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This is why I mentioned exactly which segments were awful.  Segment 11 is self-evident.  Seriously.

Also, this is negative feedback given to a new and terrible run.  The fact that the runner is new is immaterial.

Thank you. Negative criticism gets the job done and lets people know what they're doing wrong, whereas positive feedback (mostly) just gives them a bigger ego. Some guys get the wrong idea and take everything on a very personal level, leading to swelled heads, and as mentioned, big egos. Let's see the vital role of the site put into action: excellent speed runs that are entertaining and fun.

I'm definitely looking forward to your version of the run if you ever get around to doing it. With how paths in  Brave Fencer Musashi are set up leading to various ways to attempt the game, you would think it'd be a fan favorite here at SDA.
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RamiS: 2007-12-23 10:44:27 pm
I think there is a nicer way to say this (at least the first posts of nrich/zen) but I have to agree ...
I couldn't believe what I saw, when in segment 11 he missed a jump at 5:08, lost 24 seconds AND LEFT IT IN THE FINAL RUN IN A 12min SEGMENT ... in a single-segmented-4-hour-run it might be acceptable if the run was brilliant everywhere else, but still questionable.

His route may be good, but there are so many obvious mistakes that could be easily avoided. That's why people usually make multi-segmented runs instead of single-segmented ...
Waiting hurts my soul...
Just to make a point, positive feedback, negative feedback, and constructive feedback are all distinct, different things.  Your later posts are much more constructive.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I enjoyed watching this run, but frankly a lot of time is lost in a few places. There are many segments, and combining some of the simpler ones would cut down on the trips to the inn, saving quite a bit of time. In the last dungeon of segment #14 (18:04-18:27) he misses a jump four times. The fight against the Relic Keeper sees a lot of interruptions and recharging of the water scroll. Queen Ant takes FIVE exercise drinks! If some of them could have been saved, he might have been more confident about skipping the shopping and immediately starting to roll the clock forward to sky day. Many excursions to get healing items can be skipped by avoiding damage a bit more and using them to the fullest, when death is one hit away. These little improvements count!
Somebody keeps bumping this and deleting their posts?
Procrastination Nation!

I've started running the game again through epsxe (I have the original game and a ps2) and I'm thinking about running the game.  However, I don't have any professional recording equipment to do it.  After doing a "full" run for fun (i.e. what I'm doing now) I'm thinking of taking a shot at the current record.  Honestly seeing the run of the game on SDA made me want to play the game again, so I'm having fun running through with emulator shenanigans.  I think sub 4 hours is possible.  Now I haven't done any trials or anything yet but I think I can save at LEAST 10 minutes from the run (which I am watching as I type this)

When I redo the game I'll see what happens.  Of course I'll probably just plan to do this an dhten ignore my plan but we'll see.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Why post in this thread instead of this one, which actually has to do with the current run:,6444.0.html
Procrastination Nation!
because this one came up first in the search function =]  Thanks.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I simplified things even more, I just merged both threads together.
I'm not on my compy atm, so I'm not bothering to log in.

Anyways, I think a 10 minute save is way under time, I think it's possible to get at least sub 3:30, though it depends on optimal routes.

I would be saving the minimum amount of people, which would be the guys on twinpeak mountain for Skullpion.  For speed sake I would also save the knights that give you decent moves like rumparoni, etc.  I don't remember which ones they are so I'd have to plan the route.  Also the librarian I think is necessary (for ice castle) as well as weaver (for L-gloves).  Saving the guard for twinpeak isn't necessary, though it might save time?  The normal gaurd only leaves at night, so I don't know if manipulating the time just right will be easy, though it would save time.

Also of course my execution would be better than the current run =P
Weegee Time
FAQs to the rescue.  I think this is everyone that could potentially serve a useful purpose in a speed run.

Maid Loinette - Dashing Pierce
Near the Earth Crest in Steamwood Forest

Soldier Lardwick - Skullpion
In the first field you see on Twinpeak.

Mercenary Meitlofe - Skullpion
At the end of the path on the edge of Twinpeak.

Carpenter Carvey - Skullpion
On a ledge below a vertical pole after the first log on Twinpeak.

