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ConHuevos: 2012-11-02 02:43:30 pm
ConHuevos: 2012-11-02 02:43:16 pm
Ciento Dos Huevos
A great time to level your weapons is at the church when you fight the super vambees.  If you hit 2, 3, (or if you can) 4 at a time I think the multiplier for the xp per hit rises. 
That's definitely possible, if not risky as well. I'm opting to think that the Ant Queen suits some grinding better since she constantly throws Maggots at you after each hit (unless it's time to hit her core).
I think I'm going to start working on a split sheet (I suppose that's the right term for it?). Just so any one running this will have an idea on what times are for certain objectives.

I made one off of the last video I posted, though there are a good bit of checkpoints I made. Any one have any ideas on what checkpoints to use/make for the split sheet? We don't want too many, but we don't want too little either. I think going simply by chapters is too little as it doesn't show enough of what sections can be improved on. Maybe having one or two checkpoints in between each Chapter (plus an end chapter time) would be good. If you have any ideas, post 'em here.

I'll go ahead and post ideas for Chapters 1, 2 and 3...just to get us started.

In my original split sheet, I have all of the following checkpoints. Activating Spiral, Defeating Steamknight (end chapter), Talking to Jon, Meeting Jon (Twinpeak), Steamwood Saved, Acquire Earth Scroll, Defeat Skullpion (end chapter), Acquire Misteria, Acquire Aqualin, Find Bar Owner, Start 3rd Drungeon, Meet Priest at 2am. I think that's all a bit I'm going to throw out these next checkpoints as ideas.

Chapter 1:
Obtain Lumina
Defeat Steamknight (Chapter End)

Chapter 2:
Free Jon
Save Steamwood
Defeat Skullpion (Chapter End)

Chapter 3:
Save Tim (Give Aqualin to Hotelo)
Meet the Priest at 2AM
Defeat Relic Keeper (Chapter End)

Not too many checkpoints for each chapter, but enough to give you better ideas on what times you can improve on for each.
Sorry. Forgot to attach the original split sheet. I made it using the LapTool that comes with BKST.

I recently found out about Llanfair, so I'll be using that for future times.
Just did a SS run through Chapter 3. In-game timer after Relic Keeper was at 1:27:20. Real time was 1:43:31.51 from the last hit on Relic Keeper.

No recording of that run though as it was just for practice, though I'll list out the times for the split sheet I listed above.

Lumina: 3:45.71
Steamknight: 7:34.41

Free Jon: 19:33.8
Steamwood Saved: 34:45.97
Defeat Skullpion: 47:51.87

Save Tim: 1:00:27.63
Meet Priest: 1:27:02.37
Defeat Relic Keeper: 1:43:31.51

I lost time over some stupid things, but also learned some slight shortcuts and a big shortcut in the last lava room before Relic Keeper.
Procrastination Nation!
1) I think you mean spreadsheet
2) There are probably more checkpoints you could use for timing.  I know that some SDA users use various checkpoint timers.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2012-11-13 01:22:18 pm
Sh0rtCircuit: 2012-11-13 01:00:36 pm
Thanks Phoenix. I'm fairly new to speedrunning and the terminology. Learning as I go. I think I prefer less checkpoints over a million of them, but I don't think one or two more for each chapter would hurt.

I would like for it to be noted that Soda Fountain is extremely tough to get though. Mostly just the part in between Ed and Topo. There's so much going on and all of it deals massive damage (as in 60+). Be weary of the pink, bi-pedal mechs that shoot fire. That is an instant kill on you.

Currently working out better strats for Ben and Ed. I managed to defeat Ben after 2 cycles. Not too bad, seeing as how it was done with zero sword tech's. Really missing the ultimate tech right now. Sad

EDIT: In the case of Ben, it's seems 100% possible to pop him with 3 counter hits. One from the shurikens, one from the first axe he throws and one from the third. The timing for the counter on the axes is a little tricky. Too soon after it hits and the counter fails, too late and you just do a spin attack. Once I've practiced it a little more, I'll more than likely record a video showing what to do.

EDIT2: Well, it seems Ben may be invincible to a 3rd counter attack. I'll test it out some more, it could just be that he's pushing me out of range with his attacks, but it's guaranteed for 2 counters to actually hit. Coupled with jumping Lumina strikes, he is easily beatable within 2 cycles, especially if you get lucky enough to follow his pattern as he's laying bombs, you're able to score some extra hits. With the current strat, you can get Ben down to half-health before he has a chance to take off and lay bombs for a second time.

Well, here's a fail recording. I managed to fudge up Ben fairly well, Ed was so-so...and I didn't make it much further after that.
Procrastination Nation!
I think the strats are great!

Sorry that I wasn't too active.  I've gotten over a huge project hump so I have a bit more spare time.

I think the ben strats look good.  I never had a specific one since I had all the minku's when I face him. not having SSTT or STST can be annoying, but I think the counter strike is incredibly strong.

Could jump Triangle deal more consistent damage to Ed?  It seems to have pretty quick recovery but I just don't know.
Ah, Ed is the finicky one of the bunch. If you strike him with just Lumina, no matter if you're grounded or airbourne, it negates any more strikes after that. Which is why you see me hit with Fusion 2 or 3 times before hitting with Lumina.

I spent a lot of time on Ben and figuring out how to deal massive damage. Deadsticks coined the counter attack for me, but I doubt he knew about being able to use it more than once in one cycle. Ed, I'll have to put some time into Ed to see if there's a faster way to build up damage. If not, he'll be the douche of the Leaders Force. I'm actually wondering if there's a way to pop the counter attack on Ed, but none of his attacks are physical, they're all fire based.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2012-11-22 12:05:51 pm
This isn't dead! I've been streaming my runs of this game lately and once the festivities are over for the day, I'll be streaming a SS attempt later on. :3

Last time I streamed a SS attempt, I made it to the Ant Queen...though she ended up killing me due to no healing items.
Procrastination Nation!
I was about to come visit this thread and bump it/ask how the progress is going but I see I don't have too!

