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Two quick notes.

First, spamming the Whipfist Alternate/Heavy attack at close range has DPS as good as, if not better than, square spamming with the Blade. I've always preferred it for the first part of Supreme Hunter 1.

Second, Street Sweeper is by far the fastest way of inflicting damage. At point blank range, the 'sweep' scores a LOT of extra hits. Try it against Greene (while she's down) or the Supreme Hunter (while stunned). Wrecks Hunters too. Not sure about tanks or if charging it is worth it.
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Interesting. i will definitely try that. What do you mean by Whipfist alternate and heavy? Are you talking about the long range attack with the special button (Y on xbox 360) and charged regular attack? 
Are you talking about the long range attack with the special button (Y on xbox 360)

Yes. Just spamming that at close range. Sorry about the confusion.
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No worries. Just wanted to be sure. i will check those out very soon
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Ok SBK, you are awesome. That Whipfist tip managed to get me a 3 cycle Elizabeth Greene fight. Whipfist is a lot easier and safer way to attack regular hunters and the first supreme hunter. Wasn't as good against the second supreme hunter, but that may be because I haven't practiced it that much. Using that advice helped me get a new PB today of 2:32 flat (no save penalty added) Hopefully sub 2:30 will be next. Thank you very much SBK.
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Did a casual playthrough and was able to get some new info, mostly about sequence breaking. This is what I found:

Segment 2: Escaping Gentek
After you do the targeting tutorial with the helicopter, don't go to the marker at the top of the brick building. Run straight to the building where you throw ACs at the other helicpoters

Segment 3: Past and Present
Don't fight the soldiers after you skip the cutscene. Run around the building to the right and then head to the park (go to where the agent left in the tank and run down that street). Switch disguise at the first opportunity.

Segment 4: Behind the Glass
Run around to the back entrance of the Gentek base and grab the commander, then run back the way you came and switch when you can.

Segment 6: A New Order
You can skip the marker before the hive after you finish getting the material from the water towers. Just start collecting material.

Segment 9: The Altered World
You can skip the marker before the area where the detectors are. Just run straight to them.

Segment 12: Under the Knife
The first marker can be avoided. Just go straight from the morgue, then make a left and hijack the first APC you find.

Segment 18: Making the Future
Right when you get into the Thermobaric Tank, ignore the hive in front of you and go straight to the core hive.

Segment 20: A Dream of Armageddon
Don't have to go to the marker. Can immediately go for the blowers.

Segment 23: Shock and Awe
You can skip the marker before the Bloodtox facility.

Segment 24: The Last Man
You can take out the transport helicopters before they are marked.

That's all I found for skips. Please try to find some yourself, as I am new to speedrunning and not as familiar with breaking games.

Was also able to find a couple of other interesting things. Will need help confirming them though:

I think that the hijack speed is dependent on how many inputs you get. The quicker you get the inputs, the faster the hijack. It may be possible to do like I had mentioned before and start spamming the button as you are doing the hijack animation to speed things up. I'm not certain though.

Supreme Hunter Infinite Combo
In my fight with the second Supreme Hunter, I found that on occasion, I could keep him almost permanently interrupted by using Whipfist street sweeper as quickly as possible. However, to pull it off, I had to be point blank and it didn't always work.

So that my newest bit of info.
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Just edited my big post with all my notes on it to include all the skips, whipfist and any other new strats that I found. The post is on page 2 of this thread. Also have a new PB of 2:27:35
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Does anyone out there know of a run or a record for this game being posted somewhere? I've looked, but just because I can't find it doesn't mean it's not out there.
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I admit that there is only one person that I've found that actually attempted to do a speed run for prototype: me.

and sadly it still wasn't much of a run due to errors and complications.  I would need to look for the files, but it wouldn't be much since it was a NG+ and the execution was more of a "get there fast" instead of using a strategy.
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Ok then. I've been secretly hoping that there was some other information source out there (person, website, video, etc.) that would help me with my run. Nothing so far though. Thanks for the input.
This could be a pretty interesting run. And I'm not just saying that because I own this game...

Keeping an eye on this thread.
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Just wanted to update with some new info I've discovered:

1. The Shield is pointless. Don't bother with it anymore. The reason that I got it is that it worked well to clear out cars during the missons with the thermobaric tank and the bloodtox pumper. The Armor upgrade does the same thing better and you get it for free.
2. In the segment Men Like Gods, when you are in the base and have to clear out the soldiers, take out the pump with Air Slice and then steal a machine gun from a soldier. Will make things much quicker to just gun them all down. You do have to drop it to Air Slice the first supersoldier. Just pick up another one for the second wave.
3. For the first Supreme Hunter fight, usually I'd use whipfist until he summoned infected, then I'd switch disguises and throw stuff until the military showed up, THEN I'd hijack a tank and shoot him for a while, AND THEN when he was stunned, I'd climb out, jump on him, then get thrown off and finish him with whipfist. New strat is just use the whipfist/street sweeper combo. Makes it so you don't have to deal with all that extra stuff.
4. In the segment Behind the Glass, after you get into the military base, instead of using a rocket launcher at the first hunter, throw one of the military trucks at him. It will stun him instantly and make it easier to get rockets later on.

That's all (I think). I'll update again if I find out anything new.
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Ok. I finally have some videos for this run. This isn't a full attempt. I just want people to get an idea of what strats I use and how I move around. So it's not perfect. I'll be putting them up segment by segment. So here's number one:

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Here is Segment 2:

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Segment 3:

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Segment 4:

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Segment 5:

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Segment 6:

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Ghoti: 2013-04-06 01:21:06 am
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I've been following this one with a lot of interest. The only improvements i can see from a glance is tightening your lines (cutting corners tighter), and trying to make sure that you hit the mission triggers, because missing costs 2-3 seconds. I'm aware of the loose handling of the character, especially at high speeds, but sometime when you turn a corner, your missing the building by the width of the road, or wider. the way you take out patrols, however, is very good, and the strat for the fuel tanks inside the base is well thought out.
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Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep posting the videos.
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Segment 7:

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Segment 8:

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Segment 9: (Specialist Fight)

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Segment 10:

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Segment 11: