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Segment 12:

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Segment 13:

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Segment 14:

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Segment 15:

Nice going. It looks pretty good so far and has some nice strategies. Any idea on what time you'll end up with for this attempt? Will you be using this as a prototype run (sorry couldn't resist :)) then working on improving it, or is it just to showcase strategies and set a benchmark for others attempting this run?

Looking forward to seeing more segments.
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Well so far, my PB is 2:27:35 for the new game any% category. I do hope that I can beat that with the run I officially submit. These videos are something for people to go by if they want to run it or if they see something wrong with the overall strategy, they can let me know.
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So, for anyone that has been curious, the reason that I stopped working on these videos was because I was ending my college semester and had a lot on my plate. But the semester ended a couple weeks ago, and I've been back on the Prototype speedrunning horse. I have finished recording my Strategy videos and have uploaded them to youtube. Here's the link to the playlist:

Please look them over and give me feedback. I'll be practicing some more and barring some unseen catastrophe, I should be getting a run ready to submit in a week or two.
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Stormknight: 2013-06-18 01:59:06 pm
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Hey, I have some new information for this game:

1. In the segment In the Web, there is a way to end the mission quicker. First off, you have to be in disguise, not as Alex. Then, after you destroy the last detector and before the cutscene plays, jump off of the building it was on and get as much distance as you can. After the cutscene ends, the game will automatically switch your disguise back to Alex. If you managed to get enough distance (and have a little bit of luck), when the cutscene ends, you'll end the alert automatically and end the mission. It will save you from having to run away from the military.
2. In the segment Men Like Gods, there is also a way to end the mission quicker. After you take out the last wave of soldiers in the base, make sure that you are Alex. When the game puts you outside of the base, run straight towards the brick building and charge up a jump. Run up the building, then right before you get to the top, jump and then airdash/glide/airdash immediately. Then you switch disguises when it gives you the prompt. What is happening is that by getting that high up in the air, you are skipping the loading zone for the military on the other half of the base, giving you an opportunity to switch disguise and end the alert very fast.

That's it for new gameplay information. I've also been thinking of some categories for this game, to give it some more depth. Here's is what I thought could be used:

Segmented new game
Single segment new game (with savewarping)
Single segment new game (without savewarping)

Each of these can also have a different category for new game plus. There could also be a difference with difficulties, but I haven't really played them often enough to know.

Also, I just got a time of 2:36:41 for single segment new game with savewarping.

Well, that is all I have for now. 
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Been doing some routing for a new game + run. Here is what I have found so far:

General Information

1. Make sure you have all the upgrades before you start a new game+ run. You end up using a lot of them.
2. You can do quicker hijacks of tanks and helicopters on a new game +. I think it's because of the upgrades you get for both of them. Anyway, hijacking time is roughly halved.
3. With the Critical Mass upgrades, segments where you use devastators get much easier because you can use them more.
4. Movement stays the same, except you can use the short hop double dash all the time now.
5. It is not possible to use tanks or helicopters early until you do The Wheels of Chance and Biological Imperative respectively. This is very annoying, but there isn't much that can be done.

Ok now for the route. For the majority of the game, the route will stay the same as in a regular new game. The exceptions to that rule will be noted.

Prologue/Rescuing Dana
When you go to the top of the building to fight the helicopters, use one of the ACs to destroy one helicopter, then charged flying kick the other.

Behind the Glass
In the base with the hunters, after you kill the first one, use tendril barrage to take out the next two waves. Then equip Musclemass and use Cannonball to destroy the fuel tanks.

A New Order
Use the Blade Air Slice to destroy the water towers. The technique I found was after you start to drop down after you fully charge the air slice, hold down the jump button. Then after you hit the tower and hit the tower base, release the jump button and move in the direction with the most material. This is a little tricky, but it can be done.

In the Web
Equip Musclemass and use charged flying kicks on the detectors. Don't bother with switching disguises.

Specialist Fight
Start the fight with equipping Whipfist, then hit him with Critical Pain. Then, when he comes down from the ceiling again, hit him with Critical Pain, then use whipfist until he calls for backup. Then (can you guess what happens next), hit him with Critical Pain again and Whipfist until he's dead.

The Stolen Body
The Bulletdive Drop can kill off the weaker infected very quickly. But, you have to jump high enough in the air to give it a decent effective radius. Also, it can do a significant amount of damage to the lab wall. So, be careful with it.

First and Last Things
For the first leader hunter you fight, use Blade Air Slice first, then finish him with Whipfist. Then, when you fight the second hunter in the base, use Critical Pain to bring him down.

A Dream of Armageddon
Use Musclemass and Cannonball against the blowers. No need for armor or anything.

So that is all the stuff I have found for a new game + run. Remember, the route is the same as in a new game run, except in those segments I had something else. I hope to get videos of these changes shortly.
So, that's all for now.
In NG+, a charged Blade Air Slice will always hit the damage cap for the Specialist and start his next phase IIRC.

Against the bosses (Specialist, Supreme Hunter, Greene) Critical Pain does a set percentage of their HP. On Hard it was fairly low, so the other devastators might be more effective.
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
I finally have videos for all the route changes to New Game +. They are on my youtube channel ( if anyone is interested.

I also have found an interesting trick. Apparently, if you are able to get underneath a tank and then try to hijack it, the game will think that you are on top of the tank and give you the quickest hijack animation. So far, the only place that I've found this to come into play is in Open Conspiracy, where the tanks are on top of each other. But it can make things quicker if you can do it. Here's a video showing the trick:

Now Reap The Whirlwind!
I know there hasn't been much talk about this game for a while, but I've been working on Prototype 2 and I figured I'd get all the notes for this game together too while I was at it. Anyway, here's a document will all my notes and route info.