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hy everyone im yoe
im 25 years old
everyday i spend 12 hours to play game
i love it
ups, im from indonesia
nice to meet you all

I was actually around when this forum was created...but don't have that account any more. Cheesy I am Adam Williamson from Doom compet-n running. Just created a new account here to ask a question.
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Hello, I am tdsmith5556.

On twitch I go by thestrateg1st or donovanthelittlejerk as kind of an inside joke for the SOR 2 speedrunning community.

I'm pretty new to speedrunning, but recently I've managed to complete a "1 credit" mania run in SOR 2, which is an accomplishment only 12 other people in the world have gotten. Also recently I've been working towards setting a world record in hardest difficulty of sub 42 minutes, which I gotten to within a couple minutes thus far and think I can manage to beat by the end of this year.
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Dear firends i have necesity to change my wheels and tires, i found an ite with wheels size calculator by the make of the car but to comapre the info could u recommend me some others?
Hello I am Bob42 and if you don't know what the 42 stands for then you don't know anything (pun intended).thumbsup
Hey all, Kruvek here, ~30 year old PC gamer from Maryland.  I'm into most games, and have been enjoying streaming a weekly D&D 5e game for the past year, on a Twitch channel of no renown and little viewership.

I stumbled upon GDQ on Twitch a couple of years ago, and have been following every GDQ event since then.  I'm very excited to learn that AGDQ 2019 will be moving from across the Potomac River from me, to likely (depending on the venue), <12 miles from my house.  I'm interested in volunteering for the event, so I figure it's better to be proactive now before signups.

Unfortunately, my speedrunning experience mostly consists of 4 hours in Fallout 4 failing to do a coverslide.  But I remain ever hopeful.
Hello everyone,

I am new to SDA, and wanted to introduce myself.  Anyway, I hope to submit a speedrun of my own soon.  Anyway, I don't mean to spam or anything like that but if people can take a look at this video I created in youtube, and if I can get some feedback on what I should do improve, it would be really great.

I swear i've registered on this forum at least 4 times now with this name...
All new people: Welcome! The SDA machine demands contributions of high-quality speedrunning. It's for your own safety! Find/create the respective threads under "speedrun planning" and let people know which game you're running. There's another subforum for casual speedrunning if you don't think you're going for a submission-quality run. Tech support for technical aid etc.

WCho31: Could you look for the game's thread under "older consoles" and post that there? You might want to edit this post down to the introduction.

Shiaar: Can't see any other users with similar names. Maybe we've deleted all your accounts because you were spamming them. Wink
Hello I'm HeroineB0B, you can call me Heroine or B0B.  I just started speed running this year (2018).  I was inspired to start after seeing so many female speedrunners and hosts featured at AGDQ 2018 (waves at Violetmoon, Lizstar and ProtomagicalGirl).  Primarily I run Sega Genesis games. 
Hey everyone, I'm David and just recently got into speedrunning due to the indie retro platformer Fox n Forests. I'm mainly on here to try and find some competition Cheesy
Hello! I am new here. I am 38 and mainly joined because I was hoping someone could help me remember an old game I used to play.  I raise rabbits.  I have a wife and son.  I like to explore lore of games.
VideoGames R Life!
Hello, I'm MushroomMaestro, a guy who might get into speedrunning
Hi im Deku the hero you need when in times of troubles Tongue please to meet you all.
Hi everyone, I am a Spore Speed runner since early 2015 and I believe I can contribute some good quality speed runs to this site!
hello, i'm DaisyFan from Quebec, just recently started speed running this early year.
Hi this is Adam, Looking for gaming help and help people also.
Hello everyone! I'm John Barrows from Austin, USA. I'm a newbie to Speed Running. Looking forward to learning a lot from the experts in this forum. Smiley
My name is Miguel. I'm 25.  I found SDA in 2006 while looking for videos of games being played that weren't on Youtube. Ironically, I wasn't able to watch too many runs here until early 2007 due to a dial up connection. I lurked around until the casual speed running tournament in late 2009. In terms of speed running, I am currently working on a 100% run of Knuckles' Chaotix. From there, who knows? One game at a time. I look forward to meeting many of these great gamers at the marathon in a few days. I am a big fan of 2D platformers and Metroidvania style games. I am a big fan of games by Treasure.

Outside of SDA, I am a full time college student. My major is English and my minor is Creative Writing. I graduate this spring and I will probably pursue a Masters in Popular Culture so I can enhance my love of film study and music.  I like to read, write, and compose. I am also actively involved at the church I attend. I am writing a novel and a screenplay.
hi all. i am new but planning to do some snes game challenge runs as soon as my capture device is working.
Hi new people! Hoping to see some of you finding and dedicating the time to produce SDA-quality speedruns. Ask technical-related questions under "tech support" and post about the games you mean to run under the relevant subsection.

gv2user: in case you meant you wanted to submit your runs on this site, you should know SDA only accepts fairly standard categories of runs, not what are normally referred to as "challenge runs". Feel free to post under "casual speedrunning" about running categories that don't really seem to fit within the base level rules or ask about it separately.