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The short answer to it is that it's random.  You have to kill the right tank on a "lucky" frame where the game doesn't check the left tank's status properly and lets you move forward anyway.  Your odds of getting it right are 1/128.  You can know when you get it if you have some experience with it and positioning for it, but trying to get it on purpose is kind of ridiculous.  The good people at TAS videos did some work on this.  Here is an overly technical explanation:

Quote from AnS:
Interesting, it seems like programming oversight.

Basically, this right tank is doing "death cleanup" twice, because left tank shoots at the moment. As far as I understand, this game is programmed so that only one tank can switch its status during single frame. This is probably made to avoid lag, because initialization of new objects (bullets) may take considerable amount of CPU cycles, so it's better to distribute them to different frames.


At 0x9F there's tank_counter that must be zeroed to allow scrolling again.
At 0x668-0x675 there's array of statuses (up to 14 objects on screen).
At 0x6E6-0x6F3 there's array of animation_timers (measured in frames).

Every tank enemy has following statuses:

01 - just created, increase tank_counter and switch status to 02
02 - intro, scroll screen closer, then switch status to 03

03 - wait for animation_timer to expire (btw, it's 96 frames), when it becomes 0 - then switch status to 04
04 - shoot -way projectiles, wait 9 frames, then switch status to 03 (so this is infinite loop)

When player nullifies tank's HP, the enemy is forced to switch status to 05 (making break from infinite loop).

05 - init explosions timer, switch status to 06
06 - show explosions for some time, then switch status to 07
07 - decrease tank_counter, then switch status to 08 (if possible)
08 - finish stuff, free memory

So, what it means for you, well, the only way to recreate this bug is to finish right tank at the very specific frame. […] There are two lucky frames within every 105 frames (one when tank switches from 03 to 04, and another one when it switches from 04 to 03).

Yes, and other enemies don't affect this bug.
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Ran a 17:09 on the 16th (console of course) - no video until I get that shit time down haha
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I'm going to pick this game up and put Contra aside for a little while, looking forward to getting into the Sub-14 area soon. Wish me luck
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Koffingrockz: 2013-12-02 01:13:24 pm
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Oh nice Deuceler! I should be getting a cart by Christmas so I may start doing "wr attempts" (For youtube because I have no way to stream) soon.  But my goal is to get sub 13:20 now.
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Awesome Koff! GL with that. Also, if you need help with streaming or anything let me know - or you can always check the "tech help" thread Cheesy
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Thread updated.

Sorry I was away for a while.

Koffingrockz: Sweet. Unlike Contra, I can pick this game up and get sub 13:25 in one sitting. If you beat my time expect me to fight back. Also, you dont need to stream to submit anything to SDA Wink

Deuceler: Posting a vid allows others to give you feedback. Also, how did you pick your name and how do you properly pronounce it?
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I can agree with that Heid - the only reason I didn't post was because I did a single no-reset run and still PB'd, once I get home (this Wednesday) I will do another run and post it up.

You pronounce my name doos-ler. I got the name from a buddy in middle school (when I first started doing online gaming handles etc.) because I was/am into older hot rods. 32 Ford coupes are commonly referred to as Deuces, and as a joke he started calling me Deuceler and Deucie. I just kind of stuck with it Cheesy
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Haha that would be awesome to be able to play at a super competitive level heid.  I've been playing a lot of link between worlds lately so once I get a time I'm happy with in that I will start playing super c a lot more on cart.  My only problem with the game is just having the guts to go for the area 8 skip. 
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Only saves 3 seconds. Dont need to go for it unless you are trying to push yourself.
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I wanna learn the Alien Lair skip just because it looks awesome and is a cool trick
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3 seconds is huge because I'm 19 off though… Besides I probably wouldn't be happy with a run unless I got it. And Deuceler the glitch isn't too bad once you know when to jump.  The worst part is the RNG with the spawns since you could potentially soft lock the game if you die.
If you're learning Super C this is one of the last things you should learn when optimizing a run.  But here it is!

Also I've been working on a KB page for Super C:
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As always, awesome K!
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I think I'm gonna get a sub 13:20 really soon.  I found something in area 4 (already in your run) that I missed and i can easily save 3 seconds.  I'm about to time your run and get some splits to compare to me
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13:28 on console!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Koffing!  That is a really solid time!
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Exactly how much faster is jumping up/down slopes compared to walking?  I can't remember...
You save roughly 10 frames for every jump you do moving forward on a slope vs moving forward without walking.  I could probably calculate forward movement a little bit better, but that should give you a rough idea.
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Wow i was thinking it was only like 8
I didn't know this forum existed. That's awesome! Better to submit my time later rather than never. I have no idea what was up with my splits that day. Like the times wouldn't change until I hit the split button, but here is my fastest recorded time:
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Whoa! Hawkeyewii still has a Twitch page! Kappa

Good to see you are still alive and out there man, can we expect some Super C soon? Also, I noticed a severe lack in racing of this game and with Heid doing some Low% very recently and others showing interest, maybe we could do some races in the near future?
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Heidrage: 2014-04-09 09:08:26 pm
Heidrage: 2014-04-09 08:54:27 pm
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Low% in response to bboyvenum getting a 14:30 in low% a few days ago.

Frame 25900 (0:14:21.913) [K]

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13:24 Too bad I died to rng in area 8 Sad
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Small timesaver in area 3: im gonna hate myself for finding this