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More thread hijacks! Hopefully I can keep this up to date. The original thread is spoiler tagged at the bottom of this post.

Come join us on Discord!

Regarding Loading Times
We want to phase loading times out of the runs. If you ever get a run within 20 seconds of a WR that is labelled as "inc. loading", send me a private message and I will time the runs correctly. Loading times have been off-putting for a lot of runners and it is time we put an end to it.

Current Categories and WRs (Sorted by completion time)
NG+ Any% - (19:10, Akitaka1) (Beat NG+ using all glitches):

NG Any% (25:43, Akitaka1) (Beat NG using all glitches):

NG Obake (27:27, Akitaka1) (Beat NG using all glitches without detection/gunshots/casualties):

NG+ No-OoB (35:37 inc. loading, ChazneySR) (Beat NG+ without OoB*):

The sound cuts out at some point due to a copyright claim towards the end of level 9, it should kick in again once the song finishes

NG No-OoB (38:36, Akitaka1) (Beat NG without OoB*):

NG No-OoB Obake (40:20, Akitaka1) (Beat NG without detection/gunshots/casualties and OoB*):

NG Seals and Scrolls (48:01, Akitaka1) (Beat NG using all glitches and obtaining all seals and scrolls):

*OoB is defined as any path that cannot be taken using Serenity and/or bypasses boundaries. A boundary is defined as a part of the level that stops the player on contact. Death triggers are not boundaries (they do not stop the player on contact, rather they just kill the player) and can often be bypassed using Serenity (An example would be a laser covering a vent).

Glitches and Tricks

Wallkicking (Discovered by Angrevol:

Face away from the wall and perform a low jump kick by pressing jump and attack in quick succession (practically at the same time). Immediately go towards the wall and keep holding that direction. Wait a little bit after landing, still holding the direction toward the wall, and do another jump kick as the ninja starts the animation for pressing up against the wall. There's a distinct rhythm to it, and the pause between the two kicks is longer than one might at first think.

Vent Wallkicking  (Discovered by Ereanith):

Focus Flying (Discovered by Blazier):

For this trick you'll need the parachute cloth, other than that it's all about rhythm. There's a gallop-like three-stroke rhythm to it: Release focus - press jump - focus - brief pause - repeat. Shorter pauses make you rise, longer ones make you drop.

Serenity Slide (Discovered by Semmlbroesel):

Bug warp (Discovered by Akitaka1):

Serenity storage (Discovered by Akitaka1 and Vyreck):

NG Helipad skip (Discovered by Akitaka1):

As soon as you pass trough the wall, immediately slam left and focus. You'll know you're in a good spot if the ninja is right underneath where the wall meets the floor. Then just focus jump straight up with no directional inputs, sometimes a double focus jump is needed if you're a bit low when you focus.

NG: New Game. Though all items are available when returning to NG, NG categories all use a fresh save.
NG+: New Game+. All items are allowed from the beginning. Run NG+ when creating a new category involving all items.
Obake: Stealth/pacifist. Obake categories forbid detection, killing guards, and humans firing weapons. For detection and killing only the score screen counts - "accidents" that don't show up there are allowed.
OoB: Out of bounds. This is defined as any path that cannot be taken using Serenity and/or bypasses boundaries. A boundary is defined as a part of the level that stops the player
on contact. Death triggers are not boundaries (they do not stop the player on contact, rather they just kill the player) and can often be bypassed using Serenity (An example would be a laser covering a vent).

