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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-08-15 01:34:28 pm
Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-07-24 10:42:09 pm
And alas, yet a new WR. 2:54:28

Not much of an improvement, but it's something! Also, dat 4HP clutch at the end. Omfg...
Jump, Gypsy, Jump!
Damn, it looks like you're going to beat me to removing Deadsticks run from the site... oh well, at least someone is going to do it. I've been meaning to learn this game and do it myself for a while but I never got more serious about it then a few attempts in the routing phase.
I still encourage you to learn the game, honestly. I've gotten close to my goal time, but there's a lot of room for improvement.

Though on the other hand, I just sat down and recorded a run. Nearly 3 minutes ahead of my PB, Dark Lumina 2 saps all my health, knocks me down to 14hp. Death on Finale's Illusion attack. Despite that particular attempt having loads of mistakes, I would've submitted had I been able to clutch it out.

Oh well. Monday I'll be trying again.
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vhgs: 2013-07-27 07:42:25 am
So the deal with the Skullpion thing is that you can pick him up while the core is exposed. For kicks, I used cheats to give myself the shish kebab technique early, but sadly it doesn't do any damage to him. You can do one damage to his body by throwing him against the right wall. It takes too long to really be useful.

Re: using the sky scroll in that Soda Fountain room, "つまり, ゲームを進めるうえでの利用価値はゼロ......。" means something like "In other words, there's zero value for continuing the game upwards..." So, barring a new trick, the way you're doing it now is the fastest strat.

Also, I was thinking the same thing about the reason for the Misteria Room skip. In theory, the same thing could happen elsewhere, but I'm not sure where to start looking.

Seriously? You can pick up Skullpion? I suppose in a run, that doesn't have much merit, but that's still kind of neat. Never would've thought about doing that. Ever. lol

So they Sky Scroll thing ended up being a bust then, which is what I was figuring any way. I managed to get on top of the platform with it, but making it to the next level to continue on didn't seem possible.

Interestingly enough, I came across someone last night who is really interested in testing...well, everything in the game. Once he's finished with his Secret of Evermore routing, he's jumping on the BFM bandwagon. I say that, because he thought the Misteria Room skip was pretty interesting, and wanted to see if he could find that same glitch else where. I also showed him the semi-fan glitch before Ant Queen, being able to stand on it while it's spinning. He thinks that could have the most potential to reach some sort of OoB area, or at least exploit it some way.

Thanks for looking in to some of those things for me vhgs. We're getting close to having a new SDA record. You'll definitely have a spot for everything you've contributed for this game.
Misteria Room Skip

Bat Jump

Just posting these as references for any one who doesn't know about them.
What is this, day 2 of trying to record for SDA? FAILS. FAILS EVERYWHERE!

I'll be trying again possibly Thursday night off-stream. If no go, I'll stream a few attempts on Friday maybe.

Also, my chat wants to see BFM at the next AGDQ. Any one else interested in hyping BFM for it? Tongue
Procrastination Nation!
Those skips looked pretty awesome!  Good luck attempting a good run!
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-08-15 01:34:46 pm
Thanks Phoenix, hopefully the urn will happen soon.

2:52:45 - Forgot to post up my latest PB. Decent run, but far too many mistakes toward the end.


I'll be submitting this run to SDA, whenever I'm able to encode via Anri-chan. It's gonna take a while to do.
Speed > Safety
Grats Sh0rt, sorry i missed it! Will watch later.
hey guys! im a new musashi runner! nice to meet ya!
Speed > Safety
Welcome aboard, I'm not a runner personally but I know Sh0rt will be happy to see more interest in the game.
hah great! cant let this go un contested!
Hey G0dHand, awesome to see a new runner. There's some handy route info on Page 4 or 5, it's an attachment in one of my replies as "BFM.rar" It's all japanese, but you get a general understanding of the route. There aren't any notes laying around either, I've been a bit lazy with that.
hey thanks so much man!  yeah my rout is lack luster atm lol  im slowly watching vids n ordered a stratagy guide so i can figure out what i think is best Smiley  hey if your ever free you gotta give me tips on the w split timer  i cant seem to get it to work right :/  it freezes up my game when i try to split it  grrr....        anyway my goal for now is to keep playing through the  2nd boss fight untill i get good then move onto the next chunk.  as soon as im back at school i have all the time in the world!
ok so steam wood is so inconsistant... are there ways to time the elevator on your 3rd valve so it goes up when you get there?
Second boss fight is Skullpion...which means Chapter 3 is going to be the most difficult chapter for you. It contains the most "skips" in the game, all of which can potentially be run-killers. If anything, I suggest you watch the recent WR I posted above to get a feel for what you'll need to be doing/practicing. Route is fairly locked up, unless something new is found that changes things.

