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SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
While waiting to see if Muramasa to get verified and while rethinking my crackdown run, I decided that this game does need a kind of proper speed run...

For the time being, this will be the next game I'm going to work on... The only thing I'm worried about right now is still the fight with Greene... Granted Zurreco, perhaps I maybe overthinking the fight, but it still goes without saying that I still need to figure out how to do that part of the run (and the fight at the end, but not too concerned about that)

2:20 seems to be an interesting time to shoot for, though I don't want to say, "I can get that time easy."

Of course, if in the future if you try to beat the run Zurreco, I'm sure you can beat the time I attempt to set; My only goal on SDA is to get new games added to the game list... hmm... Actually that would make for a good signature... *runs off to change the signature*
Just call me the cynicism machine
Prototype is not the kind of game I would find myself actively trying to speedrun, let alone competing to get a good time.  I'm just trying to get someone out there interested enough to put forth an acceptable amount of effort.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Quote from Zurreco:
Prototype is not the kind of game I would find myself actively trying to speedrun, let alone competing to get a good time.  I'm just trying to get someone out there interested enough to put forth an acceptable amount of effort.

No worries, I'm interested enough to take the challenge...
Also I'm not much of a competitor myself,  I just want to see this on SDA; even if I have to do it...
(That and to stick it to those Infamous fanboys)
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Alright... I finished the run about half an hour ago... I went ahead to count the time and I'm guessing the time is around 2:22 (weird considering that my other run was about 2:22) give or take a few minutes since I don't know if the credits also count towards the final time and guessing how many minutes spent in the start of the game...

Before tonight is out, I'll send a message to Mike and see how it goes...
$15 per rant/allegory
Keen to see the run. I really enjoyed Prototype but there's a lot of issues with the PC version (ie, it runs terribly for some people), so I can't play it, hope you can get some verifiers, I wouldn't be able to =/
astral guard
MAS: If you're running the same category as Zurreco's test run to use his time as a reference, and you fail to beat his time (which he stated could improve), your run won't have a chance. :\
Just call me the cynicism machine
I was on PC, so they aren't totally comparable.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Quote from Cromarty:
MAS: If you're running the same category as Zurreco's test run to use his time as a reference, and you fail to beat his time (which he stated could improve), your run won't have a chance. :\

I understand what Zurreco said of it being "very close to the 2:20 mark"  and for the final time, I didn't really have one finalized yet since I didn't start timing right near the start (and if the credits do or don't count towards the "final time")  When I finished the run, I had a time that I said was around 2:22 give or take a few minutes...  While I would like to see for improving the run, I want to see how the verification goes first, that way I can be sure what can be improved on...  Depending on if it is approved or rejected, I'll make any needed "improvements" later (Autosaving made the run a bit hard to work with, even with the use of a memory card...)

I just noticed that Zurreco just posted I finished posting...

Quote from Zurreco:
I was on PC, so they aren't totally comparable.

Different systems do offer different formats of gameplay... I'm not going to question if the PC or the 360 is better when it comes to speed running (Granted that PC probably gets the edge on most FPS games) I just would like to see if a decent run for Prototype can be completed for SDA...  Of course I didn't do a prototype speed run just because, it is a really good game and I enjoyed it from start to finish (or at least enjoyed it more than infamous...)
Any new developments? This game screamed speed demo from the moment I played it.  I was considering doing a quick run myself just to have something on the site, but I'm glad to see someone is taking it semi-seriously.

Keep it up!
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Stormknight: 2013-02-17 10:34:57 am
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
I don't know if anyone is interested in this game anymore, but I've been working on a run for it for a while and I think I have a good route for it. I'd like any opinions that people can give so I can perfect this run and get it published once I get the means to do so.

I planned for a easy new game any% run on the xbox 360. I'll list the upgrades I get for each segment since it's not a new game +. The fastest way to move is to do a small jump, then as you are falling down, do both airdashes quickly, so when you can do this, do it. Avoid cars, gliding, and wallrunning as much as possible. Also, when running to get to the markers, take as few turns as you can when going through the city. When you have to use a tank to get to where you are going, destroy or avoid any cars along the way. Running them over will reduce your speed significantly. Watch the minimap to make sure you don't hit any military and cause an alert.