Any% Roof: The roof that can be accessed at the start of level 5 which can only be used in Any% due to a wallkick needed to bypass the wall at the far right.
Bonus Skip: Using the end of the bonus at the start of level 10 to skip to the underground segment.
Bug Warp: Using a side effect of the Focus Chain (although throwing a second item is not required, only canceling the first) to throw bugs through walls. They still collide with and kill enemies; uses include killing Karajan remotely in NG and No-OoB categories.
Door Skip: Going through the door at the end of the level 3 courier pursuit by standing under it as it closes.
Focus Chain, Double Focus Jump: Throwing two items in rapid succession by quickly focusing after throwing the first, canceling the first (already thrown) throw with a second item, then throwing a second item. This lets you do two focus jumps in a row for twice the height. Doing this with bugs as the first item results in the Bug Warp; doing it with Serenity as the first item results in the Serenity Slide; and doing it with Serenity as the second item results in Serenity Storage.
Focus Flying: Using the property of focus resetting bat glide usage along with bat glide's property of providing a small height boost when used to fly straight up or diagonally upwards.
Focus Jump, Focus Bounce Throwing an item while in focus in order to gain some height. Uses include reaching a grapple point early in No-OoB lv8. See also Focus Chain
Jump Cancel: Jumping cancels almost any animation in the game. Certain animations trigger events mid animation (such as opening a door or pulling a lever) and a jump cancel can be used to cancel the remaining animation as soon as the event triggers.
Laser Skip: Bypassing any lethal laser covering a grate by grappling/Serenity followed by the passing through the grate immediately upon landing on the grate.
Ninjas on Ice: The technique used to slide through the dojo at the end of level 9. Can be performed in OoB from outside the door with a precisely aimed crouching Serenity, or in no-OoB by resetting at the checkpoint in the dojo (make sure the checkpoint triggers first), jumping while holding right, then releasing all input while in the air. If done correctly, the ninja will slide. In some rarer cases, you will gain full control, which is even faster due to speed sliding.
Pre-patch: Any patch before the Serenity glitch was fixed.
Roll Cancel: Hitting the ground while holding sprint will force a roll. By releasing sprint in the air and pressing sprint again as soon as you land on the ground, the roll will be cancelled (or never start, to be precise). The roll can be jump cancelled, but doing a roll cancel allows for speed sliding as soon as you hit the ground.
Serenity Glitch: A pre-patch glitch in which item could be thrown through a wall by crouching in the corner or throwing the item as you get to the wall. Using Serenity in this manner allows teleporting through walls. Any OoB NG+ run is allowed to use the Serenity Glitch, and thus should be run on a version of the game that still has the Serenity Glitch.
Serenity Slide: A similar effect to ninjas on ice using Serenity. Serenity has a minor start up time (1 or 2 frames) which can be cancelled by focusing again. However, the momentum of Serenity is maintained.
Serenity Storage: A side effect of focus chaining with Serenity as the second item is that the teleport destination is stored but not used. Using items again teleports you to the stored destination, as does hanging on a wall or ceiling, and jumping cancels the glitch. Useful for "The Prestige".
Speed Slide: Sliding increases your speed for the first few frames then slows to a stop. Jump cancelling the slide while it is at high speed increases horizontal movement and is the favored method of travel.
"The Prestige": Using Serenity Storage to escape early from the dojo in level 12.
Wallkick: Clipping through a wall by performing a low jump kick. Can be set up consistently by performing a backwards jumping kick into a wall.

Raelcun's Post:
Edit: Thread hijack courtesy of Wuyama since Cryptic wasn't bothering to update it.

Current Categories:
New Game
- Clearing your steam files and playing the game fresh.

Normal Game+
- Beating the game and using any and all unlocks from Level 1 on Normal difficulty.

New Game+
- New Game+ Difficulty unlocked by beating the game on Normal. All enemies will one hit you. No sound circles are visible, and Ora doesn't lock the screen to give you ability tutorials. This is the fastest difficulty if you are going to use major glitches for OoB and Flying. Also, guard behavior is slightly upgraded, they will detect you from slightly further away and hear sounds from further away. If anything this is actually more useful in setting up guard reaction chains.

Stealth Run
- No Alarms would be the definition of a Stealth run. Probably NG+ if you're going to run this as it's faster with no tutorials and you won't be getting shot at anyway

The major out of bounds and focus flying tricks probably would merit separate categories for glitchless runs as well.

Normal Game+ (53:20) CrypticJackknife.
New Game+ (31:32) Raelcun, may be off by a few seconds, looking to beat it tonight to fix that.
Stealth Run (Being routed by TheEnglishMan) (qubit on the forums)
TAS: None in progress, Blazier is attemping to but the game crashes.

Major Tricks:
Out of Bounds Wallkick found by Angrevol

Focus Flying/Hovering found by Blazier

Original First Post:
Why isn't there a thread for this game already? It's a must-run!

