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Ranit: 2018-04-11 12:54:15 am
Hi I'm Michael and I speedrun video games, mainly Super Mario 3D World. I'm going to start streaming very soon, so expect some more streams of runs of that game, 3DW speedrun streams are dead.  See you guys around Księgowa Kraków!
Speedrunner and punner
Hey there friends my names David (Portal) and I enjoy just having fun with friends I also speedrun many games like SMS, Super meat boy, SA1 & A hat in time.
hey I'm teamsauce. Been into speedrunning for a while now. Really enjoy older console games, pinball and DDR. 30 years old. Oregon born. Excited to attend my first GDQ this summer.
I am LegnaX!
Abe's Oddysee | Exoddus speedrunner. I also code autosplitters and I'm programmer.
I'm spanish so if you detect some odd expressions or directly mistakes then you might know why.
I'm not really active on this forums. I need to help Samtastic with the verification of one of his SDA archives submissions, and that's why I'm here. Sorry if this is a bit short x.x
See you around!
Hey everyone. I'm HarryJS. I stream on twitch, but i started the speedrunning community for Dungeon of the Endless. Currently own the WR and I'm looking for competitive runners to help drive that WR down!
Hail Players, after defeating the MMORPGs with endgame vanquishing, I am getting into oldschool SNES PS1 N64 speedrunning and I'm a super-fan of AGDQ and I was really impressed by 2018's start. I'm a Longtime gamer, I've been playing PC and Computer video games every day of my life, since the 90s.

Hello, I'm Gibstack, I run primarily Simpsons Hit & Run, but I'd be into playing other games if one interests me.
Also, going to SGDQ and I'm excited for that (first time).
Aaaaaaaah I'm new at this
I'm Tom, 16, from England.
Always been a fan of watching speedruns and wanted to start trying it myself.
I enjoy older consoles (Trying to my NES and SNES again at the moment).

Any tips for running Super Mario Brothers? (The original)
I know about Frame rules and things like Fast 4-2, Flagpole glitch, and BBG, I just haven't been able to practice these yet.
Hi new people! So long as they're recorded by SDA's standards, we welcome any and all new runs into the collection. SDA is your "window to the world" more so than game-specific leaderboards, forums etc. Also have fun at the GDQ!

My handle is DkSavant, I'm from Toronto, Canada. Not a speedrunner myself, but grew up on the NES/SNES and love watching any streamer on Twitch who plays retro. Been watching GDQ for years, attended AGDQ 2018, attending SGQD 2018.

Hi, I'm Delphi

I speedrun games in the Ys series, as well as Gunvolt and Custom Robo.

Been doing runs and watching runs for years, and only recently made an account on here.
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Lunatix: 2018-05-14 03:52:36 am
Hello. I'm Lunatix and i'm french. i started speedrunning Volgarr the viking and since i like to speedrun different kind of games.
I'm Daniel and I've just started speedrunning DK Tropical Freeze on Switch. I started 2 days ago and I'm #4 on Global Top Rank on Stage 1-1. Pretty cool. Smiley

I need help from other players to improve my time!
Hi I had an account here but it doesnt work anymore.
Hey all,
New here, got interested in speedrunning via GDQ events. I'm not super interested in actually running myself (though I am very interested in routing work.)
Hi there!

Just joined to give some kudos to ApVkp's creator and ask for a few tips on how to set it up.

I plan on Speedrunning Crash Team Racing at some point, so I'll try to get the overlay from ApVkp to work with my steamcon when I play! Cheesy

Kind'a just want to be able to interact with people, hence my account creation. :3
Hey, Valkskorn here. Been involved in speedrunning communities for probably six years now but never posted on SDA before. Mainly did ILs and games no one ever heard of.
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LotBlind: 2018-05-26 12:31:42 pm
Quote from Valkskorn:
Hey, Valkskorn here. Been involved in speedrunning communities for probably six years now but never posted on SDA before. Mainly did ILs and games no one ever heard of.

Games no-one ever heard of are prime "SDA fodder". Wink Of course any games we're interested in, it's just the more people run it, the less likely it seems they will ever submit to us.

Welcome everyone! Get those runs in and see you in verification.

I'd like to point out that while it's always worthwhile posting under the right thread so others potentially interested can see it, there's so many games out there that there's not ncessarily going to be a lot of back and forth. Just keep filling in those Strategy Guides and posting about bigger things in the thread.
Shellackers, 21, Been watching speedruns for a while, got really into it thanks to the GDQ with witwix running boshy 100%. Accounting Major going for his CPA soon(tm)
Hello SDA, this is Rush the Red Panda here for RPR! An awesome event that benefits the Red Panda Network Cheesy
Hello everyone, my name is Netara and I'm primarily an RPG speedrunner! Thanks for having me!
Help redshoedude here. I primarilly run seum and other 3d platformers.
Hello I exist
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nianaguerrero: 2018-09-25 01:39:15 am
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Hello SDA, this is Christopher Betts from Parsippany, New Jeresy, USA. Just joined and wanted to say hello!