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I would like to be added to the SDA team:
i stream GTA SA speed runs
Please can you add me to the team, i have been speed running for about half a year now on twitch:
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I would like to be added to the SDA team if at all possible. I currently run Contra (Any% and Low%),  Super Mario World (multiple categories), FFIV (Single Segment), Mega Man X (100%),  Link's Awakening DX ( Any% No S+Q), and I race frequently. My stream consists of speedrunning practice/runs and perhaps once every 3 months a co-op stream with a friend of mine.

Thanks for the consideration
I would like to be added to the team page, I have submitted an A Link to the Past run a few days ago which I hope will get accepted. I stream speedruns of this game, and I stream pretty often. I'm going to start working to get a good 100% time which I probably will submit later on aswell.
Stream found here:
Hello guys! My name is Thyias 21 years old streamer from Germany. I mainly speedrun old SNES games like Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana and Terranigma and Lufia II. I am also planning to learn Alttp any% and other great games on SNES. I used to have the SoE 100% WR for a short period of time (before it became broken down by TheAngryPanda Cheesy . I try to stream as often as possible to achive new PBs. REcently i have been working on Secret of Mana any% 1p 2c and Lufia II. I already made a application some month ago, but nevertheless even if i dont post here in the forum, cause my theoretical knowleadge of these games arent that huge. I would appreciate to become part of the SDA community and i will definitly submit runs if they get close to WR or even beat WR.

Even though i am no part of the SDA Twitch team, i got the banner on my Twitch page, cause i feel beeing part of the community anyway.

Greetings Thyias Smiley
I would like to be in the SDA team. I just finished a  single-sement run (kinda) of FF9. Not a great time, but it was fun running it. I also ran Pokemon Blue some times back.  I'll be learning Kingdom Hearts this time.

My twitch account is:
I would like to be added to the SDA team page, I speedrun quite a variety of games regularily: Pokepark Wii, Pokepark 2, Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Zoids: Battle Legends.

As soon as I get a better capture card I will start working on SDA submission worthy runs of some of games (both Pokepark games and Zoids).

Twitch page:
Giving this a try. I am not much of a poster on here but I do lurk quite a bit. Also I lurk reddit and other soical media outlets.

Twitch page:
I lost mine
Been a few months since I asked before and became more active now that my schedule has opened up. Picked up tomb raider 2013 recently.
My twitch:
Edit history:
Furious Paul: 2014-02-04 12:16:03 pm
Being apart of the team sounds nice!  I have been doing active WR speed running attempts through Castlevania 2 lately.  Im most well known in the past for the insane speed runs done through World of Warcraft (under the name Joana), and have been speed running games since I was a baby lol.
If possible I would like to request if I could join the team.

A long time speedrunner since over a year ago, and lurker of SDA since 2011 (now registered of course over six months ago after being somewhat lazy). I also participate in community marathons and have been an active streamer for quite awhile. Rarely do I do anything casual my focus has always been speedrunning and racing. I actively read threads and topics here and post when I have something to add.

I have been speedrunning Wario World for a year both any% and 100% (I want to submit 100% in Wario World some day), along side of Virtual Boy Wario Land, Wario Land II, Luigi's Mansion, Final Fantasy IV (Still learning the other half of this game, have gotten up to Golbez), Super Mario Brothers 3 (any% warpless when I can). I want to get into a few other games, such as Wario Land III any%.


Appreciate your consideration. Thanks Smiley
Head Nerd In Charge
I'd like to be added as well - tripwirestixx on SpeedRunsLive, FrankieFrameSkip everywhere else, I've been running since the Ustream days! Currently working on FFVI and Mega Man X Buster Only Low %. It'd be cool to be part of the crew!
Banned User
i'd like to be added myself, i visit the SDA irc channel every so often. a lot of my favorite people are from SDA, and well I speedrun as well.
I currently do SM 64 16 Star, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, & F-Zero GX.

Will be doing some Skyrim Any% in the future, maybe some Tetris Attack, as well as Yoshi's Story (Melons %) [Have no ETA when I'll be starting those though.]

Would appreciate being added. Smiley
Jorfin around
Suppose I should join the club
Edit history:
Auddy07: 2013-12-31 11:12:05 pm
I'd like to participate!  One of my RE4 runs is being verified right now for SDA.

I run RE4 on gamecube right here!
I would like to join SDA twitchTV team page.I only stream speedruns or speedrun practice.I speedrun FFX-2 and FF7 Smiley
Hi! I'm already part of SRL twitch team but I'd also like to join the SDA twitch team if that works at all. I stream runs of lots of different games such as quake, tomb raider 2013, super meat boy, I wanna be the boshy, etc. With many more planned.

My twitch is

I recently made a new Twitch username to reflect my SDA username. I was formerly but my new channel will be located at . Could you please add that username to the SDA page?
I would like to be added to the SDA team if its possible, i currently speedrun Super mario 64 16 star and i am planning on learning some other games soon, i nearly stream every day :3
My stream is Http://
Drink Malk.
I wish i saw this a few years ago, where was I? and yeah I'd like to join
I'd love to join the SDA team at the moment i run Ninja Gaiden III looking to learn I and II and some other games as well
Learning to Stream
Quote from Furious Paul:
Being apart of the team sounds nice!  I have been doing active WR speed running attempts:

I wholeheartedly second this! The man's continuing improvements of his WR run and No Death attempts are an absolute marvel!

I am grateful he put a link to a WR twitch recording in the forums so I could be able to watch and click Follow.
Hi there,
I would like to join the SDA team,
I'm active in the forum and I speedrun Deus Ex human revolution as well as going to start soon with Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors cut.
is my twitch channel.
Hope to join the SDA Team. Smiley
best wishes
DXHR runner
My name is PlagueFather, and though I may be new to speed running and the community itself, I'm very active in the game forums that I run and plan on running in the future!
Like Heinki, I'm a Deus Ex: Human Revolution runner, as well as running ALL aspects of the game (Vanilla, The Missing Link DLC, and Director's Cut). I plan on running other games in the future once I'm more confident in DXHR Such as Fallout: New Vegas; Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, and Shadow Warrior! is my stream, and I'm currently NOT streaming during the entire duration of AGDQ (for obvious reasons...the hype is TOO real!) but I will return immediately after with my usual schedule for 2014 :^)

Thanks! --PlagueFather
Hey, I'm Ballistic and I'd also like to join the SDA team, I'm very active in the tomb raider 2013 speedrun forum/running the game. Other games I run are SuperMeatBoy, Pokémon, SuperMarioLand.