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Gamer and stitcher
I'm interested in being added, but I'm not sure I qualify quite yet.  I have become an active creator of cross stitch prizes for marathons andI'm somewhat active on the forums, but I've also started doing speedruns on my channel of King's Quest 6 (only once or twice on weekends til this summer when I have more time).  Let me know if I don't qualify yet, I understand.
I've been following SDA and speedrunning in general for a long time. I'm fairly new to streaming my own attempts, so my twitch is nearly unvisited. I would love to be added to the SDA page, I stream on and I'm currently routing Mercenaries on the ps2.
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SwinginFiend: 2013-05-30 06:10:11 pm
Cheese, or something like it
I am not super active in the forums, in fact, they usually intimidate me, because I get lost. I have, however, been following SDA for quite some time. I watch all of the marathons, watch the streamers, and I dabble in speedrunning when I can. I am doing what I can to improve. I mostly try to speedrun NES and SNES games. Currently, I have been working on Mega Man X. If I qualify, my channel is I literally started streaming about 2 days ago, but plan to do it more as I get the time. Thanks!
Hoping to be able to resume streaming sometime soon™. Possibly some more soul blazer, possibly some other random stuff, likely all in remarkable low quality. if you're still adding people to the list.
I asked to be added a while ago but it seems like maybe I was rejected so I would like to ask one more time Smiley

I speedrun Resident Evil 2 and usually go for Claire A World Record attempts when I stream.
could you add me,

from PAListan
I'm a very active Gex Speedrunner and work for Gex64 EtG SDA Runs (be very active in the SDA Gex Thread too and found out many things in this game).
I'll add Gex 3 DCG in the next months and probably other Gex Games in the future.
Should you accept my semi active nature as active enough to be added to the team page I would be most gracious.

I usually stream Eryi's Action and Noitu Love 2
King of the Choads
I may not be too active on the forums, but I have recently been learning the FF6 route off stream. I figure I can start going up more often, and I'd like to be added if at all possible. I've been thinking about focusing more on speedrunning as it is, so I'd be very happy if you'd let me join.
Hey, I'll interested in join the Team SDA.

Currently, I have done speedrunning in Wave Race and 1080°.
It's been a while so I though I'd put forward my interest to be on the team page again. 

I'm currently running/working on : Borderlands 2, Saints Row: The Third, Anodyne and Surgeon Simulator 2013
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bjw: 2013-07-21 04:29:49 am
Hi, I'm also interested in being a part of Team SDA on twitch. I mainly speedrun Mega Man X2 these days, but I've also worked on the Rosenkreuzstilette series in the past as well as a variety of other games. Thanks for your consideration.
Would like to be added to the Twitch page as well. Understand everyone's been busy, and I'm not sure if I posted in a wrong thread or not, lol. Either way, here's my info. Thanks!

Name: Saint Connor
Games: Contra, Super C, and Blasto, and drinking beer while doing so.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-07-30 08:10:11 pm
Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-07-30 08:09:50 pm
Is it possible to be apart of the SRL and SDA Teams? If so, I'd love to be apart of the SDA Team.

My Twitch

90% of the time, I'm running Brave Fencer Musashi. Plan on learning the route to Rue's story in Threads of Fate, while also routing/testing for Musashi: Samurai Legend (someone shoot me for that). I don't really race that often any more, kind of got over it.

^ Can I get added as well? Smiley
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I keep forgetting about the team page ;;
Anyways, I'd like to be added too if possible.
Get over here!
Hey could I be added to the team page?
I finally figured out my OBS setup and started off with a Amnesia run.
Hey I have been a part of the community for a little less than a year now (speed run community not specifically SDA community).  Been a watcher of many speed runs in general and a fan of many different runners out there.  I have been doing runs myself for I think 5 months now?  Currently I am an extremely active runner (Currently stream and do runs every day for at least 5 hours).  I was somewhat ignorant to the fact how much this forum was used so it took me a while to make an account.  If I need to show my activity around these forums specifically some more it is no problem and am willing to continue contributing to this community, but thought I'd make a post.  Currently I am on a huge Kingdom Hearts 2 grind to get a good time.
Heh, amateurs...
So I was messing around with my team settings, sorting out primary and such then someone managed to remove myself from SDA. ~_~

Can you help me out?
Totally Radical Awesome Game
I've been waiting for my TRAG run to get published before I asked to be a part of the team.
That has happened now, so can I be a part of the team Tongue ?
The bigger, the better.

I'm making runs of D&D: Shadow over mystara on the PC port and I would like to be added so people can see how bad I am and tell me how to improve. Near the end of this year I'm getting a capture card and I intend to play it on the PS3 version as well.
We both like money! Friends?
I run Braid (#2 in the world atm) and sometimes some other random games. (Heroes III and Terminal Velocity). Add me please Smiley

I did the Braid run in ESA 2013.

Plan on starting to stream some more turbografx runs.
I would like to be added! I have a run on SDA.
I'm interested in joining the team page. At the moment I'm working on Super Punch-Out, and have multiple times on the site. I also run Mega Man X games, mainly X1.