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Hello, my name is Super Vadimka, I am a developer of a series of games with the same name, I live in Russia
Hello, I am arielus05. I mainly speedrun Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity for the Wii, speedrunning both IL and Story Mode.
Hey, Gale here. I've started running Ecco the Dolphin (insanely dead game btw). Just looking to see how low my time can get.
Hi everyone! I'm BOSSCAT. Nice to meet you all! I am a Localizer/Translator working in the game industry. I started speedrunning a few months ago and earned a few WR  titles. I mainly speedrun Japanese Retro Arcade/Indie/and Anime games.
Hoï ! i'm AZRAEL. I'm a programmer in the video games industry for the past 20 years (i helped for the debug of the first and second CryEngine (at CryTech) and the ID Tech 6 & 7 at ID Software). I started speedrunning a few years ago but never uploaded once, i mainly plays tetris games, Doom I, Quake I and II. et voilà.
Also, i'm a Canadian French guy.
My name is yat1, I am 19 yrs old and from California, USA. I am currently a student and have been competing in Mario Kart 64 Time Trials/Skips speedruns since June 27, 2022. Though, I've been into speedruns since Late 2019 while watching trihex run Yoshi's Island 100% speedruns a year or so later and clintstevens run SM64 70 Star speedruns. I'm also using this to submit to SDA. =D
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Mario Golf Advance Tour Speedrunner! And other games lol
I teach Taichichuan and Chinese Kempo, am self employed and am generally busier than god during most days. Once my business kicks off to the point where I won't need to babysit it all day every day, I may decide to attempt a run of one of the Dragon Quest or Breath of Fire games.
Speedruns Freak
My name is  Roberto. I've been obsessed with watching videos about speedruns from this site for over a year. I mostly play NES games and my favorite game is Mario Kart.
I was also playing rather seriously Castlevania.
I am Daniel from the Netherlands. Since I've got a speedrun idea for E1M1 I've registered here.
I'm Tyler. I'm the owner of up here in Canada! I deal in modified retro video game systems and I'm currently researching online forums for networking and ideas etc
Greetings, esteemed individuals, My name is Taija, an 18-year-old female residing in Finland, a country characterized by its icy and snowy climate. Another residence that I possess is located in Washington, United States, serving as the domicile of my betrothed partner. Our connection has endured for a period over two years, despite the geographical separation, which presents considerable challenges. However, the inherent difficulties are outweighed by the significant value and rewards that we derive from maintaining this long-distance partnership.
Hi all, I'm FrostyZako and I'm interested in speedrun history, particularly about Super Mario 64.
My profile:
Hello. My name is Junkbotbu (also known as "Junkbotfre"). I'm a Roblox user, a Youtuber, and a pro gamer. I've been around Roblox since 2021, including a Youtube channel back in 2020, and some more interesting things in my life. I do want to say, I can also be a nice TASer. And since I am currently banned from TASVideos, I have nothing else I could do. But I just keep playing and TASing things of my very own.
Hello, I'm CommonCold. Ryan in real life.
I'm a Quake speedrunner, and big fan of the FPS genre. I currently live in California, but do lots of travelling for work. Even though I'm fairly new to speedrunning myself, I've been a long-time watcher of the GDQ events and have always looked forward to the TAS block in particular.
In the past, I've done speedruns with friends and submitted them to, but since I've moved to Quake, SDA is now my primary home.
Big shoutouts to the Quake legends who have persisted with the game since the early days, and have been very helpful in my journey to get better (even if I mostly run custom maps).
im new here, mainly because i find this site nostalgic, ill be running old games
Hi! Long time Brood War player and glitch hunter trying to update this thread:

Lel ^_._^
Hello!  Speedrunning Twitch streamer/Youtuber here.  I came across this forum when searching for speedrunning info for a late 90s PS1 game called Kagero: Deception II and was hoping to poke and prod and see if anyone has found any updated strategies!