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MezzaLuca: 2021-02-19 02:28:33 pm
Hello, is Mezza. Very new here as of a few days. I love and speedrun Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. Mainly it's new game Any% category. It's what I does, it's what I loves. Working on getting it into SDA. I routed it's original speedrun and I've been working on improving it slowly over time as I found time/motivation. Down from 4 hours in the first ever run to under 2 hours for NG Any%.
Hello all
FPS <3
Hi there! I am leko and I speedrun games like Far Cry and Doom 3. Old school FPS games. I just completed a segmented run of Resurrection of Evil and I am looking to get it up here. I remember watching runs on this site back in 2010ish. Funny how times changed.
Don't you dare go hollow, skeleton
Hi, I'm Billee, but my friends call me Bildoe lol. Anyway, I'm fairly new to speed running. My first experience was Super Punch Out in the late 90's but life got in the way and I became a casual. I would like to pick it up again after watching some Dark Souls speedcruns and got interested again in the idea of SPO speed Runs. Have a great day everyone.
Hello Speedy Speedruners I am a 9 year old speedruner that came here to speedrun and hope I can
Toon Link is best Link
Hi, I'm Ellie and I'm from Scotland. I am interested in using this forum to research the history and progression of speedruns.
<-- My profile pic is a one of my toon Link plushies Smiley
Am Valor,i speedrun mainly Legend of the dragoon since the game first lunched,i love watching all kinda of game genre speedrunning and enjoy world record breaking stuff.I am open to learn about every game,but am a Legend of the dragoon fanatic and own few of my own recorss and i would hapily chalange anybody to do it faster than me.I am looking forward to post some of my stuff here.See ya
Hello everyone! My name is Marik and I am happy to be the part of this forum)
I'm GroggyBurger. Real name...I forget...
Call me any variation of the username you feel comfortable with. I'm not picky.
Been playing video games since I was a fetus in the 1980s. Found speedrunning about a year ago. I have fun combining speedrunning with cheats. Totally unofficial, I know.
Not sure if I have the skills for traditional speedrunning but I would like to try it on a few 8-bit and 16-bit games after some proper research.

I hope to find some friends that enjoy gaming and I hope to find strats that help more talented players with their speedruns!
Hic vos oblectare non sum
Hello, everyone.

I am Nod. I'm a lifelong fan of games, but thought I was done playing them, when I lost most of my eyesight about 10 years ago. Perseverance, and no small amount of tinkering, has allowed me to return to playing. I'm uncertain if I'll be able to successfully speedrun anything, given my limitations, but I mean to try. Seeing others run has shown me that it can serve as a sort of contemplation of the games, and I find that philosophically interesting. I grew up with the NES and SNES, and my heart remains with them, though I also appreciate other types of games, especially the indie games which pay homage to the classics.

Thank you for having me.
Sup everybody!
Greetings new members! If you didn't see it already, the read-me-first in the "new users" section has all kinds of info on SDA and SDA submissions, which I hope to see from some of you one day.
hi, im alfie!
Hi! Im alfie and I'm a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Speedrunner. I usually speedrun Rainbow Road but i aslo speedrun more courses. Im trying to get better at Mario Kart so give me any tips because I need some.
Hi there!
Hi there! I'm Keifer, and I'm in the US. I run Spirit Tracks in my free time and am 3rd best in the world at it. (But between you and me, second best because third place is suspect as hecc)
Hey everyone, I'm Mordwynn (also known as Nico and a long time ago, phrozen) from Sydney, Australia. I've been watching speedruns for years and I've been gaming since I could walk thanks to my dad. First computer was a Commodore 64, then onto the 286, 386, etc. Grew up with all the classics from ID as well as the classic consoles (but have always been a PC gamer at heart). These days I have a family and not a huge amount of time on my hands to play but I do when I can. In terms of records it's fairly pointless for me to get into Doom speedrunning but its something I want to try so, thats my next step! My son (6) is really into Mario speedrunning (mostly SMB3) and loves watching all the top runs.
Quote from Sid:
Hmm... why the hell not!?
Sid, even though it's my older nickname. I'm like the shadow - always here, always watching, but writing only, when I consider it necessary. I was born and I live in Katowice, Poland... don't except a warm welcome from me, if you write something in polish to me - I'm not a Poland lover, neither I'm proud from the fact I was born here.
I've registered on SDA forum 3 years ago (2007-11-25) and since that time, I wrote only 48 posts (this one is 49th). I am a PC freak - never thought about buying console - from my point of view, nothing can top a Razer mouse and a good keyboard. Not to mention how different PC gaming community seems to be for me.  I love Valve and good indie games. I hate EA, Activision and Bethesda... hate modern crap in PC games like Low FOV and Mouse Acceleration.
Besides playing games, I enjoy video editing and making levels (Source Engine)... I also write some articles for my website about PC games. I was in 2 clans so far (1st was a clan of DFBHD, 2nd - COD4). Favourite game - System Shock 2.

As for speedrunning, I'm thinking about improving Hitman 2 speedrun, which isn't much of a challenge (the one I made so far is 2 minutes and 57 seconds faster, than the one on SDA, but can be done faster - one day, I may improve it and post it), maybe Amnesia.

Hi I am Roman Jay Almaza, and still new to the group but I am excited to be part of this group.
Hi everyone Smiley .

I´m Alex and last year I founded a small indie game studio with two of my friends in Hamburg, Germany. Before that I worked nearly six years in the industry as a Lead Motion- and Cinematic Designer at Daedalic Entertainment.
I never actually participated in speedrunning for myself, but always loved to consume runs, events and breakdowns on YouTube and Twitch in my spare time. It´s so damn fascinating how much passion and effort this community pours into each and every game.
I´m joining your forum now to brazenly promote the free demo of the first game my small company is currently working on Smiley . I hope it´s ok for everyone that I´ll put a post in #Gaming Discussion with a steam link where you can download the demo of "Turbo Shell".
Why am I doing this? We wanted to create a challenging platformer game with a twist to the movement mechanic and figured out how much fun it is to compete against each other with our completion times. We also implemented ghosts and a leaderboard where everyone can also watch the runs of other players.
Long story short: we made a game, we published a free demo and thought this could be interesting for you guys Smiley . We hope you have some fun with this Smiley .
Quote from fcdatomicw:
Hello my name is Adam Bettcher, 21 from Minnesota USA.  Ive watched videos here for a while but never thought about trying speed runs myself until i was watching the 2011 awesome games done quick marathon.  Ive been a hardcore, 7 hour a day gamer since about 2005.  Ive played games since i was young but thats when i would say i became a serious gamer.  I love RPG games and have played many of them. Im a huge pokemon fan. Ive competed in the VGC the last couple years both times qualifying for nationals.  Im also very good at FPS console games.  Outside of gaming I enjoy sports.  I was on the wrestling team back in High School and am also a huge fan of Anime.  Finally i plan to run speed runs on some of my favorites like Dark Cloud 2, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, and maybe a few runs on older games then those.

Hello I Am New !
(user is banned)
Hi there.
Antonio here. I will speedrun some games. Smiley have a nice day all.
Hi my username is Pallante but my real name is Gilgamesh but my friends call me Gallo or Gille and im new to this site
Hi. I go by garebear and participate in the Spelunky speedrunning community.
Hi, I'm julius
Im Shasta I like to watch speedruns and discuss various gameing topics
Real name Robert. Not so much a speed runner as I am of simply seeing these games beaten by the pros. Favourite speed runs to watch (and re-watch) are Mario 64, Doom 64, Doom 3 and Diablo 2.