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Willing to teach you the impossible
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Koffingrockz: 2015-01-03 06:09:01 pm
A really groovy guy
Red Falcon strat:
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Koffingrockz: 2014-06-16 10:09:06 am
A really groovy guy
I got a 13:20 just now… I missed a jump in area 5 again LOL plus i got a stupid spawn in area 7 that cost like 4 seconds maybe 5.  Here's the video On NES with NES controller
Willing to teach you the impossible
Great stuff, keep bringing that time down.Your gunna make me play this again *evil glare*
LOL my all around first run using real US Nes system & Nes controlls.

Estimate completion  time: 14:55 using SDA time rules.

I have video but i think there is not sense post it because this is much more worse looking than my PAL/wii run up in SDA. (16:44 which equal something like sub 14 time turn to NTSC timer)

This run took me one reset to make, though i practice a lot up increase my super rusty skills. I also death once level 1, but somereason didn´t care reset.

Yeah i got this game my NES some days ago. I might post video when i´ll got beat somewhat decent run. But yeah i got sub 15 minutes with my 2nd attempt. Its not totally crap starting.
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MASTER-88: 2014-07-10 07:52:12 am
14:27 any-% deathless. Using real NES & NES controlls.

This run went very okay. Its take 1 hour & 30 minutes recorded. I still play quite safety. Especially level 7 which is probbaly most shit level entire Contra series. I really hate level 7 and i reallly mean i hate everysingle things with this level especially spider pods. Mostly i wanted got survive alive through this level. Usually if i got anymore risk  Area 7 i´ll die over and over and over.

But at this point first deathless NTSC version run and not even very bad looking elsewhere than level 7.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Hold the shoot button when using F. You get a charged shot that kills almost all turrets with one shot. This will help your stage 1 a bit.

Good to see more players. This game is much easier than Contra. Gl to all who join.
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MASTER-88: 2014-07-12 11:39:13 pm
Thanks update Heidrage. I actually never are understand how this F gun charge actually work. Sometimes you just caused more damage than sometimes. This is some time save Area 1.

2nd weirdenss is boss level 7. Did you can damaged it only when his mouth is open? My avarage fight went 5 round and good fight go in 4 round. I find jump method better here, without jumps my fight coming 5-6 round. I see Heidrage did area 7 boss fast 3 round without jumps its doesn´t work me very well.

This game is much easier than Contra.

I think this game is harder than Contra. But my elbow like more this game than Contra. Im not need care this spread rhythm. Low-% category is totally hell with this game. Thanks level 7 pods & level 8. Low-% is actually pretty easy on Contra when you know what you are doing.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Stage 7 boss can only be damaged when mouth is open. I position myself so that two streams of my spread land hits. I think it is a two pixel window to be able to do it. When in that position jumping only makes it less effective because it causes bullets to miss. Next best is stand in center and jump when mouth opens. You will get 4-5 rounds this way.

Yes, low% is just stupid hard. But if you can play it well (not great) then it makes any% way easy
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Koffingrockz: 2014-08-26 04:40:16 pm
A really groovy guy
I have done testing on the area 7 boss and if you can jump and maintain rhythm you can usually always get at least a 3 cycle. I want to say I've gotten a 2 cycle like twice ever in practice but it's crazy hard. I believe I get a 3 cycle in my pb. By the way can you add the link to my run on the leader board?
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I'm getting back into Contra for a run I'm doing at my meetup in October, and to hopefully get Sub 10:30 - after that I REALLY want to sit down and actually learn Super C, it's a great game for me to play in between other runs and it's more Contra for fuck's sake!
Congrats to zzDazzlezz on a 13:16!
Willing to teach you the impossible
Quote from cwolf20:
Congrats to zzDazzlezz on a 13:16!

Nice to see others playing. Grats on your time Dazzle.
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Koffingrockz: 2015-01-03 06:09:46 pm
A really groovy guy
Oh boy now I really need to do some runs! Too bad I broke my only controller Sad
Glad to see this game get so much better! Maybe one day we'll see sub 13:10 Smiley
Willing to teach you the impossible
Could someone break zzDAZZLEzz's hands please, his 13:09 is making me come back...
sub 13 when?
May as well throw this out there.  Got a 14:17 this morning.  Was real conservative on stages 7 & 8, but I'm pretty happy with this run.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Need to revisit Low%. See y'all soon
Super C speedrun in

Stopwatch show 13:59.4x and screen timer seems little bit higher 13:59. Its seems i did sub 14 minutes run. That also was great 28 seconds improvement over my previous 2014 record run and its also beat Jim Hanson first SDA run with 7 seconds. 5 hours console recorded attempts in this morning and two hour in last night.  I still plan imrpove that yet, because i was way too nervous when i enter level 8 and got good pace like this. Level 8 kill me two previous run and that really make my throw my NES controlls to wall few times. So i really make several minor errors and some cautions here. My hands shake too much.

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MASTER-88: 2021-03-19 06:36:13 pm
Just always think why i cannot make first boss quick i did my PAL run 2009. I did check out that target. That located different places. I think pictures will tell it.

I fuck lost it
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MASTER-88: 2021-03-19 06:48:29 pm
Thats is very hard to find. I personally got find it when i attempt Super-C & trying compared my Probotector run. I just wonder? Did i am lost my speed or WTF. Just check out target place and its explain all. Here might be other version differences too, but not just founded it. I personally working Super C right now. But my PAL run is pretty good guide.

Super C in 13:52

13:52.3x estimate.  7 seconds improvement over previous run. That was very good run expect super rude green rock part level 7. It cost 5 seconds time here. Though i save 4-5 seconds time back when i did 3 round boss fight. Otherwise this run was just riskier than previous. Just riskier level 7 & 8. Few little mistakes levels 4 & 5.

With better green rock room this run could be easily sub 13:50.
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MASTER-88: 2021-03-23 03:42:37 pm
MASTER-88: 2021-03-23 11:43:04 am
Okay we going faster.

Super C in 13:46

13:46.7x estimate. Its some 5 & half seconds improvement over previous record. Like my two previous record this is deathless and glitchless run too. That contains my best level 7 green rock part ever. Its first time ever i did this with 8 jumps. Last time its take 11 jumps. Avarage good is 9-10 jumps. Biggest time lost happen level 7 boss. I did miss 3 round quick kill. Thats not my fault, because i have to make dodge one purple enemy and its ruin my spread rhythm, but got very quick 4 round fight. Estimate lost 3-4 seconds time with this.

Some minor mistakes level 2 and some bad lag controlls level 3. My intention is use spread against last boss. I know this flame quick kill is few seconds faster, but its also randomly like kill me some 50-75% of the time, so im not really care make it good run like this.

Jim Hanson Legendary SDA first WR run 14:06 could be founded here. This is 14 years old one.

I trying find Frezyman 13:26, but cannot find link about it.

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MASTER-88: 2021-03-25 06:58:09 am
My all around first low-% speedrun in 16:53 (3 unintention deaths) (only level 8 death cost time)

-That time was surprisely good. First SDA deathless run ended 16:32. My time is very low 16:53 or very high 16:52. 20 seconds time lost.
-I wanted make this less deaths i can. I aim deathless, but 3 deaths was pretty nice.
-This category is also faster if you used heavy amount death abuse.
-In future i might aim just attempt deathless run, but if i going to death before level 7 pods, i´ll going use heavy death abuse run and its will be much faster at least in alien pods in level 7.

Here is link SDA all around first low-% WR speedrun by Croc Doc