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Willing to teach you the impossible
Stealing Blat's format with a few edits.
Post your best times here! Linking your stream and a recording of the run is optional but appreciated (Twitch or Youtube preferred).

Please include if you are playing on console or emulator. If emulator, specify the emulator (including version) you are using and if you are playing with a keyboard or a controller/game pad. Runs using turbo fire are considered a separate category.

Strategies and explanations, including video breakdowns of glitches and mechanics: Coming soon

IRC channel for all Contra games: #Contra at (web version:
The channel has a bot that notifies you every time someone starts streaming a Contra game on Twitch. You can also ask it for the record on a specific game (this includes Super C).

Notes about this board:
1: Valid categories are Any%, Low%, Any% w/turbo, Low% w/turbo. If the community can validate another category, it will be added.
2: Console and emulators will be on the same board.
3: There are minor/no differences between U and J versions, so there is no need for separation. PAL versions will be though.

13:09 by zzDazzlezz (NES/original controller)
13:16 by Heidrage (NES/original controller)
13:20 by Koffingrockz (NES/original controller)
14:46 by DJS (VC/PS2 controller)
14:06 by Vugmer (NES/original controller)
14:17 by Slaughterhouserock
14:27 by MASTER-88 (NES/original controller)
15:12 by HawkeyeWii(???/???)
17:09 by Deuceler (NES/original controller)
18:03 by Caracarn (NES/original controller)
21:03 by infinitemystery (NES/original controller)

Low% (no items) NTSC
14:21 by Heidrage (NES/original controller)
14:30 by Koffingrockz (3DS VC/3DS)

Any% PAL
16:44 by Master-88 (console/???)
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Willing to teach you the impossible
Beginner Player Tips
1: DONT TOUCH THAT RESET BUTTON!!! Play the game, that simple. If you die, keep going. If you game over, continue. If you cant, try again. DO NOT TOUCH THAT RESET BUTTON!!!
Explanation: Getting in general game play of the entire game will naturally teach you some of the games habits such as spawn locations and weapon pod locations and what is in them. You will learn what weapons are good and bad. You will also learn what weapons are good for some locations and bad in others.

2: Play with that life code. Extra lives > more game time > more experience. I honestly dont know it though and dont want to look it up. If someone else does, I will edit it in.

Quote from Deuceler:
Super C Konami code is right left down up a&b (R,L,D,U,A&B)

I don't know if that means push A+B, or A then B ? Either way there ya go

... That is about it. I recommend staying at this level until you can 1cc the game at least 75% of your playthroughs.

Skilled Player Tips
1: DONT TOUCH THAT RESET BUTTON!!! Play the game, that simple. If you die, keep going. If you game over, continue. If you cant, try again. DO NOT TOUCH THAT RESET BUTTON!!!
Explanation: This still applies. The more you play, the more you will notice the really really small things. If you are at this point, I am sure you are already looking for visual cues. Good stuff. You will find that this game had more audio cues than visual though. Start paying attention to the music during all points of each stage as you get a moment of down time (like when a stage gives you a short break from spawn, yes is does give breaks at consistent spots in each stage).

2: Experiment with your weapons. Know how they work. How many shots you can have on screen, what weapons are best WITHOUT the "R" upgrade. learn the best way to kill things with each weapon. My only warning about weapons is DO NOT TAKE FIRE INTO THE SLIME IN STAGE 7!!! If you try this once, you will know why.

I recommend staying at this level until you can beat the game with 2-3 deaths in 75% of your playthroughs.

Note: Any% players that do not die end the game with ~12 lives. This game is VERY generous with free lives (first at 30k then every 20k there after)

Advanced Player Tips
1: DONT TOUCH THAT RESET BUTTON!!! Play the game, that simple. If you die, keep going. If you game over, continue. If you cant, try again. DO NOT TOUCH THAT RESET BUTTON!!!
Explanation: Now that you know both visual and audio cues, start stringing them together. You will be amazed at what you can predict.

2: Start playing Low%. Play until you are able to 1cc the game at under 15:45. Then hop back into Any% and behold what is called easy mode. If you want Any% to be easier, play more Low%. Mayor K can attest to this. I believe he went from barley able to 1cc to deathless on his first attempt. I cant tell you how much easier this game becomes once you are comfortable with low%.
Explanation: The timings and bullet control that is learned from Low% just flat out breaks the game. Like really really bad.

I recommend staying at this level until YOU feel the need to move on. Move on when you are ready, not when others say you are ready.

Breaking the Current Best Time
1: Make love to your reset button. It is your best and only friend in your efforts. It will never hide from you and it is not rare like the spread gun. It will love you the more you love it ♥♥♥♥♥♥

2: Start playing around with your hit box. How close can you be to a bullet without dieing? This is VITAL for the top down stages. You can almost walk on some things in them stages. But it also helps in making fast choices when dodging or wondering if you can jump into that bullet and not die...