For anyone who doesn't know the game, here:

For those who do, there are a few things to consider, mainly concerning category confusion due to the way the game is set up.
So here's the deal, there is a new game, a fresh save (mind you a save you must manually remove to start again). Then there is Normal. Normal is the first playthrough available in the game. You can go back and progress through the whole game again on Normal with all items and equips for maximum speed. You'd think we'd call this New Game+ then right? This is where shit gets confusing.

Next is the second playthrough, aptly named New is a harder more brutal version of the original game with lowered visibilty, better guard senses, all that goodness. This mode as well can be started over from the beginning with all items and equips with the game already completed. However, the point of making a....sigh...New Game++ is nullified by the fact that you can get all items and upgrades unlocked in the original playthrough, and you receive no extra honour by completing the score challenges in New Game+...

Am I the only one whose mind is blown atm? What the hell can we call these categories?

Normal New Game+?
New Game+?

If anyone can wrap their head around better names by all means go for it.

In the meantime, SPEED RANZ

Level 01 - Ink & Dreams in '2.10'

EDIT: I've got a lot more to say about the movement and tech in this game, but can't be arsed to do it now. Expect that soon.
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I would of created this thread first tbh but, I haven't finished the game yet so I wanted to collect a bit of information first before doing so. I guess thanks for beating me to it? ;-D Taking my time level by level learning the tricks. What about no alarms / no guards killed? I think this should count towards categories. There is such a thing for Metal Gear Solid no?

Little trick I discovered, not a big one but still something neat.

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CrypticJacknife: 2012-10-27 12:49:38 pm
CrypticJacknife: 2012-10-27 12:49:10 pm
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Haha yeah I was actually thinking that, very much so like MGS. A New Game+ No Kills No Alarms run would be impressive enough single-segment, but hell if it can be a speed run too, ALL THE BETTER! Cheesy

Again, I'll jot down what I know in here when I wake up, good to know it could actually help other potential runners rather than being just tech exposition Tongue

Do me a favour and let me know if you notice any levels that would be faster without The Path of Silence. All I've noticed thus far is Level 5 (Fall of Hessian Tower) and Level 7 (Above a Bottomless Chasm) are MUCH faster using Path of the Mark. Preferably thinking with SS strats, but IL only tier is fine with me too Smiley
I haven't unlocked any other styles yet. Kind of been slacking because I've been watching spooktacular marathon. Tongue Plan to go full force after it ends.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Okay, I've worked out Level 8, The Inner Keep benefits greatly from using Path of the Mark. Pilot quick-kill and skipping Elites is just too good!

Here is a level-breakdown of suggested Paths thus far.

Level 1 - Silence (Smoke)
Level 2 - Silence [still not sure about this one]
Level 3 - Silence
Level 4 - Silence (Smoke)
Level 5 - Mark (Ravenous Bugs)
Level 6 - Silence (Smoke)
Level 7 - Mark
Level 8 - Mark (Ravenous Bugs)

The levels I haven't put any item names next to are ones that I am still contemplating what the best loadout for the Path would be. This is as far as I've learned atm, not much to go now Smiley

On an unrelated note, I feel through the floor earlier...Yeah, was just playin around on Level 6 and I went to drop through a grate and I just went and dropped to a completely unattached area from where I was. Maybe it's based around frame drops? Idk yet. I'll try and suss it out if I can even replicate it again.


Level 08 - The Inner Keep in '1.38'
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Some extra progress, cz why the hell not.
Sussed out Level 9 and as far as I can tell Path of Silence is the way to go for it, although for once it does actually require resource management, as much of the level is pumped full of asshole snipers. Even with the smokes, at this one point of the level you need to open a door with a running trigger and then INSTANTLY jump and down+right the smoke. If you lose any time on any of these movements you will get shot in the face instantly, as the sniper is literally aiming AT THE DOOR.

After I sussed that out I did a prototype run up until killing Karjan. Ended up with a pretty shitty 35:19 (salty).

Regardless, have some splits.