Also another huge aspect of this game is save warping. Once you get to Segment 4, you can save, quit to the main menu, then load the game again and be very close to the Mission marker. It saves you a ton of time on travel. 

EDIT: I've included all the info I had about the skips along with some new strats that I have found.
EDIT: Whipfist is much better than blade for killing hunters of any kind. Use special attack spam (Y) at range and use street sweeper at close range. Strats for bosses are changed as well.

Segment 1: Prologue
I found that knuckle shockwave is the best thing for taking out the soldiers of the two beginning waves. For the second wave, right after Alex activates his claws, I discovered if you go into a glide, then do a quick Bulletdive Drop, you'll be in the best position to knuckle shockwave the soldiers. For the tanks, use an uncharged elbow drop from hammerfists and don't target the tanks. For the hunters, charge the blade air slice and target. This may not be the best way to kill them. I'm not sure what could be better 

Segment 2: Escaping Gentek/Rescuing Dana
Best thing to do this segment is just sprint, since you don't have anything else. Try to avoid cars and obstacles as much as possible since they get rid of you momentum. After you do the targeting tutorial, run to the building that you fight the helicopters on. Ignore the first marker. Once you have to fight the helicopters, throw an AC at the one farther away first, then the closer one. After that, change disguise right after you consume the commander and run to the objectives

Segment 3: Past and Present
Just sprint and avoid obstacles to the first objective. After the cutscene, run to the street where the agent went in the APC, then turn the corner and switch disguise when you can. Don't attack the soldiers. Once you get to the park, position yourself at the tunnel opening in front of the APC and call an all clear. It gets him out immediately and has him walk right to you. After you consume him, sprint away from the tunnel and switch forms ASAP

Segment 4: Behind the Glass
Upgrades: (This is when upgrades are unlocked) All core upgrades possible (do not get glide) You won't have enough points to get shield yet. Wait until you do to get it.
Sprint to the back of the Gentek building. When you find the gate, run through it and grab the commander. Consume him right there then run out the gate that is nearest you. Once out of the base, start heading in a circle on the roads and wait for the switch button to pop up. When it does, switch and run to the objective.
For the hunter part of this mission, run along the road and watch out for hunters attacking you. I found that the best way to avoid them hitting you while running to the base is to watch the minimap. If a big red dot overtakes the arrow that shows you, jump. Once you get to the base,  grab a missile launcher from the rack that is above the stairs. Missile and consume the first hunter. Then when that is done, grab the second launcher from the area you got the first and kill the two hunters that come next. Once that missile launcher is used up, use claws on the remaining hunters. The trigger for the fuel tanks is five dead hunters. Once you get that, grab another missile launcher from another one of the racks and go to town. You'll need three launchers to destroy them all, or you could use two and attack the others with flying kicks.

Segment 5: The Wheels of Chance
Upgrades: Airdash double, stealth consume, airdash boost. (Stealth consume is required to access this mission, so if you are unsure if you have the points, grab it first)
Now you can start moving pretty quick with the airdash double. Get to the marker quickly. Then grab the commander as Alex and consume him. As you head to the base, switch disguises when it says to. Stealth consume the commander at the base. Once you get the APC, head to the objectives quickly and DO NOT cause an alert. When you get to the tutorial area, once the buttons for the tutorial pop up, hit them as quick as you can. If done right, only one infected will spawn as marked to kill and you can head where you are supposed to go without worrying about it. The military will get it. Anyway, head to the marker. Wait to destroy the hive until you go through the gate, then shoot it until you get in front of Karen Parker's apartment, using missiles and machine gun. After you kill the hive, head to the marker. Again, DO NOT cause an alert.

Segment 6: A New Order
Upgrades: Glide, Sprint speed 2, Jump upgrade 2, Health boost 1
Target the water towers and use a charged flying kick and claws against the towers. Once you destroy one, jump in the air to get as much material as possible. Don't try to chase any material. Repeat this process until you get enough material (will only need four) When that is done, head to the marker, but don't hit it. Go the the hive that is in front of the marker and start getting material. If you can get there as Anonymous in a military disguise, it would be best. Once you start collecting material, the military will attack. Kill them if the hive is getting too low, otherwise just collect the material as quickly as possible. 