Knight Lardwick - Crosswire Cut & Skullpion
On a ledge below a vertical pole near the second log on Twinpeak.

Weaver Dineretta - L-Gloves
Across from the waterfall near the third log.  Requires double jump.

Knight Brisket - Tenderize
Near the conveyor belt before the Underground Lake in the Mines

Artisan Teebone - Fusion tempering
Should be right before the first Kojiro fight

Acrobat Sausages - Shish-kebab (talk to the Clown to learn)
On a pipe in Steamwood Forest (can't remember for the life of me where)
Orange can be bought in Chapter 4, or a reward from Hotelo in Chapter 3

Knight Chucks - Desperado Attack
In the Restaurant's Ghost Maze

Knight Rumparoni - Rumparoni-SP
Past the GiAnt infested hall in Upper Mines

Librarian Brisketta - Ice Castle
In the second room of the Fire Maze in the Restaurant Basement
Procrastination Nation!
the three carpenters are also necessary for the run for the gondola bit.

Do you think saving the weaver for the legendary gloves is necessary?  Exactly how much increase is critical hit? Since it takes a separate trip to twinpeak to get hey (After the double jump belt), I doubt the time to get the gloves will equal the amount time saved by having the gloves, including the 3 days rest time.

Also, grenades are the most powerful ability at the end of the game (which you get from the grenade guys). While this could help buy destroying doors and stuff quickly, the ability takes 50 BP to use, if I only save the absolute necessary guys, I'd have the 150 initial BP + about another 100 from saving people (including myself), than bosses BP (I think that's another 100).  I think that would be enough, especially with the money idea the previous runner had so I can buy bread items as needed.

I don't know if I'll have the patience to do this run as of now, but after my "full" playthrough I might try a trial speed run and see what happens.

Also, you can jump up poles for super fast climbing action.
Weegee Time
I don't think there's any raw data on how much it increases your critical hit percentage.  The 3 days rest time should only take about a minute, which it should be able to make up at the least.  The question is whether it makes up enough time for the trip to get it.  If you get it at the earliest possible point (middle of Chapter 3) that means you have it for half the game.

I'd say you'd probably need to make a save splitting off at the point you can get the L-Cloth and progress through the game a bit on both of them.  One keeps going, the other gets the Weaver before progressing.  You should be able to get a pretty good idea of the time difference and extrapolate it for the rest of the game.

Carpenter Cubey is in the Green section of the Restaurant Basement.  Carpenter Dicey is in the Grillin Mine.  You're already required to have Carpenter Carvey for Skullpion.

If you've got plenty of high grade breads, I'd think you should be alright for the final dungeon.  Again, it's something you'd probably have to try out for yourself.  That should be easy to do on your normal playthrough though.

Good luck!
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Alucious: 2011-01-25 01:21:24 pm
First off, apologies for resurrecting this old thread, but I didn't think it right to make a new one.

I've been watching SDA runs for a few years now, but after the recent charity marathon I thought it would be cool to try speedrunning for myself. BFM seems like a good combination of a game I loved to play years ago and one that very much needs improvement on the site.

I did a little bit of research and found this nice demo speedrun attempt on youtube:
It's only Chapter 1, but saving gunshot for Steam Knight is particularly cool. Shame it seems he gave up.

Quote from Rakuen:
I don't think there's any raw data on how much it increases your critical hit percentage.  The 3 days rest time should only take about a minute, which it should be able to make up at the least.  The question is whether it makes up enough time for the trip to get it.  If you get it at the earliest possible point (middle of Chapter 3) that means you have it for half the game.