1 - 02:24
2 - 05:05
3 - 11:45
4 - 14:36
5 - 18:18
6 - 22:37
7 - 28:24 (I can't stress enough how bad this went)
8 - 30:39
9 - 35:19

Now these desert levels are going to be a royal pain in the ass to route, I can just feel it. So those may take a while.
I see that the xbawx controller buttons are displayed on your game but, do you actually use a controller to play? Watching your video I can't really tell. Prefer mouse and keyboard for this myself tbh.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Ha yeah I'm using a X360 controller with a hella dodgy A button (still playing on PC though). I've always believed platformers should always (redundant wording is redundant) be played with controllers but hell to each their own. I'd highly suggest controller for this game in particular because of the easy fast-lock system, as well as easy item aiming. I suppose you can be more accurate with the mouse, but for pure speed I can't be sure.
Edit history:
Shiden: 2012-10-28 10:05:05 am
The only game on PC I refuse to use M+KB with is Dark Souls. Other than that I am a M+KB guy and if what you're saying is true then guess I'll be losing to you very often. Wink I don't think they'll separate runs by controller or M+KB either.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Looks like Level 10 - A Shattered Stronghold is definitely Silence material. So, so easy to die in this level. At the moment I am using a Needles -> Jailer -> Sumi route. As far as I can tell this is the fastest route you can do. Getting around 3:45 for the level, usually involving a death or two at the annoying parts (Needle Climb/Jailer Steal). I may upload a video of it because of how convoluted your movements NEED to be to survive.
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CrypticJacknife: 2012-10-29 05:57:54 am
CrypticJacknife: 2012-10-29 05:55:56 am
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Just a lil something something

Level 02 - Breaching the Perimeter in 2:05

Once I do more of these I will add them all to the first post. Eventually.

Oops just realised I recorded this one in 1024x576 WOOPSIE ^_^ The rest will be in 1280x720, unless shit gets REALLY framey ;/
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Just finished my first full game run. 53:20! Cheesy Timed from selecting Ink & Dreams on level select to "final" hit on the "final boss". The Return absolutely rocked me near the end. Ugh. But hurrah a time has been put down! LET'S IMPROVE IT SHALL WE! >8D

01 - 02:34
02 - 05:04
03 - 11:00
04 - 13:54
05 - 17:45
06 - 22:14
07 - 27:25
08 - 29:42
09 - 34:15
10 - 39:25 (includes Dojo walking scene)
11 - 42:43
12 - 50:40
End - 53:20

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Raelcun: 2012-10-31 01:50:25 am
Raelcun: 2012-10-31 01:50:06 am
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Raelcun: 2012-10-31 01:35:23 am
We require more minerals
I just finished unlocking everything then started messing around with some speedrun strategies. Got level 1 on NG+ to 2:08.07 with some not exact timing and several seconds of mistakes. I had to start the timer early because wsplit global hotkeys weren't working with this game for some reason. I'm playing the PC version, so if any of you guys are doing that and have had the same issue help on figuring it out would be nice.

The thing about the teleports is you can get some extremely long distance jumps because it always tries to seek out cover. So if there's cover beyond the normal max jump distance sometimes it will drag you the extra distance to put you into cover. It also seeks to things like doors as you can see in the video. Finding spots where you don't need to use it to avoid guards that allow you to jump to a door or a jar can take a lot of time off. I'm doing NG+ because the getting hit once into death thing is just so brutal it adds that extra level of excitement. I still haven't played around with teleports on some of the alternate routes, I'm sure I can cut this down a lot more once I do.
We require more minerals
Going back and watching that, I missed a lot of the best teleport shortcuts in that level to show off how much time you can actually save with doing it. I'll try and get a better recording of it tomorrow.
Edit history:
Raelcun: 2012-10-31 05:57:41 pm
We require more minerals
Level 1: 2:02 on New Game +

This one properly shows off some of the really nice teleport strats. There are STILL 2-3 seconds worth of mistakes in this as well. The second building that I go through instead of over turns out to still be faster going through it. I timed out both, and not only is teleporting to go over it very dangerous but consistently half a second slower if I do it right.
Edit history:
Raelcun: 2012-11-01 01:23:33 am
Raelcun: 2012-11-01 01:18:53 am
Raelcun: 2012-11-01 01:18:51 am
Raelcun: 2012-11-01 01:18:50 am
Raelcun: 2012-11-01 01:18:43 am
We require more minerals
Level 2: 2:22 New Game +

The room 1 minute in with the triple lasers is the chokepoint of the level. I haven't been able to find a way to get there a cycle earlier and have teleport off cooldown. So any mistakes before that don't matter as long as you can make it by the time I teleport. Any mistakes after that point, however, do affect your final time and this one has several. Yet it was still the best time I got from several hours of tinkering with it and trying different strategies.