Segment 7: Open Conspiracy
Upgrades: Whipfist, Consume boost 1
At the main base, sprint in and consume the commander as Alex, no stealth needed. When going after the patrols, run to them in military disguise and hijack the first tank you can. Try to approach it from the side or behind before you try to hijack it. On top of them is the best place to do a hijack. Repeat this procedure for all the patrols. You can start heading to where the next patrol will be after you take out one. It will save time.

Segment 8: In the Web
Upgrades: Airdash double boost, Knuckle Shockwave, Adrenaline Surge
This segment is pretty tough. You are very likely to die. The best method I found was to use charged flying kicks and punches on the detectors. After you hit them with the kick, charge at least one punch and hit it with two regular punches. When the first two are down, go after the next ones in an S or Z pattern, starting from the left side. Consume or use Knuckle Shockwave at the detectors with soldiers near them to get some extra health. While your doing this, switch your disguises whenever you can to stop them from attacking immediately. After you take out the last detector (on the right side of the area where the detectors are), get as close to the street beside the ocean as you can. The alert will either end automatically after the cutscene, or you'll have to run to end the alert

Segment 9: The Altered World
Upgrades: Regen boost 1
Run to the first marker and consume the commander as Alex. Then run to the next marker, but don't hit it. You want to disable the detector closest to where the marker is first, then head to the one at the top of the building, then the one to the right, then the last one and run to where the marker will be. After the cutscene, just sprint away and wait for the switch to pop up.

Segment 10: Errand Boy
Upgrades: Groundshatter
This is the Specialist fight. He is a pretty easy fight. Wait until he sights in on you with the green laser, then jump, charge up the special Whipfist attack and hit him. When the infected come out, kill them using Whipfist until the boss comes out again. Thats all you have to do.

Segment 11: Confessions
Upgrades: Health boost 2
Just save warp right after you talk to Dana and the cutscene for the parasite ends.

Segment 12: Under the knife
For the record, this segment is horrible. So much can go wrong and it's hard to get everything lined up. First switch to military disguise when the mission starts, then run out the hospital and take a left at the first intersection. Run straight until you find an APC with the DNA symbol over it. Hijack it and consume. When you finish consuming him, get out of the APC and run to the marker. Switch disguise when you can, then switch back to military disguise ASAP. Hijack a tank and use it to destroy the others. When you have time between tank waves, kill the soldiers on the rooftops and destroy the helicopters. When Lim appears, destroy the helicopters around him if you can, otherwise just hijack his tank. A tank wave will appear on the opposite side of the hive of the previous wave. 

Segment 13: The Stolen Body
There is always a tank straight out of the morgue. Take in military disguise so you don't cause an alert. When traveling, follow the movement guidelines at the top. When you are in the base, alternating Knuckle Shockwave and Groundshatter fully charged is the quickest way to kill the waves. When the timer is at about 25 seconds left, pick up a rocket launcher to take out the two hunters that appear. When driving back to the morgue, hydras will appear in your way. Some you can pass, but there is one that pops up along the bridge or train tracks that blocks the route to the morgue. Go one street extra from the bridge and then make your turn to avoid it.

Segment 14: Biological Imperative
This segment can easily cause a reset. When you start the mission and you appear at the point overlooking the base, step back a bit until you aren't being watched anymore, then switch to military disguise. Then jump and land in the left side of the base, then stealth consume the pilot. Get in the helicopter on the left side. It saves a couple seconds. Run through the button prompts and then head to the marker. Switch targets three times and then take out the detectors with rockets. After that head to the next marker. The water tower could be anywhere, so you pretty much have to hope you get lucky. Something big I found was that it can be found outside the infected zone, so keep that in mind. When you find the hunter, use the helicopter to damage the hunter, but DO NOT KILL IT. You have to be very careful with the helicopter. After you inject the hunter, follow it until it tells you to consume it. You can throw stuff at it if you have the opportunity. I recommend a military truck if you can get one.

Segment 15: The Door in the Wall (you get powers and upgrades again, yay!)
Upgrades: Sprint speed max, both the Regen upgrades, Groundshatter drop, Street Sweeper, Tendril barrage (this one is required)
The big thing with the leader chase is that you can't get too close to him. If you do, he'll try to attack you and it will waste time as he goes through his attack cycle. Keep your distance and follow him. You won't need to run up the building to keep up, stay on the ground. When you have to fight the hunters, use Tendril Barrage if you have the health. Otherwise, use whipfist strats. When you beat the hunters, the leader will head to a partially completed building (I call it scaffolding). The end for the mission is at the top of that scaffolding, so once the hunters are dead, get there as quickly as possible.

Segment 16: First and Last Things
To stun the leader, hijacking a tank is the best way to get him down quick. Use shells and machine gun until he is just below quarter life, then use machine gun. At the hive, if you can use devastators, use them as much as possible. After that, you need to keep the leader following you. I personally use Whipfist every now and then to get his attention. The best way I've found to go is to bring him through Central Park. It is a straight shot with no military once you get there. When you need to fight him, throw stuff inside the base. The trucks do the most damage.

Segment 17: The First Monster
Right when you enter the base, consume the leader. No fighting required. The soldier that you need to consume is always number 3 (in this diagram)
      1    2
    3      4  (rough estimate)
Go right to the door after you consume him. Once you are out of the base, pop on a military disguise and infected vision and head for the marker. You want to stealth consume as many carriers as you can before you just grab them, as they can get killed by the military in an alert. It  takes  four consumes if you are quick enough. When you are at your last consume, grab a carrier and jump out of the base to consume him Once you fill up the meter, head for the marker. Use whipfist on the leader hunter.

Segment 18: Making the Future
This is where Alex Mercer gets to wonder if he should pursue a career as a snowplow. You can save time in the segment by clearing cars out of the path of the tank by using Shield or Armor. When you get to a hive you need to clear, use Tendril Barrage as much as possible. Once you get the Thermobaric tank, do NOT take out the hive in front of you, head straight to the core hive then shoot as soon as you have a good shot. Don't forget to clear the cars.
For the Supreme hunter fight, use whipfist for the first phase. When he summons infected, switch to military disguise and throw stuff. When the military appears, hijack a tank and focus the Supreme hunter. Shoot him with missiles and machine gun until you are out of missiles and the machine gun overheats. He should be stunned after that. Jump out of the tank, grab and attack him. When he throws you off, go back to whipfist until he's dead

Segment 19: Men like Gods
Upgrades: Blade Air Slice,
Stealth consume the closest soldier, the get in the helicopter. Use rockets on the hive and wave of infected afterward. Don't really need to target at all for either of those. Save your homing missiles for later. When the hydras appear, make good use of the homing missiles. Try not to get too far away from them or they will burrow underground and become untargetable. After that, just go to the markers. When you are in the base, hit the blower with a charged air slice immediately. Then use whipfist, jump kicks and dashing kicks to take out the soldiers. Attack the first supersoldier with a charged air slice and clear the rest of the regular soldiers. When the final wave with the four super soldiers appears, get inbetween the two big gates and use Tendril barrage to wipe them all out. After leaving the base, veer slightly to the left and run until you can switch.

Segment 20: A Dream of Armageddon
After you start the mission, you can ignore the marker that pops up and just destroy the blower closest to it. I use airslice to destroy the blowers and switch to armor right after to reduce any damage. Then rinse and repeat for each one. Take a circular route for the blowers.

Segment 21: The World Set Free
Upgrades: Air Groundspike Devastator, Critical Mass boost 1
Again, you get to live the life of a snowplow. Clear out the cars in the path of the convoy. Use Air Groundspike Devastator and air slice against the hydras that pop up. Make sure that you wait for the hydras to finish their emerging animations before you try to hit them. They are invincible until they finish.

Segment 22: Things to come
When a wave is coming, use Tendril Barrage to take them all out. And that's about it

Elizabeth Greene Fight
This fight is very difficult, but I think i have a good strategy for it. Right when the fight starts, run away from her and around a corner. Then consume a couple infected to get max critical mass. Then run to the top of the building with the billboards on it. One of them will be a little shorter than the others and be directly in front of Elizabeth. Run up that billboard and charge a jump. When you are near the top of it, release the jump and use Air Groundspike devastator. It should hit the bases for a sizable amount of damage. If they are very low health, switch to armor and whipfist the bases to finish them off. If not, then run back up to the building and repeat the process. When inflicting damage to the main body, use whipfist and do X X charged Y. If there are a bunch of enemies around, do one X and charged Y. If you can pull it off, you can get her in three cycles

Segment 23: Shock and Awe
This is another really tough segment. Best strategy I have is to hijack a tank and attack everything, not just the filters. When the tank goes down, use Armor and air slice to finish off the rest. You will most likely die a lot on this segment.