This is something for everyone. Play at your pace. Speed comes naturally, you dont need to look at a tas, any youtube videos, or my runs for strats to get into the "top tier" times I posted above. If you are having an serous issue with a section of the game, then yes go get a reference, if still having issues then the community WILL help you. But we cant help if we dont know you need the help. I say to do things in this order because I feel it will allow you, the player, to see what is going on and attempt to analyze the mechanics first then better yourself by being able to reproduce the results. This is how I do it at least.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Nice Heid! This will be a little less populated than Contra I presume, but nonetheless a great board. My current any% time is 18:36 (console/original controller), as you can tell I got it in a race and have beat this game twice haha. I was hoping to get some runs in when I come home from work.
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Heidrage: 2013-10-28 03:31:11 pm
Willing to teach you the impossible
I hate this game, but I do believe it is a much easier and more fun of a game to speedrun. I would like to see this get more players.

Here are some of my thoughts:
I believe a "top tier" time is around 13:25 for Any% and 15:10 for Low%. Both of them are rather easily obtained. I can see a bunch of people getting into this time range in a rather short amount of time.

The hardest stages in this game to speedrun are hands down stage 1 and 7. Stage 2 can prove difficult at first, 3 can be a choke point for any seasoned player, 4 has no RNG, 5 can be fully manipulated, 6 is purely mouth luck, and 8 might give some people issues. Every thing I just mentioned is from my experience, and anything hard about this game is EASILY removed by just pausing for a fraction of a second (except for the mouths in stage 6).

I will edit the second post with some tips.

Edit: I know it will not get as much love, but I really do believe this will overall get a better following because the game is so much easier (no base stages).
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
That sounds cool. You should put some info on the death glitch for stage 8 as well! I can agree with this game being much easier to run, it's far more forgiving from what I've seen. I'm hoping to get my time down to sub 14 fairly quickly, and maybe even push to overthrow you at some point :D.

I think people veer away from this because it has a lot less nostalgia factor then the original, and casually it's a tough go. Have you done any co-op runs in this yet?
Willing to teach you the impossible
Mayor K has not submitted them yet, but yes we have a coop run for this game. K is still trying to convince me into a low% coop run.
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Deuceler: 2013-10-28 03:39:53 pm
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Low% coop?? ugh....... That would be pretty cool though, maybe I can get Mexican Runner to do some as well and we can race.......

Edit: Yes, that would be TMR and I racing Mayor K and you haha
Quote from Heidrage:
I hate this game

Love this remark.

I'll get some times and let you know.  Maybe...

And do the low% Heid!  We did...
A really groovy guy
So today I had my 13:40… Unfortunately my run was not recorded because I do not have a capture card. I will however, be recording runs on my iPod since it is all i unfortunately have to record my time.  My run was on 3DS VC due to convenience of being able to practice with save states.  I also had a 16:20 in low% which was also not recorded.
A really groovy guy
I can't wait to see Mr. K's time. I'm sure his time will make me look like a noob XP
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Well, 13:16 by Heidrage is current WR Koffing, so you aren't that far off! Playing a NES game on 3DS and recording it on iPod......fucking technology.......
Willing to teach you the impossible
Ok, this got more replies than I was expecting in the time it took for me to get the second post made up.

13:40 is amazing. Dont sell yourself short.
A really groovy guy
Yea if i ever record runs I'd like it to be on an actual TV rather than 3DS...
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Heidrage: 2013-10-28 04:24:01 pm
Willing to teach you the impossible
Quote from Working DK:
And do the low% Heid!  We did...

Contra is not Super C

Edit: Your first post was here? Super C love
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Deuceler: 2013-10-28 04:27:01 pm
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Heid the Konami code is up up down down left right left right b a start (U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,B,A,Start)

Edit: Super C Konami code is right left down up a&b (R,L,D,U,A&B)

I don't know if that means push A+B, or A then B ? Either way there ya go
Willing to teach you the impossible
It was changed in super c, i think it is down up right left b a or something like that.
A really groovy guy
My goal was 13:30 so I'm probably nowhere near done with Super C… So I will eventually have a recorded run.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Btw, my motivation for making this thread was a Youtube pm from Koffingrockz telling me about his 13:40
A really groovy guy
My only struggling section now is the area 4 boss if I wimp out, and the last half of area 7 including the boss. I routed the scorpion section the other day but I feel like the rate they spawn is on a global timer,  Is that true?  I don't want to have bad luck with the third purple mouth then mess up the timing of the scorpions and be able to not predict the outcome
A really groovy guy
Oh sweet you got it.  Thanks for trusting me that I got the time.  I kinda had a feeling people wouldn't believe me tbh
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
It appears to me the face huggers are on a proximity timer in the sense they don't activate until you step on their platform, and then possibly a global timer after that. I've found it way easier to just barge that section, in the limited time I have done it
A really groovy guy
i was thinking about that too deuceler.  I think I'm going to start going for the area 8 glitch every run now since I didn't go for it in my run
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I always say, "It's called SPEED running, not SAFE running"
A really groovy guy
yea i had never had a run so good up to area 8 tho…
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Heidrage: 2013-10-28 04:35:23 pm
Willing to teach you the impossible
As far as I know they are on a global timer, but dont start until they are high enough on the screen.

You have been very avid in asking me stuff in YT, and keeping up with the conference and such. I am glad I got you to get in on this thread though.

Also, I recommend anyone to use my skill level chart in the second post.