I'm aware using the smoke bomb is faster, but many of the smoke bomb strats require taking hits from the turrets, and I can't actually do that since everything kills in one hit on NG+ I believe this is the fastest strategy on this level for now, barring any glitches found. Could probably take 3-4 seconds off it with a perfect second half.

edit: Okay so I completely forgot you can skip a full level on that stage... hahaha I'll have to test that out later to see if I can save more time.
Edit history:
Raelcun: 2012-11-01 05:58:48 pm
We require more minerals
I found a Sequence Break in the third level. If you sneak around ahead of the guard you're supposed to follow, then you can get into the locked room behind him. This obviously saves a considerable amount of time.

Here's a full run of the level with the sequence break, trolled slightly by the guard AI breaking.

New Game+ 6:42
We require more minerals
Played around with the skip some more and can do it way more optimally, I'll record it later.
Edit history:
Raelcun: 2012-11-02 02:44:02 pm
Raelcun: 2012-11-02 02:42:41 pm
We require more minerals
Here's the new version of the skip on Level 3, with a good run behind it. A few more small mistakes but realistically only about 10 seconds can be shaved off.

We require more minerals
Found another sequence break on level 4 and it also involves some death abuse. I'll record it tonight after Yoshi's island on #SMW
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Ooh by all means do Cheesy Sorry I've been absent since you started posting here Raelcun, I've come down with a nasty chest infection which has essentially killed any motivation to play any game at the moment. I'll be back on my horse soon don't worry ^_^

Great finds, keep it up. I will try and see later if I can optimise these new tricks into NG mode.

Edit history:
Raelcun: 2012-11-02 08:06:09 pm
We require more minerals
Yeah Teleport is insane just because direction input affects where it tries to put you. So in many of the teleports I'm showing off I'm tilting the analog in a specific direction to make him land either past multiple obstacles, or extremely far away. I managed to actually drop Level 1 to 2 minutes even but I wasn't recording. Only a slight optimization on the route.

The most basic way to do this is by tilting the analog forward and up at the same time, this will place the attempted landing points very far away unless there's a wall above you that you can jump to. Landing on walls above you can be used in several instaces to save a lot of time, though.

Level 4 has two ways of skipping, both with path of silence and smoke bombs, and with path of the mark and teleporting. I'm not entirely sure which one is faster, but for a SS run, the mark strategy is definitely safer and it MAY be faster. I have to test it out which I'll do while trying to record after Yoshi's Island.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Are you talking about using death abuse to get all 3 vents and get back to the center? I remember during one of my failed runs I died after activating the third vent (chandelier room) and I went back to the last checkpoint in the center of the building, but for some reason the goal was complete and I could just mosey on up to the roof and finish it.
Edit history:
Raelcun: 2012-11-02 10:54:22 pm
Raelcun: 2012-11-02 10:53:37 pm
We require more minerals
I skip the vents completely, there's death abuse by loading the edge of the checkpoint that you normally can only get to when three vents are open. It turns out the smoke strategy is WAY faster, I timed it to 1:36 on level 4 using this strategy. The window for getting this right is VERY small, you have to look at where his upper foot is on the wall for a point of reference as there are a few small boxed textures.

The main time saver with smokebombs is destroying the machine in the basement faster. Both teleport and smoke can get past the lasers, and killing yourself after each set just refreshes the cooldown slightly faster. Maybe half a second each time.

Also you can land off the tree at the start of the level when using the smoke bomb strats which means you run to the first door slightly faster. To do this simply hold left on the analog when you skip the cinematic.

tl;dr Level 4 NG+ 1:36

We require more minerals
Level 5: 2:47

Level 6: 2:59:99

Too tired to write words. But that's 6/13 levels down.