Segment 24: The Last Man
Upgrades: Regen delay max, Consume boost
This segment is very easy. Grab a missile launcher from a soldier at the base and shoot down the helicopters. You don't need to be close. Target and shoot. That's it. You can destroy the helicopters before they are marked and I recommend you do so.

Segment 25: Two Tickets
What I do is run to the left side of the base and hijack a tank, then destroy the base. I think it takes 14 hits from the tank's main gun to take out the base. If you time it right, you can get out of the tank as the last shot is fired and skip the base destruction animation. You then can follow Taggert and when you see a checkpoint (they all have turrets and tanks), use air slice or a devastator if Taggert isn't close at all. Get to the checkpoints and destroy the tanks before Taggert gets there. Going to have to play a few times to know where they are.

Segment 26: One Thousand Suns
Whipfist is the best way to get damage on the Supreme hunter. Also climbing up on him when you get the chance will help you inflict damage. After you get thrown off, he will most likely use his devastator, so run away and throw something at him. As he is retracting the tendrils, run up to him and hit him with street sweeper. Then use the whipfist strats

That finishes all my strategies and notes for Prototype easy new game any %. My current PB is 2:22:36 on the in game timer. In real time, I timed it roughly for 2:44:05. I don't know if the in game timer is reliable, since it doesn't include pause time or the Prologue segment in the time. I'm also guessing it doesn't include other stuff because the difference is so much.

If anyone could look this stuff over and give some feedback, I would really appreciate it. 
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Also another thing. I found something weird in Segment 22. When I consumed a soldier at the right time, it skipped the cutscene of the next wave of infected or military being deployed. Has anyone ever seen this anywhere else in the game?
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
As the guy who failed the first time around with Prototype, I am still very much interested in completing a speed run for prototype, if not at least seeing someone succeed.  Granted it has been a while since I've played the game, I'll read through your route plan and see how things are so far.
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Stormknight: 2013-01-24 09:07:23 pm
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Ok cool, thank you. One of the big questions I had was timing. I don't know if the in game timer should be used, since it doesn't count the Prologue segment or pause times. I'm not sure what else it might not include. But was there ever a verdict on that?
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
in regards of the timing, you can let the site handle that for you.  As you said, Prototype doesn't have a good in game timer, so it would be best to not worry about it.
Just call me the cynicism machine
If the prologue is not included in the timer, you would be better off timing it yourself.  Everything from first frame of control to first frame of saving.
$15 per rant/allegory
I just want to request a streamed or uploaded ss of this somewhere so I can see it. I love this game and kinda want to learn the route.
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Ill submit it when I can. Will take a couple weeks at least though
I'm looking into picking this game up since I've beaten it before but became discouraged at the lack of a speedrun. I'll stick around this forum and if I pick the game up soon I'll see what I can do to add some assistance for advice or strats.

Also, is there any interest in the 2nd game? I haven't beaten it yet, but it seems to me that there's lots of similarities, so there should definitely be a possibility for a speedrun out of that one too.
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
I was thinking about planning a run for the second one. I'd help out with any planning or run it myself
I'll see if I can finish the 2nd one today and maybe we can get somewhere on that.
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Cool. Ill start a new thread for it, just so we dont mix games
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
I've stumbled on a possible trick. I've found that you can sometimes speed up the hijacking on a tank or helicopter by spamming Y as you begin the hijack animation. It takes far less time and is much safer. However I haven't done it consistently yet. Has anyone else seen this and already figured it out?
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Does anyone else have a time for this game? I want to try and see where I should be shooting for when I submit this run. My current PB is 2:38:31, real time and without the segment penalty added.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Hmm... During my failed submittion, I think I had a time of 2:20.  Then again though, I was in a new game plus, so I was able to bypass some grinding.
Now Reap The Whirlwind!
Yeah. I haven't done a new game + run yet, but I'm know you could save a LOT of time.