I would be curious to know this as well (along with all the stat data - how your weapon and body levels influence damage, how much additional damage techniques do, etc.) but L-Glove testing seems like an easy start. As soon as I find my copy I'll do some tests to find out.
Waiting hurts my soul...
You did right. It's better to post in an old topic than create a new one. Read through the thread if you haven't already. It's been suggested that this is very improvable, but I'm not personally knowledgeable on how. Good luck.
Procrastination Nation!
I would be glad to help any way I can.  However, I'm crazy busy right now and for the next few months.  Beyond path optimization I'm not sure what else there is to do to help, but I can run some emulation tests at some point.  I just don't have the time or patience to try and doing test runs, nor do I have any way to record.
Jump, Gypsy, Jump!
Alright, I'm picking up the torch on this one. I've started practicing for a run, after having finished my 100% clear today. I think this game will be a lot of fun to run. It's going to be challenging learning how to get through the game with only 150hp, but it'll be interesting to be sure. I've watched the Speed run that's on the site, and... well... without saying anything too harsh, I'll just say that it is definitely time for it to be replaced. I also watched 1Whoistornapart's practice speedrun on Youtube, which proves in my mind that sub 3 hours is very doable for this game, so that's my goal. If anybody has any tips to help, I'd appreciate the input. For now I'm just going to start practicing the game, next week I'll be setting up for recording so hopefully I'll be able to start streaming my practice. Thanks guys!

Actualy, i dont have to much hint to say but, this is a great game and i will really enjoy a good speedrun of it.

so, GL

Been playing this game for a long time and I'm not exactly impressed with Deadsticks' run, although some of his methods were eye-opening for me.

Either way, fairly new to the speedrun stuff so go easy on me for the time being. Currently trying to get some software setup for the EasyCap USB was cheap. >_>

For the time being, I have an old practice attempt from last year of Chapter 1 here. Yes, the uploader is dashmyoku. I assure you, that's me as well.

Once I get set up properly, I'll begin streaming runs.
Heavy Metal Powered
Old thread:
Might contain some useful information.
Aha...not really. Thank you for the source, but Deadsticks run was flawed all over the place. I take a vastly different approach to this run than what he put on display.
I want off the ride....
uh sh0rtcircuit I hate to be that guy who has to bring up rude awakenings but the idea of going through old threads is ALWAYS something to do. Even just looking over that last page there is a demo of a faster time through chapter 1 (though i mean it doesn't matter as you seem to at the moment be doing the run as a personal experience since your using epsxe or whatever). But in that video you can see a faster lumina require, his steam knight fight wasn't as good as yours but he saves time by bunny hopping up slopes and other things

dont dismiss old threads for no reason. There are plenty of hidden gems all over the place if you try to look for them. Dissing and old thread just cause "its apart of a bad run" its the worst thing you can ever do. There was also talk of improving that run and maybe a few more ideas were floated up as well?

Just saying, digging doesn't hurt, ignoring blatant possible information does.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2012-10-25 05:39:39 pm
Oh, don't get me wrong Rane. I did actually read through the thread. I will admit that I got the Steamknight strat from Deadsticks, his Lumina strat is actually flawed. You don't have to touch the foot pad at all, simply picking up one of the enemies and tossing it over towards Lumina puts them in a "return" state, where they walk back across the bridge, ignoring you. They deactivate the barrier around jumping over the foot pad and standing next to Lumina cuts what he did in half. A friend of mine found a video demonstrating that. A big part of this is luck, as the enemies spawn in random spots every time. I already knew about the short-hopping.

The practice run I posted is old. I have the means to record a proper run with my PS2, just trying to figure out how to set things up so I can stream my attempts as well. Deadsticks takes the time to get all of the sword techs. I won't be doing that, which sets myself up for a much harder run toward the end of the game. His strat with Ben and the second form of Dark Lumina were my own strats as well. Without the final tech, those two become harder. His run just doesn't feel like it was meant for pure speed. I intend to put as much speed as possible in mine, only saving the people that are needed to progress (Everyone on Twinpeak you can get to at the beginning, Carpenters and the Mercs). I won't be going for any of the Longevity Berries and plan on only stopping by Mitilda's Shop for Mints, W-Gels and the S-Revive should I lose the first one I buy.

Ironically enough, I bought the Japanese Guide/Artbook, which has detailed instructions for speedrun purposes. The time noted in this book is 2:48. Unfortunately, this book does me no good as I can't read Japanese. x_x
rly excited about that run improviment...

wish u luck Smiley
Thanks Kell. Even that needs some improvement...and Chapter 1 is so easy to beast. Chapter 2 is decently easy...but Chapter 3 becomes a little challenging. Lots of practice ahead of me.