Steamwood Pt1, no. The first level of valves is always set. You'll always miss the cycle on that one, so don't worry about it. The cycle on the second level, is in fact, possible to catch. But the timing is really close for it. You have to get early pressure gauges on 4, 5 and 6 consistently. One good way to tell if you're on track for the cycle is between 5 and 6. You'll cross over the lift to get to 6, if the lift is stopping on your level and going up as you pass by, then you're on track to catch the cycle, assuming you don't fudge up valve 6. It's possible to make minimum mistakes and still catch the cycle, you'll just have to use the pipe infront of the lift point to make the jump if that's the case. Very tricky, but satisfying if you can pull it off.
nice thanks!  im making some solid runs from start through skullpion, its just minor things i need to fine tune before i move onto the next chapter.  the hike to the top of the mountain after you free jon i keep getting low on hp or dying on my way up, specificallu the rope bridge where theres 2 gun pigs :/  and besides that skullpion keeps trolling me with random moves lol 5 runs in and he does a move i never seen before lol  once i lock down that bridge n the skullpion fight ill study your vid. the next chapter looks confusing with the masteria skip and the bet jump. ill let you know how those go Smiley i think im  1 good gaming day away from getting there lol
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-08-19 07:24:27 pm
lol One good day? It's been 5. Any luck with progress? Kappa

For everyone else, here are scans of, what I think are, the relevant pages for the route. Boss strats/cycles, special pages for misc stuff, and the schedule for the route. Possible translations will be along in...well, the future, assuming the person is up to the task. There's a lot in there to translate. >_>

Also, the same person that is the would-be translator, has already translated a few things for us. The most notable of which is a...DOOR SKIP. Yes, there's a door skip in Soda Fountain. Not extremely major or anything, but something new and shiny to test.

I'm still very much aware of the Hedge Skip theory. Rarebreed happened upon it once and hasn't been able to re-create it. If we can find a way to do so, then that is seriously major. Possible time saved from it? Anywhere from 0:30 to 1:30. I may have submitted a run to SDA, but this game is far from finished.
Weegee Time
Quote from Sh0rtCircuit:
I may have submitted a run to SDA, but this game is far from finished.

Heh, games are rarely "finished," unless they're called Clue.  Good to see you're still trying to improve the route even after submission.  We need more folks who submit a solid run and keep driving down the time. Smiley
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-08-19 07:45:48 pm
lol Thanks Rakuen. I don't want to spoil much about the submission, but there were definitely a few things that could've been executed better. Besides that, I feel like we've barely cracked the surface of this game, there HAS to be some more exploitable things in this. I just hope the translations shed some light on this for all of us.
hey im having some trouble with the masteria room skip i feel like i can only get it 30% is it the same for anyone else? or have you guys increased ur chances on it??
Speed > Safety
Heh, it's a special skip, that's for sure. I don't think it's quite frame perfect/pixel perfect/whatever, but there is definitely a very small window/area you need to be in when you drop into the water. I think this works because the game gets confused on where to place you back onto the spiraled ramp location since you feel from what is seemingly BETWEEN two valid locations but is not a valid location itself. Instead it puts you at the entrance, which I would guess is the default spawn location that the game references if it can't place you elsewhere.

Another theory is that you're falling under the spiral ramp area and not in the water (classified as an abyss I'd imagine) and it's possible that this only has 1 location to send you back to, the entrance.

Both of these are not proven to be why it works or how it works, they are guesses based on other games and how those other games handle them. Unfortunately, Secret of Evermore takes up 90% of my time and I haven't gotten around to messing with this game yet. Some people that could help might be on the TASVideos threads, asking there about why it happens might yield better results than asking here, but it's not exactly a very popular game in either place (sadly).

As for the timing of it, that's something I unfortunately cannot help you with since I haven't personally done it more than just a couple times. I'd imagine that if we found some sort of setup where we just jumped/walked from a certain point to that spot, then performed it, we could obtain 100% consistency... this is pretty difficult though. Otherwise we're stuck with a somewhat "do or die" situation where we only get 20-40% success with it. Sad
yeahh thats what im thinking too thanks a bunch when i have mor time later i think ill make a quick youtube video asking for help. i think a setup would be awesome maybe ill start working on that tonight, only thging is there isnt much that i can think of to position it when i still don't know for sure how to nail it perfectly.  i mean some practice ide day im getting it maybe 40% but other than that im even lower :((((