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Hey, new to speedruning, just posted one earlier this month. not sure what to put here.
Wats good fam. Im you friendly neighborhood quickscoper. Ive been playing watch doogs tho and i think i want to do a speedrun of it. Im not really sure what i need tho so please contact me on google hangouts. Adress is
I am new to speed running always been a fan. Right now my intrest to to see how fast I can get banned from PSN right now the world record is 1 54 I hope we can find many ways to beat this record.
Hey I'm not a speedrunners just a fan, I made my account to post some bugs that aren't well known for one of my favorite games.
I'm a PC games speedrunner. Right now I am running Iji, an iconic game from my past. I also plan on speedrunning EBF4 and will do so later this year.
Hi, i'm pRo9aMeR and I currently hold every World Record that's been attempted in Cities Skylines.  I'm bored; I'm hoping to find more competition here since it seems the previous competitors have since drifted to other games.  A few maps still have unclaimed world records if anyone wishes to have an easy world record Smiley glhf~
Hi, I'm a runner of master system games.
Hello everyone my name is Dennis i want to know that I cant install the second version of this program kindly help me out
Relative newbie here. I'm looking to broaden my horizons by starting to get into Japanese versions of some of my favorite speed running games.
Hi I am just here to look around and talk to some good people!
hej, i like quake
Hi, I'm a somewhat new speedrunner and I'm currently working on hosting some small events online and at my school. Also enjoying Mystery Tournament when it runs, so I'm not actually too new around here.
Hello! I'm an oldschool gamer from Finland. My favourite hobbies are playing Metal Slug games and drinking beer.
i got inspired by trihex
Homo homini lupus est - Hobbes
Hi @all

my name is Chris, but please go for my nick or the short version Kelry. I am from Germany, so I apologize for my bad English in advance Wink

I am visiting SDA from time to time for years now and watched a lot of the really awesome speedruns. Although I am a regular gamer I never felt up for the task to contribute something.
But since I did a speedrun for a small indie game "The First Tree" ( just out of fun, I realized that I am currently the one with the best time out there when I uploaded it on YouTube for publishing it on Steam.

Because this site was always in my mind, I really liked to share it with you and registered up.
But don't expect many speedruns from me, because I am just to lousy Tongue

Best luck to all the runners out there - go for it Grin
Hi, how are you all, I created this acocunt to ask for your help mainly, so if you please go to the Tech Support forum to my post, thank you.

And I want to know more about TAS but I didn't saw if there was info here Smiley
Oldie in quake
Quake oldie coming back to discussion.
Coming to talk about the survey.
Just saying hi ya and looking forward to getting to know some folks who know more than me, which is just about everybody on the planet.
Heyo! Im sunny, i run octopath and will be attending sgdq this year!