musashi is forced to jump automatically.

Of course, if you're holding any direction during the first jump, Musashi will go off into the clip area and the sweet spot will fail. There are two spots this sweet spot happen on the wall. The very bottom and somewhere just above the mid-way section. You know you've hit the sweet spot when Musashi auto-jumps 3 times and then stops.
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vhgs: 2013-06-27 07:59:11 pm
vhgs: 2013-06-27 07:58:18 pm
Re: climb glitch. Assuming there's nothing goofy with the fan cycles, it saves about 5s total, and you lose 2s if you screw it up in the worst possible way.

In lieu of a real setup, try to turn from right to up-right when Musashi reaches this mark on the ground. It's not great, but it's pretty easy to get a feel for where the spot is. Once you're lined up, just jump and release the d-pad before hitting the wall.

There's a tiny amount of lag from the game, so try to be a little early. The window is one frame, but I feel like it's plausible to get it consistently.

I dunno about coming in from the other door. It seems like you'd have to do something goofy.
Sweet, you're awesome Vhgs. I managed to find the spot through my own testing as well, but never found a way to consistently tag it. Coming from the other way may prove tricky...and I'm sure the same glitch can be used when climbing up to power up the mine area before Ant Queen.

In other news, NEW WR!!!! 2:55:53 In-Game, 3:19:25 RTA. You can watch teh urn here. Next goal is to either get a better time, or get a better time AND recorded for SDA.
I can't believe you had to one up me by beating your WR by more time on the same day.  Also, could you hear me snoring during Soda Fountain?  I fell asleep pretty hardcore during the call.
Nah, it was dead silent on your end.

And I would've shaved off more time if not for stupid mistakes going to Ant Queen. Sad
Well, after having more than a handful of fail runs the other night, I've decided to stop streaming BFM and focus on recording for SDA. I will still be attempting to best my PB for the recordings, but I'm certainly not going to hold my breath. Honestly, I really just want Deadsticks run off of this site. We all know it's trash, and it needs to die.