Let me know when you're streaming.  Also could you used own3d if possible?  The internet where I'm at blocks ports so I can't actually watch twitch streams =(
I think it's a possibility that I could. Does SRL have a team on that site? I somehow managed to be invited to their team on Twitch.
As much as it pains me to say this, I went ahead and ordered Samurai Legend from ebay. Figure I'll throw my time into that once I get finished with BFM.

Lucky enough for me, it was only $6.95 with free shipping. lol
Procrastination Nation!
Awesome! Unfortunately, I know nothing about Samurai Legend at all beyond that it's on Ps2.

How is the BFM run going?
I haven't played Samurai Legend in it should be fun learning and finding things for myself. I don't think it's a game that has had many run attempts for it, so unlike BFM, I'll be flying blind.

BFM is going okay at best. Haven't really been running it the passed week, mostly because I finally got a job. Though I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday, so I'll more than definitely devote some time to running it.

I've gotten too caught up in SRL stuff. I need to just record a solid run and get it submitted/verified here, then worry about SRL. It pisses me off that Deadsticks still has the "record" for it. lol
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2012-12-10 07:12:31 am
Since it's inevitable, should we discuss briefly about what would be included for a 100% run of BFM?

About the only things I can think of that would even qualify would be saving everyone, all Legendary items and all Minkus/Berries. Maybe even the optional Minku Mother fight?

EDIT: Ah, all techniques as well.
Well, I finally managed to finish a SS run of BFM. Real time was 4:01:20, in-game was 3:38. Lots of improving to do, such as not dying 6 times in Chapter 6, among other things.

Run was not recorded for SDA, but the stream can be found here:

So glad I finally finished a full run of this (even if it was just to fill splits). I will probably run it again today at some point to improve on my time.
Happy to see progress on this! Looking forward to the completed run!
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Phoenix3568: 2013-01-17 05:25:38 pm
Procrastination Nation!
Watched the stream:

I really liked the run.  I think the route is good, and there are some minor skips (especially in the restaurant area) which were awesome!

I noticed you saying something about the topo battle.  The note combination is the same every time.

Song 1: Square, Triangle, O, X, Square, Triangle, X, O, Square, Triangle, O,
X, Square, Triangle, O, X, Square.                                         
Song 2: X, O, Triangle, Square, X, O, Triangle, O, X, O, Triangle, Square, X,
X, O, O, Square.                                                         
Song 3: X, Triangle, O, Square, X, Triangle, O, X, X, Triangle, O, Square, X,
X, Triangle, Triangle, Square.

Other than execution errors I think it's going really well!  I'm hoping I can watch your stream at some point but I have to see if my apt will be kind enough to open the correct ports =P

Also, are you running on psx or ps2?  Ps2 has less lag I think.
He pretty much destroyed the record today, getting a 3:50 something realtime and I believe 3:18 in game time.

The game seemed to lag a lot to me, but, considering that the in game time was 48 minutes faster (and unchanged by lag) than SDA's 31 segment run, I doubt that it's making any difference at all.  If anything, less lag makes it harder to run a game that uses in-game timer.

Either way, great run earlier and hopefully he won't die again and can do a deathless Single Segment.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-01-19 10:40:01 am
Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-01-19 10:38:06 am
There is some in-game slowdown at several points through-out the game unfortunately. A particular PSX emulator actually gets rid of that in-game slowdown, but also isn't eligible for official runs.

I'm running on the PS2, with fast load times enabled, I think. Something I'll need to double check before my next stream, which may or may not be at some point today. Depends on when I get home from car shopping with a relative.

SS Deathless is going to happen. Now that I've been actually completing runs, I've been getting the much needed practice of full runs. I got tripped up last night due to Dark Lumina Part 2 trollin' the fuck out of me, but also found the perfect strat to use against him. Technically speaking, since I save an extra person in my route, I could save the Knight that teaches you the Rumporoni-SP technique, thus making Part 2 cake. Though I'm going to stick to my "tech-less" run, as I think it adds a dash of bad-assery to it.

Also, would my run be considered Any% or Low%? I want to start implementing either or into my stream titles. BFM Any/Low%, Tech-less. Yeah...I like the sound of that. Tongue

Once I've had my fill of streaming, I'll sit down and start record attempts for SDA. Deadsticks, if you're reading this, consider your "record" garbage and no longer acceptable. :3
Procrastination Nation!
I'd definitely chalk this up to low%, as you're getting ONLY the required items/people to progress in the game.

If you wanted to talk about 100%, I think ti'd be annoying considering you'd have to get ALL the toys (which require multiple playthroughs) as well as all the minkus, mother minku, seals, and sealed characters, abilities, etc.  Besides the extra playthroughs it wouldn't take too much extra time, but it would be much lopnger.
He's not doing low% because he gets an extra person and an extra equipped item, but, he's very close to low%.  it's still any%, there are very few games where, low/100% are the same as any%, and this one just happens to be very close.  He saves a bunch of time getting extra BP by saving an extra person and the extra equipped item helps later in the game.
Weegee Time
I feel like all toys on the 100% definition only adds an extra layer of complexity and a huge time-sink without adding true value to the run.  I'd recommend striking it from the list unless completing the collection unlocks something specific.  I never did it myself and I can't remember reading about it anywhere.