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I make Bad Controllers
Hello All.

My names is Jason Lord, I also go by the name HEYSUEZO. I am a video game industry voice actor, musician, and scientist. I have recently become interested in speed running, and my console of choice is the Nintendo 64.

My current game of choice is Jet Force Gemini, and I am looking for dudes and dudettes who would be willing to let me join their packs to help me destroy this game (figuratively and literally).

I also make bad controllers that I stream with on my twitch channel.

Thank you for having me!
Welcome, HEYSUEZO!: If you want to find out if someone's running/interested in a given game, start a thread in the Planning section. (first search for existing ones)
Hello all.

I am Krimsh, the Man Called Insipid. (local joke) I'm an amateur Let's Player and a professional musician, looking to expand my scope a little.

I haven't got the speed or reflexes of ... well, probably most of you, so I've adopted some of the more cerebral aspects of the speedrunning and started some work on old RPGs, which have always been an interest of mine. I'm looking to join a community and perhaps introduce some younger people (or just those who haven't met them) to some of these fantastic older games.

So I'm looking forward to being a part of the crowd, and hopefully making some friends!
Greetings all! ZeroNimbus here. Outside the gaming sphere I'd be known simply as Zero. But that's a pretty common name (with some famous ones) in the gaming realm, so maybe just call me Nimbus?

Been a long time fan of the speedrun community--started with marathons which turned me on to individual runners' channels and the like. Love the hard work, dedication, and tech that goes into everything, and it's so great to see how receptive and truly communal the scene is.

Decided to join to start a discussion about an event coming up next month that I am part of the planning committee for. Look out for a thread in that community marathons board!
Hi! My name is Connor.
I'm pretty new to speedrunning. I've been running Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Any%) for about two months now (My best time is 37:38, with loads.)
I've also learned about half of the Skyrim Any% run but I decided I'd rather get really good at one run than be decent at two, at least for the time being.

I'm Blazer, gamer, professional cook, resident dragon... Cheesy

I've been wanting to get into speedrunning for a while ever since I found AGDQ/SGDQ. I've wanted to do Yoshi's Island and ALTP but the learning curve for running console games is really huge I've found, so I went with a game I've grinded for years before, Diablo 2. Perhaps if I reach my goals in that I'll move onto other of my favorite games :3

I've managed to complete two druid runs, first being 3 hours 37 even and second being 3 hours 8 minutes even... No recordings yet, just getting a feel for it. But perhaps I'll start recording myself or even streaming if I improve! I'm liking it so far c:

Just wanted to dip my feet in the community I suppose!

I'm Ulysse, big fan, so really nice to meet you!!!

I'm a french gamer, actually working on his own game based on action/platformer from the 90's.

I never had the chance to have good equipment (or maybe courage Grin ) for speed running but every year you can count me as a viewer of the A(S)GDQ.

Otherwise, long life to SDA and this beatifull community!
People call me hater. Nice to metcha
Hello friends, I'm Celestinno.
I'm a newb to speedrunning and I'm starting to run Valdis Story after doing some research and discovering that no one runs Valdis Story: Abyssal City with Wyatt. So I took this upon myself and decided to do it. I'm still on the routing stage tho.
Anyways, nice to meet you all
Hi, I'm Princess Rescuer. Although I don't speedrun, I do plan out some pretty elaborate and interesting routes for speedruns. One of my speedrun ideas, All Unlocks (the 100% category) in Sayonara Umihara Kawase 2015 has led to a competition between at least five runners. On my YouTube channel, I have many videos of obscure games that I like. In the case of two budget PS2 games, Pink Pong and Love Smash 5.1, I am the only evidence of the games being beaten across all of YouTube, similar to CavemanDCJ and Floating Runner.
Hello SDA!

My name's Rob, i'm a 22 year old Student from Germany, and i've recently started to actually Speedrun some games (instead of just watching them at GDQ).
I've been a huge fan of Speed-Running ever since i tried to beat Portal in the shortest time possible, and i've been frequently watching many Speedruns here on SDA and on GDQ.

I'm really fascinated by the way people think of new strategies, find glitches, routes and techniques to beat a game even faster.
Yet Personally i don't like to use any Glitches, go OOB or "break" sequences, for me the beauty of Speedrunning is to complete the game as fast as possible, by following the normal means of the game played.

A few days ago i actually started recording my first ever Speedrun.
It's propably a poor choice, but i've decided to run Sniper Ghost Warrior 2. There's a topic on SDA where a few people tried to find glitches and OOB routes, but it has been some years since someone posted anything there, and i don't think it has been continued ever since. So maybe i'll be the first one to do a full Speedrun of this game Grin

My Hobbys are mainly to play video games, watch speedruns, play guitar or just hang around with friends, pretty basic stuff Cheesy

I've heard that the SDA community, and the speedrun community in general is really nice and helpful, and i hope to have a great time with all of you! Smiley

Save the Frames! Cheesy
Hello all!

I'm Azral, and I remember running across SDA a while back (probably 08?), but I can't really remember when or why.
I know for sure that my interest in speedrunning picked up again after watching Obdajr play Chrono Trigger during ADGQ 2014.

I'm interested currently in FFV, Spyro, Sly Cooper, Dark Forces II, Ratchet and Clank, Chrono Trigger, and Metroid Fusion

Not really sure what I'm actually interested in going for, however.

