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Hello. My name is Mike. SDA was basically my introduction to speedrunning as I remember clicking on all games in alphabetical order from the list of games and checking each run during my school/uni years. Been playing mostly Arena FPS my whole life and decided to try out speedrunning in Jan 2020 (started with quake 3 arena which isn't the best game to speedrun tbh, but wth).
Hi to everyone,

My real name is Andrea. I'm 26 years old from Italy.
I started to speedrun in 2019, altough I was amazed to this kind of approach to the gaming since 2007/2008 watching speedruns of god of war 1 & 2.
My firsts speedruns ever done were of Dino Crisis 1 & 2, especially the 2nd chapter that I always liked to run onto PS2.
I've decided to sign into this website for the very pleasure to run as fast as possible any kind of title.
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RachelColemanov: 2021-02-05 09:53:45 am
RachelColemanov: 2021-02-04 05:02:10 am
Hi all. I'm 25 years old, from New York. I'm also new in this field, wants to take the speedrun of Dark souls! Cheesy
Hello! I'm Eric and started speedrunning a game that doesn't appear to have any runs yet, so I made an account here in hopes to get my speedrun verified. The game is The Adventures of Elena Temple, and I've spent a lot of time over the past year or so since the games release pioneering speedrun techniques, like movement tech and even a couple of clips that skip portions of the run.
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MezzaLuca: 2021-02-19 02:28:33 pm
Hello, is Mezza. Very new here as of a few days. I love and speedrun Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. Mainly it's new game Any% category. It's what I does, it's what I loves. Working on getting it into SDA. I routed it's original speedrun and I've been working on improving it slowly over time as I found time/motivation. Down from 4 hours in the first ever run to under 2 hours for NG Any%.
Hello all
FPS <3
Hi there! I am leko and I speedrun games like Far Cry and Doom 3. Old school FPS games. I just completed a segmented run of Resurrection of Evil and I am looking to get it up here. I remember watching runs on this site back in 2010ish. Funny how times changed.
idk what to put here. I heard of this site through various internet sites.
Don't you dare go hollow, skeleton
Hi, I'm Billee, but my friends call me Bildoe lol. Anyway, I'm fairly new to speed running. My first experience was Super Punch Out in the late 90's but life got in the way and I became a casual. I would like to pick it up again after watching some Dark Souls speedcruns and got interested again in the idea of SPO speed Runs. Have a great day everyone.
Hello Speedy Speedruners I am a 9 year old speedruner that came here to speedrun and hope I can
Toon Link is best Link
Hi, I'm Ellie and I'm from Scotland. I am interested in using this forum to research the history and progression of speedruns.
<-- My profile pic is a one of my toon Link plushies Smiley
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KarenP3: 2021-06-24 03:10:59 am
Hey, my name's Karen
I've always been into gaming with some level of competitiveness, though never really committed to anything in that regard. Speedrunning seems like a nice community based on competition + friendliness which yeah, seems good (as opposed to the eSports end of that scale employee monitoring software). Learned about here through ADDQ 2013 videos, and pretty excited about starting some runs.
Am Valor,i speedrun mainly Legend of the dragoon since the game first lunched,i love watching all kinda of game genre speedrunning and enjoy world record breaking stuff.I am open to learn about every game,but am a Legend of the dragoon fanatic and own few of my own recorss and i would hapily chalange anybody to do it faster than me.I am looking forward to post some of my stuff here.See ya