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Hey, I'd like to join Smiley

Currently running Final Fantasy X and Bastion
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xenwall: 2013-03-16 09:58:05 pm
I'm interested in joining the team page as well. I've been lurking SDA for years now and have been looking for a game that I can run and have finally settled on the amazing wonderful and generally awful Jurassic Park on the Genesis. I'm doing Emulator tests now, figuring out routing until I can get a Genesis and a capture card. I understand this is the place to post. Thankya!

The Rest Will Flow
Well, whether or not I belong on the team is subjective. I'm usually on when I'm home watching and chatting in SRL/SDA livestreams and if it's not that I'm streaming myself. I haven't been wholly active on the forum as my gaming knowledge is somewhat limited, so I try to keep my posts to what would be helpful or conducive to a topic. I don't know how to get in on the irc chat because I've never actually used irc. I'm sure I'll be on here more often, as I aim to be at least somewhat helpful to the community. So, add me if you feel I can live up to that, I suppose. I'll hopefully be submitting a run within the year or by next year, as far as that qualification goes.
Hello, I would to represent you guys on SDA and join your Team

I play game for the story of it so most games I play is story driven. I certainly on Uncharted 3 but soo doing Assassin's Creed 2. I just become a member here on the forum and it have been very helpful and friendly to me...its such a family of gamers here, Thanks you!!
Don't know if this is the best place to do this but it seems like it is.
I'd actually like to be removed from the team page please. Beings that a majority of my stream isn't speedrunning and I have no real drive to do so nowadays, I figure it's only right to ask for removal Tongue
Quote from AniMeowzerz:
Don't know if this is the best place to do this but it seems like it is.
I'd actually like to be removed from the team page please. Beings that a majority of my stream isn't speedrunning and I have no real drive to do so nowadays, I figure it's only right to ask for removal Tongue

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AniMeowzerz: 2013-03-18 02:03:43 pm
So for future reference, Twitch finally added the ability to remove yourself from a team.
I'll lead myself out the door.
Right here.

... :V
But hey, if anything this is viable information! In the odd event that you want to leave the team, you can do it manually instead of asking puwexil! NEAT
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Anatas1: 2013-03-24 11:46:32 pm
Anatas1: 2013-03-24 11:45:53 pm
Hello, I would like to be added to the SDA team pages I'am learning FF9 and FF7 and i should be doing races threw SRL/SDA pretty soon
I'd like to be part of this as well. I'm pretty new to the community (3 months lol) but I do believe I've made a contribution to the game I'm running so far. In terms of what I'm doing right now, I'm working on improving my current KH2 any% run and submitting it to SDA, as well as continuing onto other projects such as KH2FM afterwards. I also free play random games (right now Final Fantasy IV and KH 358/2 Days), but most of the time when I stream, it's to run games.
I would like to added. I've just set up my streaming account a few days ago but it's now working great. I've been a member of SDA since 2005 and I have 8 runs published on the site. I will pretty much exclusively stream speedrun attempts for several games for the time being mostly F-Zero X, Wipeout 64 and Shadow Man.
Speed Runner
Anatas when your ready to race FF7 let me know not many people have time and I would like to race anytime Cheesy
Speed Runner
I Would Like to be a part of the SDA Team, Ever Since AGDQ 2013 i was pumped to start speedrunning I currently speedrun FF7 and plan to do FF9 FF10 Legend of Dragoon and Vagrant Story, I stream 6 days a week currently doing Single Segment WR attempts on FF7 NO Slots everyday from about 4-5 PST - Finish xD happy hunting!
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Neohart: 2013-04-14 10:39:12 pm
Final Fantasy VII Fanatic
I would like to submit my application to join the SDA Twitch team: (I'll keep it short)

I'm a Final Fantasy VII Speed runner who has only been speed running for a few months. I was inspired, like many others, during "Awesome Games Done Quick 2013." I run the PC (Newly 2012 release) Version of FF7. My channel is consistent on speed running and theory crafting. I'm also quite active on the SDA forums, even though I know little about other games outside of what I run. I'm looking forward to joining the ranks of some of my favorite runners as well as represent this wonderful community. I would also be sharing ideas with others that run the same games I do. I hope you consider my application and I look forward to a response.

I have links to my runs on my Twitch page
Speed Runner
Go Neo! Cheesy
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ZachSK: 2013-04-17 10:50:05 pm
Feudal Family Lord
I'm very actively streaming races and attempts.....
I'd really like to be considered for the team page
Sup SDA Community,

even though i got a "brand new" forum account, i was hanging around here and reading through the forum, watching a lot of people of the community
like MetaSigma, Poxxnor during C4L, and other players. Me personally, as a "young" speedrunner, i guess i belong to this team, as i always try to give
my best, including WR Attemps etc., actual on SoE, but later, ofc. i try other games! If that fits what your looking for, i appreciate to get an invite to the
Team page on Twitch :). For sure i watched ADGQ 2012/2013 and enjoyed that really much!
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Angelmark: 2013-04-21 01:57:46 pm
The Anomaly
I'd like to join the team page if possible, I'm going to start streaming SS attempts of Aliens vs Predator 3 for PC. I already have a fews runs up on this site, and even though I've not been very active during the last year or so, I kinda want to get back into the speedrunning scene.
I might not be very active on the forums (so far), but I'd like to join the team page.
I speedrun Amnesia: The Dark Descent pretty often and I would like to gain some popularity. I speedrun other games like VVVVVV, Zelda OOT and OOT3D. I'm also learning SM64.
Paying for an XSplit License is pretty hard for me so that's why I'd like to gain more popularity: for getting helped by others, and make it valuable.
Here's my channel:
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FearfulFerret: 2013-04-26 12:01:45 am
I'd like to join the team page. I've been streaming speedruns for a couple months, and I've gotten the WR for both Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite, and I'm sure I'll add to my roster of games as time goes on. I've also gotten a few races under my belt, and I've definitely enjoyed speedrunning so far and I'm excited for what comes next!
Racing soap removes 99% of bad lines
I'd like to join the team page as well.  I have been constantly streaming Mario Kart Wii Speedruns attempts and I hope to extend my range to some other Nintendo racing games and others.
Yes, I'm a wizard.
Hey, haven't streamed that much since I've mostly been doing segmented runs of Nox. I'd like to join the team page since I'm going to try some single segment stuff, mostly Nox, maybe other games like Tron 2.0 later.
The only non-speedrunning thing I've streamed are SDA community league (hosted by murphagator) Bloodbowl matches.
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Piston: 2013-09-11 05:09:33 pm
Heh, amateurs...
Hai, I'd love to join the team page. I run a variety of games from a variety of consoles, from Buck Bumble (N64) to Second Sight (PC) to Whiplash (Xbox). Most of my work has gone into Jet Set Radio and Future which is what I stream most often.
Obscure games ftw
I've not asked to be added to the page before due to not streaming that much and when I did with huge technical issues, but lately I've been streaming a fair bit more (it's pretty much all been speedruns the whole time) and with the issues resolved.  It also felt a bit awkward for not having submitted any runs, but now that that's out of the way, being added to the SDA team would be appreciated. Smiley is my stream.
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Sonikkustar: 2013-05-20 11:17:29 am
The Great Farming Empire
Well, Since it's been a while, I would like to give my offer to join the Team Page again. I've now done many verifications during The Big Push as well as doing test runs of several games as a base for people to start with. Right now i'm focused on getting a run of Guardian Heroes to submit to SDA and I am hoping to stream my attempts once I figure out AmaRec.