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Hi, Im issy a dog girl vtuber who just found a game she wants to speedrun.
Hi I'm abk. I'm a speedrunning fan as well as a researcher who is super interested in this practice
Hey, I'm PROX, I'm new here. I used to watch runs on this website a lot years back. I recently started running Mechwarrior 2 31st Century Combat. I've played it ever since I was a small kid.  I plan on running Ghost Bear's Legacy in the near future. I currently hold the record for both clan campaigns


My name is Magnus and I live in south of Sweden.
I play 3D Tetris called  BlockOut from 1989 
or the update version with global scoreboard called BlockOut2 in open source code from 2014.
Hope to find people who remember or play BlockOut and someone who can challenge me live.
Anyone here up for a challenge in BlockOut  live
and on level: Out of control ?

Regards from Sweden
Hi, I'm here to be allowed to post.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from Loobinex:
Hi, I'm here to be allowed to post.

lol 2022 account, noob
Balls jerky
Quote from 12114:
Quote from Loobinex:
Hi, I'm here to be allowed to post.

lol 2022 account, noob

sup fellow 2008 account? You didn't post much tho.
Hi everyone, I'm Cogni and I like gaming, chilling and hiking
Another noob here, though long time reader of the site. I've never found a game I've been up for running, but will soon be acquring the same computer I had when I was little, the BBC Micro, and there's a few games there I remember well and would be up for running. Also I need to post here before I can ask a technical question about running on this system in the main forum Cheesy
Anything you can imagine is possible
Hey Everyone,

My real name is Kevin Bikhazi and I'm a video game developer from Huntington Beach, California. I work full time at Bladework Games and I also run my own little indie dev studio called Atomic Lollypop.

Looking forward to chatting more with you all!

Hi all,

Found my way here looking into Mechwarrior 3 speedruns, which ended up being really helpful in my own run attempts.
Hi! I'm andrewg!
Hi, I'm AndrewG. Hope everyone is well around these parts.
I'll be honest, didn't expect the thread starter to come back to introduce themselves again. Wasn't it letting you post or something?
Good to hear from you Andrew. Don't know if you're still working on Excitebike, but good luck with whatever you're playing and hope you're also doing fine.
Hi,Em Agnes. My nick name is AG. happy
Hi, I'm ImEliteGlitches - I've been speedrunning for a little while now and have finally decided to set up an SDA account. I primarily run the Batman: Arkham games but, I am now starting to run a few different games; hopefully getting a run up on the site for one of them too.
Hi, I'm the real ImEliteGlitches - the other one is an imposter! JK: I had some difficulties getting into this account and thought there was no hope of getting this one back - so I set up the other one -, 'til I realised I could request a new password via email. But yeah, all the info I gave about myself in the previous post applies.
Hi everyone, em a newbie. So I want to post to introduce my self, Em an art teacher at a Hight School
Casual Doomer
Hello, im KyoElWalfa. More known in forums and pages "lucioelduque10000". I play doom 2, especially multiplayer CO-OP & Deathmatch LAN Parties. In other cases i also play some Minecraft, also i like doing lan parties on 2 computers there. So here i am!thumbsup
Greetings to all,  Myself Claud Mante. New Forum Member but  I like to play games since my childhood.
Hello everyone, I'm RockoSonicFan and I'm glad to be a member of Speed Demos Archive. I love how many speedruns that have been submitted and introduced and I think this will be a good time to give speedruns for this holiday season all the way past the new year!

My name is (Masterkiller103), but i don't really feel like saying my real name I'm a long time god of war challenge runner but only recently just got the idea of Speedruning it. I don't think I will be Speedruning any other game here except for God of War and Uncharted.
Hello everybody i'm a Contra speedrunner i was here since a little while back just as a reader but now i submitted my first run to SDA Smiley
Welcome all new users! And happy to see people still finding the site and/or getting off their butts to make a user finally Tongue
I am Koci and i am new on the forum Smiley