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Thanks Em, means a lot. And I'd love to race sometime next week, but I'm not sure about that "obliterate." I'll let you know.
Hey Vyreck, sorry I missed your run.  I tried to stay awake, but ended up falling asleep during Fallout 4.  Hope it went well, and know that my dreaming spirit was still cheering for you, somehow.
New NG No-OoB WR!  Not great, but a good start.  I'll probably set it a few more times soon, but for now i figured i'd post it.  Don't bother cutting loading times yet.
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Vyreck: 2016-07-13 12:56:21 am
Hey, after my run went up, I've seen a fair amount of interest from new people.  I know we've talked about this before, but I made a Discord server for Mark SR's.  Figure this is a good start on getting more organized.  maybe get those guides going at some point, and meanwhile I'll definitely try getting more polished.

Em, if you wanna add that to the title post, that link should stay active.
That's great to hear! Cheesy I've added the Discord URL to the index post. Let me know when you have a run you want me to time. Smiley
Since I've been busy for weeks, Em, can you time out my WR so I can at least have that till my schedule thins out?
Sure, I'll do that tomorrow.
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emlun: 2016-08-20 03:49:00 pm
Awrite, without loading times it came out at 40:32! Well done! Cheesy

Also: We were supposed to do an inverted controls race, weren't we?

EDIT: Would you mind posting it to YouTube, so we can have it nicely embedded?
Quote from emlun:
We were supposed to do an inverted controls race, weren't we?

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Vyreck: 2016-08-21 12:40:17 am

And yeah, we should do that at some point.  I also really need to find the time to actually gring out that run... I'm confident i can get sub-39 before loading.
Nice run, Vyreck.

No OOB is fucking hell to run, more power to you. Makes me realize how annoying a shit ton of the level design is when we can't just skip right past it.

So I've been doing some runs and got WR in a few categories. Still waiting on that inverted controls race Tongue
NG No-Oob Obake in 40:11 Excluding Loads:

NG No-Oob in 38:39 Excluding Loads:
Hi Akitaka1!

Sorry I've been silent - I didn't get any notification about activity here and then I kept forgetting after you IMed me on Twitch. I've reviewed your NOoBake run now - congratulations on the world record! Cheesy I timed it to 40:20 ex. loads though. I'll get to the other run later today.
There, NG No-OoB is now also timed: 38:36! Well done! You're a beast at this game... Smiley Again, sorry for taking so long.
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Akitaka1: 2017-01-16 08:33:37 pm
Akitaka1: 2017-01-16 08:33:04 pm
So I just did a NG+ Any% run with a time of 20:13. If I timed everything correctly, my run has about thirty more seconds of loading than Chazney's, so if Em agrees, this is WR.
No Akitaka1, you're not even close to Chazney's time. You're 40 WHOLE SECONDS AHEAD!

Congratulations on your 19:10 world record! Great work! Cheesy

So that means you're now only a NG+ No-OoB WR short of complete and utter domination of this game... Wink
Oops, I forgot Chazney's 19:50 time was including loads. However, timing those to 30 seconds still puts Chazney at 19:20 and Akitaka1 at 19:10. So not actually 40 seconds, but still a good 10 seconds. As Vyreck said in Discord, Mark of the Ninja is now officially post-patch! Cheesy
Indian Ocean bro!
Hi guys I'm thinking about training motn again, can someone tell me how you do a serenity slide consistently?
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ChazneySR: 2017-05-14 06:34:32 pm
There are 2 main things that can make a Serenity Slide fail:

1. You aren't high enough off the ground. Make sure you are at the very top of your jump. If you are too low you will hit the ground and not slide at all.

2. You didn't unfocus/refocus fast enough. If you do it too slow, Serenity goes on cooldown and works like it normally would. You will know you did it fast enough because Serenity will NOT be on cooldown during the second focus. Do your refocus as fast as you possibly can.

If you do these 2 things it will work every time. There are a few other little nuances that are useful to know but it's hard to explain so it's probably best to explain them when they become a problem for you.
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Fuzin: 2017-05-15 01:35:25 pm
Indian Ocean bro!
I'm sorry, I don't get it, what are the inputs? I searched it here but didn't found it, the vid on the first page don't tell.

Edit: ok i got it, i have to train now ty
Sorry, you asked how to do it consistently, so I thought you already knew how to do it but couldn't get it every time.

I made a video but it was unscripted so it's awful and I didn't want to post it, but here it is:

The first 3 minutes was my first attempt at explaining it, but I decided to start over since I was over complicating it to begin with. Start at 3:25 (the link should take you straight there).
Indian Ocean bro!
Thank you Chazney, I'm training now. I'm searching a new route for NG+ No-OoB but I haven't  found a lot of place where it needs to change.
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Akitaka1: 2017-07-14 12:03:59 am
Akitaka1: 2017-07-14 12:03:50 am
Akitaka1: 2017-07-14 12:02:07 am
Hey y'all, I made a series of tutorials for all major glitches in MotN speedrunning. Emilun, if you could add the link to the front page that would be fantastic. The playlist includes some glitches that aren't listed on the front page yet, so they (Consistent serenity slide, serenity glide, rocket jump) should be added to the glitches section as well.


I'd also like to submit a new NG+ Any% WR with the updated route that uses the new glitches:
It's not an amazing video, but here's my basic Move Tech tutorial.  Em, if you get the chance, probably throw it on the front page.