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Procrastination Nation!
I would agree, but pretty much the toy is the final product of unlocking everything in the game.  The mother minku toy doesn't come out until you beat the game and have all 13 minku's and defeated the mother minku.  Many toys require defeating a specific enemy or a trigger, so the toy unlock signifies fully unlocking a section of the game.

The money of this can be easily offset by using the high-low thing that the current run uses.  the only problem will be defeating the game for the full set of toys.
Well, the game only needs to be completed 3 times to unlock all forms of Dark Lumina. Still, annoying.

Some crazy old bat gives you the Kojiro figure, and finding all of the treasure chests unlocks Jon's toy (since he's a 'Treasure Hunter').

Normally when I play this game, I go for everything, minus the toys. So I already know where everything is at least. That's what years of playing this game will do to you. lol But either way, as soon as my paycheck posts in the bank, I'm ordering some RCA splitters, cables and a couple of PS2 controllers. Once I get all that jazz, I'll be streaming again. It'll be nice not having to play with input lag while streaming for once.

I still need to set aside some time to do some recording for SDA as well. JMC seems to think that I'm not ready to record stuff yet, but I tend to think that I'm damn near ready, after I smooth out some rough edges in the run. And even so, whatever time I get will be miles better than Deadsticks time. Unless there are other peoples running this, bout the only person I have to worry about taking WR is Somsai...and I'll be sure to make it as hard as possible for him to take. :3
I'm going to take the record and you know it... and the only reason I don't think you're ready to record yet is that you're still cutting off minutes per run
Procrastination Nation!
But it's all simply platforming optimization/execution and not route optimization.  Unless he finds a way to perform some OOB glitch the changes the chapters, there isn't much it looks like he can do beyond running it over and over again.  It also seems like a lot of the problem is that his input method is causing delay.  If he doesn't record while streaming I'm sure he'll be much more accurate.
Weegee Time
If you're at a point you can complete consistent runs and you have the means to record, there's not really a reason not to do it.  You never know when you're going to have "the run," not to mention find a new strategy or glitch. Smiley
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-01-28 09:35:41 am
lol You haven't even played the game to completion yet, JMC. Get at me when you're done with MML2 bullshit. Cheesy

Otherwise, Phoenix is right. All I can do is practice execution stuff. Unless I can somehow break the barrier around the Church and get into the chimney, I really don't see any way to skip anything. Getting L-Brace early is somewhat possible, as long as there is a legit way to make the jump...which I haven't found. No input lag will definitely help though.

Rakuen is also right, though there are one or two RNG spots that can really determine is a run is going to fall behind or not. Fuck you Leno and Skullpion.

On a side note, the PS2 controllers should be in at some point today. RCA Splitters/Cables could come in Friday, but more than likely will come in around Tuesday next week. For the record, I bought official Sony PS2 controllers, one used and one still in the box. I should be set for a while with those. :3
Procrastination Nation!
Tbh I always thought leno was scripted and not random.  I guess I'm wrong Oo.

The good part is that both Leno and Skullpion are in chapter one and not halfway through the game, so as long as both of those are decent times everything else is just making sure you don't mess up!

I know with the double jump you can reach the roof of the church, but I know you can't get to the top of the roof as you slide off.  I don't know if It'll save time anyways since you need all the scrolls for the final area.
Yeah, the path is set for Meandering Forest, but Leno can either find the right way fairly quick, or waste time checking other paths. He's quite the troll. But yes, they're fairly earlier in runs so a reset isn't damaging to my general morale.

I messed around with a "Moon Jump" cheat in an emulator a while ago. There is a distinct barrier around the Church roof, specifically around the chimney area. Even if it were possible to get around it, it wouldn't do much good as you need the L-Belt to get back out of the Church area. Getting into the chimney early skips the entirety of Chapter 2, but you would still need to go back and grab the Earth Scroll and L-Brace.

Little fun fact, the fight inside of the Church can happen repeatedly if you can get into the Chimney, which leads to an overstock of the Rope item. lol Either way, still waiting on splitters and cables for now. Once I have those in my possession, I'll be streaming some more run attempts.
New WR is 3:12 In-Game. Got it last night with a fairly impressive run.
Wow, grats!

Quote from Sh0rtCircuit:
Getting into the chimney early skips the entirety of Chapter 2, but you would still need to go back and grab the Earth Scroll and L-Brace.

Yeah, the whole game is like this as far as I can find. Like if you cheat yourself items and appraise the L-brace, the steamwood event starts, no matter what you were doing before. Plus, you can't completely skip a chapter since you have to actually kill bosses to activate the crests. I feel like there's gotta be some kind of shenanigans that would let us do a sweet sequence break, though.

Also, it's definitely safer, but I think it might also be a little bit faster to use the water scroll on Dark Lumina 2 instead of jumping up to slash his head.
...Wait, what? Using the Water Scroll against Dark Lumina 2? Please explain this sorcery to me.
Here's a video:

I think my timing could be a little bit better, but that's the gist of it.
Wow. Totally didn't know you could use the Water Scroll like that against Part 2. In terms of safe-ness...yes, that's a fairly safe option. But "safe" usually means slower. Water Scroll takes 8 hits, while jump slashing with Lumina only takes 4.

I'm not debunking or downing your strategy at all. I think it's a good strategy and one I would definitely use in back-up situations. But for the fastest times, there's no other way to run than risky. I'm all about being risky. lol
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Ah, I didn't realize Lumina does more damage.

e: I checked on other things. Fusion takes 8, fire scroll takes 4, and you can totally jump into his face with the wind scroll but it doesn't do anything. Also the sky scroll puts you exactly at face level, which might make it a bit easier to get the timing with lumina.
Oh. Actually. If you're face level using the Sky Scroll...does his grab attack connect? Or does he miss?

Also, the timing between hits is fairly easy. From the moment you hit, to the moment he regains his balance is the window you CAN NOT hit again. Once he's back to his "normal" animation, he's wide open.
In general it still hits you. If you get really close to him you can make it miss, but he prefers using the tail swipe -- also connects -- at that range, so there's not really a point. You can make the punishment for screwing up a little lighter, but that's about it.
Got ya. Thanks for the info, I'll have to do some testing of my own and see what happens.

Been practicing some skips in the Dungeon area during Chapter 3. None of which are easy to execute...but if I can make them happen the first try, so much time saved.
Two time savers for Queen Ant:
1. Get grabbed on purpose. If you mash out (only the d-pad counts here), she moves on to the next attack. If you do it quickly, you don't take any damage, and you can basically skip her grab move altogether.
2. Spin slash her face. It does a lot more damage, which means shorter cycles.

That about cuts the fight in half. It's like Christmas.

Spin slash also saves about 30s on Kojiro, and 45s+ on Ed, depending on teleport RNG.
O_o I'm definitely going to test those out. Cutting the Ant Queen fight by half, alone, saves about 5 minutes. How the hell are you finding these things? lol Or I guess the better question would be, why the hell am I being lazy and not finding things out on my own.

Any way, I'm gonna post two pics of the skips I found out about yesterday. Both are in the "Ghost Maze" dungeon during Chapter 3.

Alright, this is the very first room. You have to take the platforms to get across to the other side. Then normally, you would keep going around the room to make it to the door. But here, it's possible to jump this gap. The only problem with that is you HAVE to be perfectly center on the angle between the gap. If you're just slightly off to the left or right, you can't make the jump. In fact, this jump caused me a lot of frustration yesterday. Though if you can make the jump, it shaves off about 20 to 30 seconds.

This area is two screens after the previous picture...and this one is equally frustrating, but a bit more manageable than the first. Musashi CAN NOT make this jump on his own. The trick here is in using the Bats. Basically put, you have to time the Bats attack with your jump. Ideally, you want Musashi in the air and close to the other path when the Bat hits. This causes Musashi to gain just enough air to make the gap., and in doing so, allows you to skip 3 rooms. Saving somewhere around a minute or so.
Re: Dark Lumina Finale's clone attack. You can avoid them by just sidestepping, but they're too fast to do it on reaction. You need to know which one is going to attack first, and already be running in the right direction. It turns out they come at you in the order they appear, it's just hard to tell because the camera moves around in a super confusing way. The easiest method I found was to run over to the edge of the platform and use that as a landmark.
Thanks for the tip vhgs. Most everything passed Chapter 3 is stuff I haven't put that much practice time in to. I've been meaning to play through the Finale fight just for the purpose of learning how to dodge the Clone attack, because I use to be able to a few year back when I played this almost on a weekly basis. Just a matter to re-learning.

Though I would like to ask you to look into something for me. I believe the attachment is on page 4 as "BFM.rar," it's a bunch of pages from a Japanese Artbook/Guide I had imported from Japan for this game. I've studied all that I can for the most part, but there is something very odd I caught a couple of days ago that I'm not quite sure how to work around. In the .rar, the file is named "BFM 015." The very bottom picture should be in the Frozen Palace with the number "52" and a wonky arrow. Typically when running through Frozen Palace, to get to that particular floor, you have to use the Blue Eye to open the door beneath there, to get to that second level (thus being able to grab the L-Shoes). But, in the picture...the door is still there, which makes me think that there's a way to skip opening that door all together.

I have work today, so I won't be able to spend some time trying out things. I also have work tomorrow morning, but planned on doing some more practice after I get home. So if you're bored enough and have the time, could you look into that area for me? Cheesy
I didn't find anything too exciting. I thought maybe if there was a way to knock down the big dudes they could throw you up, but they don't throw you high enough, and I couldn't find a way to knock them down from the ground floor anyway. It doesn't seem like there's a way to jump over to the L-shoes from the other balcony, either.  That picture is definitely suspicious, though. Maybe there's something different about the Japanese version? I'll see if I can't check it out.
Eng/Jap versions should be relatively the same, minus some text and button differences. When I first noticed the wonky arrow, I thought there may have been another area you could get to, but it isn't made apparent. Kind of like a little secret room or something. But then I noticed the Blue Door still closed.

Really wish I could read Japanese at this point, I'm sure there are a few more little secrets and shortcuts we're not finding buried in their text some where. Though I'm about to fire up the emulator to do some of my own testing. It's just odd that it would show us coming through that door. Hm...maybe there's a way to clip through the Blue Door. Oh the joys of testing.
Well, just finished another fail run. Died in the very last room before Topo.

My in-game time upon death? Roughly 2:32. JMC gave me a 4 minute window of a finish time. 2:52-2:56.

Procrastination Nation!
Would you mind sending a link of the run? Sounds like you're really cutting the time down significantly!

Basically I don't know what segmant it is on twitch and I'm lazy =P