I work full time and most of my free time is spend reading, playing video games, drinking with friends, playing pool, and the occasional party.
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Hi Smiley . My name is Antonio Peremin and I am 25 years old.I am from Croatia and few days ago I started to speedrun games in specific TES Morrowind/Oblivion and Blizzards Diablo 2 LOD.My occupation is construction technician.I have alot of free time so I play video games(especially World of Warcraft MMO),watch movies/TV, listen music and hang out with my friends.

robbidyrob: make sure your game actually supports staying in-bounds if you don't like OOBing. Most FPS games DON'T have such a category, really only Portal does. Post in that old thread about it if you didn't already.

AzraTau: less drinking, playing pool, and occasional parties, more speedrunning.

Antonio: what you need to do is take the time you're currently spending playing Wow... and speedrun a lot more instead! Smiley

Everyone else also welcome!
Hi folks, I'm Tuecer. I've been a gaming enthusiast ever since the NES days (Dragon Warrior I was my first game).

Speed running is great to watch and I'd love to get more into it. How do you more experienced runners keep interested in your games? I have what I jokingly refer to as "Game ADD" and get bored quickly, so this has been an issue for me.

I haven't really found a game I'm into for purposes of speed running, though games that rely more on skill as opposed to menuing appeal to me.
Vania tho
Quote from tuecer:
Hi folks, I'm Tuecer. I've been a gaming enthusiast ever since the NES days (Dragon Warrior I was my first game).

Speed running is great to watch and I'd love to get more into it. How do you more experienced runners keep interested in your games? I have what I jokingly refer to as "Game ADD" and get bored quickly, so this has been an issue for me.

I haven't really found a game I'm into for purposes of speed running, though games that rely more on skill as opposed to menuing appeal to me.

I have ADHD and know the pain man. I'm not really sure what keeps me going when speedrunning. To be fair, I maybe only do a couple hours of actual speedrunning a night. For me the only thing that keeps me going to is the desire for a better time. Additionally, if twitch didn't exist I wouldn't speedrun, since I need chat interaction to stay sane.

Welcome to SDA, hope I helped Tongue
tuecer: feel free to start a thread under "gaming discussion" if you'd like more views. This thread let's just keep for introductions!

Welcome aboard!
Hey all. I'm Phil. Go by the handle Loki(i). Been using it since 2000, way before everyone fell in love with Tom Hiddleston (no hate, he is a dreamboat after all).  Been following the speedrunning scene for a few years now, but I want to get into it you know? Just like get in. So, need that important beginner's question answered:

Is "speedrun" one word or two?
ಠಠ_ಠಠ Ten Wizard Saint
Hi guys, I too am Phil. I'm gearing up, slowly, to stream & speed run horror games. Right now I'm speed running Resident Evil Remake HD Remake. When it comes out, I'll be doing Resident Evil 2 HD Remake. I'm planning on speed running the following...

Resident Evil: Director's Cut
Resident Evil 2: Director's Cut
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill 4: The Room
Clock Tower
Clock Tower 2
Clock Tower 3
Condemned 2
Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame 2
Fatal Frame 3

I'm always looking for more horror games to stream on PlayStation, PlayStation2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. I get a few streamers on Twitch and I'm looking for ways to shorten my speed runs with Chris & Jill. My goal is to make it to AGDQ/SGDQ/WGDQ or race Cary sometime.
so what i can i say my name is lyle i go by Gizmo. i been lurking around SDA for years but never joined until today. i speed run mostly RPGS im currently working on a any% Sleeping Dogs speed run, an any % Arkham City speed run, and an any% speed run of Ghost Buster. i used to do a speed run of the game Brutal Legend, and Jet Set Radio.

fun fact i refuse to do a speed run of Thief *the remake* just because I've tried an failed miserably so many times i think I've broken a dozen or so controllers because of that game.
Hi everyone !
I go by the name of mathiro (don't ask me why, i forgot ...) and i'm a French student (in computer science) .
i'm a complete newbie ability-wise but i got at least a little understanding of what happens in a run thank to watching a lots of differents runs (and thanks to 2 frenchs guys and their youtube chan : Speedgame).

i'm here because i saw some people running a  PC game i fell in love with : "Valdis Story : abyssal city" and i want to run this game as well.

I'll be in your care and i hope to have a good time wih you all (that joke was unintended).

so just starting out after YEARS of watching GDQs ( ok maybe like 2....) this is mainly due to a number of things. i lost my grandfather to cancer on DEC 8th and with it being around the corner, this was the year I was going to donate to AGDQ. After thinking about it i decided "Why stop there?" so  here i am in an effort to run at AGDQ 18. i didnt see one on SDA so i wanted to try my hand Threads of Fate (PSX) Mint any%. if anyone here has run this before and has any tips they can share would be a big help. likewise if anyone wants to START running this, we can soundbord ideas off each other.  Otherwise, it looks nice around here, think I will stich around SDA for a while.
Hey, the name is Scott. You can call me Wolf, or WolfOfOdin (Wolf is just easier). I recently got into speedrunning after wanting to get into it for almost two years, I could never decide on a game. I speedrun Kirby's Dreamland.
I'm Maerus and I'm a budding web developer who very recently has gotten interested in speedrunning!
I'm wanting to speedrun Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3), and I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all!
Hi! My name is Jaymee. I play Street Fighter 5 competitively and now I wanna try my hand at speedrunning! I really wanna try speedrunning Silent Hill 3 since it's my favorite video game of all time. I've attempted trying to one up my personal best time (which was about 3 hours and some change), but of course this was during a time when the internet was pretty much only for rich people. Anyways, nice to meet you all and I hope I can find some other fellow Silent Hill (or SF5) players!
Hey folks what's up I've only been exposed to the speed gaming community since SGDQ 2014, I'd like to get involved myself but personally have no idea where to begin from and would appreciate any and all help I could get to start speed running